There’s nothing better than buying a new game, starting it up, and being welcomed to an amazing opening. While it never really makes or breaks the game itself (because by then you have already purchased it) it’s still nice to have something you can watch whenever you start the game. As you probably know, these are my opinion and so are biased in some form or another. Either way, I hope you enjoy the read. Here is my list of what I think are the top 10 best game intros.

Starting off the list is a game that wasn’t very liked in the Twisted Metal franchise. Why? Because the main point of Twisted Metal is to have a twisted (no pun intended) story (along with explosive vehicular battles of course.) However, the intro of the game does tell a nice story.

Narrated by one of Sweet Tooth’s henchmen, it tells the story (which at the beginning is told in the style of an old movie) of how Sweet Tooth became interested in the twisted metal competition, how he competed in it, won, and overthrew Calypso to become the host of the tournament. That is where the story begins, and it never picks up unfortunately. It still, however, is a nice thing to watch before blowing people up in vehicular warfare.

Rayman’s popularity is on the rise thanks to Rayman Origins and the almost out Rayman Legends. But before his reputation was tarnished by the Raving Rabbids, he had a pretty wonderful game with a pretty wonderful intro. The intro song (Madder by Groove Armada) fits the scenes more than I think any song would. The intro itself has footage from every level except the last 3, but what it uses, it uses very well. It’s hard to explain why enjoy it some much, but I always find myself watching the entire intro whenever I play the game.

My only complaint is that in the XBLA of the game, the intro does not play. Luckily, I still have my old Xbox and the old Xbox version to satisfy my intro needs (or YouTube I guess.)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also in the rise in popularity again with their surprisingly good TV series on Nick, their upcoming XBLA arcade game, and the new live-action movie coming out (*prays.*) However, back when the 2003 animated series was still out, TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare came out and introduced a pretty cool take on the original intro to the series.

Using the same theme song as the series, the game uses pretty graphics to reinvent to original and adds it’s own scenes, while paying homage to the original at certain points. It even begins with Master Splinter giving our Turtles some words of wisdom about learning to be with darkness (stealth,) which is weird when you’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts.

Naruto games have become a yearly occurrence, and that is a pretty good thing depending on how you look at it. Back when the Storm series was a Sony exclusive (and when it wasn’t necessarily a series,) Naruto games were coming out on different systems such as the Wii and the PSP. The Ultimate Ninja series itself started out on the PS1, and while the 2nd and 3rd installments had pretty good intros, this one blew them away. Using only in-game footage, the game makes you the Naruto Universe, fan or not. The intro showcases it’s variety of characters, it’s great gameplay, and it’s awesome story, and it’s beautiful next-gen graphics. What also makes Storm’s intro beat Storm 2’s pretty good intro is the emotional music. Storm’s intro is, to me, and the best intro in the entire Naruto series, and it deserves a spot on this list.

If I had to complain, it would be about the locations of the scenes. For example, two characters (Rock Lee and Gaara) fight (it’s like 1 second) in a forest, when their fight happened indoors (Chunin Exams.) This wouldn’t bother me if not for the fact that most of the scenes take place in their actual environments. Why leave just 2 or 3 out of place? It’s only a small complaint and something only a fan would notice.

Magna Carta 2 is a fairly unknown RPG for the Xbox 360, and it’s very unknown prequel for the PC doesn’t help at all. Even further, the games have nothing to do with each other (story-wise) even though things are said in the second game that would have you to believe they happened in it’s prequel. However, for those who’ve played this game, they should know it’s intro is nothing to skip over. The intro of the game uses in-game footage, like plenty of the games on this list do, but what puts this game on this list is it’s music. The music is sad, yet upbeat, and works great with the scenes that are shown during the intro.

My favorite part is after the song slows down, and then picks up with some pretty cool actions scenes. Truthfully, after seeing those scenes with the music, it was kind of a letdown seeing them in-game. It’s not that they weren’t good, but that it wasn’t as good. Also, the game is two discs, and the intro doesn’t play on the second disc, which is disappointing. I still find myself putting the first disc first to watch the intro, then putting in the second disc to actually play the second half of the game.

The sixth generation of Mortal Kombat games were pretty good games. Armageddon would be the last of them to see the sixth gen consoles. Although the game introduced new features such as Kreate-a-(Character, move-set, finisher, etc.) and Kombat Racing, many people felt the series was getting stale. It’s story mode was ambitious but fell short, the racing got boring pretty quickly, and people wanted regular Finishers. However, what didn’t disappoint was the game’s action packed intro.

The story of the game is that all the fighters of the MK universe gather in a full on brawl of good vs. evil, and that concept is brought to life in the intro. Characters are fighting left and right, and it looks like it’ll never end. That is, until a giant pyramid comes from the ground and captures everyone’s attention. Then, the race ensues, with sucker-punching and dragons that don’t seem to care about what’s at the top of the pyramid even though it can easily fly to boot.

What annoys me the most about this video, though, is that Liu Kang makes a surprising (maybe) return in the intro after having been killed of two games prior. It was cool to see him come back and stare down his killer and once they began their fight…well it was kinda disappointing. Liu Kang gets beaten up and even his own chains are used against him until he is flung off the top of the tower, and although he uses them to impale Shang Tsung a few seconds later, the fight had already been over. But that’s just a small gripe in an amazing intro.

Dragon Ball Z games have been a yearly title for many years now, and many of them have been either hit or miss. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi may be known as the one that tried to do something new, but fell short. But in my eyes it is known as the one with by far the best intro in the entire Dragon Ball Z game franchise and the #4 spot on this list. The intro starts by showing you a close-up of Shenron, and then in puts you straight into the battlefield. First, you see the our heroes, looking exhausted. Then, you see the villains and the army of Cell Jr’s. And finally, you see the action.

The fighting is nonstop and it looks beautiful. And when you thing it’s over, another fight ensues. Not to mention that the music went along with every punch and kick that was hurled. I remember getting Budokai Tenkaichi on my 10th birthday, and when my friends saw the intro, they just had to play it.

Zone of the Enders was originally known as the game that you bought so that you could play the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty demo. And while the demo didn’t disappoint, neither did this game. This game took robot fighting action and made it better, and it also took normal gaming intros and made them better too. The graphics were pretty amazing and the music was addictive (in a good way if you liked it.) You also get to see the gameplay and that is where the game shines in my opinion. Seeing the robots flying around, doing flips, shooting lasers, and clashing swords has always made me want to do the same, and ZOE delivered.

Even though this game’s sequel and HD release had great intros, I always find myself starting this game up on the HD collection, even though I’ve beaten it, just to see it’s intro. And luckily, unlike number 9’s HD collection, the intro is still there.

At #2 on this list is the first intro that made me really appreciate game intros in the first place. Armored Core is about robots running, flying, shooting, and swording(?) their way to victory. The gameplay, however, is not as fast-paced as ZOE’s and is more about firepower than swordpower(?). What I enjoyed about Armored Core 3’s intro can be said in one word: everything. Okay, but really, this game’s intro is action-packed, mysterious, suspenseful, and even a bit funny.

It starts with you looking a raven’s eyeball. The raven, perched on a symbolic pile of machine parts, flies off into the distance, where down below, a robot battle is taking place. Two black-painted robots are shooting down battle planes for unexplained reasons. Then, a mysterious man starts typing on a fancy keyboard and bam, out comes two red-painted robots and thus the real fight begins.

There are so many unanswered questions in this intro that are, unfortunately, never explained in-game. The robots in the intro are not seen again (though that can be explained for some of the robots,) the destroyed city is only present in one mission, and nothing important or relevant happens there, and it really just has no connection in general to anything! But I guess that’s why I enjoy it so much. There are no defined good guys and the fates of the robots are left mostly unclear. I just wish the future Armored Core installments could have intros as good as this one.

I have a feeling plenty of people saw this coming, but for those who didn’t (and for those who did anyway,) I’ll explain why. Kingdom Hearts has always been about it’s story. The story of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories were both (to me) fantastic, so what happens when you take the most important moments from both of those games and put them into an intro…you get the number 1 spot on my list! (I bet they feel honored, huh? :/

But anyway, the intro combines amazing visuals with an even more amazing song. Seeing everything that happened in previous games being summed up into awesome intro doesn’t get any better. Surprisingly enough though, when I had bought Kingdom Hearts II after not seeing it for years, I had already forgotten everything that had happened in the first installment, and I had never played Chain of Memories, so it was actually very informative as to what I missed in the previous games.

My favorite part is where our main characters are battling their respective main villains of Chain of Memories at the same time. While all of the intros of the Kingdom Hearts series are fantastic, the one for Kingdom Hearts II will always hold a special place in my heart. My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah…sorry.

So there you have it, my top 10 list of best game intros. I hope you enjoy reading this list and I encourage you to go and see these intros if you haven’t already, whether by buying the game, going on YouTube, or seeing it a friend’s house. However you do it, I just hope you see the beauty and fun in these intros like I have. I can only hope that future games have intros as good as these.

List by Cheyguy1211 (08/08/2013)

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