In my last Top 10 lists, I guided you through all the hard-to-get power-ups that weren’t worth all the trouble. Well now, I take you through all the power-ups that are definitely worth it all. These are the power-ups and items that would be in your best interest to get. And I’ll keep the same rules; no items that are required to progress through the game.

What it is: The best card for use in the Juice Bar in Tadpole Pond

How to get it: Once you agree to help Toadofsky with his composing, you can play three songs at certain points in the story. The first is Frogfucious’ Suite #18 shortly after meeting Frogfucious, the second is Mole Mountain Blues after visiting Moleville and rescuing Dina and Mite, and the third and final one is Monstro Town Melody after talking to Monstermama and talking to the star upstairs. This nets you the Alto Card, Tenor Card, and Soprano Card respectively.

Why it’s worth it: The Soprano Card gives you full access to the Juice Bar in Tadpole Pond and that includes the fabled KeroKeroCola. And this is the only proper shop that sells them. And no. I’m not spending 150 coins on the suite in Marrymore just to buy one.

Honorable Mention: Lazy Shells; One that’s Mario’s strongest weapon and the other that gives the equipped character a massive defense boost at the expense of Speed and Attack.

What it is: A suit that makes you invisible

How to get it: Shoot all Kerotan frogs in the game and you’ll start a new game with this. You can also beat the game without getting any alerts, but like I said in my last list, what’s the point in that?

Why it’s worth it: If you’re trying to get the Peace Walker Trophy/Achievement in the HD collection version or the coveted Foxhound ranking, this will definitely come in handy.

Honorable Mention: Infinity Face Paint

What it is: A sword of energy. Not very exciting sounding, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

How to get it: Only Elite Covenant soldiers are given this bad boy. And believe me; they won’t surrender this treasure without a fight.

Why it’s worth it: Hands down, best melee weapon in the whole game. It locks on and lunges automatically when within melee range and just one slash usually does the trick, except against bosses.

Honorable Mention: M19 SSM Rocket Launcher

What it is: The best summon materia in the game, which attacks all enemies in the field 13 times, and sometimes the damage can reach up to 9999 per hit. And it’s a non-elemental attack.

How to get it: It’s on an island that can only be accessed by riding a Gold Chocobo. I strongly recommend breeding one.

Why it’s worth it: Like I just said, it attacks all enemies on the field 13 times and the damage can reach 9999 per hit. It’s basically your trump card against the final boss and a major edge against the Emerald and Ruby weapons if you’re insane enough to fight them.

Honorable Mentions: The strongest weapons and limit breaks for each character.

What it is: Some fancy looking gun that can hit every enemy on screen. Oh, you know what I mean, right?

How to get it: They’re hidden in various places, and some can put your very life in danger. But one thing’s for sure. They’re hidden well and can’t be found in plain sight, and even if they were, you’ll need to figure out a way to get there.

Why it’s worth it: Sure, it costs 40 plasma per shot, but you can decimate a room full of foes in one well-placed shot. And it’s a tremendous help against big enemies like the Cyber Demon and Spider Mastermind.

Honorable Mention: Super Shotgun

What they are: Your own Personas which you can customize

How to get them: There are certain Personas that can only be obtained by Special Fusions, and you have to reach a certain experience level and max out a Social Link. Plus, Golden allows you to use cards to give your Personas special attacks and abilities. And don’t forget that certain cards appear during Shuffle Time that give your Personas a permanent stat boost. But it’ll take a while to collect what you’re after, if not everything.

Why they’re worth it: Unlike the equipment, you can carry over your Persona and Card catalog to a new game and that includes the customized personas you’ve already registered. It took me a while to acquire a Jack Frost and power him up, but thanks to him, I was able to take down Shadow Yukiko before she had a chance to attack. Sweet.

Honorable Mention: Omnipotent Orb

What they are: The strongest Heavy Armor, the strongest Light Armor, and the strongest weapons in the game (and that’s if you don’t have the Dragonborn DLC add-on).

How to get them: The Daedric Armor can rarely be found by killing dragons, but you can’t find anything made of Dragon Bone or Dragon Scales. You’ll have to max out your smithing tree and pick the appropriate perks. But then again, if you max out your smithing tree and pick all the perks, you can create the best gear in the game with your own hands. What could be more satisfying than that?

Why they’re worth it: Obviously, if you get the best gear, level up your appropriate trees and pick the appropriate perks, you can become a near-invincible one-warrior wrecking crew.

Honorable Mentions: The Daedric Artefacts

What it is: Link’s strongest transformation mask.

How to get it: Collect every single mask in the game (excluding transformation masks) and use them to complete the four optional dungeons on the moon. Then talk to the kid wearing Majora’s Mask and he’ll give this to you.

Why it’s worth it: You’ll probably say “But Raidramon0, you’re practically at the last boss fight when you get this.” That’s undeniably true, but what is also undeniably true is that the last boss fight in any Zelda game can be an arduous ordeal, and Majora’s Mask is no exception. This baby will be a tremendous help. I fought Majora’s three forms without the mask once, and believe me, it was no walk in the park.

Honorable Mention: The Great Fairy’s Sword

What they are: The series staple cursed weapons that start off weak, but get stronger with each kill.

How to get them: You need to hunt down and kill six unique monsters that an old man in Sapstrath Seahaven tells you about. Once you kill them and meet the old man again, he’ll give you a key for a secret dungeon called Magnus Zero located in Fezebel Marsh once you beat the game. Do so, and then clear this rather difficult dungeon to unlock their powers.

Why they’re worth it: Because you can transfer these over to your next save along with the kills you’ve racked up (provided you have enough Grade).

Honorable Mention: The shop level which can transfer over to your next save (again, if you have the Grade to cover it).

What it is: Armor for Ashley that makes her invincible to everything.

How to get it: Unlock ‘Separate Ways’ and beat it and you’ll unlock the second costume set, which includes Leon’s gangster outfit and Ashley’s armor.

Why it’s worth it: You’re probably gonna bite my head off for not including the Handcannon or PRL 412, but you need to ask yourself; is this heavy artillery worth it when I’ve got to protect this fragile American princess? I say no. She’s the Achilles tendon that can make standing your ground almost impossible even with the best weaponry. But with this baby, you won’t need to protect her at all.

Honorable Mentions: The Handcannon and the PRL 412.

You know the old saying, “Perseverance pays off.” And these are 10 scenarios where it definitely pays. So what power-ups do you think are worth getting?

List by Raidramon0 (10/02/2013)

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