There were so many to pick from, it was hard to make this list. This list is my Top 10 Blue characters.

Devil Kazuya is the final Boss of Heihachi's arcade mode. He doesn't have any different atacks but he looks at least 10 times cooler! His black spiked hair and wrestler's outfit make him look intimidating as well. The only problem is the trouble you have to go through just to unlock the guy...

A big blue lizard with a grudge against the dragons and their homeworld. Her plot to capture the dragon eggs is truly fiendish, she even uses one to power her magic staff during the final fight against her! Her creations include Buzz, Scorch and Spike, all of whom are made to stop you at any cost. She doesn't die as easily as you think though, so watch out if you do manage to beat her.

She doesn't make much screen time in the game but when you use her as a character, she rocks! Her use of 2 lightsabres at once make it a piece of cake to slice thorugh droids and other enemies on the planet of Felucia, plus her haircut is just plain out of this world!

A mad kangaroo in a straight-jacket with an unhealthy fetish for explosives. In the first Crash game, he was a nutcase who had to be blown up. In his return in Crash 2, he had become a schizophrenic: half-genius and half his former nutty self. He still got beaten through his love for explosives. His last appearance was in Crash Team Racing and he hasn't been seen since, so let's hope he returns in the near future.

As his name implies, Falco is a falcon, and always stuck with the Star Fox team, no matter where, when or what got in their way. To some people, it seems that Falco is Fox's rival, always competing against him or discovering new things that Fox didn't. Despite this, he has always remained loyal and never strayed from Fox's side during their epic battles against Andross and his cronies.

How could he not be here? The little blue robot has been with us since the 80's and always had a problem on his hands. More often than not, that problem is the several enemies he's had to fight over the years, the ones we can't forget: Dr. Wily, Sigma, Byte....Although he started off small, Mega Man seems to have grown since his first outing, but he has always been successful in his missions, and always accompanied by the little blaster gun that is his arm. He'll be around for a long time....good thing too.

Well done, Hideo Kojima, who has successfully managed to combine 2 cool things: ninjas and cyborgs. The Ninja, who calls himself Deepthroat, claims to know Snake very well, yet the mystery is, how can Snake know someone after killing nearly everyone he meets? Who is the metal monster with a heart of ice? I say that because after his little playtime in the lab corridor, only you are left alive, the guards being slashed and ripped open by his trademark sword. Maybe if you survive til the end will you find out if the Ninja is a friend or foe....and if he'll stay that way too....

The arch-rival of Scorpion, Sub-Zero is the only other ninja with as much fame and popularity. Sub-Zero has been in all of the MK games since the series began in 1992, and since then has always been Scorpion's rival, which has triggered an ongoing debate as to who is the better ninja. Although Scorpion is my personal choice, you can't say that a guy who can freeze things and have a cool looking eye scar isn't great. It doesn't look like he or Scorpion will settle their differences anytime soon either.

Abe, once a simple floor waxer turned savoiur of the mudokon race of Oddworld. His blue skin always left him different from his green friends, but his powers are far beyond anything anyone ever expected. So far he has single handedly shut down Rupture Farms, destroyed the Necrum Mines and also Soulstorm Brewery. His adventures have lead him across barren wildlands and the power-hungry world of the Glukkons, and his ability to possess other living creatures have made him a formidable hero. Plus, nowhere else can you find a guy who possesses his own fart and can make it explode.

The one and only. Sonic is a hedgehog who can travel at the speed of sound, even faster if he collects all 7 Chaos Emeralds. His first appearance on June 23rd, 1991 turned him into a legend at the least, and for every one of those 15 years so far, he has always been locked in battle with Dr. Robotnik/ Dr. Eggman, and a few others who share Eggman's ideas of world domination. He doesn't need any weapons to beat him, just his speed and his strength, used to jump on his enemies. His selfless personality mixed with his unrivalled coolness have turned him into an icon who will live forever along with the other video game greats.

Thanks for reading this Top 10 list. Make your own version if you feel that I have left anyone important out.

List by metalgearsonic (02/13/2007)

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