Though the term Dead System is always worthy of debate, I tried to stick to games that were never rereleased on other systems, except a few Dreamcast gems. Thanks to emulation all of the games are still readily available for play and new services featuring downloadable games by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will ensure these games don't disappear into the history of the dead systems.

Zillion was a relatively unknown game for the Sega Master System that none the less provided great challenge and fun. Based upon an Anime you controlled 3 unique characters as you explored a mechanized facility and explored each room uncovering codes to move on to the next room. The game had great graphics, gameplay, and action for its time. I must have played through this game a hundred times, each time discovering something new or interesting. It was a huge game for its time and took an entire day to beat. It also had one of the most visually stunning final battles and escapes from the 8-bit era. The game seemed like a nod to older games such as Impossible Mission. This is a Sega Classic and I would love to see it make a comeback someday.

Years before Sonic became SEGA's official mascot, there was another, now forgotten in the tides of time. Alex Kidd was a monkey boy, before games like Ape Escape and Monkey Ball would exploit the silly monkey. This was SEGA's attempt to compete with Super Mario Bros. for the NES. It worked. The game had everything that Super Mario didn't. SMB had coins? Alex Kidd had bags of yen. SMB had mushrooms and stars? Alex Kidd had Pedalcopters and Pogo Sticks. SMB had difficult dungeons? Alex Kidd had insane dungeons. I love Alex Kidd in Miracle world as much as Super Mario Bros. The game symbolizes the peak of the 2-D platformer in my opinion and is forever lost on a dead system.

No, it's not Mission Impossible, it's Impossible Mission by Epyx, a classic 2-D platformer from the early 1980's. I never met anyone that beat this game. I met liars that say they did. Besides being one of the first best examples of digitized speech in a video game, the game had great design, original robots, and some of the most mysterious gameplay I've ever seen. The main character would travel from tower to tower, via elevators and moving platforms, moving from room to room to jump over maniac robots while searching for clues. The beauty of this game was surviving in each room and searching every item. The game had pretty great graphics for its time and I still enjoy playing this game and its sequel (which was released on the NES) from time to time. Every game in the world owes respect to this game for the sound of a man screaming endlessly as he falls down an abyss. You simply must play this game if you love old school games.

I was never a fan of pinball or pinball videogames. I am still not. Yet I have played Alien Crush hundreds upon hundreds of times in an effort to keep my pinball spinning and get a higher score. This game is so addictive and stylish. The bonus rounds were addictive and the graphics were excellent for the time and still look good. The Turbo Grafx 16 is another system that has been forgotten over the years, but this was a must have game for this deceased system. The sequel, Devil's Crush, was excellent too!

By now, everyone has burned their soul to death, applied the ointment provided by Namco, and still the burn continues. I thought Tekken was the top of the game when it came to fighting, and then I played this for the now extinct Dreamcast. The amount of depth and the detail in character kept me coming back for more and more. Nothing tops this fighter in the department of replayability. The Dreamcast is possibly one of the best Dead Systems due to this game alone. This is the only arcade conversion that exists of the original Soul Calibur, and it perfect.

This game is hilarious and a classic. It actually was on tons of systems including NES, Amiga, Atari ST, and more. The game chronicles the adventure of a group of teenagers investigating the disappearance of the lead character's girlfriend. Besides the most hilarious characters in a game at that time, it also had multiple endings, multiple characters to choose from, and multiple ways to solve problems and puzzles. I can't describe this game you just have to play it and explore the possibilities, but whatever you do, don't put the Hamster in the Microwave!

The best 8-Bit RPG ever made, topping Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. From the 3-D dungeons to the Space/Science Fiction/Fantasy setting, the game is the definition of role-playing. It had excellent graphics, intuitive design, and great characters. Most gamers today don't even know the Sega Master System existed, but if you owned one, you hated Nintendo (you had to), and you played the best Role Playing Game ever made which made up for not owning Zelda. Phantasy Star Online never could have existed without this beauty.

The fact that this game still goes for $70.00 on ebay says something to its value among fans of fighting games. This is the most excessive, over-the-top, must have fighting game for any system. You couldn't convince me that my Dreamcast was dead until 2006, when I finally started to slow down on this game. I figure it takes about 5 years to try out all the characters and combinations this game has to offer. Besides what other game lets you get a 100 hit combo on Dr. Doom, Akuma, and Jill Valentine with your team of Wolverine, Strider Hiryu, and Silver Samurai? Even people who don't like fighting games realize that once you pound buttons things happen, thanks to Capcom, as usual.

With a game like this on its roster its a wonder that the Dreamcast ever died. Shenmue is the most original game you will ever play. When I got tired of beating up street thugs and searching for my father's murderer, I would go play Space Harrier on my Sega Saturn or hit the convenience store for a soda, or play with my adopted kitten, and that was all inside the game itself. This game offered such ingenuity and depth that it still has more to offer than most modern games.

This is the best Space/Action/RPG that has ever existed. Part Role-playing game, part shooter, part strategy and exploration game, and probably the earliest example of entertaining voice acting in a video game. I still compare games like Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect to this game and will always judge all Space/RPG's by the standard this game set. There were hundreds of hours to be lost exploring the galaxy and interacting with the dozens of alien races, all who were original and interesting, as well as deadly. Even the storyline was complex and offered more depth than most games now. The 3DO is the superior version and thanks to Toys For Bob, the game has been released as freeware as The Urquan Masters. You owe it to yourself to beat this before Mass Effect comes out.

From the well known (Soul Calibur), to the obscure (Impossible Mission), these are the Top 10 games for Dead Systems. Some of these games may obtain revival (Star Control II and Shenmue), but others have been lost in time. I guarantee these games will provide hours of entertainment, if you can find the system that originally played it.

List by Ryphis_Demeanor (03/01/2007)

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