Through the huge array of games, come good games, bad games, stupid games, and then there are the repetitive ones. Here are the games that get on your nerves due to repitition. Even though they have one thing that makes them different, they all have one thing in common: Repitition.

Though people would recommend this to be lower on the list. Dead Rising is not as tedious as people would think. Though it's a shoot and slash, Dead Rising features an RPG element and has many techniques to learn, and bosses to fight with different strategies needed. So Dead Rising is not as repetitive as people would think.

Though Bully is fun to play and explore. The fighting system and gameplay can be tedious. Because it's just a hit the same button fighting system, you would think it's tedious, but it has a wide selection of moves. The classes can get a bit tedious after the first few. But you only have to go through each 5 times.

Onimusha has puzzles involved, which is keeping it from getting lower on this list. But, Onimusha still is a hack and slash game. Plus, the combat doesn't even flow smoothly, it's very solid, which makes it so no new combo moves can be used during the techniques.

I doubt any of you were expecting this one. Though Devil May Cry is a good series with high ratings and a large fanbase. The usual hack and slash, with a shooting element. Devil May Cry can be tedious at points, but otherwise, Devil May Cry is a great game.

Though, in my opinion, Diablo is a great game. It can get very tedious, even though you have a large skill tree. Diablo features the hack and slash element, which is big in all repetitive games. Though you can play it for hours, it is very tedious.

The legendary party game makes it's way onto this list. I know that Gauntlet is made to be a party game, and I know it takes skill to play, and I know the bosses involve strategy. But seriously, the hack and slash is repetitive, and that is what Gauntlet is. A hack and slash.

Now, apart from many hack and slash games. Infected is a shooter. Though it's a shooter, it requires no strategy whatsoever. All you do is shoot zombies and save people. The upside is that it has a customizable character, and that it's fast paced.

Maybe... just maybe. Untold Legends is a very tedious game. But, it has it's good sides. Besides the regular hack and slash, this game comes with a large Skill Tree, which may keep people busy for a while. But hey, if it's hack and slash, it gets boring quickly.

You could say this is a Dynasty Warriors rip-off. But when you think about it, it's not. But it is still very repetitive. It gets tedious, but it may keep some people busy with the beautiful graphics and flashy attacks and cinemas. But still, it can be very tedious.

Yes, we were all expecting this. Dynasty Warriors was fun for the first few times, but when it got to the third expansion, then began to total repitition. Dynasty Warriors is a slash, slash, slash, slash game. All you do is hit the same button, which causes boredom. In the expansions, there are almost no new things, just the same hack and slash.

And there you have it, my list of the 10 most tedious games. Though, you would think the List is tedious because of the overuse of the words tedious and repetition (Irony!). Well, in the gaming industry. There are the good, the bad, and these games. The tedious ones.

List by BrandonTheSith (11/27/2006)

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