The GBA isn't exactly dead yet. Yes, when the DS came out, instead of making GBA games, every one went to making their old GBA games onto DS, or at least the sequels. This list has the top 10 GBA games to be released in ANY region, AFTER the 2nd of December, 2004, the Japanese DS release. These games are great, or at least are decent enough to be put onto such a list. So then, lets get started!

OK, the Mega Man Battle Network has had too many games. Yes they're all the same. Yes this version isn't the best. But its fairly good for people who have never played a Mega Man Battle Network game before. You play as Lan, who has a pet NAVI, like every one else does, called Mega Man (peoples pet NAVIs are different though). He can jack into network systems and such to fight evil virus' and such, and fight evil! Its been like that for the past couple of Battle Network games. Whilst it does get a bit old, I still think this game deserves 10 on this list.

This barely makes the list, this came out 1 day in Europe AFTER the Japanese DS release. Final Fantasy I & II in one pack? Surely you can't go wrong with that? Actually, it did, Final Fantasy II was still rubbish. But Final Fantasy I is a great game, worth the game alone. This port didn't add much, they're more or less ports of the Playstation version, with out the FMVs. Also, the games are easier, you can't select your difficulty like you could last time. Also there are extra dungeons and stuff, making this pack better then the PS Origins pack.

A different kind of pokemon game! Whilst this isn't as good as the normal pokemon games, it was a nice change. Red Rescue Team is a top down, 2D Dungeon RPG game. You must answer questions at the start to determine what Pokemon you play as, then you must go around giant dungeons kicking the crap out of other pokemon. It wasn't really hard, and it got repetitive fast. But its still decent fun whilst it lasts.

Okay, so Final Fantasy V wasn't the best FF game ever, but I liked it. This has only just came out in Japan though, I think at least, so its quite new too. Again, like Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V and the GBA is a match made in heaven. They suit each other perfectly, and its great for portable gaming. Its a bit like the FF IV version, but of FF V, obviously. Still, its great, and better then the PS one version (thats the first port of the game).

Its either me or it just seemed like a long time before this was released in Europe. Still, Pokemon Emerald improved on a great game in little ways. Like all the other Pokemon games, this had to happen. We had Red, Blue then Yellow, Gold, Silver then crystal and so on. Although improving little, it was a great game in its own right, and most probably sold well, like most other pokemon games. If you don't have Ruby or Sapphire, get this one!

The creators of the Pokemon series, Game Freak, had to make another game sooner or later. So they went off to make another game, quickly too, Drill Dozer. Its like a platforming game, but you control a little girl and her drill. Its a bit like Mr Driller, well, in terms of looks, I haven't really played Mr Driller. You go around using different abilities and such to drill your way through the levels and such, and of course, enemies. It was quite interesting too, but it wasn't exactly the BEST game ever. Still, Game Freak must of gotten bored with Pokemon.

The first of the three ports of Final Fantasy games to the GBA by Square. Final Fantasy V and VI are soon to follow (although V has already come out), the GBA seems perfect for the three FF games. IV was most probably the best of the three, but I would say VI was equally as good. Fortunately, changes have been made, the battle system has changed to the frantic, Real Time battle system. Some players may not like it, but I certainly prefer the active battle system (FF X-2' battle system was ace, most probably my fave in any FF game). A new dungeon was also added, and yes, it was a GIANT one, not a small poxy rubbish one. Final Fantasy IV Advance is a great port, and lasts around 40 hours too. Worth your money.

The original Fire Emblem on GBA was a hit, or at least im guessing so. Possibly because it was the first FE game to be released outside of Japan, gamers every where snapped up a copy to see what the fuss was about. So naturally, a sequel came along, which was better. The old 2D, over head strategy RPG game we all knew comes back. Turn based battles, great characters, and many other little features to boot made this game better then the original. I wouldn't dare say its better the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but its certainly a contender.

Released in the US last, this game makes on the list by just a month or so after the DS release in Japan. Although not as good as previous GBA Zelda game, a Link to the Past (a direct port of the SNES classic, with some minor changes) but it was still fairly decent. With the Minish cap, Link, the hero (we all knew that surely, The Legend of Zelda was voted best series ever a little while ago on Gamefaqs) can shrink down in size. Well, down to Minish size actually. Although it wasn't very long, the dungeons were fun, and there were plenty of secrets to keep any one happy. Also, it wasn't a port like quite a couple of decent GBA games have been by Nintendo.

Yes, its my favourite, Mother 3. OK, so less people have a chance of actually playing this, it was released in Japan only. Its quite a late GBA game too, coming out in April. Mother 3 was the sequel to the one and only, Mother 2, or Earthbound as its known in english. Even more RPG fun on the GBA? What could go wrong? Although not being as good as the original, Mother 3 offered a great story line, a fun battle system, and good humour. OK, so its harder to play in Japanese, but this shouldn't be missed out on. Get it now!

So then, have YOU been ignoring these games for all those popular and good DS games? Well, your DS (provided you have one) can play GBA games, so if you see one of these cheap, why not grab it? There is fun to be had, and trust me, the GBA isn't dead just yet, with more games like FF VI Advance to come. Developers are making more games for DS, but there is always room for the GBA.

List by Exodist (11/07/2006)

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