Video game characters have a lot of ground to cover on their perilous journeys, and on occasion their feet get tired and they decide to hitch a ride on one of many amazing, unique, and sometimes downright strange modes of transportation. Here, I'll list what I think are the top 10 vehicles in gaming history.

A man's best friend is his dog, they say. But what about a Mega Man's best friend? Yep, you guessed it, still his dog. While I'm a cat person, Rush has got everything you could want in a robotic super dog. He can turn into a jet board, a submarine, a spring launcher, a jetpack suit and a boxing-glove-wearing offensive mecha suit. The canine version of the Swiss Army Knife comes in at #10.

In this entry to the Legend of Zelda seies, Link hops off the horse and gets himself a boat. Since the game's world is almost entirely covered in water, a boat is a very important tool for our hero in training. Not only does this boat serve as form of transportation, but it also works well as a treasure hunter and cannon. Oh, did I forget to mention the boat can ****ing TALK!? Yes, the KoRL gets Link where he must go, and gives him hints as well. This beast of a boat sails in at #9.

Rule of RPG Design #3,725, if the enemy has a form of transportation that's cooler than yours, it will either be destroyed, or later be stolen by your party members. Such is the case of the Delphinus, Valua's greatest airship ever designed. While in their base, you stumble upon this ship, and of course, the first thing on everyone's mind is to swipe it. So now, with this awesome Airship, you are several times more powerful when battling in it than you were with your previous ship, and you have a giant Moonstone Cannon in the front of it. Good looks and serious firepower got this baby on my list.

The ship travels back and forth through time! What else do you want me to say? Isn't that bad ass enough? Are you not happy with being able to defy the laws of physics and science? You'd better be.

Wark! Kweh! Find some tracks, grab some greens and hop on a giant chicken. Final Fantasy's Chocobos have been around since FF2 and have been in every single game since then. Since their modest roots, they've gained the ability to walk on water, climb steep mountains, and even fly. From being just common transportation, they've evolved into major side-quest solving creatures and take an important side role in every FF game in recent times.

Bartz and his crew of heroes gain several vehicles during FF5, and late in the game, the genius engineer Cid puts all of them together into one super unnamed vehicle. It can fly the skies as an airship, surf the seas as a boat, or dive deep underwater as a submarine. Its not much for looks, but its damn usefull.

Blazing with a red paint job, high powered machine guns and a bad ass design, the Ragnarok comes in at #4. See, its not just looks or firepower, or that it is a friggin' spaceship. But it brought about one of the only scenes in FF8 where Squall wasn't a total emo jerk. Thats a win in my book.

The title of this love/hate Squaresoft RPG just happens to be the same name as the most bad ass mech in it. Xenogears not only looks ****ing awesome, not only does it have insane power, but its also a giant robot, and giant robots pwn.

Big. Really big. Like, unbelievably big. This spaceship with an extremely huge spike of a front section can destroy hordes of enemies in a single shot of its widespread weaponry. The Durandal, aside from being a giant spaceship, is also the centerpiece for the Kukai Foundation, which is simply a damn cool place run by damn cool people. The Durandal also functions as a living space, casino, and probably dozens of other things we never get to see. Big, strong and awesome, go Jr.!

Usually when you pick up an Airship in an RPG, you are given one extremely large craft that carries your party, all your supplies, some crew and possibly an Inn or shop. However, in Tales of Symphonia, you are given the Rheairds, which are 4 single-seat crafts that move very quickly with jets powered by electrical mana. They aren't much in the range of firepower, but their true strength is that you can board or land them anywhere (except on mountains or water) at the tap of the B button. Talk about functionality. The dragonlike single-seaters top my list at #1.

From dogs to boats to birds to mechs to all manner of airships, this has been my list. Its a shame we only get 10 choices, some "Honorable mentions" were cut from my list, such as Yoshi, Invincible, Hilda Garde III, and F Zero cars. Oh well, maybe someday we can do a top 20 and more people can be satisfied by these lists.

List by FFandMMfan (03/20/2006)

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