One-liners are pretty much a staple in many forms of entertainment. Movies, specifically in the action genera, are filled with so many good and bad one liners that they could pretty much make up a script for any movie (actually, they did that already; it's called Rambo 3).

Video games are also in no short supply when it comes to one-liners, starting back in the days when one liners were the only amount of vocal space that programmers could put in their games without crashing the game altogether, all the way until what seems the early 2000s when one liners were still embraced, and before developers started to add full voice tracks to their games due to technological advancements.

So, what are the most memorable one liners ever spoken during this time between the 1980s to the early 2000s? It doesn’t matter if the one-liner is good, bad, cheesy or offensive, just as long as it's spoken by a character in the game and it's something that anyone can remember off the top of their head, then it qualifies for the list (so sorry, don't expect such classic lines like “The princes is in another castle,” or “You and your friends are dead,” because they’re text based). Also, and because it's impossible to really give set numbers for these one liners, this is the only time on any top ten that I'M NOT PUTTING THESE IN NUMERICAL ORDER, so relax. This is the BimmyandJimmy Top Ten Old School Video Game One Liners.

Not only is Wolfenstein 3D one of the very first FPS games ever made, it also deserves the recognition of having the first classic one liner before any other shooter game. What’s even better is when Hitler finally speaks the line in his final Coup De Grace, he basically implodes in on himself into a giant bloody mess, but oh no, the game don’t just let you see it once. After you beat Hitler, the game lets you watch the whole thing all over again for one last time. That is just hilarious, as hilarious as Hitler and a band of Neo Nazis building a giant spaceship in the center of the earth to use and conquer the world with.

(Before we go on, "I've baked a cake for you," is not on this list because I'm using a one line per game rule. Just so we’re perfectly clear.)

You know, I guess it's kind of pointless to put this one liner on this list because really, Mario says this in practically every single Mario game that has ever been made since Super Mario 64, but what the hell, it’s such a great and memorable quote that I'm sure every gamer has heard and said way too many times before in the past.

Even though Mario was speaking long before Super Mario 64 ever came out, with the likes of Bob Hoskins from the Super Mario Bros movie or Lou Albano from the Super Mario Super Show, this was the first time Mario had actually something interesting to say, even though it’s just him announcing his name. Simple? Sure, but it's good enough for pop culture.

Not only is the game Berserk a classic arcade game from the golden days of the arcade cabinet, this game is also one of the very first with actual speech spoken in game, inspiring many video game developers to venture off into the world of adding voice to their games.

Better yet, the voices in this game are one liner staples for many old school arcade fans and computer nerds alike, as shown in TV shows like The Simpsons, Futurama and countless others who can't get enough of the classic mechanical, digital voice that speaks these line...defiantly not creepy in any sense of the word, no way.

StarCraft is in itself a game filled with enough classic one liners to fill a list all by itself…but because of my one line per game rule, I have to go with the best one liner that I feel the game has to offer, and to me that would be “Battle cruiser Operational,” spoken by some generic Soviet general who’s in command of a brand new Battle cruiser which appears out of a Star port when it's completed its horrifically long construction. The reason why I chose this quote? Easy, because when these two magic words ring out of your speakers, it only means one thing: Death to your enemies, especially when you manage to upgrade your aircraft weapons to level three. At that point, everyone on the map is toast. All you have to do then is build a few more of these monsters (because backup is always nice, isn't it?), seek and destroy your enemies to a quick and painful victory.

Ahh, nothing beats a massive combo in Killer Instinct. Not only does it look really cool, but if you manage to string together a long move set, you get one of the greatest one liners ever put in any video game, the infamous ULTRA COMBO!

This is a classic example of how invincible Rare was back in the 90s, back when it seemed that no matter what genre they managed to get a hold of, they created many great games with many memorable things about them. It’s just a shame that they haven't maintained this success nowadays and are now a shell of their former selves.

Oh and how ‘bad’ these guys really are because this one liner is both ‘bad’ in a good way and in a bad way, like in a negative way. On one hand, it has got to be one of the greatest sayings to end any level in video game history. Can you think of anything better that this? I didn't think so, especially when it’s spoken by guys who have the ‘hardcore’ attitude to rescue the president from the dreaded Dragon Ninja clan. It’s a line that’s just soaked in testosterone and head crushing manliness, and even that isn’t enough to describe how awesome and raw these two (or is it three?) cleverly placed words really are; it is just OFF THE CHART.

Then again, the sound quality is so painfully digitized that’s it’s just laughable to say the least, but hey, at least the developers tried and that’s all we can expect from a game released on 1980s video game technology.

Interesting enough, the term barrel roll was first implemented all the way back when aviation was first used, but let’s face it, it wasn’t until the game Star Fox 64 was released when everyone started to use it constantly.

Most gamers are usually divided with this one liner. On one hand, you have those who love to use this quote at any chance that they can get when someone or something kind of reminds them of this saying, kind of like those who use the MST3K joke of getting people “beyond Thunderdome,” when someone uses the word thunderdome in a sentence (just as long as it's not the name of the actual Beyond Thunderdome movie, you just have to wait until someone uses a thunderdome in either a negative or positive situation). Then there are those who absolutely can't stand this saying and those who use it, especially when it's used in a completely obvious situation. Whatever side you choose to follow, you can’t deny that this one liner is massively popular and will probably be around for a long...long time.

Holy crap, if you’ve ever played the original Street Fighter games, this is one that you would hear constantly every single time someone would play the game. This simple little word has been burned in the minds of countless old school gamers alike that remembering when we’ve first heard the line in our own private lives is now an impossible task.

It's easy to see why this word is so memorable; the attack that corresponds with this word is just too good for anyone to pass up, kind of like the cheap ass leg sweep move from Mortal Kombat, but far less annoying.

This one liner, like the game itself, is absolutely horrible. I mean, isn’t obvious that if you need instructions that you would look at the manual out of pure instinct? Still, I had to put this one liner on this list because, well for one, it's my list and I can do whatever I want with it, and second, it's one of the funniest quotes ever used in a video game, especially when it's combined with such a horrible impersonation of Mario.

This one liner is so ridicules that it’s pretty much the center of attention in every YouTube poop ever made, usually combined with a sh**y dose of the horrible CD-I game Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (the REAL worst Zelda game ever made).

Ok, I'm kind of cheating with this one seeing as how there are a lot of other people who use this quote such as Rowdy Roddy Piper, but it’s still doesn’t change the fact that it's still a great line to begin with, especially when it's spoken by one of the most bad ass characters in any game ever made, Duke Nukem.

Sure, Duke also has a lot of great lines depending on which situation that you’re in, but this one sticks out above the rest because it implies that there are a ton of bad guys in your way, and it’s up to you to destroy them like the peons that they are...with considerable amounts of power.

Ah yes, this is where the fun begins for me because I just know I'm going to obtain complaint mail from all walks of life of why their favorite one-liner wasn't on this list. If I missed one, especially if it's a massively popular line, well, I'm truly sorry and I hope you forgive me.

I guess the only way to end this list properly is to end it with an appropriate one liner, but which one? I've got it, quite possibly the greatest one liner ever spoken by our friend Bill Paxton from the movie Aliens and that would most defiantly be:


List by BimmyandJimmy (07/02/2013)

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