Through out video game history, game developers have had a tough time coming up with original ideas for games. When they do, they make a game based on a famous recent movie. This is the top 10 games that were movies first.

Coming in at number 10, is Fight Club for the PS2. I, personally, am a huge fan of fighting games. When I say that I mean I have yet to play a fighting game I didn't like. Fight Club is no different. While to some the game may seem one-dimensional after a while, but in reality all fighting games are. Fight Club isn't the best fighting game on the market, but if you are a fan of the movie i'd suggest picking this up.

Jaws Unleashed for the PS2 gets 9th place on my top 10. This game made the list, becaues it is extremely unique. I admit, the game isn't one you will be playing for months, you will tire of it after a few weeks, but it is fun while is lasts. A very goofy game that is 100% worth at least a rental.

Lord of the Rings: Tactics for the PSP gets 8th place. Basically this game is an above average "Tatics Ogre" type game, but Lord of the Rings themed. The game probably could have been a little but longer in my opinion, but it was long enough to be worth the $30. If you have a PSP and like stradegy/tactic games, then I actually beleive Lord of the Rings: Tactics is the best PSP tactic game.

Now at 7th place it is The Godfather for the XBox 360. The Godfather is another game that took a popular game idea and made a movie themed game off it. The Godfather plays a lot like Grand Theft Auto games. While The Godfather fails to live up to GTA standars, its still a very good game. I think Marlon Brando would be proud.

Number six, is Cars for the Nintedo Wii. Ever since I first picked up a NES controller, I've been addicted to racing games. I played a lot of them through the years, from Mario Kart to PGR enjoyed everyone. Cars is no different. A little cutsie for my taste but once I got past that I enjoyed myself a lot. The Wii throws a whole new look at racing games, which I like. Cars is really a perfect game for younger gamers, but I think its a great "sit down a play anytime" game.

This is one of two LotR games to make the list, number five is Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (PS2). I'm going to be completely honest and tell you, I disliked the LotR movies, a lot. I didn't even buy this game, my brother did. After watching him play Lord of the Rings for a few days, it seemed fun enough so I figured I'd give it a shot. WOW! I enjoyed myself emensely. I was glad I could pick from a few different characters. Once I started playing, I didn't put down the controller for about seven hours, no joke. I normally didn't love RPGs before this game either, and now I love them. Great game.

The oldest game to make my top 10 is awarded number four. The game, Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (SNES). I remember playing this when I was young and loving it. I actually played this first before seeing the movie, and after playing this made myself watch Indiana Jones a few dozen times. I played the game again recently, and while it is a bit outdated, I still played it for two hours and enjoyed every minute of it.

Probably the biggest shocker on the list The Thing (PS2) is my number three pick. This is without a doubt the most underrated video game out there. I initially only bought the game because I loved the movie, not expecting much. But I was wrong. The game is loads of fun, when my disc broke, I even went out a bought another copy, something I rarely do. Not only is this a good movie video game, but its a good, solid video game in general. I highly reccomend this title.

From the creators of Grand Theft Auto its my number two pick, The Warriors (XBOX). There is not much bad about this game. The game's stroy is great. It takes place a few weeks before the movie starts, then continues into the movie. The characters are dead on, and most are even voiced by the original actor. My favorite part of this game, is the co-op mode. Playing alongside one of your friends as a fellow Warrior is more fun then you can imagine. If you like video games, you will love this game.

Here it is, the goldon game, top of my list. The winner is Goldeneye 007 for the (N64). This game introduced a whole new type of gaming to me. The first solid FPS game I have ever played. I think I spent more time on Goldeneye than on any other game I own, with maybe one or two exceptions. It follows throught the movie great, all the characters are there, and there are tons of great James Bond style weapons. What I played most was the multiplayer mode. It seemed like every weekend I'd have friends over and we'd be playing four players Goldeneye for hours on end. Still play the game, and I don't think it is outdated at all.

There you have it, my top 10 Video Games based on Movies. I have played every single one of these games, plus a few that didn't make the list. Each of these games does justice to their movie. A few of these games would probably even make my top 10 video games ever list. This is a great list of games because there are all different types of games, from racing to FPS these games bring a lot to the table.

List by Naulz (02/26/2007)

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