This is a list for the most entertaining way to kill (or if the game doesn't directly show or imply death then "injure") people in games.

Baring in mind there are a lot of games I haven't played and so lots if things I don't know about. And while I do know of other good ways to kill people I deliberately only picked games and ways I have done myself.

But still here is my slightly sadistic list of the best ways to kill people in video games.

One of the special features in Just Cause 2 is the grappling hook. Now lots of different games use a grappling hook but staggeringly Just Cause 2 managed to put a very unique spin on the old favourite.

There are a lot of different things you can do with the grappling hook such as moving about and wrecking statues. But something else you can do is kill the people of Panau in a plethora of different ways.

And while you can attach other things to the grappling hook such as cars to use as a wrecking ball. Or if you want you can drag people off the edge of buildings. However my personal favourite way of killing people in Just Cause 2 is by attaching one end of the grappling hook to someone and then the other end on to a vehicle. No matter whether it is a car, bike or even a plane they can be attached and dragged along for as long as you want. This eventually, after much screaming and perilous driving, will kill them.

It is on here because you can drag them down mountains, on motorways and even through the air. It gets 10th because it has such variety to it and is such a laugh if you do it with some mates around

Now this weapon may be a pain to get (you have to collect all 75 rubber bands scattered around the map) and it isn't even the "best" weapon in the game. It doesn't even compete with guns such as the Bottle Rocket Launcher. So why is it 9th? Because it is pure comedy.

This gun is a great all rounder and is useful in almost all situations. Multiple enemies all gone at the same time, infinite uses and with a decent amount of range and damage. What is there not to like?

However the best place to use it is is the corridor of the boys dorm. You throw it once and then it bounces around all over the place ready to knock over more unsuspecting people. Theoretically it could be the most overpowered weapon in the game. Chuck it at one enemy and it bounces around continually hitting multiple enemies until it knocks them all out.

It is also a pretty clever and good schoolboy weapon from a school version of GTA. All that bags it 9th on my list.

... The Dubstep Gun. One of the crazy guns from the steadily maddening world of Saints Row. Now I would like to make it clear that I am not a fan of dubstep and don't listen to it outside of the game. But I still find myself loving the dubstep that comes out of the gun in the game.

The basic premise of the Dubstep Gun is that it shoots out music which is very powerful and while shooting the cars dance and the dead bodies of people dance to the dubstep as well. This gun was already quite famous before the game even came out and it was one of the games main talking points.

This gun goes in the precious explosive weapon slot which means you can't hold this and the 'murica at the same time (unfortunately). However this gun makes up for it by having a very good beat to it, and if you don't like it you can change the song by changing the look of it and once you have infinite explosive ammo the song can loop for as long as you want. It is even featured in a level where guns aren't allowed as it is "music gun".

But getting away from that that it is very powerful. Especially once you give it explosive wubbs. Making it fun to use as well as very deadly and it is one of the most powerful guns in the game. Getting it 8th on my list.

Max Payne. A game, and later film, about a badass cop who kills lots of enemies in really badass ways. Mainly through bullet time.

Bullet time is the main feature in the game and is what sets it apart from the other 3rd person shooters. Bullet time is what (for me at least) got me interested in the game and is still the most fun I have with it.

You have got to admit that there is nothing more badass than jumping through a doorway in slow motion while clearing out an entire room full of gang members with a pistol or even a shotgun. And that is all I really need to say. Just simply badassery. Watch it, try it, love it. Simple as.

They aren't the first of this kind of weapon to appear in any game or even in the franchise but this is where they are the best.

They, as the name suggests, stick onto objects after thrown on them. They can be used on foot as well while driving meaning that car chases can be ended in seconds with only one bomb on the others car. Yes only 1 is needed to blow up a car; that is how powerful they are.

They are also great to use online. You could just simply use them as a alternative to grenades once you ran out of them. But you could also blackmail someone into doing stuff just so you don't kill them or blow up the vehicle they are in. Or you can place one so it is hidden on a persons car. Then go miles away from them, blow it up and blame it on a "glitch".

Practical, powerful and fun. Almost the perfect trinity of aspects for a weapon to have and all it is is a bomb with some glue at the end of it!

Burnout Crash! is a departure from the normal burnout games. This is a hilarious, immensely fun and over the top game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

There are 6 locations in the game and they all have a super feature at the end of a level. Whether it is a plane crash or a lobster monster they are supposed to be funny and cause massive damage which goes towards your score for the level.

My favourite is the super feature in Seacrest because it has the most going on in it and is only 1 of 2 that are quite funny (the other being the lobster monster). The super feature goes like this. A massive tidal wave goes in, pretty tame so far compared to the rest of the game. However that leaves the whole area submerged in water and has a small boat sailing in the area. But then Jaws the shark comes out of nowhere and causes more damage to the city and eats the boat whole.

It is just a very entertaining end rather than a slightly boring plane crash or meteor strike. The comedy behind this and the sheer amount of damage it does gets it 5th on my list.

A weird suggestion because from a game that is not widely owned, played or talked about. On the surface of it it is just a normal and mediocre racing game based around touring cars. However this game's trump card are it's cheat codes. You can make it rain cats and dogs and add in a pink Cadillac. However the best one is the tank cheat code.

This tank is surprisingly small and uses wheels and not tracks like most tanks. Even more surprising is the speed. It is just as fast as the decked out Ford Mondeos and Vauxhall Vectras and the cannon actually works. 1 direct shot at an opponent and they go flying and then "retire" from the race. You can shoot 2 people before the race even starts. So if you are good enough and if the race is long enough you could end up finishing a race all by yourself.

Unfortunately you can't use this in the championship mode, only in the normal quick race mode. But as it is one of if not my favourite vehicle in any game it easily gets on this list and earns a solid points scoring and respectable place on this list (just like in the game).

Now this is an unusual weapon unless you have see the James Bond film: Goldfinger. In that film Goldfingers henchman, the silent but deadly, Oddjob throws his hat at a statue and this STATUE gets beheaded by a HAT! So rather unsurprisingly it is a powerhouse in this game as well.

It is only able to be used during the multiplayer when playing as Oddjob. It acts like a frisbee and once you throw it and you can't use it again until either you die or once 30 seconds has past.

So why is it 3rd on the list. Because not only is it true to the franchise but it is also an insta-kill. No matter what if it hits someone they are dead.

So while it has its flaws it has some massive positive points to it and that gets it 3rd.

The grenade launcher is the same in this game as it is in any other. Shoot then wait a few seconds as it rolls then massive explosion. A gun that is generally very impressive but not very practical. But is DRIV3R it is different.

Mainly due to the mission "Tanner Escapes. The mission is an on rails shooter. The premise is that you are in the back of a truck while having the Istanbul police department after you. You have a choice between using the micro uzi, assault rifle or the grenade launcher. And the grenade launcher is definitely the best and most fun option. The uzi and rifle aren't as powerful as the grenade launcher and even if you shoot through the windscreen the driver doesn't die or take damage, only the car does.

You should definitely use the grenade launcher. Because for starters if you are good enough with the grenade launcher then they can't even get near you as you would have blown them up long before they even get to you. Also as if the Istanbul police weren't already funny and completely mad before they are a lot funnier when they are sent flying the height of buildings with one grenade placed perfectly under the front centre of their car when it blows up. They get sent up really high while rolling, cartwheeling, barrel rolling etc... all in a bit to try and... well... stop you I suppose. Bloody mad DRIV3R cops.

Anyway this weapon is so destructive and fun but purely for its appearance in that mission alone it gets 2nd on this list.

Just by the title you can tell that this is pretty mega. In split second you take out opponents by causing explosions which are generally not too amazing (compared to the rest of the game) and are only level 1 power plays. However the good ones are the level 3 power plays. They are a lot more manly and consist of moving massive cruise ships and causing jumbo jets to crash.

First you have to unlock the area of the track (airport terminal) by activating a route changer. Then you are on a runway and if you activate the jumbo jet to crash. It comes from nowhere and for a second there is no sound at all until the plane hits the ground and then skids along with engines flying everywhere. It can take out the entire field and can get you from last to first in no time as the plane is so wide and takes up so much of the runway that there is little space to be in and still survive / dodge the plane.

The only downside is that it is easy to avoid once you know where to go. But it gets first as it is so dramatic especially with the audio that the game manipulates as well as it being so over the top even compared to the rest of the game and so it gets 1st of my list for the best ways to kill / injure people in games.

Honourable mentions:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: A slide tackle while wearing the dinosaur costume. If you do it at the right angle it looks like the dinosaur bites the players leg before they go down.

Far Cry 3: Running over people. You can do that in a lot of games but it is the most satisfying in this game. Because you get the whole authentic crunching noise when you run over people as well as it being in first person.

Call of Duty (Zombies): The Ray Gun. I have never played a lot of COD but the little zombies I have played I found that the Ray Gun was a blast to use. Powerful and fun to use.

Battlefield 4: Buildings collapsing on people. If you manage to get one of the destructible buildings to land on someone then that in my eyes is a pretty epic kill.

Thanks for reading my list and I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the board related to this list.

List by lutonrules (03/20/2014)

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