This is a list put together of what I think are the most wonderful, glorious, epic, spectacular, etc. soundtrack of this era of video games. I've tried to avoid popular bias and stuff here, and hopefully I've succeeded. I've played all the games here and I've listened to all of their official soundtracks. Enjoy.

Jeremy Soule is a great composer, as many people know, having composed for games like Company of Heroes and Guild Wars. And he pulls off another masterpiece here. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you first load up the game and the intro cinematic plays with Emperor Uriel Septim narrating it. A variation of the song "Reign of the Septims" plays in the background with crash cymbals added for extra effect and it certainly does get you riled up for the game. Each 'part' of the game has its own music, with a town getting a cheery song like "Sunrise of Flutes", while a dungeon would get a darker song, such as "Wind from the Depths". It all only works to make the game better.

People really don't give this game its due credit. It's an excellent game, with excellent everything and revolutionary graphics. Oh, and it has great music, too. Composed by Tom Salta, the music succeeds in capturing the emotions of the conflict against rebels in Mexico. The main theme that plays in the main menu is truly epic with the cellos and violins playing away smoothly with the brass providing support along with some booming percussion support keep us attached. The end theme that plays during the credits with the soprano is highly memorable as well, and fits nicely with the desolate mood of the city ingame.

Man, the music in the intro for this game makes it feel like you're really just watching a movie. What?!! Soviets nuked Berlin?!! What?!! The Commies took over Europe?!! The soundtrack for Freedom Fighters is composed by Jesper Kyd as well, and you can tell because of the way he composes in what I think is a 'Preacher of the Apocalypse' way. Jesper Kyd would probably be the ones the Russians would hire to be their morale person if they were to invade the US. "Invasion of the Empire" and "March of the Empire" are wonderfully done and sound fitting to a Red takeover of the United States, meanwhile "Isabel - Leader of the Resistance" is another great song that's a lot more cheerful and calm than most of the others. Another Kyd masterpiece.

Jesper Kyd is one of those few composers out there that can seamlessly mix traditional and contemporary without completely alienating the listener. Hitman Blood Money accurately portrays the dark mood of the game itself, which is truly dark and somewhat on the ubertwisted side. The cult-like song "Apocalypse" easily steals the show and is a true standout amongst all of the songs with the deep low chanting of the basses being permeated with the singing of the high pitch sopranos. The song "Main Title" will remind you of some fast paced John Woo movie, with mad people pulling off crazy kungfu. "Funeral" is just plain out scary. Very moody and very good.

Raven Shield's soundtrack is composed by Bill Brown, who composed the music for many other titles, including Lineage II, and even Tom Clancy's own Ghost Recon. My one particular favorite is the "Main Menu Theme Live". For some reason that song puts in you the feeling that there ARE heroes behind the scenes that serve to keep you safe, to preserve peace. It puts a really epic start to your game experience. The epic march feel of "Bank Outro" after you save a whole bunch of hostages cannot be overlooked. Bill Brown is a master at using brass to make his songs sound bold and epic. The music gets eerie when infiltrating a Swiss town, action packed once you breach and clear a room full of tangos and hostages, and so on. Wow.

Harry Gregson-Williams is a wonderful composer, having done the score for the movie The Chronicles of Narnia, and you can clearly see it here. Following up the Metal Gear Solid 2 soundtrack, on which he also worked with TAPPY, - I think TAPPY had way too much influence and made the theme for MGS 2 way too techno - Gregson-Williams made another wonderful soundtrakc for MGS 3. The Snake Eater Edition of the "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" - which was slowed down a bit to make more epic, as well as being played by a more traditional instrumental orchestra - is exciting to listen to as usual, and "Mission Briefing" has its own unique eeriness factor. Stealth action is the name of the game, and stealth action is the mood the music puts you in.

Of course, Halo 2 can be credited as the game that pioneered mass marketing of video game soundtracks. Once you hear those space monks chanting, oh man. Marty O'Donnell seems to be the master of everything, as he combines all sorts of instruments in ways that you may think is whack, but he makes it all sound wonderful. The music blends well into the mood of the crusader fighting to save his race from the onslaught of the alien invasion of his homeworld. It all makes Halo 2 all the more epic and cinematic. The calming, yet somewhat saddening, qualities of "Unforgotten" are undeniable as you listen to the string instruments, "Finale" is just as gorgeous as well. And who could forget the first time they listened to Earth City as they watched the Halo 2 E3 Demonstration? A lot of songs are sure to bring back their own memories.

Danny Elfman did and excellent job with the main theme on this, around which the rest of the soundtrack is built by Russell Shaw. The light hearted music, which is present even in dark moments, complements the artistic style of the graphics very well, which are not exactly ATI tech demo material, but have unbelievable artistic merit. "Oakvale" in particular is memorable, the song that plays once you get back to your hometown, not only because it sounds like a song from the Walgreen's commercial, but because it just has that charm about it that brings back euphoric memories. "Bowerstone" is another good song with an excellent cheerful mood that should really perk you up. The really good part about Fable's soundtrack is really hard to describe in words, and it has to be heard to be really appreciated. Overall, it's a very well-rounded package anyone should enjoy.

Simply one of the best, most epic, and most memorable soundtracks out there. Composed by Tommy Tallarico... wow this soundtrack is just spectacular. Vocals are used unbelievably well, similar to the way it is used in Battlestar Galactica, and really does leave and impression on you. As soon as the song "Muse" starts playing once you load it up, you'll be hooked. "Bounty Hunter" is one helluva apocalyptic song that makes fighting enjoyable. The soundtrack enhances the cinematic atmosphere - the entire game is presented in 16:9 - and makes you feel like you really ARE the last in the race of gods. A race known only as... Humanity. Music comes to a high during epic fights when you pull off a cartwheel to the right and shoot energy bolts from your right hand while firing off rockets from your left. The sopranos will make your ears ring and the basses will make your stomach lurch. The soundtrack is best heard in 5.1 surround.

Composed by the wonderful Michael Giacchino, the soundtrack of Frontline is simply amazing and complements the bleak atmosphere of the game very well. "Operation Market Garden" is a must have for any music lover, and "Songless Nightingale" is gorgeous with the lyrics flowing like water thanks to the beautifully done chorals. There are obvious references to its predecessor, with the core Medal of Honor theme omnipresent in almost every track and yet blending in as if it really belonged there. Giacchino uses choral and brass elements very well to portray the feeling of war and its epic drama. It really makes a person think about war, what it was like, and those who served. It's rather tear-inducing.

Out of all the soundtracks I've listened to, these are the cream of the crop, and I'm proud to have some of them on my iPod. It's a pity not everybody appreciates video game soundtracks the way they do movie soundtracks, but for anyone, these are sure to capture your imagination and create wonderful memories.

List by dannyman02 (02/26/2007)

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