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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------------- [ STREET FIGHTER/FIGHTING STREET ] ------------------
    -------------------------------- [by Ice Queen Zero] --------------------------
     ------------------------------- [ Arcade/Turbo CD ] --------------------------
    The game that started it all for modern fighting gaming though the crazw starts
    with its sequel. Street Fighter 2 - The Worl Warrior. It was released in 1987
    in the arcades and it was the first fighting game to introduce using the control
    pad/joystick to excute special moves. In Streeft Fighter 2 and beyond, the moves
    are easy to perform. But in Street Fighter 1, the moves were a total bitch to
    pull off. More on that later. The game also introduces us to Ryu, Ken, Sagat,
    Birdie, Adon, Gen, Eagle and to an extent Joe and Mike who fight each other at
    the start of Street Fighter 2. Joe was the victor of that fight.
    Fighting Street is the home version of Street Fighter 1 and it was the first
    game released onto the Turbo-CD/PC-CD and it was even more of a bitch to play
    the game than its arcade counterpart. The only good part of this game was the
    enhanced music and sounds.
    Street Fighter/Fighting Street and its characters are trademarks of Capcom and
    all of its copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ/Movelist is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo and 
    cannot be put on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be 
    reproduced w/o proper consent.
    You play the role of Ryu who is travelling the world to participate in a fight-
    ing tournament where he muust take on nine opponents on route to facing the
    grand champion, Sagat. This is probably the only fighting game until King of
    Fighters 12 came along where the tournament did not invlove any evil intentions
    or connotations. It was just pure fighting. Ken on the other hand was in USA
    participating in the local tournament thus he was not in the world tournament in
    the storyline.
    Ryu - He represents Player 1. Th this game, he has red hair and red slippers.
    You guide him through ten opponents across the world.
    Ken - He represents Player 2. He is a pallete swap of Ryu with blond hair and a
    red gi, He does not have a headband or slippers. In the story, he is in the US
    in a local tournament but can fight in the world tournament if he beats Ryu in a
    1P vs 2P game.
    What made this game horrible was the faulty control system. The original arcade
    unit had two pressure sensitive buttons that the player whou hit. One for the
    punches and one for the kicks. The strength of the attack depends on how hard
    you pinded the button. This led nowhere with the game, so the game got converted
    to the six-button system we are familiar with today. yet the buttons are still a
    drag as the attack don't come out until they are released. This is because they
    are based on the original pressure pad mechanism. The Fighting Street version is
    based on a combination of both. Strength depends on how long a button was held
    down before being released.
    The controls are as follows depending on what version you are playing:
    u = up
    uf = up/forward
    ub = up/back
    b = back
    f = forward
    d = down
    df = down/forward
    db = down/back
    Press u, uf, or ub to jump
    Press d, df, or db to crouch
    Press b to move backwards (away from opponent)
    Press f to move forwards (towards opponent)
    Press b to block attacks that aren't low
    Press db to block low, non-air attacks
    +Arcade (6-button)+
    jab - Light Punch
    Strong - Medium Punch
    Fierce - Hard Punch
    Short - Light Kick
    Forward - Medium Kick
    Roundhouse - Hard Kick
    +Turbo CD+
    II - Kick
    I - Punch
    The longer you hold the buttn the stronger the attacks listed above are when
    Ryu and Ken have the same exact moves and they are executed by sweeping the
    control pad/joystick in a specific motion followed by the button but as I said
    before... They are a bitch to pull off compared to the sequels that follow. In
    Street Fighter 1, they shout out the name of the move in English in the English
    version, but in the Japanese version, they shout the move names as we know them
    Fireball (Hadouken): d, df, f + P
    Fireball has Ryu/Ken thrust an actual fireball forward as opposed to the blue
    flame encased over a shadow imprint of their forearms and hands in the sequel.
    Ryu/Ken will shout "Fight Fire or Dark Fire". It does 40% damage.
    Dragon Punch (Shoryuuken): f, d, df + P
    Dragon Punch is a unblockable close range attack that can hit up to three times
    where Ken/Ryu rise up from the ground with fist extended. It can also be used as
    an anti-air attack. If all three hits connect, it's an automatic victory. Best
    of all, it is invincible on the way up. Each hit is about more than 1/3 bar of
    Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Senouu Kyaku): d, db, b + K
    Hurricane Kick has Ryu/Ken spin in the air towards opponent slightly. It can hit
    up to four times and can win the match if all four connect. Each hit is about
    1/4 bar of damage.
    Retsu - bald dude who trained along with Ken and Ryu. He uses only basic attack
    Geki - he is dressed in blue ninja garb and attacks with ninja stars that do a
    fai amount of damage. He can also reappear and disappear in a cloud of smoke.
    Joe - a blonde dude with no shirt on who attacks with basic attacks including a
    powerful jump kick
    Mike - A black guy with a red shirt and fights in front of Mount Rushmore. He
    is a boxer and he doesn't use any kicks at all but his punches are lethal
    Birdie - Big buff white thug with a blone mohawk. He has two attacks that can
    destroy you if you're not careful. The first one is a leaping headbutt and the
    other one is a Diving Double Smash.
    Eagle - Blond guy in a butler attire who carries two nightsticks in hand. His
    special attack is a top spin with nightsticks extended. He can also block
    fireballs without taking damage if he blocks right.
    Lee - wears a blue chinese outfit and a hat to match. His most often used move
    is a small hop followed by a ducking punch.
    Gen - dons a purple Chinese outfit and has grey hair and a beard. He is said to
    be Lee's father. He uses basic attacks that are harmful
    Adon - Fights using Muay Thai Kickboxing style. His most lethal attack is the
    Jaguar Kick which can destroy you in 4 attacks.
    Sagat - He is the final boss of the game. He has an eyepatch and purple shorts.
    Unlike the other bosses, he has a variety of attacks: Lunging Knee Attack, 
    Tiger Shot, an unblockable low Short Kick.
    After you defeat two opponents you go to a bonus stage
    Bonus Stage 1: Small plates
    Bonus Stage 2: 3 Boards
    Bonus Stage 3: Cement blocks
    Bonus Stage 4: 4 Boards
    Win against Ken or Ryu: I wish you good luck
    Win against opponent: What strength, but don't forget there are many guys like
    you all over the world.
    Lose: You've got a lot to learn before you can beat me. Try again Kiddo.
    Defeat Sagat: You've outlasted the best. You are the strongest street fighter
    in the world.
    You have earned the distinction of "king of the hill" But remember you have no
    time to rest on your glory, for there is always someone in line waiting to knock
    you off the top. Be prepared to be challenged.
    Capcom - made the game
    GameFAQs - hosting this FAQ
    You - reading it.
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    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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