Its a guarentee you missed most or all of the games on this list. How foolish of you. Sure each of these may be fundamentally flawed in some way, but that doesn't excuse you for missing out. If you spot these in your local bargin bin, pick em up and give them a try.

The conclusion of the Sands of Time trilogy, this game brought all of the story from the previous games into focus. Adding a new playable character, and the Speed Kill system, this game the Prince the ability to stalk his prey like an assassin, dispatching enemies with ease as he ran from rootop to rooftop. All that classic gameplay translated even better than you can imagine... And yet the game failed to find an audience, selling less than 300,000 copies. If you were a fan of the first one, give this one a rental. Its a solid title.

Yes, it is an adventure game, but an amazing one. It's interactive in a way not seen ever before. The story is guarenteed to keep you hooked until you peice together how poor Lucas Kane became a murder against his will, how he spends the game trying to find the real killer, and clear his name. The game skips over some story as it brings itself to a climax, but it keeps you hooked until the end. Try it today.

Gordon Freeman and the Doom Guy can save the world... I am out for myself. I will sneak into banks, invade skyscrapers, move swiftly thru the city, all in the cover of night. I will do this for the best reason ever: Money. Cash, moolah, gold, greenback. I dont care. You got it, I want it, and I will break into your house and take it. I will hit you over the head with my trusty blackjack and rob you blind. Oh sure, some lunatic wants to destroy the world with his poison, but I am too busy to care. I got sneak into the local police station and plant evidence to frame a cop so they leave me alone. Just make sure you play this with a friend nearby. Robbing graves always gives me the creeps.

Uhhh... Are you people crazy? This is Grand Theft Auto style gameplay in a high school! Why did it sell so poorly? Was it the fact going to class actually made sense? Was it the homages to classic videogames? The in depth and detailed plot? The Character Customization? The great fighting system? This game should have proved the Rockstar formula can extend beyond GTA, and no one bought it. You should all be ashamed if you could have rented this and didn't...

Take Desperado, add in Max Payne, and throw in the trick system from any Tony Hawk game, and you got this. Sure the free roming city and car physics were truly an afterthought, but who cares? I am leaping off wall runs, nailing headshots, exploding barrels, and ramming cars into buildings with abandon. Addictive and fun, give this a rental if not an outright buy.

If you haven't played this, shame on you. One of the best games to hit ANY system in YEARS, this cross platform platformer manages to delve into the depths of the human mind, while not using any humans at all. One minute your stoming around a fishopolis like godzilla, the next you are wondering thru a 50's neighborhood looking for a milkman, then you are dodging bulls in a velvet painting. With an art style that makes each character stand out, a plot that keepos you going for more, and platforming gameplay that is awesome from start to finish, Psychonauts is a truly great exaple of what a team who really loves games can do.

Sure its predecessor, Ico is a cult classic. But according to sales this game sold just over 100,000 copies when 50 Cent: Bulletproof sold over a million. Is there no justice in this world? The game is an artisitic triumph being part fairytale, part platformer, and part adventure game. Its no secret to say that there are only sixteen bad guys in the entire game, but you will find those sixteen more challenging and fun than any number of Flood, Locust, or Gang Members. Taking over the criminal underworld in Grand Theft Auto is easy compared to trying to figure out how to kill a flying dragon armed only with a Sword and Bow. Buy this now.

On the surface, this games appears to be the standard fare. Evil invading for plots to take over the world by spreading its message. They invade small village, where upon frightened villager named Raze runs for his life, and stumbles upon the long ancient secret to power, which he used to dfispatch his enemies with abandon. Dull right? Did I mention the invading army is really really really cute? they look like a cross between a Care Bear and a Snorkle. There weapons make you wonder what Rainbow Brite does in her spare time. And the big ugly hideous monster that stalks int he night and eats cute puppies? Thats you. Brand new this game packed a heck of a lot of value and punch for $20. Now if you can find it, you'll get it for less than $10, and its worth every penny.

An homage to the classic beat-em up genre, this game isn't without its faults. Still, the fighting system is addictive, the enemies are colorful (to say the least), and still it remains the only game with a built in audence that comments on how you are fighting. Want to take on a mad midget group of power ranger rip-offs? Yearn to kick an enemy, and I mean literally, into orbit? Ever want to invent your own fighting style? This action game has it all, and a woman so evil she kicks puppies! Ignore IGN, try this out, mourn the loss of Clover Studios, and thank god for Seed Studios.

The last game made by Lorne Lanning before he closed shop, Stranger's Wrath is part western, part Metal Gear Solid, part platformer, a hefty dose of shooter, with intelligent weaponry and a serious message. In what other game do you have to hunt down the types of ammo you use? What other game has two awesome (though the first one is telegraphed) plot twists that make you want to play the game again? This deserves a spot in any gamer's collection, and EA Games should be ashamed of how they treated this...

List by Amakusa42 (03/01/2007)

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