The Nintendo 64 may be gone, but it certainly is NOT forgotten. This revolutionary console acquire numerous noteworthy games deserving of mention. Thus, this Top 10 was created to commemorate the greatest Nintendo 64 games of all time. Although you may feel your favorites may have not been incorporated on the list, have no fear, you still have your memories. This Top 10 features games that were the most popular of their time as well as games that many other gamers deserved mentioning. Without further adieu, let's get this show on the road.

This game surprised numerous gamers. Personally, I expected sloppy graphics, shoddy sound and horrible gameplay as well as no desire to play the game but I was wrong. The game surprised me with a little more than average graphics, good sound, fun gameplay and all around, a good effort for its genre. If you love dirt bike racing, this game is certainly one that should already be in your collection.

I always knew this game would be successful. Many gamers criticized this game when they first heard about it but after playing, they regretted the negative things they claimed about this game (well, most anyway). This game had excellent gameplay, good duration, and sound, as well as good replay value making gamers appreciate this stellar platformer for the console.

Rayman's second in his game series. "Truly remarkable" are the best words to describe this game with excellent gameplay, a motivating storyline, good replay value and nice graphics for its genre and even for the console, the game did pretty well. Although the Dreamcast version may have been the greatest of all the versions of this remarkable game, it goes without saying that this game was a worthwhile investment for Nintendo 64 owners.

One of the best Mario Party games to date, Mario Party 2 was a greatly improved sequel to the first Party. The game featured more multiplayer elements, more Mini-Games, and the gameplay was so captivating, almost any gamer fell in love with it. The game was both engaging, fun and at times, kinda frustrating. Nevertheless, the frustration factor in this game didn't hinder many from enjoying all this game has to offer. Make no mistake 'cause this is probably one of the greatest Party Games for the Nintendo 64 - maybe even one of the best Party Games to date.

One of the best - if not, 'the' best - role-playing games for the Nintendo 64. This game amazed the socks out of anyone who played. I know I certainly was impressed. The game now has a much improved sequel for the Gamecube, but, this game started it all. The game easily drew gamers in with its captivating gameplay elements, its amazing controls, sound and battle system, as well as its replay value. Even completing the game will have wanted gamers to go back to the game which made Paper Mario one of the most successful games of the Nintendo 64. Nintendo certainly did an excellent job with this.

This game sparked it all. Without this game, well, Mario would've taken quite a bit longer to enhance graphic wise. The game was simply amazing with its gameplay, sound, and fun factor that attracted many gamers to the series. Without this game, Mario wouldn't have made as much progress as he did. Because of this game, Mario has become much more successful in his recent games. This game is a favorite among many platformer buffs, but this game truly would please almost any self-proclaimed gamer. This truly was a successful game that almost any gamer should want to own.

The racing game that sparked everything, Mario Kart 64 greatly improved on Super Mario Kart for the SNES with much better gameplay, more added reason to play, much more replay value, nice graphics, and overall, a fun experience for both single and multi-players. This game was meant for multiplayers as both Racing and Battle Mode were equally fun. Although the game had its minor discrepencies with game raters, those did not hinder many gamers from dubbing this as one of the greatest racing games for the console.

Personally, I never beat the game, actually, I never even made it past Link's childhood! Nevertheless, this game was pretty much flawless with its graphics, sound and amazing gameplay and controls. This game sparked the intrest of many now-Zelda fans. Although Majora's Mask was another noteable mention, this game certainly attracted much more gamers to become Zelda fans. Make no mistake - although it is quite a task to beat the whole game, the trip along the way is a fun experience that almost any gamer would enjoy. For those that still have this game in your collection, I'd be surprised if it's collecting dust. For those that have yet to own this game, well, let's just say you're missing out on a lot.

The sequel to Banjo-Kazooie that impressed so many as being one of the greatest games for the console. The game's storyline was improved from the one in Kazooie except in this sequel, graphics, sound, and replay value were much improved and well worked on. No gamer (supposedly) was (thoroughly) disappointed when they bought this game. This game also featured some of the best multiplayer elements for the Nintendo 64. This game was the best of the best and that's something no one can deny.

Without a doubt, this game was one of the greatest to hit the N64 Console. Gamers flocked far and wide to face their friends to see who the ultimate fighter really was. The game featured many famous characters and mascots from Nintendo and other gaming companies. No self-respected gamer could deny the fun factor of this extroadinary game. This game certainly deserves the number one slot on this Top 10 list for outstanding music, gameplay, replay value, as well as graphics. One of the best games I've ever played; certainly, you'll be smart to buy this stellar game.

The Nintendo 64 came a long way and even though it may be gone, it's legacy lives on. It's games like these that made the Nintendo 64 last for as long as it did. Certainly, it can be said that without some of these stellar games, the Nintendo 64 probably would've ended up on the death bed sooner than it did. Let's never forget these stellar games for they truly are amazing, indeed.

List by knuckles_sonic8 (03/20/2006)

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