This is my top 10 Extreme sports games list. I do enjoy game genres such as this. Skating, Blading, Riding, and boarding. They say if it's hard to do in real-life, it must be easy to do in virtual life. I will list down in my opinion my favorite extreme sports games. One more thing, keep an open mind, because on some areas you wouldn't necessarily agree with me, butt if you enjoyed reading this list, let me know.

I won't lie, this game is somewhat controversial for its nudity, but I like it. And hey, how can you not like a game with BMX? I picked the Xbox port because they do not censor the nudity, while the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube ports do. It's a cult classic, in my opinion. I like BMX, and I think that combining BMX, adult themes, a good soundtrack, and fairly nice controls can certainly make this a game that I might give a chance and a couple of hours of gameplay to. It certainly does well. Personally, I think Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 has better controls, but that game to me seems like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, except on a bike. BMX XXX is not your typical extreme sports game, but it has it's certain charm. There is some swearing, but hey, it's somewhat realistic to real life.

This isn't as well known as Tony Hawk, but for an indie game, Amped 2 certainly has it's charm. It came after Amped 2, and it really improved on a lot. It controls well, there's far more objectives and levels that keep you busy, there's more tricks and moves, the character customization is superb, and the soundtrack is awesome. It's one of my favorites because it proves that a game does not have to be mainstream in order to be good. Also, you can't be mad at going down a big freakin' mountain and doing a double backflip 540 to a boardslide on a ski lift. Don't believe me, play it and tell me what you think.

Ah, yes. One of the best Tony Hawk games in the series found it's way onto my list. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is a pretty quaint gem for a lot of reasons. The soundtrack is pretty punk and hip-hop. Also, the sheer amount of goals and unlockables is quite staggering to say the least. 190 goals, and not one disappoints. Except one, that manual down the switchbacks in Alcatraz goal. Unless you have the manual cheat, it is hard. This is why I put down the PS2 port, because the Xbox does not have a working manual code. You could put in the unlock everything cheat, but that defeats the purpose of doing everything. There's a lot of money, a lot of tricks, a lot of stuff, everything. Also, they bring you the Chicago level from Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2, even the BMX legend himself makes an appearance. There's so much to offer, and I do see why a lot of fans view this game favorably.

I like the skate series of games. I put this on this spot because there are more tricks, you can actually create your own parks, you can kill as well as own challenges, there's a nice amount of DLC, and even that dude from My Name is Earl (which is one of my favorite shows) makes appearances. Why is it not #1? Because it is not as revolutionary as Skate 2, but the soundtrack makes up for it. There's classic rock, alternative, punk, rock, some rap, and some reggae. Sometimes, you gotta chill when you push it to the limit. They also do a lot with the create your own team stuff. Overall, this is a nice game, and EA did a pretty awesome job.

Ah, what the hell, I like BMX, and I think that Dave Mirra delivers more to the table in this respect. There is some good levels, some pretty nice tunes to listen to and a career mode where challenges are tiered, from easiest, to hardest. I also like how fluid the gameplay is and how there are some charms to the game that a BMX game can deliver. Overall, a pretty good game.

About time we see a roller-blading game on here. I love this game. This is the first video game I got when I bought my Xbox back in 2002. The standalone title itself is pretty rare because the combo disc with Sega GT 2002 is more common. Anyway, there are a lot of side missions to do, such as street challenges, rival battles, a multiplayer mode, graffiti souls, test runs, and also earning props. The game is a very amazing amount of challenge, not too hard, but not too easy. There are a lot of large areas, Tokyo has a lot of places to explore, and there are a lot of awesome tricks you can do. The overall reason why I love the game is the message. That message is: always question authority if it does not function in the people's best interests. That lesson has always stuck with me. The messages of acceptance, curiosity and most importantly, individuality, are very good lessons that the game effectively, while discretely, delivers.

I love snowboarding, and I love how EA sports brought SSX to the table. I love the amount of challenge, while at the same time, reminding you that it's a hardcore snowboarding game. There are a nice amount of locations, tunes, and moves, and it's amazing how well the PS2 was able to display the smooth and relaxed gameplay of the game. I recommend it if you feel like killing time, especially if you're in college and you have some downtime between classes, dates and work.

I feel like I'm 6 years old again. This is the game I started with when my dad first introduced me to video games. When he gave me a PlayStation 1 back in 1999, I got my first taste of what would be video games. And what better way to begin my gaming life than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Not a bad start. You have Tony Hawk, you have some pros, you have tricks, you have 5 goals a level, 3 comps and no manuals. This game is really good for getting people into Tony Hawk. Yeah, it's hard to do combos, but it's fun hard, and it allows you more creative ways to get high scores. This is a perfect game for beginners, and hardcore veterans of the series can pick this game and finish the game 100% with 6 skaters faster than a 10-year-old beating Call of Duty: Black Ops on Regular difficulty. Overall, this was the start of a successful franchise, which started to go really downhill 6 years later.

This is the best Tony Hawk I've played. There are a lot of factors that make you enjoy the game. The story is based off of Jackass and Viva La Bam, the create-a-modes are very customizable and inclusive, the classic mode is long and very enjoyable, the soundtrack is the best Tony Hawk soundtrack put together, because you have rap, punk, classic rock, R&B, and even big band music like Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash. There are also a lot of skaters, a lot of levels, a lot of unlockables, and a lot of ways to really make you want to pick up the game and spend the whole day playing it till your thumbs blister. This was my entire 2004, I always remember coming home from school and picking up this game and playing it for hours, until my mom yelled at me to get my homework done. Those were the days.

And the #1 game on this list is........

drumroll, please,....................... (drums) and trumpet?


Skate 2 for the Xbox 360!

(M. Bison: Yes! Yes!)

This is the most impressive extreme sports game I have played, and this is #1 because it really captures the mood of skating and hanging out quite clearly and is so realistic that it feels like you are the player. You are the one screaming down a hill or catching big air. I had a review of this game, but I'll post a new one. There are a lot of new tricks, a lot of challenges, so much side stuff, so many pros, so many awesome songs to listen to. Skate 2 is the definitive extreme sports game, and if you play the genre, you have heard of how awesome Skate 2 is. It is the best game in this genre because it is the only game in this genre that gives people the thrill of playing an extreme sports game. And I couldn't agree more.

This is my top 10 list of extreme sports games. I've played some good games, some unusual games, some obscure games, and some controversial games, but overall, I like the extreme sports genre because of the thrill I get when playing it, and overall, I love playing them to death. A lot of people might agree with me in me saying that the genre is very impressive. I hope you read this and tell me what you think. I you send me ideas of your favorite games in this genre, I'll consider it and get back to you on what I feel. Anyway, there it is. Hope you like it. Stay tuned in for more.

List by CaliGamer25850 (07/03/2013)

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