Practice your driving skill before your big exam! Or go for little joyride. Attract the attention of the army. Play chicken with another car. Cruise the city looking for any of these wonderful activities! Or you could just mercilessly run down all pedestrians in sight. It's your choice.

Rather than risk life and limb creating a distraction to enter that heavily guarded door, let Hugh Hefner do all the work for you! Drop the centerfold, give a knock on the wall to attract attention, then take the enemy by surprise as they marvel at the wonders of biology.

While not truly able to pick up everything in the game, this weapon comes pretty darn close! Propane tanks, flammable chemicals, sawblades, iron barrels, tables, chairs, paint cans, dressers, desks, cars and, on occasion, enemies. All of these and more are your arsenal, should they be readily available.

As you wander through the wild, you'll come across more animals than Jack Hanna in Africa. Shall you photograph these wonderful, majestic creatures in their natural habitat? Hell no! I'll beat the crap out of it, lock it away, and force it to fight in sanctioned arena battles with other animals! If only the world of Pokemon had a taxidermist...

Here piggy piggy piggy. The bane of all PvP matches. The lifeline of all mages. The most entertaining ability/weapon in WoW. The awesome, frightening, unholy ability to turn your enemies into the other white meat. Or lamb chops, if you are so inclined.

It is no secret that the AI in Civ III is a monstrous machine capable of destroying you fledgling nation's tanks with their pikemen. Building a war factory in every nook and cranny of their territory, your enemies are poised to strike and snuff out your people's existence. Too bad you have Oppenheimer on your side. Before the AI can scream "Nuclear Proliferation Treaty!" you have already snuffed out all life in half of your opponent's dark-age cities. Now to whip your tanks into shpe before they're killed by the rest of those pikemen.

Everyone seems to find a place for Zelda SOMEWHERE on their lists. Here is mine. Anyone who has not yelled "I'm Spider-Man!" while using this weapon must check themselves into a mental health clinic. Swing from wooden post to wooden post! Impale your enemies from a distance! Drag your screaming foes to your friendly Master Sword! This weapon can be yours for 29.99!

The Bio-Force-Gun *wink* is the conduit which truly makes you an army of one. This mother of destruction will clear any room of any monster(s) anytime. The first time firing the B.F.G. is not an action. It is an experience. Beware of itchy trigger-fingers though. Point-blank shots with a nuclear cannon are not encouraged.

Or the Pickle Fork, for those so inclined. No other multiplayer weapon has inspired so much whining and so much maniacle laughter at the same time. Aim, swing and listen as the 30-year-old man you just stuck like a pig begins to cry like a baby that you were cheating somehow. Wickedness, thy name is Pickle Fork.

Trapped in the mall. Surrounded by zombies. Plenty of gas. While almost every weapon in Dead Rising is amusing in it's own special way, this weapon is surrounded by a holy glow, sent down to you from the heavens. Choirs of angels may be heard in the distance as Frank West unleashes more blood and gore than is contained in both Kill Bill movies. The only thing missing: The ability to cut zombies in half... vertically. Or maybe I just haven't found that move yet...

Every game that involves weaponry is bound to have that one special item that will make you fall out of your chair laughing. While this list is not certified by the Humorous Video-game Weapons Association of America, it is nonetheless an amusing take on many of our favorite instruments of destruction.

List by ZhouYuII (03/09/2007)

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