Sequels are all over the place -- look that some of the biggest and best games of the past generation and you'll notice that very many of them are simply new entries in long-running and renowned franchises. And there's reason for that. It's certainly safer to stick with a game that you know will garner support from fans and sell well, rather than to take a chance at releasing an entirely new game, with unfamiliar story and characters. But some franchises have been left in the dust, and because of that, I am creating this list. It is a list of the top ten games or franchises that I feel deserve a follow-up but haven't been given one in a long time. Just because a series is old doesn't mean you can't resurrect it, and I believe that the companies that own these licenses should not continue to neglect their obvious fanbases.

This (mostly) long-forgotten NES classic was an action/adventure game not at all unlike Zelda. It was developed by SNK during their finer hours, and is widely considered to be second only to Zelda in the world of action/adventuring on Nintendo's first console. It's certainly an old game and its fanbase had dwindled as time has gone by, and the only attention that the game received was a little-known port to Game Boy Color many years ago. Still, I believe that if a sequel were to in some way materialize, those that have left the doomed franchise in the dust would remember why they liked it so much to begin with. Could a Crystalis follow-up beat Zelda? Probably not, but that wouldn't stop it from being great anyway.

Recently, a topic was started on the Wii board here on GameFAQs that asked people which RPG franchises they'd most love to see on Wii. A Skies of Aradia sequel/prequel was one of the biggest votes by a mile. Skies was a Dreamcast RPG that didn't do particularly well, partly because of the low sales of the Dreamcast itself. The game was then given a second chance when it was ported to GameCube... and people STILL didn't buy it. Nevertheless, those that have experienced Skies know that, despite the fact that the series technically only has one game, this RPG needs some attention. Come on, Sega, you can do it.

Another very old game, but Nintendo fans have been begging for a sequel to this one for so long, it's not funny. The NES action game is known for its excruciating difficulty, and the gameplay has mesmerized those that played it. So where's the next game? Capcom did have a GameCube game in development called Dead Phoenix that seemed to resemble something of a follow-up, but that game was cancelled. (It was part of the Capcom 5, a group of five Capcom games that would be exclusive to GameCube. The fate of the Capcom 5? One was cancelled, one sucked, and the other three were ported to PS2.) With the inclusion of main character Pit in the upcoming Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it's clear that Nintendo is at least giving the ancient franchise some attention. Perhaps we'll see some progress in the near future.

Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma. All three are classics in their own right, and together they form a trilogy of Enix-developed action/RPG's that was sadly neglected by most in light of Square's more well-known SNES RPG efforts. Square and Enix have since merged and now they work as a team on the franchises they had so long kept separate. So where's the next entry in this aging franchise? In the days when turn-based combat was king, these innovative adventures went with real-time battles, and the results were at times phenomenal. The series hasn't received any new entries since the SNES days, but a sequel may be most fitting right now, when real-time combat is becoming something of a norm. Let's cross our fingers.

I've noticed that Sega consoles -- particularly Saturn and Dreamcast -- are most prone to cult classics, and that's partly because their systems never sold as well as their competitor's products did, leaving only a few people to experience the great games that were released for the consoles. Very few actually bought a Saturn, and it's the home of, among others, Panzer Dragoon Saga and NiGHTS into Dreams (PDS, though a major cult favorite, didn't make this list because it kind of got an Xbox sequel in Panzer Dragoon Orta). NiGHTS was an adventure game with lush 3D graphics, brilliant audio and amazingly smooth analog control. The game's almost dizzying pace sent players through flips and acrobatics with little time to stop for a breather. Many believe that this is the true rendition of the Sonic games in 3D. Whatever the case, it's an unbelievable game that deserves recognition... in the form of A NEW GAME.

It's not like Starcraft completely revolutionized the world of real-time strategy -- really, the game didn't do much that hadn't been done before -- but it's still one of the greatest of its kind just because of all the things it did right. The limitless strategies and ways to play, coupled with three completely balanced races, made this the ideal RTS for many people. And, again, we've been waiting for a follow-up for a long time. There's currently a spin-off underway (Starcraft: Ghost, which will join Duke Nukem Forever as one of those games that will NEVER get released), but I think it's fair to ask Blizzard to quit monkeying around and give us Starcraft 2 already. Give us a Starcraft with 3D graphics, tons of new units, and a whole lot of new crap. We fans wanted to be treated well, you see.

Rare's Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie on N64 (both 3D platformers) took a lot of inspiration from Super Mario 64, but many (including myself) believe that while Mario 64 invented the genre, it was Banjo-Kazooie that perfected it. The beautiful graphics and perfectly realized 3D platforming were among the system's finest. When Nintendo sold Rare to Microsoft, the developer took the franchise with it, which means that any future renditions (not including the mediocre handheld entries) would have to appear on a Microsoft console. Rare's work has been less than impressive over the last generation, with mediocre titles like Kameo and Grabbed by the Ghoulies on their roster. But I have confidence that a Banjo sequel is coming, and when it does, Rare may just prove that it hasn't lost its touch after all. (Rare hinted at a game called Banjo-Threeie at the end of Banjo-Tooie, but I think they were just making fun of Banjo-Tooie's name.)

Again, Shenmue unfortunately didn't quite get the attention it deserved no thanks to the less-than-adequate sales of the Dreamcast itself. But it's hard to deny that it's one of the most amazing RPG experiences of the past decade. Whereas most games take place in storybook fantasy settings or intergalactic warships, Shenmue was set on Earth in the 1980's. The game focused on realism, with many day-to-day activities and abilities being placed as vital to the gameplay design. Those that played it found it to be an unforgettable adventure, and despite a sequel in the early days of Xbox, it appears that the franchise is doomed. Developer Yu Suzuki is occupied with other projects, but fans across the world have begged for a sequel and have even signed various online petitions in hopes to stir up enough fanbase support to conjure up Shemue III. Let's hope it happens.

#2: Diablo

Okay, forget what I said before. Before Blizzard stops messing around and makes Starcraft 2, they should make Diablo III. Of course, some would say that the Diablo series doesn't NEED a sequel, with the sheer number of people that still play and love Diablo II. Others would argue that Blizzard combined the universes of Diablo and Warcraft to create World of Warcraft. I say that we need a TRUE Diablo sequel set in the Diablo universe. WOW is a popular game, but Diablo III, which would potentially bring the series up to date without tarnishing the hack-and-slash gameplay we know and love, is the game many fans dream about. We need a Diablo sequel, and we need one now.

#1: Chrono

It's ironic how popular and well-known this series is, since there are only two Chrono games, one of which is almost universally bashed. Chrono Trigger on SNES is my favorite RPG of all time -- though not revolutionary, it offered everything I dreamed of in a role-playing game. The simple battle system masked oceanic depth, and the story was intriguing and memorable without being overbearing. The PSX sequel, Chrono Cross, is a game that I loved very much, but it has received a lot of hate from gamers that disliked the game's unconventional design. Either way, a third entry, supposedly titled Chrono Break, may be in development as we speak, but details are scarce. Perhaps Square is worried that it will disappoint fans again as it did with Chrono Cross. Or maybe they just want to work on franchises that they know will be successful. Either way, a new Chrono game is something we've been waiting for, and I believe that we deserve one. Get on it, Square.

I'm sure I missed something, but I am nevertheless happy with this list. This list illustrates my desire for the continuation of some (occasionally long-forgotten) franchises, and my life will not be complete until at least some of the games mentioned here are given the sequels they deserve. That is all.

List by MSuskie (07/26/2006)

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