The Super Nintendo, Nintendo's 2nd system, and perhaps the best system of all time, had a ton of great games during its time. Fans will continue to debate as long as they can about which games were the best the system could offer. Here's my own list of the best games to ever hit the Super Nintendo ever.

A compilation of older Mario games, remade for SNES, Super Mario All-Stars is the definition of old-school. Containing hits like Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros. 3, this collection had the best Mario had to offer at the time. It even had the unreleased Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels, which was a great, but extremely difficult game, unlike the other 3. A collection that no SNES fan should be without!

Super Mario Kart isn't your regular racing game. Expect to get bombarded with wacky items such as Koopa Shells, Banana Peels, Tiny Mushrooms, and many more dangerous obstacles! With a wide variety of racetracks and a roster with classic Mario characters, Super Mario Kart is a hilarious and fun racing game to enjoy. Multiplayer makes things just a little bit crazier as well!

Donkey Kong Country is a terrific platformer from the guys at Rare. Along with classic 2D platforming, this game featured some of the most impressive graphics at the time. Riding on animal buddies, swimming through a poison pond, and getting shot out of Barrel Cannons were highlights of this great game. Co-op is also included, letting Player 2 take over if Player 1 gets hurt. Another great SNES title to play.

One of the first 3D games for SNES, Star Fox was a rail-shooter which led you through planets and deep space, destroying enemies, and facing a boss at the end. Cool power-ups, great stages, and tight controls made this flight an enjoyable one. Plus, it's always fun to shoot your teammates! Fun while it lasts.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island isn't really a sequel to Super Mario World, but it's still a wonderful adventure for the SNES. Launching eggs, swallowing enemies and turning them into eggs, and trying to get that perfect score of 100 on a stage is definitely a good experience for all. The crayon-drawing look is cool too, looking like a pop-up storybook. It may be a cutesy game, but it's a darn good game!

Donkey Kong's been kidnapped! Donkey Kong Country 2 expands upon the original with more levels, better graphics, a new playable character, and tons of secrets and stuff to collect. Going from a volcanic cavern to a bustling amusement park ride is evidence enough that this is an excellent platformer for the SNES. This game is just plain fun to play.

Like it says on the cartridge, this is basically 8 Kirby games in one pack! From the platformer adventures DynaBlade and Spring Breeze, to full-blown adventures Revenge of Meta-Knight and Milky Way Wishes, Kirby Super Star was perhaps the best Kirby game ever. The addition of 2 multiplayer mini-games and 2 player co-op makes the pack even better!

Mario's flagship title for the Super Nintendo was proof that Nintendo still had it. The lush worlds, the numerous levels, the introduction of Yoshi, and many secrets made this game memorable to all who played it. Playing through 96 levels is a daunting task, especially when levels have multiple exits! In the end, it was about the fun, and Super Mario World delivered on the entertainment part.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past featured the unique parallel worlds, which added more exploration to an already long and enjoyable quest. Link's adventure to save Princess Zelda is simply brilliant, with many dangerous enemies, lots of cool weapons, and a good amount of dungeons makes this Zelda game, a SNES classic for the ages.

A collaboration between Square and Nintendo, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was a true SNES classic. Introducing Timed Attacks and cool magic attacks done by button commands brings Mario into a new genre and one amazing game. A lengthy quest, many items to collect, and an overall polished feel makes Super Mario RPG the best SNES game ever.

This is my take on the best SNES games of all time. This great console will never be forgotten, and these classics can also be experienced by new people on the Wii's Virtual Console service. Now, can these kinds of games be made on the newer systems?

List by PaperLink (08/02/2006)

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