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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CBaez

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood Walkthrough Ver. 1.2
    By Carlos Baez (Richter Belmont) 18/8/99 
    1. What is this Walkthrough?
    2. Information about the game
    3. Walkthrough 
    4. Bosses Strategies
    5. How to Contact me
    6. Item Crush and Weapons
    7. Special Thanks
    1. What is this Walkthrough?
    This Walkthrough tells you everything you need to do to rescue the hostages beat 
    the bosses and get along in this great game.
    This Walkthrough is designed for playing with Richter with Richter the game is 
    more challenging than Maria so enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Info about the game
    This game is one of the best castlevania game ever made it was release only in 
    Japan for the Super CD-ROM2 System and never ported to the U.S.
    3. Walkthrough 
    This section is divided in 13 sub-sections called Stage 0,1,2,2' and so 
    Stage 0
    Boss: Death 
    This stage is the prologue of the game here Death will come and attack after you 
    whip him a couple of times it will shoot you a large skull thing and after you 
    whip it or jump it or whatever he will say something and leave.
    Stage 1
    The Burning town of veros
    Boss: Wyvern
    Secret Boss: Serpent
    This is where the game really begins at first you will fight ape skeletons and 
    one skeleton I forgot the name of it I only know it also appear in symphony at 
    the middle of the stage you will find a wall and a door on the other side if you 
    break the wall you will find the secret way and fight the serpent if you choose 
    to go the normal way you will arrive at the gates of castlevania and fight the 
    Stage 2
    Entrance to Demon Castle
    Boss: Werewolf 
    This level is a recreation of the first level of the original castlevania so I 
    don't have to talk or type here is where Maria is being held near the mermen's 
    lair you need a key you will find it in the hellhound chase when the chase 
    starts the second candle has the key so you don't need to be whipping every 
    candle with that hellhound and the zombies up to you back.
    Stage 2'
    The lake bridge
    Boss: Bone Golem
    This stage is a bridge this level has many secrets the only thing you need to 
    know is where to drop down but don't worry I will tell you exactly where to drop 
    down and you won't have a problem.
    In the first part is straight forward so when you reach the second part the 
    bridge sometimes collapses in the first part it collapses if you drop down there 
    will be a ferryman (yes the same one as symphony) will take you right to stage 
    3' but the mermen are a pain in the *** will try to make harder your way but if 
    you want to go and fight the boss of this stage in a place where there's a bone 
    bridge after that in the first hole you drop and then you fight a armor lord and 
    go right to fight the bone golem.
    Stage 3
    The Chapel
    Boss: Minotaurus
    Well this stage reminds me of symphony the royal chapel well this place is a 
    disgrace to its name it has become a devil's chapel well this stage is 
    straightforward so good luck.
    Stage 3'
    The Cemetery
    Boss: Dogether
    This stage is like its name says the cemetery here is where the men that Dracula 
    has killed are being keep here in the beginning of the stage you will find a 3 
    eyed monster just whip out every eye and he's done for tera is hidden somewhere 
    finally I have found where tera is bieng held in the first part of the stage 
    there's a door and below is a wall break the wall in order of up to down and 
    then go down the ladder that is indicated with a red piece of wood when you get 
    to a place with maceballs swigging if you whip the chain of it it will drop if 
    you whip the one in the middle it will break the floor below and give you access 
    to the dogether the boss of this secret stage if not you will fight the 
    Stage 4
    The inner halls of Castlevania
    Boss: Dullaron
    This stage is very hard until you get used to it this stage has nasty traps and 
    enemies and that not all here there's nasty traps this stage has no secrets 
    (that I know) is pretty Straightforward so I only have one thing to say Good 
    Stage 4'
    The mountain range
    Boss: Carmilla
    This stage is pretty short if you go the right way if not you will find it 
    pretty long and hard here is where iris is being to rescue her in the second 
    part of the stage there's 3 frog statues just whip the first and the last one 
    and a path will open for you then you can go down to a mermen's lair and there's 
    her cell.
    When you got past the first section catch a raft so you go the right way
    Stage 5
    The ghost ship
    Boss: Death 
    This stage is hard is frustrating is wonderful at last a stage that has give me 
    real problem this stage is pretty straightforward there not major secrets and 
    nothing special just a pain in the *** flea riders and Death one of the most 
    hard bosses in the entire game.
    Stage 5'
    The hidden docks
    Boss: None
    This level is hard to get access to it because you only can access it only after 
    you have beaten the game only only and this level although it doesn't have a 
    boss it is really hard but is pretty forward and there's no secret to uncover.
    Stage 6
    The Guardians
    Bosses: Bat,Medusa,
    Mommy man, Frankestein,
    This stage looks hard but when you get the pattern of attacks of every boss is 
    pretty easy and shaft could'nt be easier. The only problem is by the time you 
    have killed the other 4 bosses you are almost dead but thanks that Konami to it 
    this way you don't have to fight the 4 bosses again just shaft.
    Stage 7
    The Clock Tower
    Boss: Shaft's Ghost
    This level is the same hear me the SAME as in playstation even the enemies are 
    the same (altrhruogh there's has to be atleast one difference) here is where 
    Annette is being held at first you will walk into a crumbling bridge then you 
    enter the tower on top of the first screen there's a gear and a door whip it 
    until it drop and the door opens theirs is a hawk guarding the key needed to 
    free Annette so kill the hawk and take the key then you will reach a screen with 
    the @#@$ hawk women they are as in symphony so kill them as quick as you can if 
    not they will kill you on the next screen there's Annette's cell go there and 
    free her then go all the way up and you will reach another familiar area (hey 
    what area in this stage isn't familiar) and here are this guys with enormous 
    sword when they swing and hit you send you across the screen then after this you 
    will reach a room before the boss the most (if you don't know how to fight it) 
    difficult boss in the entire game shaft's ghost. 
    Final Stage
    The Rondo of Blood
    Boss: Dracula
    This is the final stage and the first of Symphony you may be asking why I don't 
    put the translated name of the stage like the one in symphony because the same 
    kanji in the box of the game are the same in the name in this stage so well in 
    this stage there's a secret stair just like symphony just a little bit different 
    besides that is the final showdown with Dracula so Good Luck!!!!!!
    4. Bosses Strategies
    Stage 0: Death 
    Just whip him until he leaves this boss doesn't much effort.
    Stage 1: Wyvern
    Well this boss is rather easy just pick up the axe and axe him to death but go 
    crazy and start doing the item crush it doesn't do much damage and take 10 
    Stage 1': Serpent
    This boss is hell but I have found a trick so don't worry just pick up the cross 
    and get sure you have atleast 15 hearts or 30 is recommended when it starts 
    jumping around the screen, it will come and fire you some water here's your 
    chance do the item crush if you do it correctly you should take more than half 
    of its energy bar ehh pretty cool if you have enough hearts to do it again then 
    wait again when it fires the water and the serpent will be done for.
    Stage 2: Werewolf
    This boss is nasty keep your distance at all times when he does the ball attack 
    surprise him with a whip the recommended weapons for this boss are the holy 
    water and the cross.
    Stage 2': Bone Golem
    This boss looks nasty remember it only looks nasty but is pretty easy grab the 
    cross (with the cross I have beaten all the bosses in this game except for the 
    wyvern and dullah) this boss has 3 forms the first whip it in the head then the 
    second is a flying skeleton do the item crush then the 3rd form looks very 
    familiar to the big globe of people of symphony just smaller.
    Stage 3: Minotaur
    This boss is like the werewolf just keep your distance when he attack beware of 
    his breath he haven't brush for a week :) well his breath can turn you into 
    stone but after that is easy.
    Stage 3': Dogether
    This boss can't get any easier because you only need the cross and 30 hearts do 
    the item crush 2 times and it's history man.
    Stage 4: Dullahah 
    Ahh another nasty boss watch his head because it can curse you this boss has a 
    variety of attacks all of then nastier of any of the werewolf so keep your 
    distance and when you get a chance whip him as much as you can.
    Stage 4': Carmilla
    This boss is eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy just whip the 
    flying skull 'til it dies then whip the woman a couple of times and its over 
    Stage 5: Death
    This time Death will no go easy on you no my friend this boss in its first form 
    is somewhat easy but when you reach his energy to half it will go to the 
    background and shoot skulls at you when you evade all the skulls he transform 
    into the nastiest boss ever this time death has his axe and when swing and hits 
    its homerun man keep you distance at all times when he dies you will see a funny 
    death sequence.
    Stage 6: Bat, Medusa, Mummy, Frankenstein, Shaft
    Well this stage is rather hard but for me is pretty easy just grab the cross and 
    follow my instructions.
    The bat 
    This bat the only thing you have to do here is just whip like there's no 
    tomorrow but be sure to be whipping it ok.
    Ahhh this one is more easy just crounch and whip her when you see that her tail 
    is moving quickly get far and repeat this procces you should kill her with less 
    than 2 hits.
    Mummy man
    Same as the medusa just when he calls the blocks use the item crush so you as 
    the same time you do damage you don't have to worry about jumping the blocks
    This boss act like the one in castlevania 3 just it fires a lightning bolt but 
    that is the only difference
    This boss couldn't be easier just whip him every time you can and avoid the 
    green globes at all times specially the ones that are lightning.
    Stage 7: Shaft Ghost
    This boss is nasty if you don't know how to act but always try that he doesn't 
    calls the flying skeleton always try that he calls the hellhound its much easier 
    to evade and evade the bats in this room.
    Final Stage: Dracula
    This fight is just like the one in symphony of the night so you know what you 
    have to do ahh the blue demon that Dracula turns into it cannot be hit anywhere 
    its have to be in the head. Good Luck!!!!!!!
    5. How to contact me
    If you have any questions or comments fell free to mail me to 
    kakarotto23@hotmail.com please put as the subject "Dracula X Question" or 
    anything or just "Dracula X" ok if not your message will be deleted.
    6. Item Crush and Weapons
    Richter's weapons
    Axe -1 heart
    This weapon is great it does great damage and for aerial foes is a must have 
    Item Crush 10 hearts
    The item crust of this weapon is a great number of axes rotating Richter that 
    expand to the end of the screen.
    Knife - 1 heart
    This weapon is fast but pretty weak stay away from this at all cost
    Item Crush 10 hearts 
    Richter creates a solid stream of knives for about 5 seconds or so the damage 
    inflicted its not so great.
    Cross or boomerang - 1 heart
    This is my weapon of choice it does medium damage and its item crush is the one 
    that most damage inflicts.
    Item Crush 15 hearts
    This is like symphony but instead of the crucifix be flying in around you they 
    fly trough the screen.
    Holy water - 1 heart
    This weapon its another of my favorites it is thrown in the ground and the fires 
    goes the direction that you are facing in that moment.
    Item Crush 20 hearts
    The item crush of this weapon is the hydro storm of symphony the difference is 
    that in symphony it does a paramount damage here doesn't do much damage.
    The Bible - 3 hearts
    Ahh another item only found in symphony the only difference is that here the 
    bible moves in spiral trough the end of the screen.
    Item Crush 10 hearts
    This item crush is one of the most weaker in the entire game so the weapon is 
    great but never waste your 10 hearts doing the item crush.
    The pocket Watch - 5 hearts
    This weapon only slowdown not stopping just slowdown the movements of the 
    enemies on the screen and there's enemies that doesn't affect so stay away from 
    this one.
    Item Crush 25 hearts
    Besides to be the weapon that more hearts waste its has the most short item 
    crush it only does a shield of time protecting Richter nothing more. 
    Maria's Weapons
    Under Construction remember I haven't played the game with Maria yet.
    7. Special Thanks
    1. Konami for making such a kick ass game
    2. Harry Tuttle for making the Dracula X copy project it's a shame that Konami 
    3. Parallax for burning me the CD 
    4. GameFAQs for posting it 
    5. Anyone reading this Walkthrough
    One last note: If you have problems burning the CD or you want to get this 
    wonderful game go to SJoS Dracula X Faq its great it tells you everything you 
    need to know about burning the game yourself the address is 
    This Walkthrough Copyright 1999 Carlos Baez Dracula X: The Rondo of blood and 
    others characters are Copyright Konami of Japan 1986-1993

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