You might ask why this list is dominated by PC Games. Well partly is due to the number of FPS, which are better controlled with mouse and keyboard, and partly due to the PC have a disproportionate number of the more "mature" games, which dystopic environments tend to be a part of.

Lost Heaven is a booming 30's city with a twist - crime in prevalent everywhere. The cops are as bent as the mafia. Everyone's out to stab one another in the back, so you better grow eyes in the back of your head, cuz one wrong move and your dead. The beauty of the city compares with the harsh reality of the mob world, as Morello beats a poor driver half to death for crashing into his car. It's up to you to ..... well to continue in the same fashion and see if you can't make a buck or two at the same time.

The first of two on the list based in New York. You begin chasing low-grade criminals as you yourself run from the police. With cheap, run down apartments the location for most shoot outs, you can't help but feel that this game makes the worst out of New York.

A modern day American city gone wrong. Gangs control the entire city, with the police able only to catch the simple speeding car. As you progress through the game you find it hard to drive through a neighbourhood without getting shot at, or robbed, or otherwise attacked.

Is it a time, is it a place? Well it's both, but 2300AD is where mankind, plagued with disaster, is at its lowest ebb. Individuals huddle in small shelters, hungry and poor. Even without a cruel government to contend with the people feel oppressed by the weight of the world.

Midgar, a city of two halves. A prospering city of hope for those on the upper plate, and a down and out slum for those below it. Areas like Wall Street Market and Sector 7 perfectly lay out the hopelessness which each citizen feels, as he trawls through his days trying to make enough money to live.

City 17 epitomises the concept of a dystopic world. Martial law by the combine soldiers leave a atmosphere of oppression so thick you can almost touch it. From the moment you enter the city you feel like you might be taken away by the police and beaten at any moment. As for gritty and seedy locations, city 17 is full of them, from the apartment blocks you flee through, to the delapidated houses you fight for during the revolution.

A post apocalyptic America is your location. Every single person is looking out for number one, whether that means stealing from you, or murdering you in cold blood. Mob rule is the law in this world. The seedy side is strong in this game, with prostitution, murder, gambling and slavery just a part of it.

This is the grittiest game I've played to date - the object is to kill people, but not just kill them, to kill them with as much blood and brutality that you can. Hide away in the dark and kill without a care. The rule on the street is kill or be killed.

Prostitues. Sleazeballs. Riot Cops. Everything your perfect dystopic city needs. This district is seedier than the mind of a low grade porn star. Feel free to possess the nearest hooker and go out on the pull, it's an experience that'll leave you feeling like somebody else. This whole game beautifully brought about the oppressive police-state atmosphere, filled with selfish individuals out to satisfy their most basic instincts. This effect was magnified when juxtaposed against your character, a cherub sent by God to wipe out the evil influences.

The ultimate in dark and seedy cities .... and that's just modern day New York. In Deus Ex the city is overun with thugs and tramps, the status of liberty is a crumbling wreck, Hell's Kitchen is a den of dirty deals (some things never change). If you need a part of the game to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes (both fo which you can do in game) then New York is the place. This city gets worse when the police crash the party at Hell's Kitchen and hold the entire city down by martial law. Your survival is dependent on quick instincts and a simple belief structure - "trust no one"

The top 5 really bring about that sense of oppression, but all are valid choices.

List by LondonProphet (03/06/2007)

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