Motion sensitivity. Let's face it, it's cool. Whether you hate the Wii or love it, it's a good idea. So here are 10 games that could be improved by the Wii's unique set up.

We begin the list with Dead Rising. The Dawn-of-the-Dead-esque zombie fest that made me buy a 360. The game itself had some faults (most notably Otis) and a sequel might fix these, plus a more intuitive camera/throwing control system would be a lot better with the Wii.

We move onto an arcade classic. Crazy Taxi won over tons of people with it's maddening speed vs. safety gameplay. Worked well for ExciteTruck, and nothing beats Crazy Taxi's frantic be-there-or-die system of speed + stunts.

Bionic Commando and CastleVania's nominations are the same as this. Whips are great, and the shoot/grapple system would be great. Plus, Earthworm Jim. The king of good video game TV shows could use a revival, and not just a portable one.

The DreamCast classic that had an ill-fated Xbox sequel. Spraypainting a cel-shaded universe would be even more fun with an actual can, plus a bit more freedom with the graffiti creation tool would be a blast.

Everyone has either played or shunned players of this. I may have looked ridiculous dancing in Wario Ware, but at least I'll have fellow fools if this is ever released.

Whip. Wii-whip. That's all I need.

God. You are god. Also, you're a swordsman. The calm on one half and frantic on the other strategy/platformer needs motion sensitivity. Mouse-like control for the SIM mode and Zelda-like sword use for the ACT side.

A conductor's baton. Perfect for motion sensitivity. Nintendo may have needed a bit of PR control after people feared the cel-shaded deal, but bring it back just once for this. Please?

Jump! Throw! Kick! RCR's RPG beat-em-up style won over many people, and a two player, motion sensitive, grab anything, gather cash, wii-quel would be loads of fun.

It all culminates here, Capcom's cult classic Bionic Commando which endured tons of editing for a western release. A game where instead of jumping you swing around with a robotic claw on one hand and you shoot with the other, an idea the Wii was born to support.

Just opinion, but I stand by it. I want to whip, shoot, jump, and dance my way to success in familiar territory with my Wii. I can only hope others do too.

List by SmonDeriku (03/06/2007)

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