Metroid, a great series that started with the original on the NES. The series has evolved from the Prime series to Other M. From everything this series has gone through, I hope it is someday revived, even though it has a very low chance of coming back because of the absence of a new Metroid game at E3. So this can be considered one of the series' last words.

Note that Metroid Prime Pinball will not be included, because it is not a true Metroid title and it does not meet up with the others.

Meh, that's what I describe this game.

For being Metroid Prime on a handheld, it doesn't do a good job. The story is nothing to write home about.

The main reason why this is so low is because of the gameplay, it is weird, using the touch screen to move around is really awkward and the actions the buttons are used for are awkward as well, one good thing in this game is the multiplayer. Which is very fun and addicting... that's about it. The single player is lackluster if you wanted to know.

Okay yes, I understand why this game is the black sheep of the franchise, but come on? Who doesn't have respect for this game?

It introduced a lot of the series staples, for example, the Varia Suit's shoulder pads, which were added because the original Game Boy was Black & White and didn't have any color.

The story is simple, go to SR388 and exterminate all the Metroids. It can be very hard sometimes, and I feel that this game is too underrated by the fanbase.

This is how the series started, it all started with Metroid.

The game starts you off by going Left, something sidescrollers never made you do back in the NES days. By doing this you get the iconic Morph Ball, then the game really begins.

Can't say much about the story, it all comes in the manual... which I don't have.

The controls are smooth, but the game is hard, and I mean hard. Don't be surprised if you start using passwords just so you can beat it.

But probably it's biggest flaw is that every room looks the same, it can get really annoying sometimes.

This is where the series stopped.

Now, people hated on this game for it's controls and story, and you might hate me for giving it the 7# spot.

The controls are done by holding the Wii Remote sideways, yes, no numchuk to help you. So have fun playing a 3D game with a D-Pad.

The story is... average, there's some good and bad parts. But most of them are bad, because the story tries to make the game look like a movie. *heck, there's a special mode that you get after beating the game that allows you to watch every cutscene*

The game also has a First-Person view, which is not that useful, by that, I mean the Where's Waldo? sections of the game.

So yeah... that's what I think about Other M, it has flaws, but it's alright.

Considered the best by many, but I'm not that kind of fanboy.

Super Metroid is a good game, the story is simple and is a good game to pick up and play.

However, I feel it's controls are very... slippery. This could lead to some problems with trying to get somewhere, I am not a master at this game, that's for sure.

To finish it off, Super Metroid is a good game and I could understand why most people love it.

Metroid Prime is a different game, why I consider it better than Super Metroid? I have my reasons. For one, the First-Person view and scanning make this game a LOT more fun.

Concerning story... well... Metroid Prime's Scan Visor tells you the story as you read Chozo Lore and Pirate Data, so it's best to find out for yourself.

The gameplay is smooth when playing on the Gamecube, but if you have the money, I suggest playing this on Metroid Prime Trilogy, which has the far better Wii controls.

Overall, Metroid Prime is a great game that spawned one of the best gaming trilogies of all time.

Being a remake of the NES original, it does a great job at remaking it.

First of all, it isn't just Metroid with better graphics and music, no, it's an entirely new game. It may use a modified version of Fusion's engine. (which I find really weird) But that doesn't stop it from being great.

The controls are responsive and never fail to disappoint, but I would have liked if we could connect the game to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes...

Being the last 2D game on this last, I gotta say, it's one of my favorites.

Samus controls the same as always, the story revolves around the X Parasites. Which are beings that can take control of their host and infect organic lifeforms.

The game is really linear, but does that break the flow? No, it does not. There's still that Metroid feel in the game.

The game controls like a dream and it is simply epic, I suggest buying this game now if you haven't already.

You might be confused at why this game is so high, well let me explain:

This game is known for commonly being everyone's least favorite of the Trilogy, well I can shake my head at that. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes uses a Dark/Light gimmick, which we all had enough of that by now. With this new gimmick, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has new weapons, worlds, and enemies that revolve around it.

The story is great with the whole war thing going on at Aether, it builds some kind of story that has not been seen yet in Metroid games.

But, I can't say it's the best Metroid game, no, what puts it at number 2 is the Ammo System, I hate it and I hope it is never used again.

This is my favorite Metroid game!

First one to feature the Wii controls that are in Metroid Prime Trilogy as well, this game doesn't fail in any corner, it might be easy because of well... Hypermode, but that doesn't stop the fun this game brings.

The story might not be as serious as Echoes was, or great, but still, it's a great game to play.

The controls are... amazing, they control(... pun?) better than any other Prime trilogy game. The Wii Remote/Numchuk combo makes you feel like you are actually Samus, being the only one who can finally stop the threat that is harming all the planets.

Buy this game, you won't be disappointed.

Well, that's the list. If this is really Metroid's death, then I am sorry for all of the fans of the series.

Hope you enjoyed the list, and try to play each of the games on this list. They all have something good in them.

Honorable Mention: Metroid Prime Pinball (DS)

List by Phazon_Master (06/19/2013)

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