Capcom is responsible for many sucessful games such as fighters and shooters, but there is one genre which they exceed in: the good old beat'em ups. Since 3d era came, the beat'em ups have never been the same, since they lost that cartoon feeling and originality which they had on the SNES and arcade era. But on those days Capcom ruled supreme, and with it's Marvel licensing, which made possible marvel characters on beat'em ups, there was nothing that could stop the company.This list features 10 of the most amazing games made by Capcom which kick butt, literally.

The father of most of Capcom's beat'em ups , FF introduced detailed sprites on The BEU world, as well as the classic 3 character roster of players (one quick, one balanced and a strong one). It was also one of the first to have pickable weapons.The action is set in Metro city when Jessica, the daughter of mayor Haggar is kidnaped. It is up to the heroes to rescue her, as well as beat up half of the city in the process. Despite its high dificulty level, this game is a true definition of what a Beat'em up is.

The only game starred by Capcom's former mascot (later replaced by megaman) was very good despite its relative unpopularity. One of the first games to introduce the run attack feature, CC had a super hero feel was fun and unique. Among the characters there was a ninja, a mummy and a baby on a robotic suit. It was set in metro city of 2026 and there was an unexpected amount of violence which surprised the player, since the game looks childish at first. The problem with CC is the dificulty ,since it is nearly impossible to reach the last level alone and if you do, good luck on defeating Scumocide (he reads your mind, I sware!)

Very innovative, this Beat'em up had a shop which you could visit between stages and buy things such as new moves, more health and lifes. With a strange super hero humoristic feel, as well as the traditionally weird characters made by capcom, this game occupies the spot number eight of my list.

Although not a traditional beat'em up (there was no scrolling down), it still had the characteristic combos and gameplay which define a BeU. Set in the marvel universe, the characters must first fight a bunch of sentinels on the early stages to them start doing some serious butt kicking later on the game, when you fight guys like Appocalypse or Omega Red. A true classic.

Just like in X-men, there was no scrolling down. MSH was an addictive and fun game in which you could choose between five marvel characters . The innovation was made by the gems and items which could be collected and stored to be used when you enter the stage. Just like in Final Fight 3, there were character's special attacks.

Warriors of fate was set in ancient china and had 5 playable chinese stereotype characters . The game features lots of war situations such as siezes and ship invasions. It even had horses, which could be used by the player or the bosses. This one had lots of minigames, which included a "who eats the most" contest. The violence (it's a war game, you thought there wasn't gonna be any?) is pretty much like the one in Captain commando, with characters being sliced when hit by a sharp move (get it? sharp!)

Final Fight 3 is considered by me as the best of the trilogy, even though some people don't even know it exists... It was one of the last releases on SNES, as well as an exclusive one. Its a shame that this game is not famous because it's really good. It had 4 characters, including fighting veterans Guy and Mike Haggar. Among the inovations are alternate ways which could be taken by breaking specific doors and character specials. Its only problem was the low dificulty level. Very rare, original copies are usually sold at very high prices.

With the punisher and Nick Fury as playable characters, this beat'em up had something new: There were shooting parts of the game which let you use your gun at will (as well as your enemies). Great sprite art, good gameplay, guns weapons and gangsters everywhere as well as many characters from the marvel universe.

Featuring 2 predators and 2 humans (including Dutch Schaefer, which was the original hero of the movie predator), this game could indeed catch the feeling of the movies. It's the perfect cross between close fighting and shooting. Each players has their set of combat moves (which was insane) and a gun, which could not be fired at will of course, because either the player has to reload it or wait for it to cool down. From the start to the end, there is no stop to the fighting as you face all kinds of aliens and later, humans with guns, who turn the game in a war with laser beams and knifes flying from every corner of the screen.The alien bosses were artistically amazing, which is a tradition when it comes to Capcom. Very violent scenes here too.

This is it. It can hardly get any better than this. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs had everything: addicting gameplay, beatifull scenarios, 4 playable characters (each one with an insane number of moves), the ability to run and a make run technique, sweet capcom style soundtrack,the 80's feeling, the right dificulty, cool bosses, lots of weapons, the possibility of a 3 person multiplay,nice artwork,funny scenes/quotes,a stage which allowed you to drive a car, people blowing up when you toss a granade on them, cadillacs, dinosaurs, you name it and it's there! Without a doubt a game which leaves a golden memory in a gamer's mind...

Those are the games which without a doubt remain fun and entertaining no matter how much the gaming technology evolves... There's just something about 2d games that... Only those who played them can explain...

List by Dash_Iros (02/22/2007)

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