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The Top 10 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Games Printed On Non-Sega Cartridges 06/28/17
The Top 10 Party Member Which Later Quit Permanently And Become Enemies (Highly Spoilers) 06/27/17
The Top 10 Spin-Off Games In An Established Franchise 06/22/17
The Top 10 Quirky Video Game Deaths 06/20/17
The Top 10 Mobile Games That Handle Microtransactions Right 06/19/17
The Top 10 Best Non-Recurring Mortal Kombat Characters (minor Spoilers) 06/14/17
The Top 10 Games With The Most Realistic Swordplay On A Handheld 06/12/17
The Top 10 Second Screen For Video Game Hardware 06/05/17
The Top 10 Most Memorable Kirby Games (25th Anniversary) 06/02/17
The Top 10 Video Games Representing A Single Officially Licensed Car 05/22/17
The Top 10 Pinball Video Games Of The 1990s 05/17/17
The Top 10 Video Games Featuring Over 100 Licensed Cars 05/12/17
The Top 10 Spiky-haired Protagonists In Games 05/03/17
The Top 10 Games To Waste A Significant Amount Of Time On 05/01/17
The Top 10 Terrifying Video Game Covers 04/26/17
The Top 10 Dynasty Warrior Characters (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) 04/25/17
The Top 10 Stylish Action Games 04/24/17
The Top 10 Neptunia Games On PS Vita 04/21/17
The Top 10 Most Unexpected Events In Video Game History 04/19/17
The Top 10 Disappointing Sequels To Great Games: 2017 Edited Edition 04/18/17
The Top 10 Most Beautiful JRPG Ending Credits Themes 04/11/17
The Top 10 Bosses In The Dark Souls Series 04/10/17
The Top 10 Disc Based Consoles 04/07/17
The Top 10 Best Metroidvania Games (that Actually Are A Metroid Or Castlevania Game) 04/04/17
The Top 10 Action RPGS For Gaming-On-The-Go 03/31/17
The Top 10 Video Games Powered By The Build Engine 03/30/17
The Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games For Pretending It's Still 2007 03/27/17
The Top 10 Vita Racing Games 03/22/17
The Top 10 Hardest Secrets To Find In The Original DKC Trilogy (spoilers) 03/21/17
The Top 10 Unique Ways To Kill That Wouldn't Work In Real Life 03/20/17

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