Why do we play videogames? For the virtual thrill and sense of achievement of course! But it's never a pure win situation; there will be those times when you 'accidentally' slip and lead your hero or heroine into the darkness that is game-over. You may laugh it off at times, or maybe break a controller or two during others, but death will always be an inevitable part of a good life and a good game. Here are my top 10 ways to go to virutal heaven or hell.

This is a fairly recent title, but one that I won't forget about anytime soon, if not for the horrendous gameplay, then for the abyss glitch 30 seconds into the game. It's a dark barren land. You walk- no, tip-toe across the uniform rubble. You head towards a plain-old rock, which seems to look different to all the other rocks around you (but doesn't). You are now falling into an abyss. Game-over.

Haxor! It always feels like a cheap shot when you get nailed by one of these buggers out of nowhere, but it is one of the cleanest ways to die. Find out who the perpetrator was and ravage him in the next round.

When you're out of ammo in a game where shooting things is the name of the game, there's always the art of unarmed combat, or slapping. Getting up into someone's face and giving them light smack shouldn't be lethal, so if you die by the sweaty palm of a secret agent, 007 or not, consider yourself pwned!

The first beat 'em up that actually allowed you to kill your opponent in various despicable and gross ways. Back in the days when the finishing moves were more modest, it was always enjoyable to watch how your rival would utterly destroy your loser of a character. Sub-Zero tearing your head off (spinal column intact) and Kano ripping your still-beating heart out of your chest can still help bring down work-related stress these days :P

Upon defeating Mother Brain, you only have a few minutes to escape from planet Zebes before it self-destructs. You have more than enough time to make it out but, if like myself, you went RIGHT (i.e. back-tracked), you will find that your efforts will be in vain. With only 10 seconds to go, I finally admitted my mistake; I should've gone left through the "BOOM"! Yeah, we all make mistakes OK! (N.B. I'm aware that it's actually possible to make it out in time by going backwards.)

Begin your adventure with a bang by running head-on into goomba no. 1 in world 1-1. C'mon, I know some of you guys out there have succumbed to this whether it be due to some arrogant late jumps or simple stupidity. Still as funny as always, and a powerful reminder that Mario is no Sonic.

Ring-outs weren't something new when this fighter came around, but with its extremly fast pace and wicked-looking special moves, the ring-outs here brought new meaning to self-defeat. As Cervy, an inaccurate dive-rush will send you out; Yoshi better watch he doesn't do too many air-strings near the border; and I can't remember how many times I've KO'd my opponent with Voldo's mantis-crawl only to have him not stop in time and drift right off the edge into the endless canyon below!

Nothing beats getting hit in mid-jump by a stupid-looking medusa head, sending you down into the depths of nothingness. Oh wait - how about attempting to walk down a flight of stairs, only to walk right OFF the platform and fall to your doom? The monsters ain't the only hazard in this game!

The arena I'm referring to particularly here is Morpheus, a low-gravity area which allows for massive jumps. But take care while airborne as you make an easy target for skilful snipers who will shoot you up silly. One of the best deaths I've ever had is watching someone down below shoot a rocket right into my face; I could really see my life flash before my eyes!

Kids can be cruel. When I was a young-un, I did a whole lot of stupid things which only kids do. Now I have never harmed any real animals before so don't go all SPCA on me, but I delighted in abusing those innocent MYOB cuckoos found throughout many a Zelda game. Little did I know that each chook belonged to a gang of many, and that collectively an onslaught of live poultry could dish out pain faster than your average Joe moblin. A whole flock of attacking chickens is enough to make anyone go cold-turkey on KFC.

I hope your inner-demons had a good laugh at my expense. There are so many interesting and goofy ways to kill thy self; these are just the cream of my crop. I'm sure many of you have had similar memorable experiences, but these are the times when I didn't really mind the abrupt end. If you have a chance, try them out for yourselves. Just remember folks, DO TRY THIS AT HOME, but only on your computer & video-gaming systems! 81 ~ Arkrex (27/02/07)

List by Arkrex (02/28/2007)

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