Achievements wound up being one of the coolest parts of my Xbox 360. They served as goals to strive for, bragging rights for friends, and just there to gape at the achievement which was so hard, it was near impossible. I left the multiplayer portion out of these achievements because it would be too easy to just throw in "Climb to the top of the universal leaderboard" from Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and "Seriously" from Gears of War, which involved getting 10,000 kills (in ranked matches no less). So anyway, these are the single player achievements which give you fits. The name of the achievement is next to the title, and the points that it's worth are next to that.

The first of a few "Beat the game on the hardest difficulty" on insane. Personally, I don't see how getting this achievement without co-op is possible, but people manage to do it. Even the epic General RAAM fight at the end of the game is enough to frustrate even the toughest of wits. Still not nearly as hard as what's to come though.

Who said that achievements for sports games weren't hard? In order to get this achievement, you need to score ten times from the ten yardline in a row. If you have the guts to pass it, more power to you. I however, decided to use Ohio State, play against some no name Division I-AA school, and just run triple option the whole time, and surprisingly, after about six times, including one where I reached the one yardline on the last strike I needed, I pulled it off. Go me.

One of those "complete the campaign without dying" achievements. The developers need to get more creative, because I hate these types of achievements. This will probably need to be done on the hardest difficulty, then you'll need to not be an idiot and get yourself killed for the entire campaign. Are you up do it? I'm not.

The entire campaign, done on the hardest difficulty, yet again. During this, there are some of the hardest checkpoints in any game I've ever played. Not to mention the fact that if you so much as enter the chapter select menu, you will need to start the campaign over. The game doesn't read it by each level you beat on veteran, but by playing through the entire campaign, without stopping to go back to a previous level.

There are 300 hidden orbs scattered throughout Pacific City in crackdown, some in the most obscure locations you'll never find them. Sure, there's a nifty buzzing noise when you get close, but when you have 299/300 orbs, it can be a little frustrating. These are shoved behind rocks, on top of bridges, under stairs, and anywhere else that would make it so you couldn't find them all without a guide, and even then, it would be hard to keep track. This achievement definitely gets the nod.

Yes, one of those, "put up an insane amount of points", only this one adds the concept of not dying. To put it truthfully, I've never even gotten 1,000,000 points with dying. The closest I've gotten to is somewhere in the 200,000's. Yeah, this achievement is near impossible, unless you're awesome at geometry wars and get very, very, lucky.

In order to get this elusive achievement, you need to complete the entire campaign on the highest difficulty, sounds simple, right. Wrong, beating the campaign on Lost Planet, (or the first level for that matter), is nearly impossible. Bosses won't even have those convenient little Vital Suits next to them, so you'll fight those baddies on foot most of the time, lugging around rocket launchers to compensate for your lack of better weapons. Not a fun achievement, just hard.

For this achievement, you need to get 1,000,000 points in Co-op. That's right, one million points. I can see the only way to get this achievement, both you and your friend would have to put together absolutely flawless runs on one of the hardest songs at the hardest difficulty. Even then, you might not get it. This achievement will be so hard, I doubt most people are even going to strive to get it.

Now in order to beat a classic goal at sick, you need to do 8 things in under two minutes. This means putting together an excellent run, where you can do every goal in a row without stopping. So for one you may need to, say, Collect "SKATE", Collect "COMBO", Score 800,000 points, Wallplant three walls, etc. So there is no room for error to need to do all this in such a small amount of time, you need to put together a flawless run, no wipeouts, no mistakes, no missed oppurtunities, in order to get this achievement. The hard part is, you need to beat 9 different classic goals.

The first step in this achievement is unlocking infinite mode, which can be a hassle all on its own, the second part, is finding a nice secluded corner with a lot of food. Then, stay there and don't die for fourteen hours. Yes, fourteen hours straight of standing there, and not dying. It even takes away your ability to walk away whenever you want, because in infinite mode, your health is constantly sapped until you can eat again. You'll probably need a fan on your Xbox, or something. You can't save, and waiting does not include load times. This requires a ton of patience, and I don't think many people have that.

These achievements are plain and simple, status symbols. Some of these are so impossible so that nobody will strive for them, but I will boast that I only have two of these, which just happen to be at #10 and #9. Well, I guess it's time to go find that last hidden orb...

List by elsquanto (03/12/2007)

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