There are many good and fun final battles in many video games. However, there are only a few games that have the most memorable final boss fights ever. I'll list the ones that are the most memorable and fun to me. Enjoy this list.

This bearded freak was a bit difficult, and he had two different forms. On a Low Level Game, he is a complete monster, and he's quite frustrating. His first form is a big, bearded guy that looks like Santa Claus. He looks mean, and he has a golden thing with him, which spits out purple liquid. This allowed Smithy to make machine-made Shy Guys to join in on the battle. They had some nasty magic attacks, too. Smithy also has some nasty attacks, such as Sledge, which slams down onto your whole party. After a good beating, Smithy gets ticked, and causes the floor to go down. You're carried down to the very bottom of the factory, where Smithy shows his true form, a robotic monster with several heads. He could change heads whenever he wanted to, and each head has its own special attacks. However, his wizard head is very weak as far as defense goes. This fight was overall long, but awesome.

The battles against the evil wizard himself, Vaati, were cool. He had three different forms. His first form was a red, inferno-looking beast. He created four small eyeballs that surrounded him, then they spun around. You had to destroy the four eyeballs to make Vaati's core open. Then, you had to hack 'n slash away at his core to cause damage to him. However, Vaati was sure to not make it as simple as that. He put four orbs around the eyeballs, which you had to use the Gust Jar to get rid of. Then, when the core opened, he teleported around the entire room, making it hard to catch him. Eventually, though, he stops, and you can continue hacking away at him. His next form is a huge eyeball with eight other ones surrounding it. You had to use your Bow & Arrow to shoot the small eyeballs around him. If you revealed all four red ones, you had to split in the same shape the eyeballs were in, and slash them. Then, you slashed away at Vaati's eye. He spits out spikey rocks around the entire arena, though. After that, just when you thought you won, his third form shows. It's an even bigger eyeball, and you had to enter his arms as a Minish. Then, once you destroyed them, you had to deflect the energy blasts from the eyeballs as a split Link, then slash away at his eyeball.

Xenosaga doesn't seem like a popular game, really, but it had a cool final battle. Once you finished the fight with Albedo, he opened up the core of Proto Merkabah, which contained a gigantic Gnosis. This was going to destroy everyone, so Albedo quickly escaped. However, your party was left behind fighting the big beast. It was one of the hardest fights in the game, and it had some pretty powerful attacks. Using chaos' Best Ally move comes in handy for this fight. This beast has an attack that will kill your entire party off in one blow, most likely, so you better make sure you're prepared when you take on this thing. You don't get a chance to recover after the fight with Albedo, either. It was worth defeating this thing, though, because you get a great ending out of it.

You may be wondering why I actually listed this boss, of all bosses, on this list. I actually enjoyed this battle, despite it being almost the exact same as every other Bowser battle in the game. The music was great, and Bowser had a cool 'welcome' message for you this time. This was the ultimate battle to rescue Princess Peach once again, and restore the castle back to normal. Mario had to grab Bowser's tail, and throw him into one of the many bombs spreaded around the arena. But there is something different about this fight than the others. If you accidentally miss a bomb, and Bowser falls off of the cliff, when he comes back up, he'll crush a piece of the platform off! Not only that, but he'll create two shockwaves when he lands, which you must jump over. When Bowser hits two bombs, he crushes over half of the arena, leaving only a star-shaped arena left. When he loses for the last time, he leaves behind a huge star, along with a minorly good ending.

Lavos was a parasite that was consuming the entire world. In the year 1999 A.D, this big parasite arised from the ground, and destroyed nearly the whole world. However, he won't do it if Crono and the group has anything to say about it! Lavos has several different forms you had to defeat. His first form was the usual one: his shell. He started the battle with a move where "destruction rains from the heavens", and hurts all of your party. This attack is deadly unless you have some very good equipment on. Before he did that attack, however, you had to go through various fights with him. He took on the form of each boss up to Giga Gaia that you had to defeat. You could recover the party in between battles. After you defeated all of his attack modes, the actual fight began. That fight wasn't really all that difficult. After you destroyed his head on his shell, you think it's over, but you go in deeper into his shell, only to find the core of Lavos waiting for you. You had to destroy two arms, along with a big body. This wasn't the end of him, either. His last form was a Samus-looking body, with two "Lavos Bits" by him. One Lavos Bit is the one you have to destroy, but you have to destroy the middle Lavos Bit before you can even hurt it. This fight was long and difficult, but it's still amazingly fun.

This fight may be crazy, and not something you'd expect after all you've been through and seen in the game, but it sure is a fun fight. You had to fight King K. Rool with all five Kongs. You fought him in a boxing arena, and K. Rool wears a blue shirt, along with some boxing gloves! A true boxing match...but with added rules! With DK, you had to climb the turnbuckles, and enter the barrels. Then, when K. Rool stops punching the air, you would blast right into K. Rool's face. Doing this four times sent him to the ground, then the next Kong faced him. This time it was Diddy. With Diddy, you had to use his Jetpack to fly up to the lights, and shoot the targets on them. This would cause a spotlight to fall onto the king's head. Four spotlights sends him to the ground. With Lanky, you had to fight K. Rool with a spotlight over his head. You had to throw a barrel with a banana peel inside, and lure him over to it by playing your instrument. With Tiny, you had to enter K. Rool's shoe, by shrinking, and entering the hole in his shoe. You then shot his toes with your Feather Bow. With Chunky, you had to become Hunky Chunky, and give him a good Primate Punch to the face. The battle was hard, but overall pretty fun.

Ah, yes. The final battle with Zeromus himself. When Cecil and the group entered the final room of the Lunar Subterrane, they already notice Golbez and FuSoYa taking on Zemus theirselves. They manage to destroy Zemus' body, but his spirit remains. He then transforms into Zeromus, his true form. Not even the legendary Meteo spell worked here. After everyone is knocked unconscious by Zeromus' wrath, everyone at the Tower of Wishes prays, and gives Cecil and the group strength. Once Cecil uses the Crystal Golbez gave him on Zeromus, his true colors emerge, and the true fight begins. Zeromus starts the battle off with his ultimate attack, Big Bang, which was deadly if you did not have at least over 2300 HP with all party members. He had some nasty attacks, too, such as Meteo. Thankfully, though, that only hits a couple of party members, rather than everybody. And it doesn't cause much damage, either. You better be getting your White Mages and Black Mages ready, because you're in for a long and difficult fight unless your party is over Level 55.

The first final battle in Twilight Princess was a battle against Zelda herself, in a possessed form. She carried some sort of sword, and she threw an energy ball at you. Assuming you were playing the Wii version, you would be swinging the Wii Remote back and forth, knocking the energy ball back at Puppet Zelda. Once the energy ball hit her, that counted as a hit. After three hits by an energy ball, the fight with Ganon, Ganondorf's beast form, began. You had to fight half of the battle as a human, and the rest half as a wolf. Ganon may have looked like an animal gone wild, but it was a fun fight nonetheless. After that fight, you had to fight Ganondorf on his horse. You had to ride Epona, sneak up behind Ganondorf, and allow Zelda to do the rest, by shooting Light Arrows at him. Once that fight was over, you had to fight Ganondorf in the true final battle. Ganondorf carries a long sword, and he's not too easy to defeat, either. You have to catch him off guard in order to start attacking him. Once he's knocked to the ground, you have to end the fight by giving him a stab directly in the stomach. This was a pretty fun battle, but long, and slightly difficult.

The fight with Ganondorf's true form, Ganon, was a pretty fun fight. It was also a little hard, if you weren't careful enough. Ganon carries two huge axe-looking things, and he knocks out the Master Sword before the true battle begins! You then have to find a way to defeat Ganon without the use of your legendary Master Sword. You had to equip the Megaton Hammer, and go behind him, and smash his little tail with your hammer. After you did this a few times, the ring of fire vanquished temporarily. Using this time, you could pick your Master Sword back up, then step back in the field to resume the battle. This time, Ganon won't be knocking out your Master Sword! You would roll under his feet, and slice his tail with your sword. Eventually, the ring of fire vanquishes again, and Princess Zelda holds Ganon down with her power. You then delivered the final blow to Ganon's head, and he got sent back to the Evil Realm once again. A truly fun boss fight.

This final battle was one of the most fun, epic battles ever. Before you got to Kefka, the evil, crazy clown himself, you had to fight his three tiers. The first consisted of a devil-looking thing, with a face, and two arms. You had to destroy the two arms, and the head. It wasn't that hard, but it gets harder. After you did that, you moved up further into the darkness, where you then fought five crazy-looking people. This consisted of a yellow man, a red woman, a tiger head, and a couple of other weird-looking things. These were the hardest of the three tiers, and they have some deadly magic spells and stuff. After you defeated them, you moved on to the third tier, which consisted of a girl head, and a girl body. You had to destroy a certain girl first, or else one of the girls would get restord by Life 2, and you'd have to re-kill her. Finally, after the third tier, you moved onto the final battle. This was against the most crazy villian in video game history, Kefka. After his maniacal laugh, the ultimate fight began, which would determine the fate of the earth. As the music changes from evil chanting to normal music, you pound Kefka with everything you've got. He was actually pretty easy, but his Goner attack was pretty deadly.

And that about covers it. Those are the most memorable final boss battles, in my opinion. Whether it be Final Fantasy, or The Legend of Zelda, games will always be released that have incredible final boss fights in them, along with incredible music in those fights. I hope you enjoyed this list!

List by Super Slash (02/20/2007)

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