Platformers are incredibly fun games with incredibly amazing and beautiful levels, and they have sadly died away in the past few years. This once groundbreaking genre (Mario and Sonic) has lost A LOT of steam in the past few years, and its sad to say that one day, there might not be any platformers left (although I highly doubt that). Anywhoo, probably the biggest console company for platformers in the 80's and the 90's was Sega, and all of their systems had a good flurry of 'em, but which ones are the best?

Sega's first answer to the Mario franchise was also one of the first built-in games ever. For being the counterpart to Mario, I'd say that Alex beat him by leaps and bounds. There is the standard collecting of money, however this is also one fo the first games hwere you could use that money to buy additional powerups and devices to help you along during your quest. For Sega's first mascot, he did awfully well. Kudos to the kidd!

The first Sonic the Hedgehog game in existence, and still regarded by many as the best (though that really isn't true). The Genesis version was good, however the SMS version really makes the game better. The game is too poor to be on Genesis, while later titles such as Sonic 2 is too good to be on the SMS, but this game fits the SMS perfectly.

One of the first Genesis games was an excellent platformer that went by the name of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts. You take control of Arthur, and attempt to rescue the Princess of Hus (or Mus or whatever it is). It blended simple, fun, and funny gameplay along with very nice graphics, and really catchy tunes into a platformer that has, for the most part, stood the test of time fairly well.

A game that I haven't played very much, but I know its amazing. This game is like most of Sega's other platformers; it has absolutely amazing graphics. The first level shows this off immediately, and you are stunned from the time you start playing, 'till the time you pack it up for the day. This game was also further proof, that no system out there does 2-D better than the Saturn.

Hehehe, the game made famous in my family for the first Genesis game my uncle bought ($150.00 Canadian). To this day, it is still worth every penny. One of the best platformers ever, this is Alex Kidd's 5th game (and last so far). This game stays true to the formula that its master system predecessors had, and many hardcore Sega fans prefer this game over all of its predecessors. I for one can say, they know what they're talking about.

One of the most underrated games ever, due to lack of popularity. Dynamite Headdy is a hidden gem in the world of platformers. This game was so unique, from its bosses to its backgrounds. Also, it was made by Treasure, and they don't slouch when it comes to video games. Brilliant graphics, brilliant gameplay, good bosses, and the different heads make this game amazing.

Many people may feel that this game should be a bit higher on the list, however the game has not aged as well as it could have. Doesn't matter. NiGHTS is still one of the best Sega games ever, and has garnered quite a cult status. You play as NiGHTS, and try to rescue two kids from their bad dreams. In doing this, you will encounter an amazing 3-D world, filled with rich, vibrant colours and unusual but amazing movements that NiGHTS performs. This game will go down as one of the most innovative games ever, and for good reason.

Wow. A graphical masterpiece, AND it had absolutely amazing gameplay. The sequel to the quite popular Rayman is one of the best platformers ever, and it does MUCH better than its PSX counterpart (typical Sony). But yes, as already mentioned, the graphics are the meat of this game. Everything is so colourful, vibrant, and simply amazing. It also puts up quite a challenge, in typical platformer fashion. This game is gold!

Another brilliant game, and the best Sonic ever (and that's a fact!). Sonic 3 was great with the new save game feature, but fell short because... well... it fell short, one could easily beat the game in half an hour or so (skipping all of the bonuses, emeralds, etc.). Sonic & Knuckles was great, but it had no save game feature, and it too was a bit short (at least you could be Knuckles though). When both were, "locked on," though, it made for one of the best platformers ever.

Utter, utter brilliance! Really this or Sonic 3 and Knuckles could be first, but Rocket Knight gets first because this is one of the most fun games ever made period (if not THE most fun). This is the only game I've played where the levels can be frustrating like mad, and I still am having the time of my life. Plus, the music is amazing... easily one of the best soundtracks ever. This game is sheer brilliance.

So there you have it, the Sega King of Maple, Ontario, Canada's top ten list of the best Sega system platformers (in case you're wondering, I will be ending all of my top tens this way). Hopefully you enjoyed another wild ride with Sega, a ride filled with lums, pigs, emeralds, and monkey boys. Platformers may be a dying breed, but they will live on forever.

List by Truck_1_0_1_ (10/23/2006)

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