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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BCantin

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    Dragon Slayer Guide
    (Turbo Duo / TG+CD)
    North American version
    *** BEST viewed with a monospaced font, such as COURIER ***
    Version 1.0  October 2000
    Barry W. Cantin  (bcantin@NOSPAMaol.com)
                -or- (kerplunk33@NOSPAMaol.com) (get rid of the "NOSPAM" to reply)
    This guide started as a walkthrough for the terrific Falcom RPG, Dragon
    Slayer.  Dragon Slayer was one of the very first CD-based RPGs I ever played,
    and it still stands out as a terrific game when compared to today's offerings.
    It's fairly easy as far as RPGs go, and a lot of fun.  I recently decided to
    replay the game (it's been about four years) and was surprised that I couldn't
    find any kind of a FAQ or walkthrough for Dragon Slayer, so I decided to write
    one myself.  This is the result.
    The vast majority of this Guide is the walkthrough.  I wanted to completely
    include the plotline, and that led to a LOT of additional writing.  This might
    be useful also to someone who's played through a part, but didn't understand
    part of the storyline in that part.
    I will update this guide at some point in the future.  Since I have several
    other documents that I try to maintain (including the Sega Genesis FAQ, Sega
    CD FAQ, Defenders of Oasis Guide, and the TG/Duo/PC Engine GAMESAVE FAQ) there
    will not be many updates to this guide.  I will try to be as complete as
    possible with this version to limit any future updates.  The latest version of
    this guide can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.  There are a few tables I
    still need to update, and I've included a note "TBD" to indicate that these
    will make their way into the next version of the FAQ.
    There are several occasions during the game where the story is automatically
    advanced.  Sometimes the hero's actions are not controlled by the player but
    instead are programmed in.  I don't always indicate when this happens, but I
    stick as closely (and accurately) to the plot as possible.
    I am writing this in the hope that it will be of some help to Dragon Slayer
    fans.  Everything I know about the game is in this document.  If there is a
    question that you have that isn't covered here, then I probably won't be able
    to answer it via E-mail.  I don't plan to make but one or two updates to this
    Guide in the future, and that's only if I play the game again (which I
    probably will in a few years).  If you read this FAQ, then you know everything
    I ever knew...
    Table of Contents
    1.  Walkthrough
    2.  Monster List
    3.  Items
    4.  Weapons and Armor
    5.  Spells
    6.  Level Advancement
    7.  Saving Your Game
    8.  Miscellaneous
    1.  WALKTHROUGH                                                             *
    WARNING:  Please do not read through this section if you do not want any of
    the plot spoiled for you!  In order to accurately describe the events that
    take place, I have to lay out most of the plot in this section.  As is the
    case with many RPGs, certain events must take place to "trigger" the plot
    advancement.  I do not single out these events as "triggers", but they are all
    fully described here.  I would not recommend reading through this section
    unless you are ABSOLUTELY STUCK.  And even then, try one more time to solve it
    yourself.  You'll get a LOT more out of the game that way.
    When you start a new game, you are introduced to the cast of characters.  A
    nice feature, but if you wish to skip this just press <RUN>.
    ***********************  Chapter 1   The Uprising  ***********************
    The game starts in the town of Exile, with the hero - Prince Logan - awakened
    for his daily lessons.  His teacher, Elias, tells him the importance of a good
    education and leaves to gather the books for the day's work.  As soon as he
    leaves, Logan can move around freely.  Sneak out of the room and explore the
    town.  Talk to EVERYONE.  When you've done this, go to the bottom (south) end
    of town, to the exit.  Try to leave - the guards stop you, Elias' orders.
    Logan "gives up" and goes to see his friend, Fergus - who created a nice
    little secret door out back.
    Go outside and explore the countryside.  There will be easy battles, with
    Greenslimes.  Do not go into the cave to the north (Who Cave) unless you want
    to get beaten badly; Logan is not equipped for the Kowls (birds) that are
    waiting there.  At this point in the game, Logan is only equipped with a
    Dagger and Tunic - rudimentary items that are only good for killing off
    Greenslimes.  If you kill 20 of these, Logan will advance to become a Level 2
    character.  This greatly increases his HPs and MPs, and it's not a bad idea to
    do this before going back to Exile.
    Go back to the town (enter from the bottom); Elias is waiting there for you.
    After some studies, Logan goes to bed to rest.  He is soon awakened by Elias;
    it seems that a swarm of monsters has descended upon Exile and Elias wants to
    get Logan to safety.  Logan is (automatically) equipped with the Royal Blade,
    Royal Armor, and Royal Plate - a tremendous improvement over the dagger and
    tunic previously used.  Elias sneaks Logan out a back door and informs him to
    get to the town of Sylvan.  After some arguing, Logan proceeds to Who Cave.
    At the cave, first use something from your ITEM inventory -- a torch.  This
    greatly increases the area of visibility around Logan.  There are five flocks
    of Kowls in the cave, and they're much easier to deal with now that Logan is
    fully equipped with good items.  Get them all for EPs and gold.  Also, look
    for the chest near the top of the cave - there's a healing herb in it.
    Proceed to the top of the cave, and out the exit.  If you remain in the cave
    too long, the torch will start to dim and the radius of visibility around
    Logan will start to decrease.  (Excluding battle time, this is about two
    minutes)  When you exit the cave, go west and into Sylvan Castle.  As soon as
    Logan talks to the guards, he is immediately arrested and brought to the room
    where Baron Drax is waiting.  After Drax reveals his evil plans and a bit of
    history on what happened to Logan's father, he orders Logan to be brought to
    the dungeon prison.
    While there, wait 10-15 seconds and Ethan will arrive to rescue you.  He joins
    the party and gives Logan a knife, since all the Royal equipment was taken
    away when Logan was tossed in the cell.  Next, sneak out via the northernmost
    exit - you cannot talk to any of the prisoners.  As you leave, you're in the
    TOWN of Sylvan.  You're instructed to go EAST to the town of Revere, which is
    where the Resistance HQ is located.
    There are a couple things to do while still in Sylvan.  First, go down into
    the castle and in one of the left (west) rooms you'll see an old man.  Go talk
    to him, he can provide Logan with some basic spells (see below).  Also, there
    are two shops and an equipment store in Sylvan; although they are closed right
    now due to the coronation, if you speak with the owner of the southeast store,
    he will secretly give you a DETOXIN (poison antidote), that may be useful on
    your journey to Revere.
    ***  Shop 1 (northernmost)                ***  Shop 2 (southernmost)
    --------------------------                --------------------------
    Herb               50                     Seeker Eye         10
    Detoxin             5
    ***  No INN
    ***  Magic                                ***  Weapons / Armor
    ---------------                           --------------------
    Flame1     5 MP                           Dagger           100
    Shock1     3 MP                           Short Sword      200
    Ice1       4 MP                           Vest             200
    Cure1     10 MP                           Breast Plate     350
    Detox1     5 MP                           Buckler          150
    Venom1    10 MP
    You'll be able to shop at these stores soon enough, now it's on to Revere.
    Leave Sylvan via the NORTH entrance, then go east.  Revere is almost all the
    way to the coast.  When you arrive, go straight up into Priest Mackenzie's
    chapel.  You'll learn about the Resistance movement here, and downstairs
    you'll get to meet Aryn (Elias' brother) and Sonia.  The party can rest here
    for free.  In the northwest corner of the town, you'll find Markus - a Level 7
    spellcaster.  He will join the party when Logan reaches Level 6.
    ***  Shop                             ***  INN:  Resistance Hideout (free)
    Herb           50
    Detoxin         5
    It's time to build up the party's strength.  If there is enough money, you can
    now go back to the Sylvan weapon shop and buy Logan a few things: a short
    sword, breast plate and a buckler.  Go to the southernmost item store and buy
    some Seeker Eyes.  They will come in VERY handy later on in the game, when
    you're trying to figure out how to navigate to the next town.  Earn more money
    and experience by defeating monsters in and near Sylvan.  Remember to heal up
    using the CURE spell (both Logan and Ethan know this spell, but it takes 10 MP
    to cast) when HPs get low.  Return to the Resistance Hideout to recharge HPs
    and MPs.  When Logan reaches Level 6, Markus will literally come running to
    you - in Revere - to join the party.  He's a good person to have around,
    because very soon his FLAME2 spell will come in VERY handy!  If you get enough
    cash, buy a Breast Plate for Ethan and Markus, who are both equipped with the
    less protective Vest.  Remember to sell all the equipment that is no longer
    used.  This frees up space in your inventory, and provides you with additional
    money for more items.
    The monsters tend to increase in difficulty as Logan's level advances -
    sometimes it's the same monsters but in larger numbers.  Remember to
    strategically attack one monster at a time, and when selecting WHICH monster
    to attack, it's wise to choose one that hasn't recently attacked.  This will
    help reduce the total number of attacks on your party.
    Back at the Resistance Hideout, the party learns about a cave-in at The Pits,
    a mining town to the west.  The miners there are slaves, working for Drax.
    They would be likely Resistance members, so a mission to free them is planned.
    Only problem is the Commander, who is a Level 11 fighter.
    Here's a bit of a shortcut.  Get the three characters to Level 9 (or higher)
    by fighting the monsters around Sylvan and Revere.  This includes Crawlers,
    Kowls, and Blue Jellies.  If you want to go towards The Pits, you can face off
    against some Wildkats for even more EPs and gold.  You'll need that gold
    pretty badly - and very soon.  Once everyone reaches Level 9, then go PAST The
    Pits to the south, around the mountains, and then west and back up north along
    the coast.  There is a town to the north, NIGEL.  Get there by avoiding
    battles (run every time).  Once in Nigel, go to the western side of the town
    to the weapons dealer.
    ***  Shop
    Herb           50
    Detoxin         5
    ***  INN:  Shiny Anchor Inn  (10 GP/night before Drax defeat; free after)
    ***  Magic                                ***  Weapons / Armor
    ---------------                           --------------------
    Leech1    20 MP                           Wolf Sword       500
    Slow1     20 MP                           Wolf Armor       500
    Power1    15 MP                           Wolf Shield      400
    Cure1     15 MP
    Detox1    15 MP
    Buy the Wolf equipment as you can afford it.  If you're brave enough, you may
    want to try a few battles near Nigel.  But the monsters are pretty tough,
    ESPECIALLY the Prowlers.  Avoid these completely until everyone is fully
    equipped with the Wolf equipment, and perhaps Level 10 or above.
    When the party members are at Level 10 and are fully equipped with the Wolf
    equipment, go to The Pits.  You will be allowed in to "help your friends that
    were injured by the cave-in", but go straight to the Commander's building
    instead (heal everyone up first, use Ethan and Logan to do the healing).  This
    is also a good place to save your game.  The Commander's building is the
    central one.  He is a tough fighter, often gets two attacks in at a time - and
    the first thing he does is to cast a CALM spell, which eliminates all spells
    during combat.  If Markus gets a turn before the Commander, have him cast
    "Flame3" to reduce the Commander's health by about 100 HPs.  Fight the
    Commander with all three party members until the Commander is wiped out.
    Then, Logan goes to the mines at the back of the city and frees the miners.
    They all join the Resistance, and head for Revere.  At this point, Giles joins
    the party.  He's a level 10 fighter who is already equipped with all the Wolf
    Return to Revere and go to the Resistance Hideout.  The party rests up and the
    next day, the assault on Sylvan Castle takes place!  Follow the troops to
    Sylvan, go down toward the castle, and find the room with four doors and a
    stairway in the middle.  This is the way to Drax' quarters.  Go up the stairs.
    The party will be greeted by five pairs of Sentinels.  The Sentinels don't
    take too much damage per hit, so let Markus cast Flame2 on one while the other
    three attack the remaining Sentinel.  Once you finish off these five Sentinel
    pairs, you'll find Drax at the top of the room flanked by six guards (Sentinel
    pairs) and a commander.  Pick the one all the way to the left, and fight the
    Sentinel pair there.  After this, the Commander steps in - he's identical to
    the Commander the party just defeated in the Pits, but easier to defeat with
    FOUR fighters as opposed to three.  When this is done, Drax bids Logan
    farewell and makes his escape to the left of the room.  QUICKLY run into some
    of the Sentinels - they're good practice and the party can use the gold and
    EPs.  If you don't force them into a fight, they will follow Drax onto the
    boat waiting outside.
    With Drax gone, Farlayne is free and each party member receives 250 EPs.
    *************************  Chapter 2   The Chase  ***************************
    Logan is reunited (temporarily) with his mother, Queen Sylvia.  He informs her
    of his decision to pursue Drax.  Talk to the Queen until she gives Logan the
    DOOM'S TEAR pendant.  You are also informed by one of the guards that there is
    a shady dealer of arms in Nigel that would be worth a look.
    Now that Farlayne is free, The Pits has returned to its normal town status and
    has a couple shops of note.
    The Pits
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Short Sword      200
    Detoxin         5                         Breastplate      350
                                              Buckler          150
    Go to Nigel.  Note that there are no monster battles along the way; when Drax
    was defeated they were eliminated too.  At the north edge of the town you'll
    find the shady trader.  To get to him, go along the left walkway up to the
    top.  There is an exit to the grass leading off to the right, near the upper
    edge of the walkway.  Take that and walk to the right; you'll see the shady
    trader dressed in a robe standing at the top of a gray square.  Talk to him -
    he mutters something under his breath about how much he can scam from Logan.
    He lists weapons, but most - if not all - are VERY expensive.  If by chance
    there is one weapon that you can afford, try to buy it.  He will tell you that
    he just sold it to Drax, and that he is headed for the western continent.
    This is where the next part of the story takes you.
    Talk to everyone.  The ship's captain tells you that Drax and his troops
    splintered his mast, and that it'll take a day to repair.  So, might as well
    wait it out by resting up at the INN.  The next day, go back the ship at the
    western edge of town, and you get a free ride to Wyngard, the western
    The ship arrives at Port Erik.  You can upgrade your weapons and armor here,
    and buy supplies if needed.
    Port Erik
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Lion Lance      1000
    Torch           5                         Chain Mail      1000
    Warp Quill    100
    ***  INN:  William's House (only after Billy is rescued; free)
    Upgrade everybody to the Lion Lance and Chain Mail as soon as possible.  It's
    a good idea to leave the town and fight some of the neighborhood monsters to
    build up the GPs and everyone's EPs.  As always when entering a new town, talk
    to EVERYONE.  You'll meet William in the house near the south edge of Port
    Erik; he's upset because his son Billy was kidnapped and taken to Red Cave in
    the west.  Of course, you want to help him out - so, when the party is fully
    equipped as suggested above - go to Red Cave and seek out Billy's captor.
    First - make sure that you have at least two torches.  You can buy these at
    the shop.
    Before you go all the way to Red Cave, though, take a detour to the north.
    About 3/4 of the way to Red Cave, head north to the Elder Hut.  Inside is an
    old man and his wife.  The old man has a number of war spells that he offers
    to you, if you can beat him at a game of "colored stones".  The game is
    OTHELLO, and if you don't know how to play it - or if you're not very good at
    it - don't worry, the man gives you the spells even if you lose.  And if you
    win, the spell list is exactly the same.  It's just a little side-game that
    the programmers decided to build in.  A nice touch, although if you finish
    with him and go back to get another spell, you have to play him again.  A bit
    of a pain, but worth it.  Here's the spell list he offers (all free):
    Elder Hut
    ***  Magic
    Flame2    12 MP
    Shock2     7 MP
    Ice2      10 MP
    Waste1    10 MP
    Psyco1     0 MP
    Slow2     50 MP
    Remember, the MPs indicate how many Magic Points are needed to cast each
    spell.  Give the ICE2 spell to at least two of the party members, it will be
    VERY useful at Red Cave.  Finish up and then go back south and a little
    further west, to Red Cave.
    Upon entering the cave, light two torches immediately - they will last longer.
    Use a Seeker Eye to get a map of the cave.  There are three locations of
    interest here - the left treasure chest, the right treasure chest, and the
    Boss in the center top.  There are four (fixed) sets of IMPs in the cave,
    fight them all - but be careful not to let them put the entire party to sleep
    because they will be poisoned until they faint.  (See description in the
    Monster List)  Concentrate on one IMP at a time - each time you kill one makes
    the battle move much quicker in your favor.  And don't hesitate to use RESTART
    BATTLE if you fail once; if your party is well-equipped as recommended, you
    should be able to get all four groups.  There are also STINGERs roaming the
    halls of the cave.  To the left is a passage leading to a chest containing the
    Lion Shield, and to the right is a passage leading to a chest containing the
    Sun Wand.  Get them both, and proceed to the center to fight the boss of Red
    Cave - the GAR MASTER.  You see Billy right next to him, safe and sound.  The
    GAR MASTER is not difficult to kill - just hit him repeatedly with ICE2 spells
    as much as possible.  When he is defeated, Billy thanks you and runs home.
    Now, when you return to Port Erik, you can stay at William's house for free,
    to rest and recharge MPs and HPs.
    The first night that you stay at William's house, a fight will erupt between
    the party members.  Some of the money is missing, and Markus quickly blames
    Giles, whom he didn't like anyway.  Giles gets upset and leaves the party; so,
    for now it's down to three members.
    Next, you'll have to head out for Fort Muir and the rest of the continent.  To
    get to Fort Muir, use a Seeker Eye to help find the route you'll have to take.
    It's toward the south - start from Port Erik and head west, toward Red Cave.
    Then head south through the break in the mountains, and keep heading south
    over the bridge and until you cannot go any further.  You will see a tower to
    the east along the way - the party will be headed there soon enough, but for
    now, find Fort Muir.  When you've gone about as far south as you can, head
    back to the east.  Fort Muir is on the easternmost tip of the land you're on,
    so head east until you see it.
    When you enter Fort Muir, you'll be greeted by four groups of IMPs.  There
    IMPs seem to be tougher than the IMPs fought earlier; be sure to fight one at
    a time (instead of spreading out the attacks) to knock them out as quickly as
    possible.  When the four groups of IMPs have been eliminated, Fort Muir is
    saved from the menace and the party receives 500 EPs apiece.  You can now
    enter Fort Muir and have a look around.
    Fort Muir
    ***  INN:  Soldier's hut (free)
    There is also an empty shop here - this will play an important part in the
    story very soon.
    After talking to everyone, you'll learn about the monster attacks on the other
    nearby villages and also about the CALM spell, that another adventurer
    (Daniel) thinks is up in Wyn Tower - which we saw on the trip down from Port
    Erik.  It's worth investigating, so once the party is rested up, head east
    then north for the tower.
    Along the way is a cottage, "Greyoaks"; the resident is an old spellcaster who
    is willing to share his spells with you for free, and no "silly games"
    necessary.  Here's the list of what he has:
    ***  Magic
    Cure2     25 MP
    Warp1     50 MP
    Power2    37 MP
    Guard2    37 MP
    Haste2    37 MP
    The tower can be found by going west, through the opening in the mountains.
    Go inside - the tower is populated by Gremlins, always in groups of three.
    They are best killed with physical attacks; magical attacks are not as
    effective.  Also, if one is injured and has less than 210 HPs remaining, it
    will escape and MAY return to fight, but with 210 HPs.  Make your way up to
    the fourth level of the tower.  There are two paths up, one is a dead end.
    It's a short one, though, so if you reach the dead end just make your way back
    down and go up the other way.  On the fourth level there is a doorway that is
    sealed shut, and there is a single keyhole.  The party cannot open the door
    just yet.  There isn't much else to do here, so leave the tower and go back to
    Fort Muir.
    One of the soldiers at the Fort tells you about Grimwulf, a town to the west.
    Head for Grimwulf.  The party should be near Level 14 by this time; if not,
    you should build them up by fighting the nearby monsters and resting up at the
    To get to Grimwulf, plan your route with the aid of a Seeker Eye.  Head south
    from Fort Muir, and then west along the coast.  Cross a bridge and then south
    a bit more, and you'll see Grimwulf near the southernmost piece of land.  Go
    on in, and stock up on supplies and improve your weapons and armor.
    ***  Shop (east)                          ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Lion Blade      2000
    Torch           5                         Iron Lance      4000
    Warp Quill    100                         Lion Armor      2500
                                              Lion Shield     1200
    ***  Shop (west)  (*)
    Tele-lens     200
    ***  INN: Mayor's Residence (free) (*)
    (*)  The west shop and the Mayor's Residence are available only after Drax has
    been defeated and leaves
    That's a bit of a spoiler; initially there is no sign of Drax or his minions
    in Grimwulf.  Talk to everyone, especially the Mayor in the big house to the
    back (north) of the town - he'll also tell you about the CALM spell in Wyn
    Tower.  Get the Iron Lance, Lion Armor, and Lion Shield for all three party
    members as soon as you can afford it.  Fight nearby monsters to drum up some
    cash to do it if necessary.  You can't rest anyplace in Grimwulf just yet, so
    use herbs to heal up when necessary.  When the party is fully equipped as
    recommended, return to Fort Muir to rest and recharge.  As you try to leave
    the Fort, Apollo runs up and begs the soldiers there to help fight the
    monsters that have just descended upon Grimwulf.  Sounds like a job for
    When the party returns to Grimwulf they see some IMPs running all over the
    town, wreaking havoc and chasing the residents.  Fight them all - there are
    four groups of three.  Then go to the Mayor's residence, where a Sentinel
    guards the doorway.  Defeat him (get the GLAIVE this time only) and you see
    Drax sitting at the back of the room.  Words are exchanged, and the battle
    ensues.  Sorry - there's no way to beat him this round.  You can get a few
    hits on him by using MAGIC - he dodges out of the way of all physical attacks.
    He's too powerful and casts COMA4 on each of the party members.  This renders
    them unconscious.
    The party wakes up at the soldier's hut in Fort Muir; they were brought there
    by a stranger in a black cape.  Rest up and heal completely, then go to the
    shop that was empty when you were there before.  Darwin the Trader is inside
    (last time we saw him, he was being chased by some IMPs at Grimwulf) and is
    now in the business of making keys.  He can make a key for the door inside Wyn
    Tower, but the party must first use some clay (which Darwin gives them) to
    make a mold of the lock.
    Head up to the tower and go up to the door.  Do it a second time, just to be
    sure - thus two molds are created.  Return to Fort Muir and see Darwin.  Since
    it'll take a day, rest up at the soldier's hut until morning.  During the
    night Ethan notices that Markus has left the party, and they discover that he
    has stolen the Doom's Tear pendant!  When they check with Darwin, they find
    that Markus has already been there and has the key.  So, head back to the
    When Logan and Ethan get to the doorway, it's opened - and Daniel is there.
    The stone tablet in the room appeared to have the CALM spell on it but a piece
    was chipped away to render it useless.  Obviously, Markus has sabotaged it...
    Giles appears with the missing chip, and rejoins the party!  Have all three
    party members learn CALM, you'll want to cast it at the very first
    opportunity.  (note - if you de-equipped GILES before he left, and sold his
    equipment, you'll have to re-equip him now...)  The first battle that Giles
    fights will likely see him level up very quickly, several levels after one
    battle.  This is evidently the way that the game's designers keep him on an
    equal level with Logan and Ethan, who have been doing a lot of fighting in his
    Return to Grimwulf and fight the six groups of IMPs that have returned.  Fight
    the Sentinel at the doorway to the Mayor's house (no GLAIVE this time,
    unfortunately) and face Drax again.  The FIRST thing you do during the battle
    is - cast the CALM spell.  Drax immediately chickens out once he realizes his
    special spell is useless, and leaves.  Once he's gone, go to the bookcase
    along the left side of the back wall and move it to the side (to reveal the
    hidden doorway to the back rear room).  Move the table aside to reveal a
    staircase to the basement.  Down there you'll find the residents of Grimwulf,
    who are elated to be free of Drax and the monsters.  You'll also find Markus,
    who is injured.  He confesses to having worked for Drax as a spy, and giving
    him the Doom's Tear.  He explains how Drax went berserk when he got the
    pendant, and Markus apologizes and admits that he made a huge mistake.  The
    mayor will allow him to rest and recuperate at his house, and the party can
    also do the same - for free.
    Since the monsters are gone, the shops have re-opened.  Make sure to re-equip
    Giles at this time with the best equipment from the Armory (Iron Lance, Lion
    Armor, Lion Shield).  Also, check out the left (west) store, that was not open
    for business before the trouble started.  The owner ("Dealer Joe") sells Tele-
    lenses for 200 GPs apiece.  These are great; they let you see where the
    monsters are when you're outside, so that if you're looking to avoid battles
    you can.  (Also, if you're LOOKING for a fight to gain cash or experience,
    they help speed up the process)  Make sure that everyone in the party is fully
    equipped at this point, especially Giles - he hasn't been in the party for a
    while and hasn't been getting upgrades like everyone else.  The following
    equipment is recommended at this point:  IRON LANCE, LION ARMOR, LION SHIELD.
    (If you're really short on cash, you can find an IRON LANCE in a chest pretty
    Outside this area the party will encounter GAR, HUNTERS, IMPS, and SENTINELS.
    If the party encounters a SENTINEL, make sure Ethan's HPs are comfortably
    high.  Oddly, the SENTINEL seems to concentrate his attacks on Ethan; so don't
    let him get too low.
    Talk to all the villagers in Grimwulf.  One of them tells you about Cave Krys.
    It is STRONGLY recommended that you check this cave out before proceeding to
    Rokberg, because there are a few nice items that will help you in the near
    future.  To get to Krys Cave, head west from Grimwulf and north over the
    bridge.  Stay close to the mountain range to the east and head north; you will
    see the cave entrance ahead.  There are lots of SHELSHOKs in the area; best
    defeat these with magic since they are pretty resistant to physical attacks.
    Cast VENOM on these - it's a slow process, but MUCH quicker than anything
    else... and doesn't use as many MPs as a series of magic attacks would.  It
    takes seven rounds per Shelshok to paralyze and kill them.
    Krys Cave is infested with Beholders.  It is recommended that all party
    members be at least Level 19 before proceeding (16,275 EPs or higher).  There
    are several treasures in the two-level cave that will be very useful.  The
    first level has three chests; the first two contain an IRON LANCE and IRON
    ARMOR.  Remember to equip as soon as you find these; if all party members
    already have the IRON LANCE, this one will be good to re-sell and get more
    cash.  Always best to equip the party member with the lowest HPs with the best
    At the far right end of the 1st level is a locked door.  Giles is able to pick
    it and there is a single chest with the SEEKER ORB inside.  This is a VERY
    useful tool - it gives you a map of the immediate area (inside a cave, inside
    a village, or outside) and you can use it as many times as you like.  Be sure
    to use it inside Krys Cave to help you see where the chests and stairs are.
    Also, when you get back to Grimwulf, sell off any Seeker Eyes that you might
    still have to make room in your inventory.  (BE CAREFUL - don't accidentally
    sell the Seeker Eye!  They'll buy it from you for 3500 GP, but you can never
    get it back and there are no others in the game...)
    Next, go downstairs.  Yes, the Beholders are down here too - fight or avoid
    them as you see fit.  There are three chests here, and Giles picks any locks
    you find.  Use the Seeker Orb to determine the layout of the level.  The left-
    most chest contains the Viper Ring, which is a great addition to your arsenal.
    This ring adds 100 attack points to the wearer!  My recommendation is that you
    give it to Giles, since he is the fastest party member and therefore can
    perform more high-level attacks than Ethan or Logan.  The other two treasures
    are Iron Armor (center) and the Iron Plate (right).  There is no boss in the
    cave, so when you've found everything and are tired of fighting Beholders,
    leave and go back to Grimwulf to rest and sell inventory items that you don't
    need.  (Great place to save the game, too)
    Next stop is Rokberg.  Head north then west as you did to get to Krys Cave,
    but instead of hugging the mountains to the east go a little further west.
    Use the Seeker Orb to help you locate Rokberg.  When you get there, you find
    that Rokberg wasn't besieged by bests as you'd heard in Grimwulf, but after
    talking to several of the townspeople you do realize that something weird is
    going on.  One fellow mentioned something about going to "eat some rocks", for
    Find Matthew (the Grimwulf mayor's brother).  He is in the upper left corner
    of town.  He tells you that he's fine but acted surprised when you showed up.
    Now go back to Grimwulf and let Mayor Walter know that Matthew is fine.  When
    you talk to the Mayor he mentions some deep scars on Matthew's left hand, and
    asks you to check for these to be SURE it's Matthew.  When the party returns
    to Matthew's house and asks to see his hand, he reveals his true identity - a
    GRANIT!  All the townspeople turn to GRANITs; it seems that Rokberg really WAS
    besieged by beasts!
    These Granits are VERY fast creatures and can run as fast as your party can.
    It will be very difficult to evade these guys due to their speed, and they are
    difficult to kill.  To kill off a Granit, hit it with physical attacks.  One
    reward you often get for defeating a Granit is the Herb, which is very useful
    here!  Head north as best you can, while evading as many Granits as you can.
    Heal in between battles if you have time; don't hesitate to use some of the
    Herbs acquired.  At the north end are two Granits guarding the castle gate.
    Defeat these two and go north and into the castle.  Fight the next pair at the
    next gate and go in.
    Inside the castle are even more Granits.  At the north end of the castle are
    stairs leading up and stairs leading down.  There is a Granit guarding each
    set of stairs; defeat them both.  If you try to go upstairs, you will be
    prevented by some mysterious force.  You can go downstairs, though - head on
    down.  There is a corridor down here that leads to a jail cell.  Fight the two
    or three Granits along the way and get to the jail cell.  Here, you'll find
    all the good people of Rokberg imprisoned, including King Rowan!  King Rowan
    in Logan's uncle and gives him some useful information.  STROM the Untamed is
    the boss of all the Granits, and is upstairs.  He has put some kind of force
    on the entrance that keeps all people (except the King) out, but permits the
    Granits to pass freely.  King Rowan asks you to seek out the advice of Arthur,
    who lives by the sea to the northeast.
    Leave Rokberg and head for Arthur's Sea Lodge.  Don't hesitate to use the
    Seeker Orb as much as you want; it'll help you find it.  To get there from
    Rokberg, Head south and then west to the coast.  Stay on the strip of land
    between the sea and the mountains and go north.  At the northernmost point of
    land is Sea Lodge - Arthur's home.  Go in and talk to him.  Arthur tells the
    party that they can get past the force field by un-equipping all armor and
    weapons... so, head back to Rokberg.  (If you feel that the party needs to
    rest and recuperate, take them back to Grimwulf and stay at the Mayor's
    mansion... Markus is still there, evidently nobody holds a grudge against him
    for what he did...)
    DO NOT UNEQUIP ANYTHING YET!  The party will die VERY quickly if they try to
    fight even a single Granit without full equipment.  Go back to Rokberg, evade
    as many Granits as you can and go back to the stairwells at the north end of
    the castle.  Go to the doorway by the stairs leading up.  Make sure that there
    are no Granits around when you do this next part.  Unequip everything from
    the party members (except Giles' Viper ring, which he can still wear).  To do
    this, go to the EQUIP menu option.  Select an item (e.g., IRON LANCE).  Trade
    it with a blank spot in the inventory to un-equip that item.  Note: your
    inventory may be full, so it's time to DROP or USE some items to make room.
    You will need nine empty slots in the inventory, because ALL party members
    will have to be fully unequipped to go upstairs.  When everyone is completely
    unequipped, go UP the stairs and once upstairs IMMEDIATELY re-equip the party
    with everything.  There are Granits waiting to greet you and you do NOT want
    to be caught without protection and weapons.
    Head for the Throne Room to the left.  To get inside you'll have to defeat two
    pairs of Granit guards.  After you do this, SAVE the game.  You're about to
    meet STROM.
    Walk north to confront Strom and Drax.  Strom is a fire-golem, and has
    powerful magic at his disposal.  Do NOT cast any fire spells on him!  They
    only replenish his lost HPs.  Use ONLY the ICE spell - he is weak to it.  If
    Strom gets below 500 HPs, he casts CURE3 and recovers everything... so the
    best plan is to get him to 500-600 HPs (ICE and physical attacks) and then
    cast the CALM spell.  For the remainder of the battle, it's physical attacks
    only!  Use HERBs to heal party members that are low.  If Giles has the Viper
    Ring equipped, he will get more high-level attacks on Strom and the battle
    shouldn't take too long.  After Strom is defeated, you exchange words with
    Drax, who runs away again.  What a coward.
    The party receives 1000 EP for defeating Strom and for cleansing the land of
    monsters.  Chapter 2 ends here.
    ***********************  Chapter 3   The Lost King  ************************
    King Rowan tells you that Darkheim Castle (in Norland) is under siege.  He
    provides you with a ship to cross to Norland.  Before leaving, talk to each
    one of the guards for more info.  Go to the Rokberg Armory to stock up on
    equipment.  There is also a Spellcaster in the castle, who will give you his
    spells.  Look for the old man in the left center.
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Iron Sword      6000
    Salts          50                         Iron Armor      5000
    Warp Quill    100                         Iron Plate      4000
    Warp Wing     500
    ***  Magic
    COMA1    100 MP
    MUTE1     10 MP
    SLEEP1     7 MP
    VENOM2    25 MP
    REVIVE1   10 MP
    As an aside, if you return to WOODHOME - you'll see that it's actually the
    home of DANIEL, the fellow who was looking for the CALM spell!  After some
    discussion with him and his parents, you can get the CURE3 spell; something
    VERY handy at this point in the game.  When you've got it, return to Rokberg.
    Talk to the REAL Matthew (same house as before), and then head back to
    Grimwulf to deliver the news to Mayor Walter.  (You'll notice that all the
    monsters are gone!)  He tells you that Markus left to take care of some
    business, but left behind the FLAME3 spell for the party members to use.
    Upgrade any FLAME1 or FLAME2 spells with this.  Also, buy a few Warp Quills;
    these allow the party to warp to any town or location they've already visited.
    This is VERY useful, when you have to go back and forth between distant
    locations, it can save a lot of time.
    Return to Rokberg Castle; on the left side is a ship waiting to take the party
    over to Port Nors.  The ship leaves and heads around the southern edge of
    Wyndgard, and docks at Fort Muir for supplies.  While here, Sonia (remember
    her from the Resistance HQ?) is waiting for you; she joins the party.  Sonia
    is a terrific spellcaster, and a welcome addition to the party.  She knows the
    CURE3 spell, which replaces 500 HP.
    The party then boards the ship again and it continues toward Port Nors.  Along
    the way, the ship encounters some pirates, who board and demand the party to
    surrender.  You're given the choice <YES/NO> but no matter how many times you
    say NO, they will only ask again.  Eventually you'll have to say YES in order
    for the story to continue...  They take the party aboard their ship and sail
    to the pirate hideout at Skullrock.  The pirates put the party in the brig and
    they wait there until Captain Morgan arrives to talk with them.  He recognizes
    Giles (surprise!) and the party is then treated MUCH better.  Talk to all the
    In the upper part of the room is a little game with a pirate in a barrel; it's
    basically a guessing game with no strategy or thinking involved.  If the
    pirate pops out when you stick the barrel, you lose - if it happens when your
    opponent sticks the barrel, you win.  You can gamble the prize for a more
    valuable one; here is a partial list of prizes:
              1 win:   DETOXIN
              2 wins:  TORCH
              3 wins:  TELE-LENS
              4 wins:  HERB
              5 wins:  WARP QUILL
              6 wins:  POTION
              7 wins:  MAGE FRUIT
    The pirates tell you to go to Red Pier, because Port Nors is overrun by
    monsters.  They give Logan access to a boat to Red Pier; take the stairs at
    the bottom of the screen and then walk left to the pier.  When you arrive at
    Red Pier, you are greeted by Simon, who lets you stay in his cabin to rest
    whenever you like.
    Red Pier
    ***  Shop
    Herb           50
    Mage Fruit   7000
    ***  INN: Simon's Cabin (free)
    Next stop is Vonheim, a town to the east of Red Pier.  To get there, go east
    along the south coast of the peninsula.  Use the Seeker Orb to help find your
    ***  Shop
    Herb           50
    Mage Fruit   7000
    There's not much in Vonheim (some chickens in a pen to the left).  Go to the
    Mayor's house (note the two guards in front).  Talk to the guards, who aren't
    the friendliest - and the party is then asked inside.  Seems that King Magnus
    is visiting the Mayor, and soon Ethan is recognized for his true identity:
    Evan, the King's brother!  The King asks his brother (Ethan/Evan) for help on
    a "Royal Mission" to cleanse Darkheim and Port Nors of the monsters that have
    infested these two towns.  Next stop, Port Nors.
    To get to Port Nors go west, back toward Red Pier.  Rest there if you need to,
    it'll be your last chance for a while.  Then head out from Red Pier, north
    then east.  Follow the valley between the mountain ranges.  Use the Seeker Orb
    often, to follow your progress.  Eventually you will see a gap in the
    mountains to the north; go through it and then back west.  Go all the way to
    the coast.  There is an opening in the mountains to the south; through that
    gap is Port Nors, sitting on a peninsula at the north end of a little bay.
    When the party arrives at Port Nors, they see monsters and people running
    around.  The monsters appear to be running in a patters to and from the north
    part of the city.  (If you decide to brave the monsters - Stormclaws and
    Crushers - you'll see the "Sacred Court" - a place holy to the Seeker... it
    will soon become clear why the monsters are very actively running to and from
    this place)  All the shops are closed right now, so don't worry about them
    just yet.
    Logan talks to Graham, who asks him to seek out Samantha for help; she is a
    very wise woman who communicates with the Seeker at the Sacred Court.  Graham
    tells the party to find her in the eastern part of Norland.  Leave Port Nors
    in search of Samantha.
    If you decide to trek a little further to the south, you'll see the town of
    Darkheim.  It's not necessary to go there now, but if you want to see what's
    happened to the town... go ahead.  The monsters between Port Nors and Darkheim
    are very tough (Horn Vipers, Stormclaws, Crushers) and when you get to
    Darkheim, you will find that there are so many monsters (Crushers) that you
    literally see more of them than the ground.  Not much to do there unless you
    want to fight them for EPs and gold.
    To find Samantha from Port Nors, head north and east, the way you came before.
    Go back to that gap in the mountains (now it's to the south) and when you go
    through it, head EAST and south.  Again, use the Seeker Orb lots to help you
    find your way.  There is a lone cottage sitting in a field; that's Sky Haven,
    the home of Samantha.
    Samantha is home, and Ethan knows her.  She can help but needs the Seeker
    Heart, which was taken from her by the tax-hungry Count Liston.  Once she is
    finished talking, speak with her again - she can heal the party with a CURE6
    spell.  (She can heal the party anytime, in fact - this is a good place to
    build up experience and gold)
    Liston lives to the north in the town of Levy.  To get to levy, go back to the
    gap in the mountains and go through it to the north.  This time, head EAST
    (west is back to Port Nors) and a little north.  You will see the town of Levy
    in a valley, ringed by a mountain range.
    At Levy, the shops are closed.  Liston has taxed everybody so much that normal
    life has been severely hampered.  Be sure to speak with everyone, then head up
    into the Count's palace.  Look for the gate to the north.  The guards up here
    give more information about the Dragonpods and the Festival (which Samantha is
    well-known for).  Liston's building is to the back, go find him there.  There
    is a spellcaster in the back room, be sure to see him for spell upgrades.  The
    Count is in the room all the way to the left, and with him is Prince Hans -
    Ethan's other brother!  The two are in cahoots and making themselves
    incredibly rich at the expense of the people.  After some tongue-lashing by
    Ethan, Hans orders Liston to return everything taken from the residents.  Now,
    the shops in Levy are open for business.
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Steel Rod      10000
    Mage Fruit   7000                         Steel Sword    12000
    Torch           5                         Steel Armor    10000
                                              Steel Plate     8000
    ***  Magic
    FLAME3    25 MP
    SHOCK3    15 MP
    ICE3      20 MP
    WASTE2    25 MP
    PSYCO2     0 MP
    ***  INN: Old man's cottage in SE corner of town (free)
    This is an opportunity to upgrade weapons and armor, although soon the party
    will have access to much better weapons and shields.  Buy the Steel Armor for
    all four members now.  The STEEL ROD is the Coma Rod that Sonia was equipped
    with when she joined the party.  If you decide to upgrade now, make sure that
    Logan, Ethan, and Giles all get the Steel Sword (I prefer to leave Sonia with
    the Steel Rod, it's very effective against some monsters) and to upgrade
    EVERYBODY to the Steel Plate.  To raise money for this, fight monsters near
    Levy and rest up in the old man's cottage (in the southeast corner of the
    town) to replenish HPs and MPs.
    When you are ready, go back to Samantha's house (Sky Haven) and talk to her.
    She tells Logan that a soldier returned the Seeker Heart while they were gone
    and can solve the problem.  Samantha warps the party to the Sacred Court, the
    site of the Dragonpods during the Festival.  After a moment of silent prayer,
    Samantha tells the group that the Seeker has stopped sending energy to the
    Court (the monsters were taking this energy for themselves) and that the
    monsters have abandoned it.  They return to Sky Haven.
    The town of Port Nors is once again open for business; go there next.
    Port Nors
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Doom Rod       20000
    Mage Fruit   7000                         Doom Spear     20000
                                              Doom Plate     18000
                                              Repel Robe      4000
    ***  Magic
    CURE3     50 MP
    WARP2    125 MP
    COMA2    250 MP
    CHAOS1     5 MP
    SLEEP2    17 MP
    VENOM3    50 MP
    ***  INN: Old man's cabin (free)
    The party can rest in the old man's cabin, located between the item shop and
    the Spellcaster's.  All these and the armory are along the right edge of the
    town.  Upgrade all spells as necessary.  Be sure to give at least one
    character the WARP2 spell!  This serves the same function as the Warp Quill.
    This is a great time to upgrade the party's weapons and armor.  Even if you
    just did in Levy, the armor here is MUCH better and the weapons are much more
    powerful.  The Doom Spear is fairly useful; when equipped, it allows the user
    to steal HPs from an enemy (WASTE2).  The Repel Robe is fairly useful for a
    weak character; it doesn't offer much protection during battle unless the
    wearer decides to DEFEND during their turn (the robe casts the REPEL spell,
    which greatly reduces the chance of a successful hit on the wearer).  Make
    sure that Logan, Ethan, and Giles all get Doom Spears, and that all party
    members have the Doom Plate.  All four should already have the Steel Armor
    from Levy, so this protection is as good as they can get right now.
    Go back to Vonheim and talk to the Mayor and Sir Patrick.  While everything
    was going on in Port Nors, King Magnus was kidnapped.  The ransom is the
    "Doom's Eye", a gem that can be found in The Tombs - a cave to the north of
    Sky Haven (Samantha's house).  The party cannot pass very far into The Tombs
    until they have the Sun Key - an item that you'll soon realize is in the
    possession of the Pirates.  Go back to Skullrock (you can WARP over there if
    one of the characters knows the spell) to talk to Captain Morgan.  You soon
    learn that when the Pirates last raided Darkheim, they took the Sun Key (among
    other things).  The Captain dumped "several worthless keys" overboard in port
    Nors harbor.  A trip to Port Nors will not net any new information.
    Go to Red Pier to speak with the fishermen; perhaps one of the Redgills (who
    are always swallowing up shiny objects) ingested the key.  There is a
    fisherman standing on the shore there.  He tells Logan about a fisherman,
    Carlos, who caught a HUGE redgill in Port Nors harbor.  The fish had a very
    swollen stomach... hmmm.  Go back to Port Nors, and seek out Carlos the
    Fisherman.  His wife is the woman who always says "Holy Crow!"  Their house is
    on the shore at the northwest edge of town.  Carlos has returned, and shows
    the party some of the objects he got from the redgill's belly.  One of them is
    - surprise! - the Sun Key.  However, the key is missing the gemstone that was
    set inside it.  The fisherman won't part with the key too easily; if the party
    can produce the gemstone that fits inside the key, he will give it to them.
    The largest gem collection around belongs to Captain Morgan.  Go back to see
    him; he's extra cranky because he doesn't have his heart medicine, and can't
    get any from the hospital in Darkheim.  He refuses to part with any of his
    gems, and claims to know nothing of the Sun Stone.  Giles suspects that he
    pried it out of the key before tossing it overboard.  Talk to the other
    pirates, especially the one in the bed.  He was recently walloped by the
    Captain, and tells Logan that the Captain's mother, Helga - who was once a
    pirate too - still strikes fear into the heart of her son.  She lives in a hut
    to the north of Vonheim, and maybe she can help convince Morgan to relinquish
    the stone.
    As a side note, if you go to Darkheim NOW, the monsters (Reavers) ask if you
    have the Doom Eye, and that their master will trade Magnus for the Doom Eye.
    Nothing else to do in Darkheim at this time.
    To get to Helga's home, go back to Vonheim and head north (and a little east).
    The residence is called "Heartwood", and Helga is home.  She's a grumpy lady,
    and when you tell her what's happened she appears to be upset with Morgan -
    not for stealing the items, but for LYING to them about the stone.  Give her a
    Warp Quill (if you don't have one, they can be bought at Port Erik, Grimwulf,
    or Rokberg) and she disappears, evidently headed for Skullrock.  WARP the
    party to Skullrock.
    When you arrive, you hear Helga chastising her son for lying.  He reluctantly
    gives the Sun Stone to Logan.  Next, go back to Port Nors to show Carlos the
    stone.  He agrees to give Ethan the Sun Key.  Next, go to The Tombs.  Before
    you go, be sure you have two torches, since it is actually a cave.  The item
    shop in Levy has them for sale.  The quickest way to Levy or Sky Haven is to
    WARP the party there.  Go in (at Sky Haven) to speak with Samantha.  She heals
    the party up (replacing the MPs used to warp as well).
    Head north from Sky Haven until you see the cave entrance in the mountains.
    Go inside and light both torches.  Use the Seeker Orb for each area to learn
    the layout and quickly locate the chests and stairs.  The Tombs cave does not
    have any monsters.  There are several chests, be sure to open them all.  The
    first level has two areas; you start in area 1 (south) and go north to area 2.
    There are stairs in area 2 that lead down to level 2.  Take them and find the
    other stairs back to level 1.  The treasures found in The Tombs are listed
    1st level, area 1:  Doom Plate, Doom Mail, Doom's Eye*
        * cannot access this chest until gate is unlocked; then go to area 2
          and downstairs, then back up
    1st level, area 2:  Guard Ring (DP +50), Doom Blade
    2nd level:  Speed Ring (SPD +10)
    Equip Giles with the Doom Blade.  Give the Guard Ring to Sonia (offers her
    additional armor) and the Speed Ring to Ethan (since he's the slowest).
    The last area you will get to is back on the first level.  You'll see many
    gravestones here; according to Ethan, these are the graves of Norland's past
    royalty.  The single chest in this area contains the Doom's Eye.  Once you've
    got this and all other treasures listed above, leave the cave and go back to
    Darkheim with the Doom's Eye.  (note: you can't sell it or trade it, so it
    goes to the master at Darkheim)
    The monsters ask if you have the Doom's Eye, and when you show then that you
    do, they allow the party to pass.  The party can now walk around Darkheim
    freely.  Go north to the castle entrance.  Enter the rooms guarded by
    Grymgoons (they step aside when you approach them) and go upstairs.  Here, you
    meet Girius, who is holding King Magnus captive.  After a verbal exchange (and
    King Magnus' escape with the Doom's Eye), the party battles Girius.  He is
    powerful, and immediately calls two Thunderhounds to his side.  Do NOT cast
    electrical (SHOCK) magic on Girius or the Thunderhounds; they are immune to
    damage by it and in fact regenerate HPs from it.  Girius can cast SHOCK5, and
    when his HPs get below half (750) he casts WASTE2 to replenish them.  Also,
    COMA does not work on him (so the STEEL ROD will do nothing to him).
    One strategy is to cast the CALM spell as soon as possible, to prevent Girius
    from healing himself.  Then concentrate the party's attacks on the
    Thunderhounds (one at a time), since any attempt to hit Girius will result in
    a weak hit on one of the Thunderhounds as long as they are around.  Heal when
    necessary with herbs.  When you defeat the Thunderhounds, keep hitting Girius
    with physical attacks.  He is eventually beaten (not too tough once you take
    away his magic) and you get the Thunder Rod.  The party receives 1250 EPs, and
    the monsters flee Norland.  This ends Chapter 3.
    ***********************  Chapter 4     ************************
    Magnus gives Ethan the Doom's Eye, and Ethan returns the Sun Key to Magnus.
    The king begs Ethan to stay and help rule (after all, the people LIKE Ethan)
    but he refuses in order to help Logan finish his quest.  Magnus reminds him
    that the way to Sordis, the next logical stop, is blocked by cave-ins at
    Borderpit.  Talk to all the guards in the room for more information - each
    says something different.  To find Sergeant Murphy, look in the very back room
    on the first floor - you can get to his room by going around the side, all the
    way to the back.  Don't forget to visit the Sage in the castle for some new
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Herb           50                         Doom Blade     25000
    Mage Fruit   7000                         Doom Mail      20000
                                              Doom Plate     18000
                                              Curing Robe     6000
    ***  Magic                                ***  Hospital
    ---------------                           ---------------
    CURE3     50 MP                           Nitro      1000
    WARP2    125 MP
    COMA2    250 MP
    CHAOS1     5 MP
    SLEEP2    17 MP
    VENOM3    50 MP
    Go to the Darkheim Hospital to get some medicine (3 NITROs, at 1000GP apiece),
    then head back to Skullrock to give it to Captain Morgan.  He tells you that
    he can supply you with explosives to take care of the cave-ins at Borderpit,
    in exchange for more NITRO.
    Head to Borderpit next; it's east of Heartwood (Capt's Mom's place) and north.
    Make sure you've got a couple torches; if not, buy them at Levy.  When you get
    there, light both torches for extra light time.  The general room layout of
    Borderpit is as below (the rooms themselves are not laid out; use the Seeker
    Orb to do that):
                      6     7          1:  Start Here (Entrance)
                      |     |          2:  Moon Spear
                      4     5          3:  Empty
                      |     |          4:  Moon Plate
               2    3--------          5:  Empty
               |    |                  6:  Dam & water lever, EXIT
             1-------                  7:  Luck Ring
    Start in room #1.  Blast the boulder (with one blast dart) south of Room #2 to
    get the Moon Spear (equip Giles with it for now).  Next, go back to room 1 and
    place another blast dart under the boulder south of Room #3 all the way to the
    right of the room.  Go on through and head north.  You will be in room #3 -
    head north (you can't yet reach Room #5).  When you go north through room #4,
    you'll see a chest that you can't reach yet.  Go up into Room #6.  In room #6
    is what appears to be a dam and a control lever.  Push up on the lever to stop
    the flow of water and lower the water levels.  This makes some new areas
    accessible.  Head back south into Room #4.  Now you can reach the chest you
    saw before; inside is a Moon Plate (equip Sonia with it).  Then go back into
    Room #3, and head all the way to the right.  Blast the third boulder to get
    into Room #5.  Head through Room 5 and north into Room #7.  At the end of Room
    7 is a chest, and inside is a Luck Ring.  Equip either Logan or Ethan with it;
    it greatly increases the chance that a successful hit during battle will be a
    severe one.
    After exiting Borderpit Cave, head south then east through the pass in the
    mountains.  The town of Havlok is there, on the water.
    When the party arrives there, it's obvious that most of the town's men are
    missing; ask around to learn of an exotic dancer named Sandra, who has all the
    town's men - including the King of Sordis - entranced with her dancing.  The
    Queen tells you that they are all upstairs in the Throne Room, and that Baron
    DRAX is with them too!  She tells the party to find out more about NAJA from
    Jessie, who lives in the town of Cardis.  If you try to get the party upstairs
    into the Throne Room now, the dancers will block the entrance as you get
    close... there's no going inside at this point.  Also inside the castle is an
    old Sage, probably too old to be wooed by the dancer.  Get magic from him; 
    upgrade all party members' spells.
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Magic     
    -----------------                         ---------------
    Potion         50                         FLAME4    50 MP
    Tele-Lens     200                         SHOCK4    30 MP
                                              ICE4      40 MP
                                              CURE4    100 MP
    ***  INN: Ernie's cabin (free)            MUTE2     25 MP
                                              WASTE3    50 MP
                                              PSYCO3     0 MP
    You can stay with Ernie - seemingly the only young man who hasn't been taken
    by Sandra's mesmerizing dancing.  He was out of town on a hunting trip when
    she arrived, and offers his cabin to the party to rest.
    Cardis is on the eastern coast of Sordis; to get there from Havlok, go north
    and east just above Havlok, keeping between the mountains (to the north) and
    the sea (to the south).  There is a tower on a peninsula just east of Havlok -
    that will come later.  After a short distance the party will follow the coast
    around to the north, and Cardis will be in sight.
    ***  Shop
    Potion         50
    Tele-Lens     200
    Jessie lives at the north end of town, to the right.  Talk to her to learn the
    history of Naja.  (pet her dog, Todd)  Also visit Campbell, the dragon rancher
    just to the left of Jessie's house.  He is the Master of the Dragon Ranch at
    the far north end of town.  He tells the party that one of the dragons is
    getting ready to lay an egg.
    Return to Havlok, to speak with everyone about the problems with Sandra and
    her dancing.  One of the Ladies-in-Waiting tells Logan of another entrance to
    the Throne Room, from the castle roof.  Also, talk to the housewife who talks
    about a "crazy inventor" named Isaac, who lives to the north in the town of
    Port Sord.  He is evidently working on a "giant kite to carry people"; sounds
    like a good way to get to the castle roof!  So, head on up to Port Sord.  It's
    well north of Havlok; to get there, go back toward Borderpit but instead of
    going all the way back, head north through the gap in the mountains.  As you
    go, you'll see another cave to the right (Hollow).  Keep going north, and a
    little east - the party will be in a desert.  In the middle of this desert
    (use the Seeker Orb to help find it) is the town of Oasis.
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Potion        500                         Moon Spear     35000
    Tele-Lens     200                         Moon Shield    35000
    Bazaar #1                 Bazaar #2                   Bazaar #3
    -----------------         ---------------------       -----------------
    Midas Shoes     1         Rabbit Foot       500       Evil Eye      100
    Cucumber       10         Gold Shield    300000       Necro Plate     1
    Magic Box       1         Gold Mail      300000       Necro Mail      1
    Sponge      30000         Gold Rod       300000       Necro Spear     1
    The Bazaar at the north end of town has three dealers with some really unusual
    items for sale.  Be sure to at least buy the SPONGE - it's a battle item that
    lets the user soak up many MPs (~50) per turn.  Don't bother with the Necro
    items... Even though they will GREATLY increase the stats of the user, they
    are cursed items and the user will be confused for much of the battle.  The
    remaining items are described in the items list.  Chances are there isn't
    NEARLY enough money to buy the Gold items, so equip the party with Moon
    Shields as soon as you can.  Don't bother with the Moon Spears; Port Sod has
    an armory with better weapons for a little more money.
    If you take the party out to battle nearby, to earn money for the shields - be
    sure to use the sponge periodically (typically, Sonia).  You can literally
    exhaust an opponent's MP supply with enough uses of the SPONGE.  This is
    especially effective when fighting a party of three Bearded Imps: cast CALM on
    them immediately to take away their attacks completely.  When appearing in
    groups of three, they generally ONLY do magic attacks.  Once CALM is cast,
    they will get bored and eventually fall asleep... so, have ALL your characters
    with MPs missing use the SPONGE on them, to replenish the party's MP supply 
    completely while in combat!  Then when everyone's caught up (or the IMPs are
    out of MPs), they're easy to finish off with no damage at all to the party.
    Once everyone is equipped with Moon Shields, head west and north to Port Sord.
    Be sure to use the Seeker Eye to help guide the way.  It is located northwest
    of the desert on the coast.
    Port Sord
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Potion        500                         Moon Blade     50000
    Tele-Lens     200                         Moon Mail      40000
    ***  Magic
    COMA3    500 MP
    POWER3    75 MP
    GUARD4   150 MP
    LEECH3   100 MP
    CHAOS2    12 MP
    SLEEP3    35 MP
    Upgrade equipment and spells - get the Moon Blade and Moon Mail for everyone;
    all four members should be equipped with the Moon items (keep the Steel Rod
    handy for Sonia, it is still VERY useful in some battles!).  Be sure to talk
    to Isaac, the "Loony Inventor".  He tells the party about his kite, and his
    desire to launch it from the top of Jin Tower (to the east of Havlok) and fly
    over the town of Havlok.  This sounds like a great way to get to the castle
    roof; so, Logan volunteers the party to be the test pilots for it.  Only
    problem is, Isaac needs some very good, strong cloth before he can finish it.
    (many crashes with cheap cloth, evidently)  Not much else to do around here,
    so head back to Cardis to the east to see if any dragons have laid any eggs
    When you get there, go to Campbell's house and talk with him - one of the
    dragons DID lay an egg!  He then tells the party about "dragoncloth", which
    can be made from the fur underneath dragons' wings.  When the party hears
    about this, return to Port Sord to see if Isaac could use this type of cloth.
    He tells you that he certainly can, that it would be great for his kite!
    Return to Cardis to ask Campbell for some dragoncloth.  He's not willing to
    part with what he's got - asking 15 MILLION gold pieces!  Naturally, that's
    way out of reach for the group.  Campbell goes out to look for the egg, and
    invites the party to join him.  The egg is gone - he asks Logan to find it; if
    they do, he will give them the last strip of dragoncloth for their trouble.
    Remember Todd, the dog who "likes to bury round things near his favorite
    sleeping spot"?  Well, this spot is just to the left of the entrance to the
    dragon pen.  FIRST go speak with Jessie, where she tells you that Todd hasn't
    been outside recently.  THEN, go to the sleeping spot just to the left of the
    entrance to the dragon pen.  Here, the party finds the dragon egg!  Logan
    accidentally drops it while looking at it, and it hatches.  A baby dragon pops
    out and follows the party all over Cardis.  Go to Campbell's, where he gives
    you the dragoncloth he promised.
    Now that the dragoncloth has been obtained, head back to Port Sord and give it
    to Isaac.  After some silliness, he takes the cloth and asks the party to meet
    him at Jin Tower, just east of Havlok.  Warp back to Havlok and rest up at
    Ernie's.  (This is also one of those good times to save the game)  Next, go to
    Jin tower and up to the fourth floor.  There are no monsters in the tower.  Go
    up to the stone marker on the fourth floor (you actually have to push UP on
    it), and soon Isaac will come huffing and puffing with the kite.
    The group then takes the kite, boards it, and flies out of the tower down to
    Havlok below.  As the kite gets over the castle roof, a giant eagle knocks it
    down and the party falls to the roof.  They're okay, but the kite is smashed -
    but they're on the Castle Roof!  Enter the Throne Room; Sandra IMMEDIATELY
    entrances the three male members of the party, while Sonia is unaffected.
    After some words and Sandra's revelation of her evil plans (she acquired the
    DOOM KEY from the King of Sordis), a battle ensues.  She is difficult to kill
    because initially, all the males are confused and perform random attacks/
    spells.  Eventually, one or more will break from this confusion and you can
    use them to attack Sandra as well.  She's low on HPs (500) so it won't take
    too much.  After the battle, Drax takes Princess Mica and WARPs over to the
    Hollow cave, to the SW of Oasis.  Although they're really not necessary for
    Hollow, it's not a bad idea to have two torches for the cave.
    Hollow is NW of Havlok, in that mountain gap between Borderpit and Oasis.
    Again, use the Seeker Orb to help find it.  As the party enters the cave, they
    decide to leave Logan alone to fight Drax.  Pass on through the first room
    (there's only one way to go) and into the back room of the cave.  When you get
    there, Drax is waiting for you with two Sentries. He mocks you for showing up
    alone, and you realize that Mica is nowhere to be found!  Drax dumped her off
    in the desert...  Then the battle begins.  As it does, a thick fog rolls in,
    making spellcasting useless!  Drax panics when he realizes this, and tried to
    escape using a WARP WING.  This doesn't work, do he decides to fight hand-to-
    hand (AT LAST!).  Logan should be somewhere near Level 32 by this time, and if
    he is - this will be a fairly easy battle.  It's not necessary to kill the
    Sentries, just Drax.  (Unless you're looking for additional EPs and gold for
    Logan!)  Beat him - if either (or both) of the Sentries are left, they will
    run away.  Drax has one last taunt for Logan, then dies.  Logan gets the
    DOOM'S TEAR back from him.
    Now, a new fiend appears!  His name is Damius, and he is much more powerful
    than Drax; he has a Venom Fang attack that is instant confusion for whoever
    gets it cast on them.  Do NOT use ICE spells on Damius; he actually thrives
    off it and replenished his HPs with it.  Since he can cast the CURE4 spell, he
    will be extremely difficult to beat as long as Magic is allowed.  Cast CALM to
    prevent him from using his spells, then attack with all four characters.
    Eventually, all four characters are likely to be confused from his Venom Fang
    attack.  Even so, they should score enough hits on Damius to defeat him.
    After Damius is defeated, the monsters leave Sordis and the chapter ends.
    ***************************  Chapter 5   Outlaws  ****************************
    Princess Mica has been spotted in the town of Oasis, although she seems to
    have amnesia.  Logan is asked to bring her back, so head for Oasis.
    Unfortunately, when you get there, Babar (the owner of the Bazaar) has left...
    and took Mica with him.  Go speak with Abeeb (in the northwest corner of
    town); he tells you that they've gone to Mortavia to get new goods.  They
    probably took Mica with them...
    Next, go to Port Sord to catch the boat to Mortavia.  The boat sails to Port
    Port Mor
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Potion        500                         Moon Mace      80000
    Elixir      50000
    ***  INN: Romeo's house (free)
    While there, you learn about a fisherman named Thomas, whose daughter was
    kidnapped by an ugly beast and brought to a tower for sacrifice.  There is
    also a poor man (Romeo) who spent all his money on a ring for his girl; he
    lives at the east side of town, the party can rest there when needed.  Head
    north toward Cape Via, which is located at the tip of the northwest peninsula.
    Don't bother upgrading anybody's equipment to the Moon Mace while at Port Mor;
    there are better weapons at Cape Via.
    Cape Via
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Potion        500                         Sun Sword     100000
    Elixir      50000                         Sun Armor      70000
                                              Sun Shield     60000
    ***  Magic
    CURE5    250 MP
    MUTE3     50 MP
    CHAOS3    25 MP
    LEECH4   200 MP
    POWER4    12 MP
    ***  INN: Old Frederick can cast CURE5 to restore HPs (1000 GP), but it
              doesn't always work.  Not an inn, but it may help.
    Upgrade all armor and shields to the SUN items as soon as possible.  Fight the
    local monsters to build GP and EP.  Also at Cape Via, you catch up with Babar,
    the Bazaar trader.  His assistant tells the party that Mica is in Ghilan with
    Babar's "business partner", and won't let her escape.
    Make your way east to Acadia by following the northern coast of Mortavia to
    the east.  When you get there, talk to all the people - especially the
    archaeologist and the Mayor, who live in the center building.  There are no
    shops in Acadia, just a place to rest (old adventurer's house).
    ***  INN: Old Adventurer's House (free)
    The old adventurer is the fellow with the dog Rex.  When you speak with the
    archaeologist Colin, he is pretty much out of it - just mumbles something
    about a GOLD CARD over and over...
    Head south and east from Acadia, down the eastern coast of Mortavia.  Watch
    out for the Flame Wrath/Mauler combinations - take out one of the Maulers ASAP
    to prevent the "Mace Clash" attack (750 HP damage!).  When you've gone as far
    south as possible, head west along the south coast, and when you see a gap in
    the mountains to the north, go through it and up to Ghilan.  Remember to use
    the Seeker Orb to help you find your way.
    When you get to Ghilan, the game goes into auto-story sequence -- meaning that
    you basically just sit and watch the story develop.  In the sequence, you
    learn that Giles is from Ghilan, and his Grandpa is "Big Giles", the Bandit
    King.  You also find Mica right away!  Giles doesn't want to have anything to
    do with his grandfather's business, but Big Giles won't let him off the hook
    so easily.  If Giles can pass the "test" at Wolfjaw cave, he'll let Giles go
    without any hassle.  So, Giles accepts and goes to the cave.  Giles' escort,
    Bugsy, gives him a torch when he begins.
    use the Seeker Orb to learn the cave layout.  The first area has two doors -
    one straight above the entrance (right side of the cave), and one further to
    the left.  Get the Gem Plate from the chest in the left side of the room.
    Near the top of this room, you'll meet the "keeper of the cave" - who was
    frozen into stone by one of the cave's traps.  She asks you to go down to the
    lower level and pray to the granite slab down there, to free her - and in
    return she offers to show you through the cavern.  To get downstairs, go
    through the door on the left side of the room.  You'll notice a floor switch -
    when you pass it (going up), the door above you opens.  When you pass it going
    down, the door slams shut.  This will be very important shortly...
    Go downstairs and make your way around to the slab, and push up on it to pray.
    You'll hear some laughter (uh-oh), but keep going to the left to the stairs UP
    there.  This leads to two additional treasures: (1) Spy Scope, and (2) Wind
    Robe.  Go back up to find the "keeper of the cave".  When you get there, you
    realize that it's really Big Giles, who fell into one of his own traps!  
    next, go to the right side of the room.  Remember that floor switch?  Well,
    now there are TWO of them in succession - the first one OPENS the door above,
    and the second one CLOSES it!  Hint:  you cannot solve this puzzle yet.  Save
    some time and go see Bugsy at the cave entrance, to give up.
    After Bugsy and Giles return, Giles admits his failure and reluctantly agrees
    to stay on at Ghilan to take on the family "business".  He also requests that
    Big Giles (and some of his men) take Mica back to Havlok, which they agree to
    do.  When they leave, Giles re-joins the party!  He never really intended to
    stay there, it was just a farce.  Now, the party can walk around Ghilan and go
    to the shops.  Note that Ghilan has two sections to it - the southern part,
    which is the town itself, and the northern part - which is Big Giles' area.
    ***  Shop                                 ***  Weapons / Armor
    -----------------                         --------------------
    Warp Quill    100                         Gem Rod       130000
    Warp Wing     500                         Gem Blade     150000
                                              Gem Mail      100000
                                              Gem Plate      80000
    ***  INN: Scammer's house (free; Ch. 5 ONLY); or at Rocko's house in the north
              part of Ghilan (only before Big Giles is injured)
    The party can stay with the "scammer", who lives in the house at the southwest
    part of town.  Also, upgrade all four characters to the Gem Mail and Gem Plate
    as soon as possible.  This is great protection, except NOT against fire...
    also, get the Gem Blade for all party members (except Sonia, if you're keeping
    her with the Steel Rod).  The Gem Rod is actually a WASTE3 rod - when used in
    battle, it steals ~200 HP from the enemy and gives them to the user.  Might be
    Talk to Fraser, who runs the little woodshed-type store in the center of town.
    He tells you about his SLEEP MIST that nobody seems to want to buy.  Then
    speak with one of the villagers just below Fraser, who tells you about a GOLD
    CARD that Fraser had for sale, but recently sold.  Go ask Fraser about this Ð
    he tells you that the GOLD CARDÕs buyer is from Karkus.  (Note: the STEALER is
    also in this area; each time you speak with him he steals 10 GP from you!)
    Head for Karkus next.  To get there, head south from Ghilan and follow the
    south coast all the way around to the east until you have to go to the north.
    Here, head north to Karkus.
    When you get there, talk to Janice and her son.  They live in a house on the
    west side of the town.  Her son tells you that heÕs had insomnia and just
    hasnÕt been able to get a good nightÕs sleep. (Hey, maybe some of that SLEEP
    MIST nobody wants...?  Return to Ghilan to see Fraser about that Sleep Mist.
    He gives you some Sleep Mist for ÒLazybonesÓ (and you canÕt sell it once you
    get it, so donÕt bother trying).  Go back to JaniceÕs house in Karkus and give
    it to her son.  Once you do this, you can rest (and heal) at her house for
    free.  The shop isnÕt open yet Ð the government bought all the supplies there.
    You can search for the buyer of the Gold Card (can even go back to Arcadia and
    speak with the archaeologist, who constantly mumbles about it) but right now
    thereÕs no sign of it.  The people you speak with in Karkus tell you a bit
    about the government and the beast inside the Tower to the north.
    Return to Ghilan and talk to Fraser.  He tells Giles that Big Giles was
    injured in a battle.  Evidently Gaius was there, and he took Mica!  Return to
    Karkus to speak with Koratov, the Prime Minister.  When you arrive, you see a
    man being attacked by two monsters Ð who are after this Gold Card too!  One of
    the monsters spots your party and comes over to attack.  ItÕs a Doom Spectre;
    dispatch the beast easily then the other one leaves.  The fellow who was being
    hounded by the two Doom Spectres for the Gold Card comes over to thank the
    party for saving him, and introduces himself as Thompson.  He gave the Gold
    Card to the other Doom Spectre just before it left.  Also, Koratov and his men
    have gone to the Tower, and the shop is now open for business...
    ***  Shop
    Potion        500
    Elixir      50000
    ***  INN: JaniceÕs house (after you give SLEEP MIST to her son) - free
    Be sure to speak with Janice now, to hear the full story of NAJAÕs creation.
    When sheÕs finished, go north to the tower to help KoratovÕs soldiers.
    (TheyÕll most definitely need it!)
    When you arrive you see Koratov and his troops in trouble.  A Doom Spectre
    rushes over to attack Logan and the party, lured over by the Doom Jewels.
    Defeat it, and you get the appreciation of Koratov.  The party goes back to
    Karkus, and Koratov gives you the Gold Card that he managed to get in the
    fight with the Doom Spectres.
    If you enter the Tower at this point, you will not be able to do much.  The
    party can explore two floors, and fight some Goblins and Night Shields, but
    thatÕs about it.  There are some items that look like computer terminals, but
    you canÕt do much with them just yet.
    Go back to Acadia and find that archaeologist whoÕs been so obsessed with the
    Gold Card.  Now that youÕve got it, maybe he can be of some help.  (Remember,
    he is in the center building in Arcadia)  Colin, the Archaeologist, snaps out
    of his confusion when he sees the Gold Card and tells the party that it is
    used in the Tower of Crystal.  Since heÕs the expert here, he accompanies the
    group to the Tower.
    Once there, Colin goes to one of the terminals and Ð voila! Ð the door opens.
    They go into the room which is littered with all sorts of old books.  Colin
    reads one with information about an elevator to the fifth level of the Tower,
    and something about another elevator and ÒDog Tooth Gallery.Ó  Then Colin is
    attacked by an apparition of Gaius, who has the control unit to the Main
    Elevator.  He disappears, and the party warps back to Karkus with a wounded
    At Karkus, Colin rests while the party explains to Koratov the recent events.
    Then while trying to figure out a plan, Colin realizes that the control unit
    to the Dogtooth Elevator is actually the Silver Horn in Wolfjaw!  Then Giles
    realizes that Colin is actually his long lost father!  Dog Tooth Gallery, as
    it turns out, is another name for Wolfjaw Cavern.  Colin also reveals the
    secret to getting past the trick doors in the gallery: sound.  The trick door
    slams at ANY sound...
    Actually, the solution to Wolfjaw requires you to use a Warp Quill:
            D        When you enter the cave at E, go up to T1 to open the trick
            |        door, D.  If you head up past T2, the trick door will slam
     (trap) T2       shut.  So, when you get BETWEEN T1 and T2, stop and use a
            |        WARP QUILL.  Remember, Warp Quills work in caves, but Warp
     (trap) T1       Wings do not!  The Warp Quill sends you back to the last town
            |        you visited (hopefully it was Ghilan!).  Return to Wolfjaw
            E        immediately.  Enter the cave again at E, but this time when
                     You tread over T1, the door D shuts Ð which means that when
    you tread over T2 Ð IT OPENS!  Head on through (finally!).
    Before going straight up all the way, stop off at the little room on the left
    and get two treasures: a GEM BLADE and a GEM ROD.  Now head north into the
    main gallery to the back.
    There are two rooms: the left room has a stone sign in the front that tells
    you that it is forbidden to take the treasure inside.  If you go into the room
    and open the chest, youÕll find a GOLD SWORD!  However, the door slams shut
    and the party is trapped.  There are two ways to get out: (1) without the
    sword Ð return the sword to the chest (i.e. go up and ÒsearchÓ the chest, you
    will be asked if you want to put the sword back inside), and (2) with the
    sword Ð use a Warp Quill!  The room to the right has a warning: Òrunning is
    strictly forbiddenÓ (by Big Giles).  So, proceed slowly (i.e. donÕt run!) Ð
    one step at a time Ð until you reach the door... otherwise, it will slam shut.
    To do this, lightly tap UP on the controller, repeatedly, until you reach the
    door.  Go in to find stairs leading up; take them to reach a corridor with
    more stairs leading up.  Take these as well to get to the last room which
    contains the Silver Horn Ð the treasure of Wolfjaw!
    The first level has six (pairs of) Goblins Ð defeat them all for EPs and gold.
    There is a terminal at the upper left corner of the room; use the Gold Card to
    open the door at the bottom of this room.  This leads to a new area with two
    stairways: North and South.  The north stairway area goes up two levels, where
    you can see one of the female captives (Mica).  The south stairway goes up
    more levels; when you reach the third floor, there is a terminal at the door.
    Unfortunately, the Gold Card doesnÕt work here Ð so take the stairs up another
    floor.  Up here is another room with an opening in the lower right corner Ð
    there is no floor here, so go in and drop down to the third floor below.  Now
    youÕre in the area where the Gold Card wouldnÕt work!  Go talk to Princess
    Mica.  When the party realizes they are trapped, a Doom Spectre activates the
    terminal outside and the door opens.  After mentioning something about Master
    Naja, it runs over to fight the party.  Defeat it; then Markus, Daniel, and
    Isaac appear.  They agree to take Princess Mica back to Havlok (with a Warp
    Wing this time!) so that Logan and is group can go hunt down Gaius.
    To get to the LIGHT ELEVATOR, take the south stairs up to the fourth level.
    Before moving out of the lower area, use the Silver Horn Ð the party is
    automatically transported to the fifth level!  Heal up now; the battle with
    Gaius is about to begin.  Gaius is up here, but in a trance.  After his
    apparition comes down and has a brief chat with the adventurers, the battle
    In this boss battle, you will be faced with two foes: the REAL (sleeping)
    Gaius, and the FAKE (apparition) Gaius.  READ THIS BEFORE BATTLING: No attacks
    work on the apparition, but (for now) you can inflict HEAVY damage on the
    sleeping Gaius.  However, when he gets below half his max HP [1750 HP], the
    apparition casts a CURE5 spell to heal the real guy back up to healthy.  There
    are two ways to defeat him in this battle: (1) Keep hitting the sleeping one,
    and hope for two or three SEVERE hits in a row (very tedious and not likely
    that youÕll win, unless your characters are EXTREMELY high for this point in
    the game), or (2) hit the sleeping Gaius until he is close to (but NOT below)
    the halfway point, then cast MUTE3 (*** DO NOT CAST CALM OR YOU WILL BE VERY
    SORRY!!! ***) on the sleeping Gaius.  At this point, he will awaken and will
    be almost completely invulnerable to physical attacks.  Use magic spells on
    him from this point on.  Gaius uses a GEM ROD (you can get one of these in
    Ghilan if you like the way it works for Gaius), which takes ~200 HP from one
    of the party members and gives it to him.  This is a frustrating battle,
    because he has a very high speed and gets many more attacks in, and thus heals
    himself while whittling away at your party membersÕ HPs.  Be persistent, and
    watch everybodyÕs HPs.  He can be defeated.  [Note: there is a variation on
    the second method of defeating Gaius: equip all the party members with GEM
    RODS Ð itÕs expensive, but is the quickest way to defeat Gaius.  You can
    always sell back three of the four rods later, I kept one for the rest of the
    game because itÕs a handy way to replenish HPs when youÕre almost out of MPs]
    I would also recommend casting HASTE3 a few times to speed up the party
    members Ð Gaius is really VERY fast.
    This will be the longest battle of the game thus far, but you will be nicely
    rewarded when he is defeated: 12,500 EP and 50,000GP.  This ends Chapter 5.
    ***************************  Finale:  Dragonfire  ****************************
    This chapter begins with LoganÕs group at Ghilan, talking to Big Giles.  He
    reveals his true reason for becoming a bandit: to finance a fight against
    NAJA.  He unearthed some scrolls as a kid that told of NajaÕs existence.  From
    these, he learned about the evil and destruction that Naja caused and vowed to
    rid the world of Naja.  So to finance this dream, he became a bandit.  He
    tells Giles of a powerful weapon called ÒSWORD BLAZEÓ that would best be used
    against Naja in battle, and he believes that it can be found in the JAGRI PIT
    Ð a prison colony in MotaviaÕs Prison Outlands located on the northernmost
    part of Wyndgard.  There is a ship waiting in Port Mor to take the party to
    Fort Wynd, near the Jagri Pit.  (Note: Fort Wynd is geographically very close
    to the Elder hut, where you got to play some Othello/Reversi... there are
    mountains between the two areas that are not traversible, so the only way to
    get to the Prison Outlands is via ship to Fort Wynd.)  Big Giles warns them of
    the criminals there, since it is after all a prison outpost.  Giles returns
    the Silver Horn to Big Giles (you wonÕt need it anymore, so why not?).  Also,
    be sure to check out the house in the eastern part of Ghilan, where you will
    find Markus, Daniel, and Isaac.  Not essential to the story, but itÕs nice to
    see what theyÕre up to.
    Head back to Port Nor.  Go to the docks to the left, talk to Rocko, and get on
    the boat.  After a VERY lengthy rids, the boat arrives at Fort Wynd.  The
    group disembarks and talks to RockoÕs buddy Jack, who was just released from
    prison.  He recommends to Giles that they go see Dale at Doomkeep.  They
    leave, and now the party is free to explore Fort Wynd.
    Fort Wynd
    ***  Shop
    Warp Wing       500
    Torch             5
    Battle Suit  300000
    Jade Shield  200000
    Star Blade   300000
    The guard to the south wonÕt let you pass unless you give him half of your
    gold.  So, buy what you can at the shop (to minimize what you give this guy).
    ThereÕs no way around this guard, but soon you wonÕt have much use for all
    this money.  Once you pass the guard, leave the Fort and go south to Doom
    Keep.  To get there, stick to the coast.  Go south, then west, then north
    (around the bay), then west.  Doomkeep is surrounded by a ring of mountains.
    Note: There is a cave just to the south of Doomkeep.  That is Jagri Pit, where
    you will be soon enough...
    When you get to Doomkeep, go see "Benjamin's Tough" Ð he's the first guy
    you'll see.  He tells you the territory rules of Doomkeep: the left side of
    the boundary is Benjamin's, the right side belongs to Scott's gang.  Talk to
    everyone.  Dale is in the first building on the left, and he's friends with
    Giles.  Talk to him; unfortunately, he doesn't know anything of the Sword
    Blaze.  Leave and go up to the large building where Benjamin and Scott are
    having an argument.  Talk to one, then Scott leaves.  Find the room with the
    stairs in the corner; the guard won't let you pass without Benjamin's
    There's not much else to do here, so go to Jagri Pit.  It's just south of
    Doomkeep but you'll have to go around the mountains to get there.  Jagri Pit
    is a complex cavern with several rooms.  These rooms are described here in the
    order you go through them.
    Room 1.  Get the following items from chests in here:  STAR BLADE, JADE
    SHIELD, and BATTLE SUIT.  If you didn't have enough money to buy all these at
    Fort Wynd, now you're at least equipped with one full set.  Go to Room 2 by
    going to the upper left corner of Room 1, then up.  There's nothing here now,
    looks like a dead end... now that you've explored this much (and remember what
    you saw - because you're coming back!) return to Fort Wynd to find Boris, one
    of Benjamin's men who was just released.  Boris decides he's perfectly happy
    being imprisoned and decides to return to Doomkeep, so go there too.  You find
    that Boris and some other prisoners went back to Jagri Pit to look for
    something (involving some DIGGING).  This time, when you go up to the second
    room, the dead end is gone and you can go a lot further back.  Go through it
    to Room 3.  There, you see four miners digging; one of them is Dale's friend.
    Boris went back to get Scott and some gunpowder.  Go back to Doomkeep and go
    to Scotty's house (upper right corner of Doomkeep).  On the table is a white
    object - go up to it.  It's a map, with details of Scotty's plan to dig right
    through to the ruins.  Logan decides it's best to tell Benjamin about this,
    hoping to win his trust.  Go see Benjamin; unfortunately, he thinks that this
    is some sort of elaborate trick of Scott's, so you still wind up with nothing
    (other than a necessary plot advancement in the game!).
    Return to Jagri Pit, maybe they've dug a little farther by now...?  Room 3 is
    now open.  Boris and Scott are at the back, discussing some sort of business
    deal.  They blast the back end and move on through - into the Ruins.  Use the
    Seeker Orb to get a general layout of the Ruins and to see where you are
    relative to everything else.  Go to the building in the right center.
    There is a book on the floor (LOST TOME) - take it back to Professor Smith at
    Doomkeep, perhaps he can translate it.  When you give it to him, he can't read
    it (maybe because he's an idiot?) so try Colin.  WARP back to Arcadia to see
    him.  After some reading, they all realize that the Sword Blaze is inlaid with
    the Doom Jewels - and is currently being used as a candle stand at the
    Doomkeep Temple!  Go to the temple there, and speak with the priest.  Get
    Ben's permission and take the candle stands.   Logan puts in the Doom Jewels,
    and the party receives TWO SWORD BLAZE weapons!  Each is +1000 AP, so equip
    Logan and Giles with these right away.
    Go back to Fort Wynd and see the shopkeeper.   Sell off any unnecessary
    weapons and armor, and get as many good items as possible (especially the
    armor and shields!).  Next, go to Acadia to see Colin again; he tells you
    about the Lost Isle where he thinks Naja may be living.  Only problem is, it's
    unreachable... many have tried, lured by tales of vast riches.  But the
    Razorback mountains make the center of the island impenetrable to anyone
    traveling by foot.  However, you may be able to fly there...
    Go back to Cardis to see Campbell.  You learn that the baby dragon has been
    flying all over looking for its "parents".  Campbell gives Logan a
    DRAGONFLUTE, which can be used to beckon the dragon.  Test it out: go outside,
    and play the flute (USE: DRAGONFLUTE).  The dragon will come to you, and you
    can ride him ANYWHERE!  Take the opportunity to see the world from above; this
    is the only way you will need to travel across land and water for the rest of
    the game.
    Before going to the Lost Isle, go back to Grimwulf.  Directly south of here
    (flying) is "Hidenburg", where many sages have gathered.  What's neat about
    this place?  EVERY SPELL IN THE GAME can be acquired here!!  Upgrade your
    party members as you see fit - remember that higher-level spells use more MPs,
    but is often worth it.
    One other thing.  If you haven't already raided the Royal Treasury at Sylvan,
    do it now - because this is essentially the last time in the game you'll be
    "in the outside world".  (You can always go to the Lost Isle and come back
    without defeating Naja, but basically the remainder of the game takes place on
    the Lost Isle.)  The Sylvan Royal Treasury has some neat stuff - not to use,
    but to sell if you need it.  Get as much money as you possibly can, then go to
    Fort Wynd to buy the remaining weapons and armor you need to max out your
    Now, on to the Lost Isle.  To get there, FLY or WARP to Nigel.  Rest up, save,
    then go outside and call the dragon.  Get on, and fly directly NORTH to the
    Lost Isle.  You couldn't see it before, but now that you're flying - there it
    is!  You can see the castle, on a small island ringed by mountains (the
    Razorbacks).  Land in the middle by the castle and go on inside.  You will
    want to save every now and then, the monsters in here are pretty tough (not to
    mention the final Boss, ahem).  To enter the castle, cross the drawbridge.
    Note that after you do this, the exit from the castle is not too evident...
    you may want to use the Seeker Orb to find your way out.
    Once inside the castle, there are four levels.  Use the Seeker orb often while
    in here to help guide you through.  Here's how you go:
       Level 1:  First make your way to the stairs near the middle on the right.
                 Go up to Level 2.
       Level 2:  Get to the stairs in the upper left corner.  Go up to Level 3.
       Level 3:  Go to the stairs in the lower right corner.  Go back down to
                 Level 2.
       Level 2:  Go north to the chest, take the POTION.  Then go back up to
                 Level 3.
       Level 3:  Go to the stairs (up) near the middle of the level.  Take them up
                 to Level 4.
       Level 4:  Go north, up to level "4A" (stair walkway north) and then take
                 the next set of stairs back to Level 4.
       Level 4:  Head south, through a winding room.  Come out of a tunnel, make
                 your way to the left, south, and right to another tunnel
                 entrance.  Go north.  In this area, get to the stairs (down) in
                 the upper left corner.  Go back down to Level 3.
       Level 3:  You are at the left side of this level, at the stairs near the
                 center.  Make your way south to the stairs near the center
                 bottom.  Go down to Level 2.
       Level 2:  Start at the bottom, left center.  Go left and north to take
                 the stairs down to Level 1.
       Level 1:  You're in the small enclosed area in the bottom left corner.
                 Go south to take the stairs DOWN.
    Now you are in a new area called "BEASTMAZE".  Start in Room 0.  Check the map 
    with the Seeker Orb often, it really does make things easier.
        Room 0:  Go south, right, then north to the tunnel entrance.  Here, you
                 enter a cave (Room 1).
        Room 1:  Use the lantern (or torches, if you don't have the lantern) to
                 light your surroundings.  Go north and to the right to get to the
                 room in the back, Room 2.
        Room 2:  There is a chest in the upper right corner (ELIXIR).  Get it and
                 go back to Room 1; go to the other side of Room 1 (left) and find
                 the stairs down in the left center of the room.
        Room 2a: The "sub-basement".  Start at the southernmost end, follow north
                 to get to the stairs leading up (same level as Room 2).
        Room 2b: Start at the top center (this is the same room that contains the
                 treasure chest with the elixir) and go south, left, then north to
                 the next room (Room 3).
        Room 3:  There is a single path through this room, from south to north.
                 Take it all the way north to Room 4.
        Room 4:  This room has the following layout:
                       A      |
                       |      |
                       |      |                    C
                       |      |                    |
                 Enter the room at "X".  There are three exits, at "A", "B", and
                 "C".  Go to "A" or "B" first.  Both of these lead to the left
                 side of Room 5.  Exit "C" leads to the right side of Room 5 and
                 ultimately to the next area ("The Labyrinth").  But first there
                 is a treasure chest with a potentially VERY useful item to claim.
        Room 5:  Enter at either "A" or "B" (they lead to the same area), then go
                 to the left and south to Room 6.
        Room 6:  This is an L-shaped corridor with a stairway at the lower right.
                 Go to these stairs and down to Room 7.
        Room 7:  A north-south passage.  Start at the south end, then go all the
                 way north to the chest, and take the MAGE FRUIT inside.  Then
                 retrace your steps all the way back to Room 4.  When going back
                 from Room 5 into Room 4 from ANY of the doorways, you will not
                 see the "light" that shines through most doorways.  They actually
                 look like dead ends.  This is a little tricky, but rest assured -
                 the exits are there.
        Room 4:  Refer to the diagram above.  This time, take the exit at "C".  Go
                 north through the right side of Room 5 and through the exit at
                 the north.
        Room 5:  Head for the exit at the north end of Room 5, and go through to
                 Room 8.
        Room 8:  Start at the lower left entrance and head for the exit at the
                 upper right side of the room.  Go through; you've just left
                 Beastmaze and entered The Labyrinth.
    The Labyrinth
    You're almost there; the Labyrinth is a confusing area that I have tried to
    accurately describe here.  Remember, use the Seeker Orb often to get a good
    idea of each room's layout, and don't hesitate to save anywhere.  One good
    piece of advice: the area is crawling with GRIM REAPERs, and they are
    extremely susceptible to SHOCK.  Fry them with SHOCK and you'll be okay.
    The maps for each level do not show the passages, but instead the relative
    locations of all the items.  You will want to use the Seeker Orb often to
    check your position relative to the items, to help you find your way around
    the level.
    Refer to the maps below in each of the following sets of directions.
    Locations are referred to in terms of coordinates (level, point) where "level"
    refers to the Level number, and "point" refers to the letter or numbered space
    on that level.  For example, on the Level 1 chart below, the entrance is
    "Level 1, point G" so it will be referred to as (1,G).
    This walkthrough doesn't detail the paths necessary to get all the treasures,
    just the path to get through to the next section: The Abode.  There are two
    secret rooms - i.e. rooms with hidden entrances.  Once is on the first floor
    directly south of the chest with the ELIXIR; just go through the wall into the
    solid blue room.  You'll enter a small room with some stairs leading down.
    This leads to Level 0 and a treasure chest with a Potion.  Also, there is a
    similar hidden door at (2,L); the hidden entrance is about halfway along an
    east-west corridor.  Feel for it on the south wall, and go through.  This will
    eventually take you to the fourth level and a "mystical chest" which contains
    a Potion.  There are a few other treasures, and your party may or may not need
    them.  The monsters here are extremely tough and they are everywhere, so you
    may want to avoid encounters and go directly to the next area.  If you want
    the treasures, you can find two Elixirs and two Mage Fruits.
      Level 1:  Start at Room A.  There are two stairs here and a chest near
                the center of the room.  Go left and take the first north
                passage to get to the chest (ELIXIR).
                      |       A B          |
                      |                    |   A  stairs up
                      |     C              |   B  stairs down
                      |               D    |   C  chest (ELIXIR)
                      |                    |   D  stairs up
                      |     E              |   E  secret room entrance
                      |                    |      (to stairs down)
                      |               F    |   F  stairs up
                      |                    |   G  level entrance
                      |           G        |      (from BEASTMAZE)
      Level 2:
                      | H  I  A J        K |   A stairs down   N stairs up
                      |             L      |   D stairs down   O stairs up
                      |     M              |   F stairs down   P stairs up
                      |       N       D    |   H stairs up     Q stairs up
                      |                    |   I stairs up     R stairs up
                      |   O  P             |   J stairs up
                      |                    |   K stairs up
                      |               F    |   L secret room
                      |                    |     entrance
                      | Q                R |   M chest - MAGE FRUIT
      Level 3:
                      | H  I  S J        K |   H stairs down   R stairs down
                      |                    |   I stairs down   S stairs up
                      |             L      |   J stairs down   T stairs up
                      |       N         T  |   K stairs down   U chest -
                      |                    |   L stairs down     MAGE FRUIT
                      |U   O P             |    (secret room)  V stairs up
                      |               V    |   N stairs down   W chest -
                      |                    |   O stairs down     ELIXIR
                      |                W   |   P stairs down
                      | Q                R |   Q stairs down
      Level 4:
                         |S X          |
                         |             |     S stairs down
                         |  Y          |     T stairs down
                         |             |     V stairs down
                         |      Z   T  |     X stairs up
                         |             |     Y stairs up
                         |1            |     Z stairs up
                         |        V    |     1 stairs up
                         |           2 |     2 "mystical chest" - POTION
                         |             |
      Level 5:
                             |  X      |
                             |         |     X stairs down
                             |  Y      |     Y stairs down
                             |         |     Z stairs down
                             |      Z  |     1 stairs down
                             |         | 
                             |1        | 
                             |         | 
                             |         | 
      Level 0:
                      |     B        3     |
                      |                    |   B  stairs up
                      |                    |   E  stairs up to secret room
                      |                    |   3  exit to The Abode
                      |                    |   4  chest - POTION
                      | E                  |
                      |                    |
                      | 4                  |
                      |                    |
                      |                    |
    Start at the Labyrinth entrance (1, G).  Go west then north, following the
    perimeter of the level in a clockwise fashion.  Make your way to F and take
    the stairs up to the second level.  Now you're at (2,F).  Go south and east to
    (2,R) then up to (3,R).  Go east and north to (3,T) then up to (4,T).  Go
    north, west and south to (4,Z) and up the stairs to (5,Z).  Go south, west and
    north to (5,1) and then down the stairs to (4,1).  Take the narrow corridor
    north to (4,Y) and then up the stairs to (5,Y).  Go around the corner to (5,X)
    and take the stairs down.  You have entered the stairwell that takes you all
    the way down to the "basement" - Level 0.  Go all the way down and use the
    Seeker Orb to get a feel for your location.  The entrance to The Abode is in
    the north, toward the east a bit.  Follow the corridors to get there: east,
    south, east, and north.  There is a room completely filled with water here (no
    apparent use), the abode entrance is directly north from here.  Go through the
    columns to enter the last area of the game, "The Abode".
    The Abode
    This is the final location of the game - where you will fight (and hopefully
    defeat) Naja.  Start in Room 1.  Enter at the bottom of the room, which leads
    to four other rooms.  The doors to these rooms has the following 
                            2     3
                      1     |     |
                      |     -------
                      |        |
                      |        |      4
       Door 1: Small room with a chest (POTION)
       Door 2: Leads to short hall and another room, which contains a big PURPLE
               dragon at the far end.
       Door 3: Leads to two short hallways.  Need SWORD BLAZE to melt the door
               at the end of this hallway.  That leads to a big room which has
               a BLUE dragon at the far end.
       Door 4: Leads to small room with a treasure chest (MAGE FRUIT).
    Get the treasures from behind Door 1 and Door 4.  Then SAVE the game.  Go
    through Door 2 and up to the purple master.  Is this Naja?  He's a boss... but
    he isn't Naja.  He casts WASTE5, so IMMEDIATELY use the CALM spell to block
    it.  This is actually NAJA'S DOUBLE; he's got 4000 HPs and is resistant to
    most magic, so make sure all the party members are equipped with swords (i.e.
    NOT rods).  Perseverance does the trick with this guy, so once you dispatch
    him heal up the party and use any MAGE FRUIT you need to in order to get
    everyone back to full strength.  Then go back to Door 3.
    This is a good spot to SAVE the game; you're about to have the final BOSS
    battle with Naja.  When you've got the party all healed up and equipped with
    sword weapons (make sure Logan and Giles each have a SWORD BLAZE, they're the
    two fastest and most powerful), go into Naja's lair.  Go up to the blue dragon
    at the top of the room.  Talk to him to start the battle... immediately cast
    CALM, because Naja will cast COMA on your party members very quickly and put
    them all out of commission.  Once this is done, the best way to beat him is to
    have Logan and Giles fight with their swords, and have Ethan and Sonia use
    POTIONs and RABBIT'S FOOT type items to boost Logan and Giles' abilities.
    Naja has 8000 HPs, so it won't be a quick battle.  Defeat him with sword
    attacks, and enjoy the closing cinemas!
    2.  MONSTERS                                                                *
    The monsters are listed, more or less, in order of appearance in the game.
    Note that when a group of monsters is encountered, the total EPs received is
    often less than if they were fought individually.  On a few occasions, the EPs
    have changed... so I am just listing the maximum EP amount that I've seen
    awarded each party member after the battle.  Also, if one or more characters
    faints during battle, the EPs received by the surviving party members
    increases by the amount that the fainted party member would have received.
    NOTE:  When attacking in a group of two or three, the total EPs awarded is one
    less than if they were defeated individually.  (No idea why they did this)
    Also, this is not a complete list; it's near-complete and I've tried to list
    as many interesting spells and other attacks that I've seen used.
    Abbreviations used:
       a.b. = after the battle
       n.c. = No Coma - Coma attack (spell or Steel Rod) doesn't work
       p.m. = one party member
       (#)  = see note # after monster listing
    Name              HPs  EPs (max)  Gold   Comments
    Greenslime         15      1        1    These do no damage to party members
    Kowl               40      4        8
    Blue Jel           20      1        2
    Crawler            30      3        6    Spits poison
    Wildkat            60      4       12
    Snipper           100      5       12
    Killtoad          120      7       15    Squirts slime for attack
    Prowler           150     10       20
    Sentinel          110      7       30    Receive herb after battle
    Commander         400     75      200    Casts CALM as first move; also
                                                receive WOLF SWORD after battle
    Stinger           140      9       25    Casts SLEEP1, LEECH1, CURE1
    Krawbeak          160     11       28
    Imp               120     10       34    Casts various spells (1)
    Gar Master (BOSS) 370    200      142    Boss of Red Cave; FLAME2, CURE2,
                                             susceptible to ICE2.  Get LION BLADE
                                             and CHAIN MAIL after defeat
    Manatak           200     26       50    Casts POWER1 before attacking
       (a.k.a. "Mantatak")
    Gremlin           300     25       25    If damaged below 210, it will escape
                                             during battle and return with 210 HP
    Gar               370     67      142    Casts FLAME2, CURE2
    Hunter            140     26       18    Casts FLAME3, MUTE2
    Warwasp           250     35       25
    Banditwing        170     34        0
    Shellshok         300                    Spits poison; "coin flip" attack nets
                                             10 GP for p.m. each time, 1 HP damage
    Grimtalon         160     40       90    Casts ICE3; multiple physical attacks
    Ursus             240     24       40    Casts MUTE1; FLAME2
    Beholder          300     54       75    Casts FLAME3; MUTE2; SLEEP1; PSYCO2;
                                             can confuse p.m. (glare)
    Granit            560     34       60    resistant to magic attacks
    Strom (BOSS)     1000    667     1000    casts CURE 3; receive FIRE STAFF a.b.
    Squid King        320     93      300    Casts SHOCK3; REVIVE1 (on companions)
    Demon Pincer      480     60      190    Casts POWER3
    Bulltoad          790    113      220    Can confuse p.m.; can call for help
                                             (adds one Bulltoad)
    Tortoid           520     90      180    Casts LEECH2
    Parasite          750    138      280
    Horn Viper        770    243      485    Casts SLOW2; uses poison attack
    Tarantus          540    279      550    Can lower p.m. speed (string);
                                             casts WASTE2
    Stormclaw         980    400      100    Resistant to SHOCK spells
    Crusher           450    150      100
    Skulsplitter      550    200      400    COMA does not work on these
    Evil Elf          340    200      400    Casts SHOCK2; LEECH3
    Swamp Brute       640    105      400    Casts CHAOS1; can poison opponent
    Battle Ox         790    165      340
    Wererat           740    165      330    Difficult to hit with physical attack
    Reaver            720    275      600    (2)
    Sasquatch         890    200      400
    Grymgoon          980    243      480
    Girius (BOSS)    1500    (3)             Casts SHOCK5; WASTE4; n.c.; get
                                                THUNDER ROD a.b.
    Thunderhound      900    (3)
    Petal Maw         700    225      500    Escapes if HP < 350
    Sylph             600    300      500    Causes SLEEP
    Man Ape          2500    500      680    Can decrease p.m. POWER (roar)
    Fungoid           730    340      680    Can lower p.m. speed (spores)
    Bearded Imp       550    463      930    Casts CURE3; FLAME4
    Ravager           940    450      900    Attack can lower p.m. speed; SLEEP
    Berserker        1360    450      400
    Firebird         1300    400      800
    Flameskull        930    375      700
    Shadow            650    450      900    Casts SHOCK3; SHOCK4 (4)
    Boarfang         1200    375      790
    Scavenger        1300    463      920    Casts CALM; many double attacks
    Raker            1400    500     1000    Multiple attacks; very evasive; n.c.
    Sandra (BOSS)     500    200        1    Casts CURE3; get CURING ROBE a.b.
    Sentry            600   1000      500    Usually attack one p.m.
    Drax (BOSS)      1400   2000     1000    Get Doom's Tear a.b.; n.c.
    Damius (BOSS)    2000   2500    10000    Casts ICE5; CURE4; confuses p.m. w/
                                             Venom Ray; get Ice Staff a.b.; n.c.
    Mauler           1000    525     1000    (5)
    Demon Dog        1400    513     1100    Speed increases after each attack
    Flame Wraith     1800    600     1200    Reduces speed of p.m. (chill); n.c.
    Cyclops          1650    675     1370    Weak attacks from these
    Tyranus          1500    700     1300    n.c.
    Slash Beast      1100    675     1300    Casts GUARD4; LEECH4
    Deformer         1400    850     1700    Two attacks per turn; POWER5
    Skelghoul        1800    750     1500    n.c.
    Snout Pig        2000    (6)      (6)    Poison; very susceptible to COMA
    Spiker            900    (6)      (6)    CURE3
    Doom Spectre     2000   1100     2000
    Lizard King      1100    850     1700    ICE4; ICE5
    Goblin           1300    685     1370    LEECH3
    Night Shield     1900    850     1700    Can repel blows; strong against magic
                                             attacks; donÕt use ICE spell on them
    Centurion        2060    938     1870    n.c.; faint attack
    Draqfang          500    825     1800    LEECH3; CURE3
    Razormaw         1800    (7)      (7)
    Raider           1870    (7)      (7)    Two attacks
    Swampsnake       1270    950     1800    SHOCK4; SHOCK5; VENOM3; flees if its
                                             HPs < 50%
    Sultan            900   1025     2000    n.c.; MUTE2; PSYCO4; REPEL1; SLEEP3;
    Rag Corpse        800   1000     1900    ICE5; MUTE2; can cause confusion; use
                                             Magic attacks to kill these quickly
    Vindicator       1700    995     2200    n.c.; GUARD3; lowers your speed
    Grim Reaper      2000   1000     2000    n.c.; avoids physical attacks; use
                                             SHOCK attacks to kill these quickly
    Demon Fly        1600    (8)      (8)
    Queen Bee        1900    (8)      (8)    CURE4; sleep (pollen); stinger
    Fire Knight      1200   1013     2000    n.c.; can hide in shadows (canÕt
                                             attack them when theyÕre hiding);
                                             their fire attack will destroy all
                                             GEM ARMOR and GEM SHIELDS
    Necromancer      2000   1088     2000    CURE3; FLAME4; PSYCO4; SLEEP3; repels
                                             attacks; escapes if HP < 50%
    Pyroklaw         1800   1000     2000
    Titus            2000    (9)      (9)    Can restore one dead viking to life
                                             with 2/3 orig. HPs (1000)
    Viking           1500    (9)      (9)
    Naja's Double    4000  12500        0    Casts WASTE5; use SWORDS on him; n.c.
    Naja (LAST BOSS) 8000   (10)     (10)    see walkthrough for information on
                                             Naja; defeat him to win game
    (1)  IMPs have a unique method of attacking the party.  First they cast SLEEP1
         spells to put the entire party to sleep.  When all party members are
         asleep, the IMPs cast VENOM1 to poison each of the members.  When all
         party members have been poisoned, the IMPs re-cast SLEEP1 on each party
         member to put them deeper in slumber.  There is nothing to do but wait
         for the entire party to faint after this, and RESTART BATTLE when it's
         done.  (Note -- IMPs also cure themselves first before casting SLEEP1, so
         if you get a hit on an IMP, all it does is delay the SLEEP spell casting
         by one turn)
    (2)  Do not use any sort of fire spell (FLAME1, FLAME2, etc.) on Reavers,
         since they thrive on fire and actually GAIN HPs if a fire spell is cast
         on them.
    (3)  The BOSS of Chapter 3 is Girius.  His first move in the battle is to call
         two Thunderhounds to his side.  When the battle is finished, the party
         receives either 1000 or 1334 EPs and 2000 GPs.  Neither Girius nor the
         Thunderhounds appear without the other anywhere in the game.
    (4)  If one Shadow transforms (i.e. adds additional Shadow to attacking
         group), be sure to kill the ORIGINAL one, and the TRANSFORMED one (copy)
         will disappear when the original is killed.  The copy starts off with 2/3
         the HP as the original one has at the time of transformation.
    (5)  If a lone Mauler appears to fight, then his first move will be to call
         two Demon Dogs.  If three Maulers appear, then beware the mash/clash
         attacks!  If all THREE Maulers are alive, then they will do a "Mace Mash"
         attack - 1500 HP damage to one party member.  If TWO Maulers are alive,
         then they may (but not necessarily) do a "Mace Clash" attack - 750 HP
         damage to one party member.  Best strategy is to concentrate ALL attacks
         on one at a time.
    (6) Combined, one Snout Pig and two Spikers give 1600 EP and 3700 Gold.
    (7) Combined, one Razormaw and one Raider give 1788 EP and 3570 Gold.
    (8) Combined, one Queen Bee and two Demon Flies give 2900 EP and 5600 Gold.
    (9) Combined, one Titus and two Vikings give 2750 EP and 6000 Gold.
    (10) You don't get any money or EPs for defeating Naja, but you DO win the 
    3.  ADDITIONAL ITEMS                                                        *
    Items listed in the game manual are not listed here; instead, these are the
    weird, oddball items for which you probably won't find a description
    anyplace... but some of them are useful nonetheless.
    Item          Description
    Cucumber:     Weapon, can confuse a single enemy.  Buy at Oasis Bazaar.
    Dragonflute:  Use this handy item to beckon a dragon (late in game).
    Evil Eye:     Use during battle.  Subtracts LUCK points (~15) from one enemy.
    Gemstone:     Sell this at a shop for 75,000 GP.  Rarely found after battle.
    Gold Card:    Use this item in terminals at Tower of Crystal to open doors.
                  Can sell for 52,500 AFTER all doors at Tower have been opened.
    Gold Sword:   Weapon (+5 AP).  Strictly a showpiece, obtained from Wolfjaw
                     Cavern.  Can sell for 225,000 GP!
    Hyper 2000:   
    Lantern:      Lights up caverns, as torch - but is reusable permanently.  Can
                     sell for 7500 GP.
    Magic Box:    When used, creates another one.  Can sell for 1GP each. Whoopee.
    Midas Shoes:  Accessory (equip to use).  Allows wearer to randomly find 50GP.
    Rabbit Foot:  Use during battle.  Adds LUCK points (~175) to one party member.
    Silver Horn:  Use to get to the 5th floor of The Tower of Crystal. Can't sell.
    Sleep Mist:   Get from Fraser in Ghilan.  Free; can't sell.  Puts one enemy
                     to sleep.
    Sponge:       Used in battle to zap one monster of ~50MP, and give them to
                     the user.  Doesn't work on non-spellcasting monsters.
    Spy Scope:    Permanent TELE-LENS - always see monsters.  Can sell for 15,000.
    4.  ADDITIONAL WEAPONS AND ARMOR                                            *
    All party members can equip all items (unlike most RPGs).
    Weapon          Where found           Affect                 Value (shop)
    Fire Staff      Defeat STROM (Ch. 2)   +5 AP & casts FLAME3          7500
    Ice Staff       Defeat Damius (Ch. 4)  +5 AP & casts ICE3            7500
    Necro Spear     Oasis Bazaar (Ch. 4)   +600 AP (cursed)                 1
                                              confuses wearer
    Sun Wand        Red Cave (Ch. 2)       +5 AP & casts SLEEP3          7500
    Thunder Rod     Defeat Girius (Ch. 3)  +5 AP & casts SHOCK3          7500
    Gem Rod         Defeat Gaius (Ch. 5)
    Armor           Where found              Affect                Value (shop)
    Curing Robe     Defeat Sandra (Ch. 4)    +nn DP, can add               4500
                       or buy (6000 GP)       500 HP if wearer
                       at Darkheim armory     DEFENDS in battle
    Necro Mail      Oasis Bazaar (Ch. 4)     +200 DP (cursed)                 1
                                              confuses wearer
    Necro Plate     Oasis Bazaar (Ch. 4)     +180 DP (cursed)                 1
                                              confuses wearer
    Wind Robe       Wolfjaw Cave (Ch. 5)     +50 speed                     3750
    5.  SPELLS                                                                  *
    All characters can cast any of these spells.  Each character has seven slots
    that can hold a spell.  A good idea is to round out your party with different
    spells, so that each spell is available from at least one member.  It's also
    good to round out EACH party member with attack, defense, and healing spells.
    Make sure that each member has some form of CURE magic available; you may want
    to let one character keep CURE1 when you find a source for the CURE2 spell.
    Whenever you find a spellcaster who offers you his spells, it's a good idea to
    upgrade all your party's spells to the next level.  For example, if Logan has
    FLAME1 and you are offered FLAME2, then replace the FLAME1 in Logan's
    spellbook with the new FLAME2 spell.  True, it uses more MPs, but the more
    difficult monsters later in the game won't be harmed at all by the FLAME1
    Spell           MPs required     Where it can be found
    [TBD - next version... bwc]
    6.  LEVEL ADVANCEMENT                                                       *
    All the characters in the game advance levels according to the same scale.
    The numbers in the chart below are for the most part approximate; it's very
    difficult to pin down exactly where the level raise occurs due to the large
    number of EPs awarded in later battles.
    Level   EPs to Raise (approx*)   Logan's MPs (approx*)
      1            start                  5
      2              20                   7
      3              75                  11
      4             120                  16
      5             195                  22
      6             305                  30
      7             450                  40
      8             650                  52
      9             925                  65
     10            1285                  79
     11            1770                  95
     12            2420                 113
     13            3245                 133
     14            4340                 159
     15            5750                 178
     16            7550                 203
     17            9800                 230
     18           12690                 258
     19           16275                 288
     20           20750                 320
     21           26250                 354
     22           32900                 389
     23           41050                 425
     24           50700                 463
     25           62000                 502
     26           75900                 543
     27           91700                 586
     28          110000                 630
     29          131500                 676
     30          155750                 724
     31          182500                 774
     32          213833                 825
     33          247884                 877
     34          285340                 931
     35          326167                 985
     36          370260                 1039
     37          417440                 1096
     38          467451                 1155
     39          519963                 1216
     40          574575                 1278
     41          630825                 1341
     42          688200                 1405
     43          746149                 1471
     44          804728                 1539
     45          862647                 1609
     46          919996                 1681
     47          977945                 1754
     48         1035894                 1829
     49         1093843                 1906
     50         1151792                 1985
     51         1209741                 2066
     52         1267690                 2149
     53         1325639                 2234
    *  As a character is advanced, if you set the OPTION to do manual point
       distribution, you can then decide where to put the "bonus" points.  For
       example, if Logan is advanced a level he may receive SEVEN bonus points.
       If you have MANUAL distribution turned on, you can divide those seven
       points up between STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, LUCK, and SPEED.  You could put
       all of them to his STRENGTH, which would amount to a stronger character
       and a LOT more HPs in the long run, but his magic points would not increase
       geometrically as they would otherwise (would instead always increase by the
       same constant amount).
    7.  SAVING YOUR GAME                                                        *
    Dragon Slayer offers the luxury of being able to save your game anywhere,
    anytime.  Here are some tips on when and where:
       - Save often.  It's also a good idea to occasionally back up a save by
         saving the same game in a different slot (if memory permits).
       - Always save your game if you think you're about to fight a boss.  Even
         though you have the option to re-fight the battle, it's a good place to
         save since you can re-fight the boss anytime you want.
       - If you have a rare item that you want to test, SAVE your game just before
         you do this.  Use the item, and if the results are not to your liking,
         call up the OPTION menu and LOAD the game that you just saved.  You've
         the got your item back!  It's sort of cheating, but hey...
    Each saved game takes up 601 blocks of memory in the TG-16/Duo internal
    memory.  You can save up to three games in memory, and the filenames look like
    Each of these files represents one saved game; the first file is the first
    saved game on the "Restart" menu, the second file is the second saved game,
    etc.  Besides items, characters/attributes, and the typical saved data these
    files each contain elapsed time for each saved game.
    8.  MISCELLANEOUS                                                           *
    *  General fight strategy
       Dragon Slayer uses a "turn-based" combat system - each player attacks when
       his (or her) turn comes up.  The higher the character's SPEED rating, the
       more often their turn will occur.  For this reason, it's a good idea to
       equip your fastest character (for most of the game, GILES) with the best
       weapon and the VIPER ring.
       -  When fighting multiple enemies, concentrate all attacks on ONE enemy.
          If the monsters can each be slain in one hit, be sure to attack one
          that hasn't attacked in several rounds (since its turn may be next,
          you can then avoid the damage to one of your characters).  For example,
          if you are fighting three KOWLS and KOWL3 has just attacked, then do not
          attack KOWL3.  Instead, concentrate all attacks on KOWL1 or KOWL2 since
          it is probable that one of those will attack next, and you can eliminate
          an attack on one of your party that way.
       -  It's usually better not to use too much magic in a battle, since it's
          "cheaper" to use magic to heal wounded party members after the battle is
       -  Sometimes there will be a monster (e.g. WERERAT) that tends to avoid
          physical attacks.  If the party is fighting one or more of these and you
          just can't seem to get a hit in, don't hesitate to use MAGIC attacks.
          And remember to concentrate all attacks on one until it is knocked off,
          then move on to the next.
       -  When Sonia joins the group in Chapter 3, she will be equipped with the
          STEEL ROD.  This casts COMA1 every time it is used, and can be very
          useful against certain monsters that take a long time to kill.  Instead
          of upgrading her to a sword or spear when the opportunity arises, keep
          this weapon equipped as it will prove VERY useful for a long time.
       -  Did you notice these four brothers in the game:  Brother John, Brother
          George, Brother Paul, and Brother Ringo?  Yup - the Beatles.  They also
          made references to Beatle songs in the game "Long and Winding Road",
          "Magical Mystery Tour", etc., when they gave advice/info to the party.
    *  SYSTEM/battle command - AUTO battle description
       If you're looking to do battle with much weaker monsters in order to build
       up a good EP and gold supply, you may want to consider using the AUTO
       BATTLE option.  This can be activated for individual characters or the
       entire party. Essentially, the character attacks automatically - no waiting
       for you to command it.  The obvious downside of this is that you cannot
       plan the attack at all; but some of the other options make it more tempting
       to use for those thousand or so battles you'll have to earn some cash.
              + options +
              [TBD - next version... bwc]
       Auto Heal will simply have one of the spellcasters heal injured characters,
       but does so more quickly that I liked.  This will probably run you out of
       MPs much faster than if you did it manually.
    *  Re-selling items back to shops
       Most of the shops around the world will buy back items, weapons, and armor
       from you.  The general rule is that they give you 3/4 the money that they'd
       sell it for.  For example, if you bought a Sun Sword at the Cape Via for
       10,000 GP - and then decide to sell it, you'll get 3/4 of that... or 7,500
       GP. This is actually much more generous than many other RPGs, where you get
       50% or less for used items...
    Dragon Slayer Guide v 1.0
    All contents copyright 2000 by Barry W. Cantin

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