Many good games have come and gone, but to many that were comers, they have seen a game to completely revitalize the franchise when it has lost its popularity. And in this day and age, that isn't easy. Many fail at doing this right, but fortunately for the hard core gamer, some have succeeded. So here are those top 10.

Now after reading this, you might say, "wait, this wasn't dead!" Well the popularity of Fire Emblem games really was non-existant until it saw the shores of the USA, and it did that mostly because of Fire Emblem characters that appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. And when it hit USA shores, it did incredible. The game itself was one of (if not the best) Fire Emblem games to date, and is easily one of the best Gameboy Advance games.

Just when people thought they'd never see a Street Fighter that took place beyond the 3901389824 iterations of Street Fighter 2 and all the Alpha prequel games, Capcom delivered Street Fighter 3 to the Arcades in 1997- and it quickly rose to new heights. It rose so quickly that it spawned two more iterations- and all 3 are incredible. This game was so good infact that it got ported to Dreamcast, and then later included in a collection for PS2 and Xbox (with xbox live).

Just when the Megaman name couldn't get any worse, Capcom surprised us with a new twist on Megaman games- a RPG-ish style game that involved strategy. This game took the Megaman games to new heights- so much so that it spawned 5 sequels and a spinoff game on Gamecube, as well as a cartoon show. Games like this prove that anything can be revived when done right.

Again, you might be wondering where the Sonic franchise died. Well it didn't per se- but Sonic and Knuckles in 1994 was the last true 2D sonic game. In 1999, we got Sonic Adventure, which was rated well but had some flaws that kept hardcore fans unhappy with the slow pace of Knuckles, Amy, and the others who weren't Sonic. Sonic Adventure 2 had the similar problem- so once the Dreamcast died Sonic Team brought something to fix this problem- Sonic Advance. Everyone was back- in 2D glory, with the kind of gameplay you grew up with in the early 90's. We were back to what the core of sonic was- Speed. And this revived the franchise well.

While the first 2 Resident Evil games had great popularity, it died off fairly quickly in the new millenium, but to fans delight, was revived in 2005 when it got put on the Gamecube in the form of Resident Evil 4. It had a dramatic cinematic presentation to it, along with a shoulder side perspective of the action, incredible voice acting and a new way to feel the action. It is still heralded as one of the best Gamecube titles and easily gave the Resident Evil franchise new life.

Mario has always been a popular guy, I mean for someone who spent the late 80's and early 90's rescuing princess' for a living while simultaneously being a plumber, what do you expect? In 1996, the Super Mario Series was renewed with 3D. But it was six years before another Super Mario game was released, and many hailed Super Mario Sunshine as a failure and mediocre- which left the Super Mario Series in shambles- until 2006. Nintendo released a brand new Super Mario game- on their DS. And it rocked, going back to traditional 2D gameplay, and creating unique new levels with a feeling of the old levels, New Super Mario Bros. was just what the doctor ordered to renew the faith of gamers in the Super Mario Series.

If there was ever a series that benefited the most from a revival, this was it. The popularity of the Castlevania games was good through about 1991 or so, and then it slowly decreased in popularity until there wasn't a whole lot to it- and then Konami decided to hit us with this game. Featuring a whole new perspective to the game- this game was all changes for the better, RPG elements, Metroid Elements, and standard Castlevania elements made this game truly a great revival, and stands out amongst all Castlevania games. The Castlevania series for the most part has followed this formula ever since.

Ah yes, the Metal Gear series. Metal what? Well If you would have asked someone in 1995 what the Metal Gear series was most people wouldn't have had a clue. But ask someone today- and you'll see it is one of the most recognizable game series on the market. Why? This revival- 1998's Metal Gear Solid. This game revamped the market in terms of storyline, depth, and stealth action gameplay, and featured loads of secrets, easter eggs, and was one of the first games to feature a full voice acting cast with good voice acting. Metal Gear Solid brought a whole new life to the Metal Gear Series and is still today one of the best on the Playstation.

Not only was this one of the best revivals ever, but it is also one of the most hyped revivals ever. 1994 had the wonderful title Super Metroid- but it took 8 years to put this game series back into action, with Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. And what an incredible game it was. With amazing graphics for its time, a new amazing environment, classic Metroid gameplay with brand new incredible innovative gameplay, Metroid Prime proves that anything, no matter how old can be revived and brought to its max potential.

It had been approx. 13 years since a unique Ninja Gaiden game had been released on any console when Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox was released. Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox featured incredible gameplay, some old nostalgia, and a superb graphics and physics engine as well as incredible voice acting and cutscenes. This game has any and everything an action game fan would want- various assorted weaponry, magic, projectiles, fighting, swords, ninjas, hot babes, evil demons, wall flipping, tanks, well it is just that great. It was so great, that they remade it again as Ninja Gaiden Black, with more of the above stuff, and that was so good they're remaking it AGAIN for PS3. So this essentially took a game franchise that was completely dead- and revived it to be one of the genre defining games of that generation, and brought the Ninja Gaiden name to households everywhere. This game was truly the best revival in video game history.

The above list proves that there is still hope for franchises to be revived- fans of Guardian Heroes, NiGHTS, Bomberman, Paperboy, and Contra still wait for the game that will revive their franchise to new glory. Until then, we can play the games in the above titled list to keep us busy.

List by xcamel24 (03/09/2007)

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