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"One of the most beautiful games for the Turbo"

This is a game that I think doesn't get enough recognition. The first one was cool, but, this one outdoes itself! Especially when compared to that garbage Sega-cd DE game! Anyways, basically, the end guy from the last game returns, & is looking for the Orb of Ora. I'd say more, but I'd ruin it for ya!

Story-Perfect! Great story, with great actors!

Graphics-Wonderful, although occasionally, their will be a lackluster background. Characters are simple, but effective. Bosses are well detailed. The cinemas are great!

Sound-Spectacular! The music is incredible, done by the JDK band, infamous for Y's, the Thunder series, & lots of other cd games. Every song fits the mood of the level in my opinion. The sound effects are good. Nothing to write home about, but the cinemas are incredible! While TTI did the text translation, they had Working Designs do the voice acting! Working Designs has never let me down in this department, & did a bang up job here!

Playability-Perfect! Every character runs at his own pace, but this can be changed depending on what crystals you get. You can choose between abilities that make you stronger. You can have up to 5 players in it, just like the last one, but, it gets too hard that way! I've beaten it with 2 players, & gotten far with 3, until my friends had to go. Otherwize, this is a great one player RPG.

Funfactor-There isn't alot to do weapon-wise, but, when I bought it, I couldn't put my controller down! Simple, but effective. The game feels good in the palm of your hands. And the story, music, & graphics make it that much funner!

Overall-This game should not be outside of your collection! You better find this classic! Try an auction site or something! Must Buy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/27/00, Updated 01/27/00

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