The Nintendo DS is a great system, with great games and great features. But even the best of games have their downsides, as some of them require some massive screen and button thrashing in order to play. Here, I will list the Top 10 games that destroy your DS. I'm not rating them on how good the games are themselves, I'm rating them on how much damage they cause :) Put on your hard hats, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

A decent game that screamed "Mario for beginners", but it was fun nevertheless. However, this game used special powers that were available at the touch of large icons on the Touch Screen. Problem was, it was nearly impossible to play normally and touch the icons while holding a stylus or using the wrist strap. Bare fingers were the culprit here, as playing left fingerprints all over your screen. A quick clean was in order, else you may cause actual damage from moving around dirt, or whatever else was on your hands.

The game that trains your brain, in only minutes a day! Sadly, Brain Age requires you to work as quick as possible, and with the occasional unresponsive writting recognition, there is a lot of slashing at the screen going on. Lets not forget that the poor voice recognition may cause you to toss your DS against a wall, because the game can't understand the word "Blue".

With controls that require you to work nearly everything on the DS at once, things get a bit frantic. Quick movements on the touch screen for aiming, mashing of the shoulder button for shooting and strafing as quick as possible with the face buttons. The main damage culprit here, is the mashing of the shoulder buttons, since every shot requires a press.

Sssssnaking is the enemy here. R-left-right-left-right. R-left-right-left-right. It wears down the buttons, especially for those who snake ALL the time.

The game that isn't really a game comes in at #6. The main offender here is Lumiloop, which requires you to rapidly rotate certain areas on the touch screen to produce sound waves. Without a clean screen, or a screen protector, you'll get some nice circular scratches.

BOOM! Launching Meteos into space in this puzzle game is tons of fun, but it comes at a heavy price. When playing on more difficult planets, you'll have to move the pieces as quick as possible. And before you know it, you're slashing up and down your screen in a last ditch effort to keep your game going as the stack of Meteos nears the top. Vertical scratches, nasty.

RUB IT!? More like, SLASH IT! The game asks you to do some almost impossible touch based tasks, but the fact here isn't the difficulty itself, but rather that you are often forced to rub back and forth in the same spot. You can almost feel your DS crying while playing this game, probably because it hurts YOUR hand just to play it.

THE button slayer on the DS. A Japanese rhythm game that is controlled almost entirely with the buttons, requiring you to do things such as press the same button over and over in rapid succession (Bass, mostly), repeat patterns over and over (drums) and mash around the D-Pad and ABXY buttons in various patterns and press lengths (most any other instrument). The game is forgiven though, as its one of the best games currently on DS.

Is there a doctor in the house!? Oh thats right, the one attacking the screen is YOU and YOU'RE the doctor in this game. Zigzag lines for stitches, quick slashes for the scalpel, star-designs that grant you special abilities, and the sheer madness of the challenges presented against you are what make this game one of the most harmful to your touch screen.

My screen is damaged... what am I gonna do? I.. I.... OUENDAAAAAAAAAN!!! Yeah, once again, the only ones who can save you are the ones that are causing the damage. Funny how that works, ain't it? Ouendan, a great DS import game (coming soon to the US as Elite Beat Agents) starts you off nice and slow, with careful, gentle taps and slow movements across the screen. And then... all hell breaks loose. Spinners, giant discs that you must... well, spin. You are given a very limited time to take care of them and possibly get a score boost because of them. But the rate they must be spun is so intense in later difficulties, it could put a dent in anyone's screen. Lets not forget that on the hardest mode, the notes appear so quickly, that you're literally stabbing at your screen and slashing back and forth on the "tracks" that you must follow. A hard game, with intense damage qualities... but it rules, one of the best DS games currently out.

Get a screen protector, and maybe be a little more gentle... This has been the top 10 games that will tear your DS apart, just from normal gameplay.

List by FFandMMfan (08/03/2006)

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