Super Smash Brothers was a revolutionary game of its own when it came out in 1999. Many said it was fan service on behalf of Nintendo, but the game erupted onto the gaming landscape and is still a very popular franchise today with two multi-million selling titles and a third title that is perhaps the most anticipated game for the Nintendo Wii. With its all-star lineup of Nintendo characters, the games these characters participated in are also very successful and popular as well. This Top 10 list runs down the 10 best games in which a character on the Super Smash Bros. roster appears.

Rarely does a racing game have the whole package without being down in one catergory. In F-Zero ZX which stars Captain Falcon, this futuristic racer has it all: Fun, a great sense of speed, great track design, great graphics backed with a great frame rate, extreme difficulty, great controls, good length, replay value, and multiplayer. F-Zero GX does not miss a beat and produces an amazing racer that still holds up today. F-Zero GX is easily the best in the F-Zero series, and its fans are eager for the next installment.

This game was very revolutionary for its time, as it was one of the first console games to go 3-D. Using a special chip in the cartridge and a new style of visual algorithims, players got to get behind the cockpit of a Space Fighter to take out the bad guys. Star Fox stars in this game, and it was no slouch of a game either. The missions were great, controls for the time were great, and of course, at the time the visual style was a treat. Many will be quick to point out Star Fox on the SNES as the best in the series.

Fans waited longer than they wanted, but The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ended up as a masterpiece of a game for the SNES. Featuring Link, the game was an upgrade in every way over the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. A Link to the Past to this day still features level design, difficulty, and sequence flow that is superior to many games that come out today. Fans will often point to A Link to the Past as a gold standard for level design, gameplay, and fun. With added sidequests, this game could keep players busy for a long time.

This unique spin on the Mario system was a change that ended up being well recieved and very fun. Featuring Mario and Yoshi, the players this time took control of Yoshi instead of Mario, a first for the Super Mario series. Players had to keep Baby Mario protected from the baddies by using Yoshi's powers of throwing eggs, eating enemies, stomping, and "floating". The art style in this game was beautiful and still regarded as one of the best looking games of all time. The level design was also top notch, there were many levels and difficulty that was perfect. This game graced the SNES and many believe that Yoshi's Island is platforming bliss.

Many people consider The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to be not only the greatest Zelda game, but also the greatest video game of all time. Though fans had to wait through delays in perhaps the biggest N64 title, it was well worth the wait. The series' first attempt in 3D proved to be a flawless and seamless transition from 2D, and the amazing level design, music, story, gameplay, and fun were retained from the 2D counterparts. Featuring a lengthy main quest and many sidequests, this game was perhaps the most complete game of the 64 bit era.

When this game was first shown at E3 2004, the fans went wild. In what was billed as the true successor to Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was destined to be the greatest video game of all time. Fans waited through delays, a system change, and more, but all that could mean was that the developers had more time to make the game better. And it was well worth the wait. Coming out on both the Wii and Game Cube, Zelda achieved its peak in graphics, gameplay, length, level design, story, and features. Not to be out done by any Zelda game, this game delivered, introduced us to new Zelda faces such as Midna and Zant, and also brought in the Twilight Realm. In my opinion, the greatest Zelda game ever made, and it was well worth the wait. Putting the game on the Wii was a great decision as this only helped the game with intuitive aiming and fishing among the Wii-exclusive highlights. A must buy for any game fan.

If there is a game without any flaws, this game would be it. Featuring Mario and Luigi, Super Mario Brothers 3. improved on the first two games in the series in every way, shape, and form. Bringing in new features such as item storage, a world map, flying, suits, and more, Super Mario Brothers 3. had it all. To top that off, Super Mario Brothers 3 still had the great level design, gameplay, challenge, and fun from the first two Super Mario Brothers installments. In my opinion, easily the greatest game of the 8-bit era and remained a gold standard for 2D platforming in the 2D days.

Samus Aran & Co. had a long layoff between games. Last seen in 1994, the Metroid series skipped the 64 bit era. Many thought that the series was dead, until Retro Studios began developing a 3D Metroid. Many questioned the series' ability to be a 3D game, and were skeptical. Fortunatley, the game delivered, and it delivered big. In a seamless, flawless transition into 3D, Metroid Prime combined graphics, art direction, level design, challenge, boss fights, puzzles, and length into one and proved to be one of the greatest if not the greatest game of the GCN/PS2/Xbox era. This game did a great job in providing an atmospheric world for Samus and the player to explore at all ends, while keeping the Metroid style in tact. The Scan Visor remains among the best gaming innovations of all time, and the morph ball execution was top notch. A great, great, great, game and I can not stress that enough.

Featuring Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Pokemon Red/Blue started a worldwide phenomenon ever since it released. Pokemon was THE thing to like. Everyone knew what it was, and everyone had at least one Pokemon related item, whether it be the video game, cards, toys, cartoons, and more. This game revived the Game Boy platform and remains one of the best selling games of all time. However, its successor, Pokemon Gold/Silver, outdid Red/Blue in every way(except Missingo.). It featured color graphics, updated Pokemon Sprites, 100 new Pokemon, a new world of Johto, a revised Kanto, 16 badges to collect, breeding, shinies, day/night, time, berries, held items, and the chance to battle Red, the champion from Pokemon Red/Blue. This game was nearly flawless, and had replay value that rivals any video game of all time. Pokemon Red/Blue may have been more detailed, and Pokemon Emerald may have better replay, breeding, and battle system, but overall I think Pokemon Gold/Silver has the best quest, music, and overall enjoyment. Regardless of what you may think/hear, Pokemon is NOT a kids game, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Give it a try if you never have.

If there is one game that can be enjoyed at the same level of enjoyment for each playthrough, and never gets old, Earthbound would be it. If there is one game that puts a smile on your face and can make a bad day turn good, Earthbound would be it. If there is a game that breaks tradition and goes in another direction but still turns out to be flawless, Earthbound would be it. If there is a game that doesn't have a flaw, Earthbound would be it. Earthbound is one of those games that you can't dislike no matter how your gaming tastes are. It's a game for everyone, and can be enjoyed by anyone. It is not your standard RPG, and you will find that out from the start at the title screen. Featuring funny dialogue, a great script, an oustanding story, awesome enemies(New Age Retro Hippie and Unassuming Local Guy), fun non-playable characters, a cult obsessed with the color blue, nice gameplay, cool items, and difficulty/strategy not found in many RPGs. The enemies in Earthbound are hard, and towards the end are brutal, making each random battle as hard(or harder) as a boss battle. Not many RPGs can say that about their random battles. For those who appreciate Earthbound for what it is, it would be hard to not consider Earthbound one of the greatest, if not the greatest game of all time, hands down.

Super Smash Bros. may have an all-star cast of characters, but the characters and Super Smash Bros. itself would never be as successful today without the games that made them. There are many great games in which the Super Smash Bros. cast appears in, and reducing it to a Top 10 was hard. However, if you are a Nintendo fan and a fan of Super Smash Bros. who haven't played any of these 10 games, I highly suggest playing them, now.

List by snakingislame16 (02/26/2007)

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