As we all know, top ten lists are entirely opinionated. This top ten is no different. For us multi-sega system oweners, we have a nice collection of select genres. We have our platformers (Sonic, Rayman, Rocket Knight, etc.), our RPGs (All of the Phantasy Stars, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Lunar, Shenmue, etc.), and our racers (Virtua, Rush 2049, Daytona, etc.), however none of our genres is better than the Fighters. Sega has seen many, many fighters come and go. From the MKs to to the Street Fighters, to Soul Calibur, they are, for the most part, fun, easy to play, and downright good games. Therefore, without further ado, let us get to the best Sega Fighters!

I will start this top ten off with one of the nastiest games ever made; Primal Rage. Flatulence, belching, and urination were abundant in this game. Not to mention that it had slightly better graphics than its Genesis counterpart. This game had a very simplistic and fun fighting system, combined with good graphics, cool characters, a good story, and... Smoke on the Water?! Yes, a character's level music does sound like Smoke on the Water, that's up to you to find out though.

The game that sold the world. Genesis titles absolutely flew off the shelf, even though stores were backlogged with pre-orders and everything. I remember in one of my old Sega code books, that 15 Million copies were sold in the first 2 weeks or months or whatever. This game was that popular. It was basically arcade perfect with just a few minor mishaps. A game that every Sega fan should own.

Most people know this as one of, if not THE most gory games ever. Madness in a CD. It was a great expansion/sequel to its amazing Genesis version. The story is fantastic, the graphics were great on the Sega CD, and the gameplay is typically Capcom. It also had a really rippin' soundtrack, that many Fighting games have failed to even come close to.

Absolutely sick game. It got rid of the bugs that Virtua Fighter 2 had, and made the game near perfect. Moves were easier to learn at this point, the controls were much more effortless, and most importantly... the blockiness was gone. Yes you read that correctly, not an ounce of blockiness. That was a first for any Virtua Fighter game, and that's what made it stand out. Plus, some unlockable videos, it made for a very entertaining game.

Again, I hate all Capcom fighters, however I am impartial to Alpha 2. Final Fight characters are in it... nuff said. The graphics for this game are absolutely amazing for 2D, and for Saturn. This game introduced a lot of different features to the Sega home console Capcom fighters; a bar, combos, and a slew of new characters. That and Rolento, Sodom, Guy, and the greatest Fighting game level ever (with exception to 2-3 others).

IMO the best Virtua Fighter ever made. There were upgrades aplenty from the partially pitiful first game in the series. There were virtually no blocks, amazing backgrounds, and the movelists for each character where expanded a fair amount. No to mention that two new characters were added. The kick-ass music was back, the gameplay was the same, but as already mentioned, the graphics were what made this game take off. Compare Wolf VF1 to Wolf VF2, and you will see the dramatic difference. Yu Suzuki is a master.

As already mentioned (twice), I absolutely hate Capcom fighters, however this game deserves recognition. The only arcade perfect port of this game was available on the Dreamcast, and it was a bloody good port. Popular in arcades all around the world, it was made even more popular at home due to this version. Nice graphics, typical Capcom gameplay (again), and a massive amount of characters, this game will be popular for eyars to come.

God I love this game. Would really rank second for me, however for how much Mortal Kombat has done for the Sega company, it will rank second. Anyways, Project Justice is an absolutely fantastic fighter, the only Capcom Fighter I like. It's gameplay is typically Capcom, however it fits in nicely with the game. A sequel to Rival Schools: United by Fate for the PSX, it featured a few changes from the prequel that made the game near perfect. The graphics are amazing, the sounds and music are incredible, and the characters are the most creative and enjoyable bunch I've ever played with/against. Great game.

I know what you're thinking. "This guy's nuts. MK sucks!" Ah but some of you underestimate MK. The only MK game to have all of the characters till the date it was made. Plus the graphics look very good on the Saturn (Saturn is the best for 2D), and the gameplay is typical MK; amazing. Not to mention a whole flurry of secrets, Kombat Kodes, and the ability to play with 5 people, this game did NOT get old fast.

Rated a perfect on numerous sites, still played by millions worldwide, there are few words that can describe this game. It is utterly brilliant, IMO the greatest game ever made. Graphics on VGA are heart-stopping, the gameplay is fantastic, it has one of the best storylines of any game ever, and the unlockables are seemingly endless. A truly perfect game. Sega did nothing wrong here.

So there you have it, the Sega King of Maple, Ontario, Canada's top ten list of the best Sega system Fighters (nice run-on sentence there). Fighting games are my favourite genre, and they really have gotten a bum rap for a little while. Hopefully my lsit is convincing to you, the reader, that Fighters are the best Genre ever!

List by Truck_1_0_1_ (10/02/2006)

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