Now, the SNES isn't exactly known for its incredible multiplayer, but it had enough good games to possibly even warrant you to purchase the controller expander just to play the 4 player games. Some of the games listed here can be played single player, but you can add a second or even third player at any time.

One of the more graphically enhanced games on SNES, Kirby Super Star allowed kirby to create his own partner by getting rid of his ability, and making it into a computer player partner. The second player can then join up as the partner, and your dynamic duo can kick some tail as you go through the levels. And trust me, the final unlockable area in the game is almost impossible to beat without the second player.

One of the better RPGs on SNES, Secret of Mana had an excellent storyline and gameplay, but better yet, it had 3 playable characters, and all three could be controlled by human players. To play the third character, you need a controller expansion. The game experience opens up much better when you have three players playing the game.

This game had 4 games that originally featured lackluster multiplayer. But in the upgrade of this game, a new multiplayer feature was added on, the Mario Bros. 3 Battle game. This game simple at first, allowed you to dabble with strategy and with multiple ways to win each round, there was much fun to be had here. Plus add in 2 player competition for Super Mario Bros. and Mario 3 and you have an excellent multiplayer experience.

Before there was Madden Football, there was Tecmo Super Bowl. This game was the staple for football games to come, with all the basics you see in today's football games, with decent graphics for its time as well. Any football fan could still enjoy Tecmo Super Bowl 3 today if they had the access.

One of the most addicting gameplay ideas on the SNES, Tetris Attack added Yoshi characters to Tetris and wonderful color to make a crazy yet addicting puzzle game that was friendly to all ages and types of players. You will find yourself immersed with friends in the competitive nature of the game for hours to come.

Its called ULTIMATE Mortal Kombat 3 for a reason. Take a massive character selection, incredible combos, wonderful controls, and amazing finishing moves and you and your friends will be trying to mash those finishers for hours upon hours upon hours. This game took everything in the Mortal Kombat series and perfected it, and gave it its name today.

HADOUKEN! Street Fighter II Turbo focused incredibly well on multiplayer, with the all new turbo mode, now you can fight your friends at 2x the speed of a normal game. You've got to be fast a lightning to beat your opponent, and if you miss a reaction you're finished. The turbo mode added so much to the game's already superb fighting engine, and you'll enjoy playing this game whether you are a fighting game fan or not.

A Japan release only, this game had all the same great features of Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) but with a much greater interface, graphics, and world to explore. Plus with the non-linear character selection, you and your friends can keep living out the game together and keep it new and fresh for each playthrough.

The original madness is here. Super Mario Kart started a trend with popular video game characters, which put them in racing games. The racing was good, but what made this game was the weapon system and incredible level design. The level design holds even to this day where the very same levels were reused in Mario Kart DS. The game featured multiple Mario characters and even Donkey Kong Jr., and it set the standard for most platform character based Kart games in the future.

This game EASILY takes the cake at #1 on the list. This game is plain madness. Bomberman always seemed simple, but after playing for about an hour you will start to develop many strategies to defeat your opponents. With numerous levels and items, multiple colored bomberman, VS against computer players, and the best part; 4 player action gives this game incredible multiplayer action. Not to mention no camera issues, since all the action is on the same screen, you won't have trouble with camera. If you can get 4 friends together, prepare for an incredible multiplayer expereince.

List by xcamel24 (02/17/2006)

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