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The Top 10 Games That Deserve A Remake/Remaster (Part 2 Of 2) 08/08/17
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The Top 10 Umbrella Users Of All Time. 08/01/17
The Top 10 Mobile Games That Aren't Cash Grabs 07/27/17
The Top 10 Overlooked Gems For Portable Systems 07/25/17
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The Top 10 Sega Franchises That Could Make Potential TV Shows Or Movies 07/24/17
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The Top 10 Game Controversies That Stirred Up Attention (not So Common Ones!) 07/19/17
The Top 10 Forgotten Games That Deserve A Remake/Remaster (Part 1 Of 2) 07/13/17
The Top 10 Videogame Stories That Involve Time Travel *SPOILERS* 07/12/17
The Top 10 Nintendo DS Games Spun-Off From Internet-Distributed Games 07/11/17
The Top 10 Games With Stories That Continue Outside Of The Game 06/30/17
The Top 10 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Games Printed On Non-Sega Cartridges 06/28/17
The Top 10 Party Member Which Later Quit Permanently And Become Enemies (Highly Spoilers) 06/27/17
The Top 10 Spin-Off Games In An Established Franchise 06/22/17
The Top 10 Quirky Video Game Deaths 06/20/17

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