Foxes have become the stuff of legends, be as the sly little companion or as the mythical nine-tailed kitsune. Foxes are interesting for their reddish fur and their mischievous behavior. Video games have its share of foxes over the years and each has their own unique interpretation to give players a good time.

That’s right, I’m counting down the Top 10 foxes in video games. Here are a few rules:
- The character has to be a fox, be an actual fox, an anthropomorphic fox, a nine-tailed fox, a humanoid with fox-like features, a humanoid that can change into a fox or even a combination of all of these.
- The character can come from any original game of any genre.

Considering the number of foxes, it’s going to be normal that I might not have your favorite character on my list. Furthermore, there’s a little of my opinion here, so it’s normal that you might not agree of my choices. Finally, as usual, the entries will be descriptive and may be longer than expected. Alright, let’s get sly and count down the 10 best foxes in video games.

Capcom pretty much owns the title for the company that got used for the most crossovers in video games to date. Marvel, Tatsunoko, SNK Playmore, name it… EVERYONE would like to challenge Capcom’s roster for a fight. Even Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken’s producer, challenged Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter’s previous producer, to a challenge with the game Street Fighter x Tekken. You know what’s funnier? That Capcom wasn’t at their first attempt to team up with Namco.

Namco x Capcom is crossover between the two companies featuring a truckload of characters from both sides. However, they’re not here to fight each other, but together, in this Tactical Role-Playing Game. You get a grid-based level, you get units, you move them forward and when you’re engaging an enemy, you get into a real-time fight where you must chain attacks and special moves at the right time to deliver a LOT of damage. While it’s all good and all, the game needed a story with original characters. We’ve got the stoic Reiji Arisu, a soldier from a secret organization, and his sidekick, the cheerful fox girl Xiaomu.

Xiaomu is a good example of a humanoid with fox-like features: she doesn’t have animalistic traits, but her hair is styled by the nine tails of a kitsune… and she also says it herself that she’s a 765-year old kitsune… in the body of an 18-year ago, slightly ditzy girl. Aside from that, Xiaomu is an agent of Shinra who helps out Reiji in his search of for his father’s murder and the investigation of time fluctuations that cause rifts and teleport characters from random universes. She fights using a katana, two pistols and a hefty dose of magic. Paired with Reiji, she assists and complements his similar fighting style using 3 swords and several firearms. Xiaomu’s techniques involve several elemental sword slashes, be lightning, ice or water, many spins and twirls using her pistols and holding opponents in place with a globe of magic. Oddly enough, she also doesn’t take the attacks seriously, as she is often seen as if she’s playing and enjoying herself, like a child. Still, she makes for a formidable teammate, so much that Reiji and Xiaomu were later seen in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier and Project × Zone.

So, for being a playful fox with an array of weapons and spells, Xiaomu takes the 10th spot.

Speaking of crossovers, Koei-Tecmo isn’t a stranger to the formula. The Warrior Orochi games have a simple premise: take each and every character from current Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, put them in the same game and have them fight the forces of evil led by the infamous 8-headed snake, Yamato-no-Orochi. Oh, and add a few original characters for complement the smack fest. Orochi has several generals at its command to take over Eastern Asia and as if it wasn’t enough trouble with only demons, he also has not one, but three vixens: Da Ji, Mae Tamamo and Kyubi no Kitsune.

Da Ji appeared ever since the first game. She looks like a mix between a jester and a trickster. You could say that she’s similar to Harley Quinn. She has subtle fox-like features: pointed ears, canine paws instead of feet and an outfit with several ribbons that mimic a kitsune’s tails; one of her alternate costume is a bonafide fiery kitsune. Another feature is that she uses 2 giant orbs as weapons, which represent the ghostly flames that kitsunes are known to use. In battle, she fights while dancing and figure skating, all while spinning the orbs around her for massive damage. Her involvement in the story is quite simple: she grew bored of humanity and released Orochi to destroy it. Yup, that little vixen is responsible to plunging China and Japan into an incursion. In Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, she also frees her sister, Mae Tamamo.

Mae Tamamo looks like a regular female human oriental aristocrat, but her foxy trait is a long scarf made of a sinuous white fox tail. She attacks with a scroll that materializes the kanjis into solid objects to pummel opponents, in addition of magical effects such as holding them in mid-air. Her involvement is just as sinister as her sister’s: upon being freed, Mae creates evil doppelgangers of the heroes to cause confusion and chaos, while still watching Orochi’s forces destroy humanity. However, the heroes soon realise the ruse and try to use her scroll against her, which unfortunately backfires and causes Mae to transform into Kyubi no Kitsune, her true form.

Kyubi no Kitsune is the last fox to be encountered. You could argue that it counts as 2 foxes because Mae becomes another character, but you can play as them separately. Kyubi looks the part of a kitsune: a bipedal female humanoid with too many fox traits to counts. She does retain Mae’s mind (and voice actress XD), but she now uses her own tails to fight. Kyubi can whips all 9 of her tails in wide arcs use them to juggle opponents in the air and even use the ghostly fire to clear enemies is a large radius. I kid you not, she can rack up the combo meter quite high as her tails count as separate strikes, multiplied by the large number of enemies hit. It’s one thing to anger the beast, it’s another to anger the beast BEHIND the mastermind who’s leading the beast.

So, for being a trio of evil and cunning vixens, Da Ji, Mae Tamamo and Kyubi no Kitsune take the 9th spot.

P.S. I’d die a happy man if Kyubi becomes a playable character in the next Dead or Alive game ^_^

Back to Capcom, Mega Man X was a slight departure from the classic NES series. It was darker, it featured an “older” version of Mega Man and it pit players against robotic animals instead of humanoid robots. It was well-received from the most part… except with Mega Man X6 and X7 where the series kinda went downhill, mostly because Keiji Inafune wanted to end the series with X5 and jumped straight to Mega Man Zero, but had to deal with Capcom still wanting to milk to series. In a last ditch attempt to save the series from failure, Capcom tried a spin-off of the traditional JRPG kind: Mega Man X Command Mission.

The game has a simple concept: replace the gameplay by turn-based combat and random encounters, while keeping the series’ staples, similar to how Super Mario RPG changed the gameplay while remaining close to the source materials. The story follows X and Zero who investigates Giga City to stop the plans of Epsilon and his reploid rebellion. Unfortunately, things turn for the worst as X and Zero are betrayed by their former comrade and beaten down badly by Epsilon and his subjects. The mission still continues as X has to find Zero back and put an end to Epsilon’s rebellion, which threatens the lives of civilian reploids. The fox figure in this game… isn’t part of the main quest, as this boss is a secret opponent that can be found after beating the game. After beating the final boss, you may save the game, load it in front to the point of no return and you’ll receive a key card to access an unexplored portion of the City. You do get a small clue that this boss exists in the beginning, but when you meet him face to face as a post-end boss, you would be thankful for that. I’m talking about Ninetails.

Ninetails was one of the reploids who escaped Giga City’s ruins alongside the other. However, his goal was to challenge the Hunters to a fight rather than to serve Epsilon directly. Ninetails looks like a bipedal robotic fox with many tails and his form simulates a martial art gi. The problem with this fox is that he comes in NINE different forms, each with a growing number of tails and different weaknesses.
- One Tails is a standard opponent.
- Two Tails has 2 opponents with rotating elemental weaknesses.
- Three Tails has 3 opponents with status-afflicting attacks.
- Four Tails is a single opponent with a counter barrier.
- Five Tails is also a single opponent, but that can self-destruct himself.
- Six Tails is a single opponent as well, but with a time limit to become unstoppable.
- Seven Tails has 2 opponents that become stronger upon each hit.
- Eight Tails has 2 opponents with strong elemental attacks and the ability to summon another opponent.
- Ninetails is a single opponent with a OHKO move.

Terrific… Ninetails, in general, has access to powerful abilities to make your life miserable. He has blast you with the Annihilator Hadoken (get the reference?) that he LOVES to spam (get the other reference XD?), drain your Weapon Energy (special meter) to zero with Puncture Arrows, can regenerate Life Energy every turn, which makes his Hadoken more powerful, can use powerful elemental attacks and of course, his final form has the Nine Fragments, nine piercing tail attacks that each deal 999 points of damage. He’s a very tough opponent to defeat, but your victory nets you the best weapon for Axl (yeah, I forgot to mention that this game happens after X7), as well as his final transformation (Axl gets the ability to turn into the bosses) as well as a bunch of collectables. Congratulations, you just went through the most painful boss rush in the game, along with a kick-ass them as well. Overall, he’s a formidable opponent and the challenge is aplenty.

So, for being a robotic fox which mixes martial arts with powerful weaponry, Ninetails takes the 8th spot.

Back to Namco, Tales of Symphonia is considered to be THAT game that made the series known in the West. Released at first as a Gamecube exclusive, the game was well-received and paved the way for many other localized titles, for the most part. The game also introduced to a 3D world with 3D models and battleground, which was a big deal as it was a departure from the series sprites. Nevertheless, the game was great.

Tales of Symphonia follows the journey of Lloyd Irving, a young man who discovers a conspiracy near his village that unfortunately leads him and his best friend Genis Sage to be exiled. Fortunately for both, Colette Brunel, another of Lloyd’s childhood friends, invites them on the journey of the Chosen, whose destiny is to climb the Tower of Salvation and restore life to the planet. That’s all fair, as Lloyd’s teacher and Genis’s older sister, Raine Sage, and a mysterious mercenary named Kratos Aurion, also join Colette in her travel. However, they soon get harassed by a clumsy ninja named Sheena Fujibayashi, which after several failed attempts to assassinate the Chosen and after seeing how miserable the world is, she decides to join them as well. However, the whole journey turns out to be a scheme to have the goddess Martel descend and take Colette as a vessel and have the Cruxis take control of the Tower and the World Tree. Lloyd is fast on his feet to grab Colette out of the ritual and to flee with the others into a parallel world. This world also happens to be where Sheena originates from, and her backstory is more tragic than just clumsiness. In truth, Sheena is a summoner that can forge pacts with spirits, and one of them is her trusty companion, Corrine.

Corrine is a small kitsune that serves as a familiar to Sheena as well as her “conscience”. He cheers her up, he helps her out in her mission and he also serves as a little comic relief. Gameplay-wise, you kinda wish he wasn’t there. Let me explain: Sheena can summon spirits… using only a mechanic that is totally out of the player’s control. No, I’m not joking. Over Limit, which you might have seen in other games, isn’t something that the player can trigger manually as it is a random state that can be set using exspheres. Way to blow your character’s coolest feature, Namco…

This is where Corrine becomes valuable: he’s the ONLY spirit that can be summoned without Over Limit, meaning that Sheena can call him at any time. That might be a weak argument to put him that high on the list, but I got another reason why Corrine is in there. He sacrifices himself to save Sheena from the rampaging spirit Volt. This act of selflessness deserves a mention in my book, as Corrine helps Sheena overcome her past mistake of trying to forge a pact with Volt by saving her life. While it does make him unavailable for the rest of the game, his actions make Sheena more determined than ever to save the worlds so the spirits can be restored.

On a little side note, it is revealed that in the sequel, Dawn of the New World, Corrine becomes the Summon Spirit of the Heart, Verius, which looks like a grown-up version of a kitsune. Furthermore, Verius is featured in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, as Sheena summons him as her Mystic Arte. That can count as a consolation price.

So, for being a cute little fox spirit with a heart of gold, Corrine takes the 7th spot.

“3D is the way to go now.”

I don’t think that Vanillaware got that same idea, as my next entries come from one of the Wii’s hidden gems, Muramasa: the Demon Blade. Vanillaware is a small studio that decided to keep making 2D games. If you ever played Princess Crown, Grim Grimoire, Odin’s Sphere and most recently, Dragon’s Crown, you know what you’re in for when popping Muramasa in. These games feature beautiful and detailed artworks by artist Shigatake as well as a very good feel of retro 2D side-scrolling platformers. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is no different, as it is an entire 2D platformer.

Muramasa tells two stories: one of the amnesiac ninja Kisuke, who is trying to regain his memory, as well as the crime he committed in order to seek revenge, and the other of the princess Momohime, who became possessed by the spirit of a dangerous swordman named Jinkuro, who demands her to obey his orders. Both characters wield a variety of katanas, each with their special powers, and both seek to obtain the demonic blade Oboro Muramasa. Along their respective journeys, they each get assistance by a kitsune: Momohime gets the aid of Kongiku and Kisuke gets the aid of Yuzuruha.

Kongiku looks like a beautiful female with fox ears and a tail, wearing an orange yukata and holding a green paper lantern. Kongiku assists Jinkuro specifically, and to a lesser extent, Momohime, to become one of the Shogun’s swordmen and obtain the demon blade. She tells several hints to Momohime about locations and sometimes encounters she might face. Kongiku has also some feelings for Jinkuro, which drives her to help him achieve his goal to become a powerful swordman. In Momohime’s endings, she either sacrifices her human form to prevent Momohime from dying or disguises herself as a maid serving Momohime, now freed of Jinkuro’s possession.

Yuzuruha looks similar to Kongiku, except that she doesn’t have a tail and carries a parasol. Yuzuruha is determined to obtain the demon blade, as it contains the sealed spirit dog dragon of Kuzuryu. Kisuke accepts her request as she can also help me regain his memories. In one of Kisuke’s endings, she manages to have both Kisuke and his lover Torahime meet at a teahouse. While her actions aren’t as proactive as Kongiku, Yuzuruha’s goal is a little more friendly and helpful. Still, both vixens provide our heroes the help they need to obtain the demon blade and control its power.

So, for being two charming NPCs who aren’t as sly as other foxes, Kongiku and Yuzuruha take the 6th spot.

That might be a bold statement, but I think that this next entry is possibly the most popular character in League of Legends... for possibly obvious reasons. Anyway, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game (MOBA), which is basically a fast-paced RTS game. Players team up and must destroy the opposing team’s nexus using a selection of over 100 characters. One of these characters is none other than Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Little backstory: League of Legends takes place in the world of Runeterra, specifically on the continent of Valoran. Years ago, many tribes fought for power over the continent using magic runes. However, their actions escaladed to such a high degree that the continent itself started to suffer, as earthquakes and storms became frequent occurrences. In order to keep the continent safe and the wars under control, Valoran’s mages, known as summoners, created a system for everyone to respect known as the League of Legends. Fields of Justice serve as arenas to resolve conflicts in a restricted manner and summoners from all Valoran could pick their favorite champions to win their fights.

Ahri was just a normal white fox, but she always wanted to become human to be complete. One day, she arrives at the aftermath of a grisly battle, as well as a single dying mage. The mage transferred his life force into her before dying of his wounds. The next morning, Ahri awoke as a beautiful woman, while retaining her tails, ears and sharp eyes. However, the transformation did not still feel “complete” to her, so she used her charms and good look to seduce men and steal their essence in hope to fill the void. Furthermore, Ahri developed something that she never had before as a fox: a conscience. This led her to feel guilty to have caused suffering. Feeling grief-ridden and regretful, she found the Institute of War of Runeterra, the headquarters of the League, and the summoners offered her the help she would need, at the condition to participate in the League as one of Ionia’s champions.

What’s so special about Ahri? Well, she’s beautiful, she’s VERY alluring, charming and seductive, she has 9 white long tails and very sharp yellow eyes, she wears a good outfit (with nicely done alternate costumes) and her abilities are quite powerful. Ahri’s Essence Thief adds a counter on her every time she hits with a spell. After 9 counters, she can heal herself. Orb of Deception sends her crystal orb flying like a boomerang, Fox-Fire sends out 3 ghostly flames towards champions and Spirit Rush has her dash madly while firing energy bolts. These attacks make her deadly as a mage and assassin. Her last ability, Charm, allows her to attract enemies toward her, making walking targets for anyone around them. Please note that this works on everyone, not just males. Unless you can restrict her movements, in-game I mean, you’ll have a hard time catching this fox. Run you little devil, run!

So, for being a gorgeous vixen with all the charms and good looks, Ahri takes the 5th spot.

In fiction, foxes can make great companions, similar to dogs and wolves. One of the biggest examples is Pokémon, where you can get a truckload of different little critters as your pets for you to train, raise, battle and such. The game’s name should click instantly with the next entry. Yup, I’m going back to the past and I’m picking both Vulpix and Ninetales.

What hasn’t been said about Vulpix? You might already know that it’s a small little red fox with six tails of the Fire type, that it was an exclusive Pokémon and it is just so adorable. However, did you know that Vulpix is born with just a white tail that splits into several red ones as it grows older? Did you know that it will feint injury to avoid fighting stronger opponents? Did you know that it has a burning flame inside its body that it uses to regulate its body temperature and spit out small wisps to keep it cool?

What hasn’t been said about Ninetales? You might already know that it’s a large white-furred fox with nine tails, that it evolves from Vulpix with a Fire Stone and that it can be a powerful adversary if bred right. However, did you know that it can live for a whopping millennia? Did you know that it is highly intelligent and can understand human speech? Did you know that grabbing one of its tails curses you for 1,000 years? Yikes…

Gameplay-wise, Vulpix can learn powerful moves on its own, such as Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Feint Attack and Extrasensory. Ninetales… can’t learn moves. Yeah, for those who don’t know, several Pokémons that evolve using Stones don’t learn moves as they level up, so to get the best movesets, trainers have to keep these Pokémons at the pre-evolution stages to learn moves, use TMs and HMs and/or breed the “perfect” baby so they can evolve it at a very low level and keep on level it up without worrying about missing moves. Nevertheless, Ninetales can learn powerful moves using TMs, such as Solar Beam and Energy Ball for those annoying Water type Pokémons… and Rock… and Ground… Ok, type coverage achieved! Both foxes’ abilities also make them deadly in battle: Flash Fire empowers the damage of Fire moves if hit by a Fire move, making Vulpix and Ninetales immune to Fire attacks, and Drought causes the weather to be sunny, increasing the power of Fire moves in addition of weakening Water moves. While Drought will activate when called, Flash Fire can be a nasty trick to pull if you bait the opponent to use a Fire move while switching for Ninetales, provided that Spikes and Stealth Rock don’t screw you up.

On a side note, Vulpix got popular thanks to the anime, as Brock obtains one early in the series.

So, for being popular fox companions with a heart of fire, Vulpix and Ninetales take the 4th spot.

Back to Capcom… again, Okami was sadly a “box-office” bomb in the video game industry, because it had great scores, but very low sales. This is quite unfortunate, because Okami is a very good game. It features a Zelda-esque world and feel, the graphics are is beautiful water colors and inks, the protagonist Amaterasu is great, it has a nice drawing mechanic with the use of the Celestial Brush and it features a truckload of characters from Oriental folklore and myths. One of those characters is of course a kitsune, except this time, it’s an evil huge nine-tailed fox named Ninetails.

Amaterasu descended on the world of Nippon (Japan) to restore life and peace while fighting the forces of evil. After defeating the eight-headed serpent Yamato-no-Orochi, Amaterasu and Issun set out for Ryoshima Coast, where corruption is still lingering. They arrive at Sei-an City, where a toxic mist is affecting the citizens. While investigating, they meet a beautiful Shinto priest named Rao, who ask them to infiltrate the palace as the most comes from there. However, they need to be smaller, so she tells them to salvage a sunken ship for an item called the Lucky Mallet. They then return to the palace, shrink down in size and seek in the palace. They soon discover that a tiny demon entered the body of the emperor and causes him to breathe the mist. After defeating the demon, Blight, they can pass through a gate to access the northern portion of Ryoshima while saying farewell to Rao and Queen Himiko.

Amaterasu then investigates a mewling tower, which leads to visiting an underwater palace, which THEN leads to her playing an endoscopic surgeon to recover a Dragon Orb… inside a huge dragon for Queen Otohime. When Amaterasu and Issue are about to celebrate their success, Otohime shows them a vision of Rao being attacked by a large shadow creature. Worried about the fate of their friend, they rush back to Sei-an City’s palace, only to discover that Rao has assassinated Queen Himiko. They soon catch on that Rao isn’t the same person and that she plans to open the passageway to Oni Island to rally the forces of evil. Amaterasu rushes to the malevolent island, climbs all of the floors and arrive at the top, only to find… a constellation?

In the game, when Amaterasu sees a constellation, she must use the brush to paint the missing stars. Upon success, one of the Gods of the Brush appears and teaches her a new brush technique, such as blooming flowers and trees, create fire or even create bombs. At the top of Oni Island, however, the only thing you’ll learn is that a fight is coming up. Ninetails descends on the stage, looking like a huge white fox with paint brushes tipping each of his tails. Oddly enough, it is never explained why Ninetails looks like a God of the Brush. Ninetails reveals that with the power of Yami, he used the darkness to rule over Ryoshima and used Rao’s body as a vessel to kill Queen Himiko. Determined to kill Amaterasu so she’ll never impeded on his plans, Ninetails strikes.

In battle, Ninetails will charge at you ferociously, making his attacks difficult to avoid. Surprising enough, he also wields a sharp sword. Stupidly enough, he also raises it high near thunderclouds… in a place where you just learned the Thunderstorm Brush Technique, which allows you to direct lightning bolts from its source to other objects. However, zapping him will split him into 9 clones of Rao, each attacking with sword slashes and magic. Finally, as an exiled/banished God of the Brush, Ninetails can use the Celestial Brush as well, causing your patterns to be disrupted when you use it. As you wither down his life, his tails will disappear, eventually leading to revert of a large orange fox. While he’ll lose the Brush, he’ll still pounce at you with claws, fangs and sword. Keep it up a little longer and you’ll be triumphant! You’ll get a lightning sword as a reward and a nice cutscene leading to the final arc. Overall, Ninetails has the best build-up in the game and the best fight too, not to mention a wicked looking design.

So, for being an evil fox of epic proportions from an epic game, Ninetails takes the 3th spot.

Ok, enough with nine-tailed foxes, how about a two-tailed one? Sonic the Hedgehog was created to market the power of the Sega Genesis and its Blast Processing capabilities. The first game was a success that prompted the creation of its sequel… with Sonic running alongside a new character, his fox sidekick, Tails.

Tails was added to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for a good reason: multiplayer. It was the first Sonic game to have a multiplayer mode and thus Sega created a second character that could be used. It is also possible to control Tails alone or even together with Sonic (using a second controller) in the single-player mode, leading to a coop mode. Tails then got featured just as many games as Sonic did. He was a playable character in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, this time with the added ability to fly freely. In Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, he’s also playable as a character who’s trying to help Sonic while dealing with his own situation.

Tails is actually a nickname, as his real name is Miles Prower (“Miles per Hour”, get it). He decided to help Sonic fight the evil Dr. Robotnik, or Eggman, because Sonic is the only friend he ever had. Yeah, Tails got picked on because of his two tails, but Sonic didn’t mind at all. This is also why Tails is very loyal to Sonic and will give him a hand no matter what. Tails is also an expert in mechanics. He builds his own plane, the Tornado, and he also modified it to have it transform into a walking mech and a race car. He also has quite a knack at other technologies, such as computers, electronic devices and even boards that use air or gravity to float. Finally, even if Tails isn’t playable, like in Sonic Rush, Unleashed, Colors, Generations and Lost World, he’s always there to assist Sonic, like a little brother.

So, for being a loyal companion regardless of the danger, Tails takes the 2nd spot.

Our final entry is possibly the most obvious, yet surely the most memorable. Star Fox was a SNES game about a team of animal heroes, piloting spacecrafts known as Arwings, to fight off the invading forces of Planet Venom and their leader Andross throughout the Lylat System. It was a flying game that was also using to demonstrate the SNES’s Super FX chip and its 3D graphics. Of course, that lost its novelty when Star Fox 64 came out, but back then, it was a big deal.

Fox McCloud is the leader of Star Fox, a group of freelance pilots who vowed to protect Corneria and the rest of Lylat from Venom troops. This is driven by the fact that Fox lost his father, James, to Andross after a betrayal and also the fact that Fox didn’t wait to graduate in order to take care of enemy troops. He enlisted Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi and [sadly] Slippy Toad to help him thwart Andross’s plans and avenge his father. While the SNES version didn’t get that far into character development, the Nintendo 64 version bumped it up big time.

Fox is depicted as a fearless leader with a great care for his crew. He has shown a stoic attitude and a fearless behavior in battle and has shown his piloting skills with multiple vehicles in the most treacherous planets. In Star Fox Adventure, Fox is also shown to be a little bit impulsive, selfish and impatient, as he complains that he couldn’t bring his blaster on his mission due to his “shoot-first-ask-questions-later” manners, complains that he feels like a mercenary without any payment, thinks that Tricky is a nuisance and that everything he accomplishes will end the mission early. Of course, over the course of the game, he loosens up, especially when he first meet Krystal, a blue vixen, who he falls in love almost immediately.

Speaking of non-piloting skills, Fox has been shown to be an expert marksman with his blaster and several other weapons, as well as a decent melee combatant, be while using the Krazoa Staff or his hand-to-hand skills. The latter was mostly shown in the Super Smash Bros series. He has fought several wars and won them all, often on his own to keep the others safe from harm, although that last part also made him break up with Krystal so she doesn’t get injured in battle during the events of Star Fox: Command. Still, Fox is still a worthy companion and capable leader, following the footsteps of his father.

So, for being a fearless leader, an expert pilot and a great hero of war, Fox McCloud takes the 1st spot for the Top 10 foxes in video games.

So there you have it, the best foxes in video games. Of course, several others could have been added, but I went with the most popular, the most iconic and the most interesting of the bunch. No offense intended if your favorite isn’t on the list, but I feel like I covered a lot of them here. I hope you enjoyed my list.

I’ll see you next time ^_^

List by RollerBob (01/07/2014)

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