Party Games are becoming more and more underappreciated and less and less noticed. Yet, despite the many Party Games out there in the video game world, some are just simple amazing, although some may not realize it. Party Games are interesting games, yet, not many truly appreciate the genre which is why I would like to take this opportunity to recognize 10 Party Games that feel fit the bill as the best Party Games ever! So, without further adieu, here's my Top 10:

Fuzion Frenzy is mainly Mini-Games and that's a good thing since most of the Mini-Games are enjoyable (most, not all I'm afraid) and some of them are just plain addictive! This is probably one of the best Party Game for Xbox as of yet (although there are hardly any Party Games for the console). The Mini-Games will easily draw you in and you'll fall in love with the good graphics and sound but the occasional frustrations do exist and some gamers have let themselves become distracted over these. Nevertheless, if you do not let these minor discrepencies annoy you to the max, you'll find there's quite a bit of fun found in this game.

A great Party Game that inspired many to start loving the genre. Mario Party featured excellent elements that many found enjoyable in the game. The graphics were pretty good for the console it was featured on, and the Mini-Games were both fun and captivating. There were some shares of frustrations as I recall, but they are too minor to prevent a gamer from truly enjoying this great game. If you still have an N64 in working condition, I highly recommend you seek this game out.

Easily the most underappreciated Party Game ever to exist. Sonic Shuffle certainly was a great Party Game but it didn't get the respect nor the praise it so rightly deserved. The Story was, admittedly, a bit farfetched, but the Mini-Games brought the game together again, as did the nice Boards. The game truly is remarkable if you hone deep inside. If you let yourself be influenced by other unappreciative gamers, you may not fully appreciate the content found within the game. Overall, Sonic Shuffle was a good effort on the part of SEGA despite what is being said about it. Hopes for a sequel do exist but in the meantime, enjoy this great Party Game.

The 6th installment of the Party series shows that sometimes, change is good. This 6th installment incorporates a new day and night system that gamers simply fell in love with. The Mini-Games were certinaly addicting and some were the best of the series, further, there's a lot more to be had from this game whether it be enjoying the sound, the graphics or the replay value, you'll find it in this 6th installment of the series. This game may not have been appreciated as much as the first Mario Party but make no mistake, you're in for a fun time if you plan on playing this Party Game.

One of the most addicting games of the year, Super Monkey Ball was great. It featured nice graphics, excellent replay value, and captivating gameplay inticing gamers to enjoy all this game has to offer. The 6 Mini-Games truly increased the replay value of the game and it also helped to increase the joy that can be found in this game. This topped the charts after it released and it was of little wonder too. This game truly was the game Party Game fans were looking for.

Many gamers seem to have hated this 7th installment to the series but Party Game fans must have realized that this new installment was probably one of the greatest yet. The graphics were very smooth, and the gameplay was captivating enough to intice almost anyone. The feature this game lacked was Solo Mode, I'm afraid. This game was criticized mostly for it's lack-of-fun in this mode and it was noted that by yourself, this game can be quite boring. Well, make no mistake, the Mini-Games in this game help to redeem this game of the abysmal ratings and commentaries it recieved. Especially with the new 8-Player Mode, there's even more fun to be had with the Mini-Games. If you've followed through with the Mario Party series up till now, this new installment may be just for you.

This sequel to the first Party greatly improved on the elements found within the preceeding game. If you love the Party Game genre, this should already be in your collection. This is one of the best Party Games - if not, 'the' best - for the Nintendo 64. It is highly recommendable for almost any gamer seeking for a game they can find high replay value in as well as good elements for when you want your friends to have a good time. Whatever you're looking for in this game, most likely, you'll find it.

This game was one of those games that truly impressed me both visually and in gameplay. SpongeBob and his friends must audition for talent scouts to paly roles in a special episode of 'The New Adventures of Mermaidman and Barnacleboy'. The plot is pretty good, especially since a lot of it leads back to the TV Series but what this game excels in is Mini-Games (known as Auditions). The Mini-Games in this Party Game certainly are not ones that will bore you out of our dreams. Although there are some that may do just that, the game is overall impressive with its stellar graphics, its gameplay and it's addictiveness. The game will please SpongeBob fans as it includes elements that constantly refer back to the TV Series, and even for non-Spongey fans, there's much fun to be had in this great Party Game. But to truly appreciate what this game offers, you'll need not to be a hater of the yellow bouyant one. Nevertheless, this game definitely should not get overlooked. THQ did an excellent job on this game and it'll please Party Game fans easily.

The second best Party Game ever made! The gameplay from this addictive Party Game is so captivating, you'll want to play almost every day! There is a frustration factor that comes along with the game's puzzles, but, you shouldn't let this hinder you from enjoying all of the 12 Mini-Games and tons of challenging stages this game has to offer. You certainly won't beat this game in a short while, but you'll sure have a great time trying. This game truly is a party, especially when your friends get into the act. This truly is one of the best Party Games around.

One of the greatest Party Games ever made. The game truly is meant for a Party with 12 Mini-Games, over 150 Stages, and addicting gameplay that'll have you playing till the crack of dawn! This game is so much fun, even for previous Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 owners. Although the levels in Deluxe aren't as muhc of a difference between its two preceeding games, there's still a lot of fun to be had and you'll have a blast playin' it every time whether it be by yourself or with friends, you'll have a great time!

There's no doubt about it, Party Games have come a long way and although it may seem like they are slowly dying off, it's games like these that prove that the genre is still living on. Even though the genre may not get as much praise as it deserves, Party Games certainly are fun, especially with friends, and they are filled with Replay Value. If these are the two most important things to you in a game, then look more into one of the above stellar games.

List by knuckles_sonic8 (03/20/2006)

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