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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by BDragon

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 11/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SF1 FAQ version 1.25 by Black Dragon ( aka Ryan McCarten, email : sorcer-
    E@mailcity.com ), with help from Eric Smevold.
    If you use any part of this FAQ, give me or Eric Smevold credit for the part you used.
    This FAQ is based on the arcade version of SF1, which is available in several 
    emulated versions.  Sadly, the original arcade or even TurboGraphx-16 version 
    are hard to find, so most people will have to grab emulated versions to play 
    this game.   www.emux.com has a version of this, and there are a few sites with 
    the PC version of the game as well.  I've seen no TurboGraphx/PC Engine versions 
    as of yet.  ( *note* I've learned that in some versions of the game there are no 
    unblockable moves, whereas in my version there were.  If the "unblockable" moves 
    are blockable in your version, just ignore the text about them being unblockable.
    Since most people have never played the original Street Fighter, I'll go into 
    extra depth as to the characters' moves, fighting styles, winning poses, voices, 
    and even walking styles.
    Button/Joystick key :
    JB JU  JF                      Punch Buttons, weakest to strongest : Jab   
    Strong   Fierce
      \   |   /
    B-- N -- F                    Kick Buttons, weakest to strongest : Short  
    Forward  Roundhouse
       /  |   \
    DB   D    DF                   Jabs and shorts are weakest, but possess the most 
    speed.  Fierce and Roundhouse are slow but most powerful.
    Sections :
    1.  Storyline
    2.  Your characters : Ryu and Ken, and their moves
    3.  Enemies ( and their moves )
      3.1 Joe
      3.2 Mike
      3.3 Lee
      3.4 Gen
      3.5 Retsu
      3.6 Geki
      3.7 Birdie
      3.8 Eagle
      3.9 Adon
      3.10 Sagat
    4.  Winning quotes
    5.  Bonus Stages
    6.  Ending sequence.
    7.  Street Fighter related sites and info.
    1.  Storyline
    Ryu and Ken are two Shotokan Karate students who have just completed their 
    training, taught by the master Gouken, former student of the great master 
    Goutetsu, who created the powerful and deadly techniques of the 
    Hadouken ( fireball ), Shoryuken ( Dragon Punch ), and TatsuMakiSenPuKyaku ( 
    Hurricane Kick ).  Gouken has passed on these techniques to his students in a 
    non-lethal form.  After their training,  Ryu and Ken decided to enter a new 
    tournament known as the Street Fighter tournament, being held by a huge Muay Thai 
    champion fighter known as Sagat.  To get to Sagat, they must first beat the champions
     of 4 countries - the U.S., England, China and Japan - before they can finally make it to
     Sagat's homeland of Thailand, and then, if they manage to beat Sagat's vicious but
     skilled pupil, Adon, they gain the chance of beating Sagat and becoming champion of 
    the tournament.
    In the arcade, this game originally had only 2 buttons : Punch and Kick.  The strength 
    of each attack depended on how hard one hit the button.  Later on, this was converted
    to six buttons to make it easier to do the attacks, and this was the same 6-button
    layout that has become standard since in Street Fighter games.  The moves were 
    executed when one released the button, not when one hit the button, making the
    game a bit unusual compared to later Street Fighter games.  ( information here gained 
    from Eric Smevold )
    It's also interesting to note that in this game, there were no throws.  Even Ryu and 
    Ken could not toss their opponents.  Thus, the game revolved around beating your
    opponent with the best normal and special moves, none of which were throws, of 
    course.  However, since the Dragon Punch can penetrate blocks in this game, throws
    are not needed as they were in later Street Fighters.
    2.  Ryu and Ken
    Ryu is a Japanese fighter who wears a typical karate gi.  He has reddish hair 
    and red sandals.  Ken is a blonde American fighter wearing an orange karate gi 
    and fights barefoot.  Both are identical move-wise.  For simplicity purposes, we 
    will refer to these moves as Ryu doing them  ( I don't feel like writing in "Ryu 
    or Ken" every time I refer to whose doing the move ).
    Their normal moves are :
    Jab : 
      Standing : Ryu does a quick straight punch with the arm furthest from the 
      Crouching : Ryu does a punch with the arm facing the screen to the low stomach 
    level of an equally sized opponent.  Ryu's Crouching Strong and Fierce are 
    identical, just with longer speeds and more power.
      Jumping Forward/Backwards : Ryu does *NOTHING WHATSOEVER*;  He just sails 
    through the air and leaves himself wide open for counter attacks.  Good for when 
    you feel like jumping and hitting an attack button, but don't really care if 
    your character does anything.  Also great if you want to give your opponent a 
    free shot
      Jumping Up : Identical to Jumping Forwards/Backwards;  Ryu leaps into the air 
    and does *nothing WHATSOEVER*!!  Great for the same usages as Jumping 
    Forward/Backwards jabs.
    Strong :
      Standing : Ryu does a straight punch with the arm closest to the screen.  It 
    hits at the top of the head. 
      Crouching : Ryu does the same punch as per the Crouching Jab, but with slower 
    speed and better damage.
      Jumping Forward/Backwards : Ryu does a punch hitting at a 45 degree angle 
    downwards with the fist closest the screen.  This move will miss some grounded 
    opponents - the punch will come out and recoil before it reaches their head - 
    but it is useful for knocking out anticipated jumps and hitting big opponents.
      Jumping Up : Ryu does a punch like the Jumping Forwards/Backwards one, but 
    with the opposite arm.  Good for keeping back some jumping in opponents.
    Fierce :
      Standing : This is the same as Ryu's Standing Strong.
      Crouching : This is the same as Ryu's Crouching Jab and Strong.
      Jumping Forwards/Backwards : Same as Ryu's Jumping Forwards/Backwards Strong
      Jumping Up : Same as his Jumping Up Strong.
    Short : 
      Standing : Ryu does nothing whatsoever.  Great for when you want to give your 
    opponent a free hit or two.
      Crouching : Ryu does a short kick like his Crouching Forward from SF2 in 
    appearance.  A quick attack with decent priority.
      Jumping Forwards/Backwards : Ryu blissfully sails through the air without 
    offering attack to defend himself against a counter-attack.  Great for masochist 
    players, just like the jumping jabs.
      Jumping Up : Ryu leaps up, and does. . . . .*NOTHING*!!!  Useless move like 
    several others.
    Forward : 
      Standing : Ryu spins around and does a roundhouse.  This can knock out aerial 
    opponents if timed right, but it's difficult to time right.
      Crouching : Ryu does a spinning footsweep.  This is identical to his Crouching 
    Roundhouse from SF2.
      Jumping Forwards/Backwards : Ryu does a flying kick as he gets close to the 
    end of the jump.  A great jump-in attack.
      Jumping Up : Ryu does a high kick in the air.  This is much like he and Ken's 
    jumping up Forward from SF2, except done with the opposite foot and much weaker 
    Roundhouse : 
      Standing : Same as Standing Forward.
      Crouching : Same as Crouching Forward.
      Jumping Forwards/Backwards : Same as Jumping Forward/Backwards Forward kick.
      Jumping Up : Ryu does one rotation of a hurricane kick at the apex of the 
    jump.  This is a powerful counter to several jump-ins, such as Gen's jumping 
    forward kick.
    As you can see, Ryu and Ken's arsenal was not as advanced as in SF2, much less 
    SF Alpha or Three.  Several of their jab and short moves hadn't even been put in 
    yet!!  Fierces and Roundhouses hit slower than in later games.  Another 
    interesting thing is that Aerial attacks always hit at a certain time during the 
    jump, regardless of when the button is pressed ( unless, of course, the button 
    is pressed after the proper position for the move has been passed, in which case 
    Ryu will do it as he lands ).  Jumping Forward and Backwards Attacks always come 
    out near the end of the jump, whereas Jumping Up Attacks come out near the apex.  
    Bear this in mind when using aerial assaults, and pick your moves appropriately.
      Their special moves are :
      Hadouken ( Fireball ) : D,DF,F + Punch.  Ryu pulls his arms back a bit then 
    puts his hands forward at stomach level, shooting out a glowing yellow fireball 
    at the opponent.  On my version it sounds like he screams "Fight Fire!!" - kind of 
    similar to Dhalsim's "Yoga Fire" scream from SF2, however the actual word is 
    "Hadouken".  This fireball can take away a third of your opponent's life, but can be 
    evaded by jumps ( and jumping special moves, like Joe's Spin Kick and Adon's Jaguar 
    Kick ) and by the opponent simply knocking Ryu out of the move with a close attack.  
      Shoryuken ( Dragon Punch ) : F, D, DF + Punch : Ryu does his classic rising 
    uppercut which we've all seen.  He screams "Shoryuken!" but it sounds like, "Double 
    Spine!" on my version.  This can hit up to three times, with each hit taking more than 
    a third of the opponent's life away, so if this move connects fully, you can destroy 
    your opponent with one dragon punch.  It's also unblockable, unlike the other special 
    moves of Ryu and Ken, making it a very dangerous weapon.  It's only drawback is 
    it's short range, which makes it easy for your opponent to counter if he dodges 
      TatsuMakiSenPuKyaku ( Hurricane Kick ) : D, DB, B + Kick : Ryu does a 
    Hurricane kick which hits up to three times.  If all three connect, it can 
    destroy your opponent instantly;  However, it suffers from the drawback of a 
    slow start-up time, and it moves forward slowly.  Ryu slowly leaps up into the 
    air and then the Hurricane Kick finally comes out.  This is also the only of 
    Ryu's special moves in which his utterance sounds like what he's actually 
    saying, although a bit blurred;  However, I've been informed on other versions it
    sounds like "Hurricane Kick!".  It is also blockable and can be countered with 
    some normal moves, particularly jumping ones, and several special moves as well.  
    It's greatest strength is it's range and capability for multiple hits, but it's 
    slow startup and the ease in countering it make it the least valuable of Ryu's 
    specials.  However, it goes over sweeps, and you can force your opponent to 
    block it, plus get in range to use normals with this attack.  This is the best 
    usage for it I have seen.
    Ryu and Ken cannot do combos in this game, save with jabs and shorts and multi-
    hitting special moves.  Any strong hit will knock your opponent back about an 
    inch, so if one tried to jump in with a roundhouse, follow with a fierce punch 
    and end with a fireball, the roundhouse would connect ( unless your opponent 
    blocked ), knocking your opponent back, and your fierce would miss ( he would 
    probably be out of range, unless in the corner ).  Plus, the Fierce and 
    Roundhouse both came out slower than in SF2, so they did not have the same level 
    of effectiveness.  However, many opponents lacked the ability to block low, so 
    if certain opponents were cornered, one could merely use Roundhouse sweep after 
    roundhouse sweep and quickly put their opponent away.
    Also, beware of rapid button presses in this game.  If you tap Fierce repeatedly 
    while in the air, your character will Fierce punch in the air, but will also go 
    into another Fierce Punch upon landing;  Thus, be careful if your opponent 
    blocks your air attack then counters with a jumping attack of his own;  You will 
    be unable to block it and get hit by the move.
    3.  Enemies
    Ryu and Ken fight 2 opponents from 5 different countries, for a total of 10 
    opponents.  The first 4 countries are the USA, in which you fight kickboxer Joe 
    and regular boxer Mike, England, where you fight the large British punk Eagle 
    and the stick-wielding, upper-class-looking Eagle, China, where you take on the 
    Kung Fu Master Lee, then the unorthodox, older fighter, Gen, and Japan, where 
    you fight the bald Shotokan-style monk, Retsu, and the ninja Geki.  After you 
    beat these 4 countries you will fight in Thailand where you defeat the student 
    of Sagat, Adon, who is master of the dreaded Jaguar Kick, and finally Sagat 
    himself, who possesses both overhead high-priority knee attacks and the deadly 
    Tiger Shot, which takes over half your life with one hit.
    The enemies' moves are listed, with "special" in parantheses after the move if 
    it is a special and (Possible Special) if it suspected to be a special but isn't 
    known for sure.
    3.1  Joe
    Stage : An abandoned train yard, looks like it's in the run-down part of a city, 
    probably Sacramento, California.
    Joe is a blonde kickboxer who wears red pants and tennis shoes.  His style 
    mostly involves one-two combos, using normal moves, and his signature spin kick 
    which can destroy an opponent if 3 or 4 of them connect.  He does not walk 
    backwards or forwards but kind of does small hops in either direction.  His 
    block consists of him ducking and guarding the sides of his heads with his arms.  
    He has no low block, and thus is extremely vunerable to low sweeps if you can 
    get past his constant attacks.  When he wins, he raises both arms in truimph and 
    screams, "Okay, baby!!!!"
    His moves are :
    Jab :  Joe does a jab to the head.  Quick attack, but not too damaging.  It can 
    be comboed with his roundhouse kick.
    Stomach Punch : Joe ducks down, then delivers a punch to his opponent's stomach.  
    On my version this doesn't seem to be blockable.  Joe often attacks with a jab 
    or two then attacks with the stomach punch, which hits a blocking opponent by 
    surprise.  This move is also sometimes used to counter low kicks.  This would 
    probably be his standing strong in a later Street Fighter game.
    Straight Punch : Joe does a punch to the face, leaning forward as he does it.  
    This is his most damaging normal besides the roundhouse.  Great range, but 
    Shin Kick : Joe does a kick to the shins while standing.  This is unblockable 
    but lacks the range of the stomach punch.  Joe can hit his opponent with one of 
    these, then combo into a Straight Punch.  He also uses this against low kickers.
    Roundhouse : Joe spins around with a roundhouse kick.  Not to be confused with 
    the Spin Kick/Power Kick, in which Joe leaps in the air, spins around and does 
    the kick.  He spins around clockwise as opposed to counter-clockwise;  In other words,
     the kick comes out first and then he spins around, unlike Ryu's where he spins around 
    first clockwise, then kicks.  This move does great damage and Joe often combos into 
    this after connecting with a jab.  
    Spin Kick/Power Kick ( Special ) : Joe leaps into the air, spinning around while 
    in mid-air, then culminating it into a spinning kick.  He screams, "POWER!!!!" 
    as the kick comes out.  Joe can do two versions of this : A jumping forward 
    version and a jumping up version.  The jumping forward version is great against 
    opponents from some distance away, and to chase opponents still in recovery.  The 
    jumping up version is great for Joe to punish counter-attacks from close range, 
    as well as an unexpected overhead.  Both versions hit overhead.  While 
    powerful against normal ground attacks, fireballs and hurricane kicks, it's 
    easily beat by a dragon punch.  If the move is anticipated, it can be countered 
    with a jump attack, but if you counter too late the kick hits regardless;  
    Thus, you must jump attack early to leap over the kick part of the attack and 
    counter with your own jump attack from above.  A perfectly timed standing Fierce 
    or Strong will trade hits with the kick, but it's generally advisable to just block the 
    kick then counter later.
    Joe moves fairly quickly, and seems to have somewhat flashy yet powerful form of 
    fighting, heavy on combos, yet combined with unpredictibility.  His Spin Kick is 
    his most powerful assault, as he can pin down an opponent easily with this and 
    even combo a few together.  Jump attacks and traps into the corner are the best 
    way to defeat Joe.  He seems to possess no anti-jump attack moves except a 
    preliminary spin kick.  Also, sometimes Joe will jump forward at the same time 
    as your character and move behind you in mid air, thus leaving your character in 
    mid-air still attacking and leaving Joe in an excellent position to land another 
    spin kick on you.  To sum up, he can easily be defeated with jump attacks and corner 
    traps, but if he manages to land a few normal combos and get you in a few spin kicks
     he can defeat you quickly.
    3.2  Mike
    Stage : In front of Mount Rushmore.
    Mike is a black heavyweight boxer who wears blue jeans and a red shirt.  His 
    hands are wrapped in tape rather than covered with gloves.  When hit, he grabs 
    one hand with the other as he sails back.  While he possesses no special moves, 
    he does possess the ability to use strong punches consecutively at a rate fast 
    enough you can't escape without getting hit, unless using a Dragon Punch.  
    Mike has a jump and uses it just to get close and sometimes 
    to avoid attacks.   Strangely, he has no jumping attack.  Mike does short hops forward 
    or back like Joe when walking, although the hopping style seems more. .. .imposing, 
    IMO.  When Mike wins, he raises one arm in the air truimphantly and laughs, 
    "Ha ha ha. . . .I'm *sorry*!!" in a kind of sarcastic voice.  This might also be "Ha ha 
    ha . . . . .One *for me*!!!" but I'm not sure.  His block consists of covering 
    his face with both arms vertically and parallel to eachother, as opposed to 
    horizontally in the case of Gen's SFA2 block.  Mike's preferred tactic is to 
    stay just out of range of attacks and, when the chance arises, attack with a 
    long punch or a low hook to take off a third of your life.  His few but 
    effective moves are :
    Straight Punch/Long Punch :  This is a long straight punch which takes off a 
    third of your life.  This is used by Mike to counter jump-ins and to hit the 
    opponent from a distance.  This and the low hook punch are the most powerful 
    moves in Mike's arsenal.
    Jab : Mike throws a jab punch, giving a scream as he does it.  This doesn't take 
    off a lot of damage ( only 10%, which in SF1 isn't a lot ) but it's a quick 
    attack and effective for stuffing counter attacks.  Mike will often chain 2 of 
    these together before changing to a low hook.
    High hook : Mike throws a standing hook attack.  This take off 20% of your life.  
    He uses this when the opponent is next to him, and sometimes knocks out jumpers 
    with it.  He screams, "Grr-YAH!!!" in a macho voice as he does it .
    Low Hook : Mike crouches and delivers a hook.  This had decent enough range to 
    counter normal attacks when done just out of range, and, like the long punch, 
    takes off a third of your life.  It can also be used as an anti-air weapon, as 
    he ducks beneath the aerial attack and hits them as they land.  He can pin you 
    down endlessly with these punches, as they repeat quickly.  Indeed, if Mike gets 
    you in the corner and uses these punches constantly and consecutively you must 
    pull a Dragon Punch or you will be defeated shortly.  
    These are Mike's four moves, and despite the limitedness of his arsenal, these 
    moves are more than enough to suit his purposes.  The Straight Punch knocks out 
    jumpers, hits far-away opponents and deals serious damage.  The crouching hook 
    delivers a fast attack which can be repeated endlessly for an easy victory, has 
    range enough to counter attacks from outside normal attacking range, and hits 
    below the belt.  The jab punch is quick enough to stuff counter-attacks and thus 
    keep the opponent pinned.  His standing hook knocks out jumpers, does decent 
    damage to the opponent, and is fast enough to counter several standing attacks. 
    All special moves are effective against Mike;  He can also be defeated 
    by getting roughtly an inch and a half away from Mike then jumping in with a 
    roundhouse, followed by jumping backwards to get out of range of counters ( even 
    when he's knocked back, he can reach you with his Straight Punch ).  Then repeat 
    the pattern until he's down.  The only danger from this is that Mike will block, 
    then retaliate with a straight or hook, or Mike will knock you out of the air 
    with a punch, which he rarely does from this distance unless you've been jumping in
    a lot.  Mike moves slowly which makes fireballs very effective against him, but once 
    he gets in range he can defeat an opponent quickly.  Play evasive, don't let him get too
     close, and don't repeat your patterns too predictably or too clumsily,  or else Mike 
    will begin blocking your attacks and responding with some very damaging counters.
    3.3  Lee
    Stage : On top of the Great Wall of China.
    Lee is a master of some type of Kung Fu, although exactly which I am not 
    certain;  Perhaps Tiger Claw, perhaps Shaolin Kung Fu;  I'm not sure.  It's 
    rumoured he is Gen's son and it is rumoured Chun Li is his daughter, but neither 
    have been confirmed to my knowledge.  Lee wears a typical Kung Fu uniform with a 
    blue cap and sandals.  He creeps along with his arms in a ready striking stance, 
    rather than usual walking;  It's reminiscent of a scorpion ready to strike.  His 
    guard stance is simlar, with one arm aimed vertically to guard the face and 
    another across the stomach.  He has no low block.  Lee moves quickly, 
    incorporating lunging punches and leaping-up jump kicks into his attacks, which 
    all have a stinging feel to their attack forms.  When he wins, he does a Straight 
    Punch, then assumes his ready stance ( pictured on the Capcom drawing of Lee, 
    available at many sites ).  Eric Smevold has informed me that his winning words are,
    "I have great fortune".
    His moves are :
    Jab Punch : Lee does a punch resembling Guy's backhand, except it does not *come 
    out* like a backhand;  He doesn't hit with the back of the hand, but rather with the 
    knuckle.  It looks much the same as Guy's Jab Backhand from the SF Alpha series.  
    He does this attack only rarely.
    Straight Punch : Lee raises on one leg and delivers a punch to the face.  This move 
    is used often by Lee and does decent damage, although most will block it.
    Roundhouse Kick : Lee does a Roundhouse kick.  Looks about the same as Joe's.  
    This one's easy to see coming and thus easily blockable.
    Chest Kick : Lee does a kick with the other leg to the chest level of his 
    opponent.  If you've seen the posters for SF1 showing Ryu doing the flaming air 
    kick, you've seen Lee doing this kick.  Not used as often as the Roundhouse or 
    Straight Punch.
    Sweep  : Lee crouches and delivers a spinning kick to the heels.  This looks 
    like a spinning version of Ryu's crouching Forward in SF2, except done with his 
    back facing you.  It is done counter-clockwise.  This one is only blockable low, but if it 
    is blocked when you're not in the corner, Lee will often hop over to the other side 
    and start the sweep attacks again, continuing the jumping and sweeping patterns
     until hit or until your character ceases blocking his sweep attempts.
    Leaping Jump Kick : Lee leaps straight up in the air and delivers a front kick.  This 
    looks somewhat like Ryu/Ken's leaping up Roundhouse.  One of Lee's better moves 
    along with the sweep and Lunge Punch, as it hits overhead and dodges some low 
    Flying Kick : Lee attacks with a flying kick.  Resembles M. Bison's flying kick 
    from SF2 Classic, except tilted at a lower angle.
    Hopping Punch ( Special ): Lee's special move.  He hops forward, travelling about 
    half the screen, and delivers a punch to the chest when he lands.  For the punch part 
    of the move, imagine Vega's crouching Fierce, except with the punch tilted down  
    lower; About half-way between the range of a crouching Strong and the crouching 
    Fierce.  Lee uses this to move within range of his opponent  while doing damage. 
    This is effective at knocking out jumping back opponents and is quite valuable as a 
    surprise attack because of it's speed.  Lee mixes this in with normal attacks to keep 
    close to his opponents.
    Lee's prime strengths are speed and range.  Like a scorpion, he coils back, then 
    suddenly springs forward, driving his stinger into his victim, then following it up with
    attack after attack after attack, doing much damage quickly if connecting.  His style 
    makes him feelas as though he's always ready to lash out.  Lee's Hopping Punches can 
    take a reckless opponent off guard, his Leaping Jump Kick can hit crouchers, and his
    sweep which hits low.  These are his most powerful attacks.  His weaknesses are the
     lack of any low block and the fact that most of his attacks can be evaded and 
    countered with continuous low sweeps and low punches.  These can used for an easy 
    victory over Lee as sweeps stop even his Hopping Punches.  Hopefully, if Lee 
    returns to another Street Fighter game this will be changed, but until then, low blows
    will be an effective deterrant against him.
    3.4  Gen
    Stage :  In a Chinese city street at night, with several signs in Chinese 
    hanging in front of stores.
    The aged assassin makes his first appearance here.  Some have claimed that he 
    only has his KKK style in SF1, but from playing against him I've seen him use 
    moves from both styles.  He walks along much the same as he does in SFA2, but 
    with his hands in the "pincer" stance of his PPP style.  He only posses a high 
    block, but nonetheless certain normal attacks are more than enough to deal with 
    crouching attacks from opponents, so it is not as disabling as one might think.  
    His high block looks much like the Standing Strong of his PPP style, except with 
    the uppercutting arm instead being used to block the attack.   When he wins, he puts
    his hands inside his sleeves and says what sounds like ( to me), "You are big fool", 
    much like in SFA2, although Eric says this is "You are weak fool".
    His moves are :
    Poking Punch : Gen does a short poke with his hand.  Looks the same as his 
    standing jab from his PPP style.
    Swinging Hand : Gen swings his hand low under his opponent's block and then 
    swings it upward.  This is not like his Standing Fierce in his KKK style;  He 
    does not jab his opponent from underneath the high block but rather just kind of 
    swings his arm around beneath the block and hits them from below.  This move is 
    unblockable and is difficult to hit;  Only ducking roundhouses have proved to be 
    effective.  A very powerful move despite it's weak appearance.
    Standing Chest Kick : Gen does a front kick to the chest.  Not one of Gen's more 
    powerful moves.  This would do good as a new Standing Forward for his KKK style.  
    Standing Drop Kick ( Possible Special ): Gen holds himself up on one arm and 
    delivers a double-legged kick to the opponent's body.  This kind of looks like a 
    Drop Kick done through balancing on one's arm rather than done in the air.  This 
    is a very powerful attack as it counters almost all ground moves unless the 
    latter are done in anticipation, plus it hits quicker than the Swinging Hand;  
    It also boasts good range.  It is blockable low, but only from far away.  IMO this is Gen's most 
    powerful attack, and should be added to his arsenal ( perhaps as a Towards + 
    Forward KKK move ) in a future SF Alpha game.
    Jump Kick : Gen does a jumping in kick very similar to his PPP style Jumping 
    Roundhouse.  Due to the heighth and and angle of Gen's jump, this is difficult 
    to counter, even with other air attacks.
    Jumping Up Kick : Gen leaps straight up and does a kick very similar to Chun 
    Li's jumping up Forward from the SF2 series.  Difficult to counter, and thus 
    effective against people who throw out attacks too carelessly.
    Gen uses a lot of jump attacks, and they seem to be his strongest zone of 
    attack.  Gen's most popular tactic is to jump in with a couple jump kicks, 
    follow it up with a Jumping up kick, then back off and try the tactic again.  He 
    occasionally uses his ground moves against an opponent who blocks a lot, varying 
    equally between his various attacks.  His jumping attacks can be hit out of the 
    air, and constantly jumping up with attacks can be somewhat effective against 
    Gen provided you do not do it immediately after being hit.  His jump attacks, 
    Swinging Hand and Standing Drop Kick are Gen's most powerful moves by far;  
    Corner traps, Repeated jump kicks and Dragon Punches are his greatest scourges.  
    3.5 Retsu
    Stage : In front of a Japanese monastery.
    Retsu is a bald monk who fights in front of a monastery.  He wears a monk outfit 
    with with light grey sleeves, pants and belt and a dark grey section covering 
    the body.  He has thick eyelashes and a stern expression.   He slowly walks 
    forward with his hands in front of him , prepared for any move.  His block is 
    one arm raised in front of his face in a straight, rigid position, with his fist 
    clenched, and the other guards his chest.  Retsu, unlike most other combatants, 
    has a low block, which looks the same as his high block in a crouching position.  
    This makes him a tougher opponent than, say, Joe or Lee to defeat with normal 
    moves,  but it is also a disadvantage, as he is slow to move out of crouching 
    block position to react to, say, a jumping attack against him.  When he wins, he 
    bows down, holding his hands together in a praying position and says, "Go to 
    Heaven" in a solemn voice.  Being a monk, his variety of basic Shotokan moves 
    have a more "flowey" feel to them than those of Ryu and Ken;  One seems to 
    naturally flow into another.  His moves are :
    Jumping Kick ( Possible Special ): Some people say this move is a special move;  
    Others say it's just a powerful normal.  Retsu does a flying kick move, holding 
    the arm closest the kicking leg into an elbow.  This moves works great for 
    countering most air attacks and stuffing ground moves.  Countering it is kind of 
    like countering Joe's spin kick : Anticipate it or don't try to beat it.  
    Roundhouse : Retsu spins around and does a roundhouse kick.  A typical 
    roundhouse, good for knocking out opponents attempting to jump, but easy to duck 
    and sweep.
    High Kick : Retsu does a side kick that hits at about neck level.  This looks 
    quite similar to Lee's chest kick pictured on the promotional poster for SF1.  
    Palm Thrust : Retsu attacks with a palm thrust.  This is a basic jab attack.
    Straight Punch : Retsu does a straight punch about identical to Ryu's Standing 
    Fierce for SF1.
    Sweep : Retsu does a crouching sweep identical to Ryu's.  This is an unblockable 
    Retsu's strengths are his sweeping jump kick, which beats most counters, his low 
    block, which allows him to avoid being hit by attacks which would damage most 
    other opponents, and his low sweep, which lets him hit blockers.  His weaknesses 
    are his low block, which he must stay in for a short length of time before he 
    can remove it, and the rigidity of his style, which makes him vunerable to 
    certain attacks, such as Hurricane Kicks.  Because of his style he is more 
    inclined to block than counter, and thus it is easy to pin him down, and if one 
    can pull off a few fireballs and dragon punches in a midst of punch attacks, one 
    can defeat Retsu without too much difficulty.
    3.6  Geki
    Stage : On a path in front of what appears to be a river, although some say it's 
    a field.  A snow-capped mountain looms in the background, and there is a tree at 
    the side of the path.
    Geki has the greatest number of moves of any character in the game, with the 
    exception of Ryu and Ken.  Geki is a ninja in a typical blue ninja outfit with 
    silk underlying the suit.  He wields a claw on one hand which - despite the 
    Capcom sketch drawing of him for SF1 - looks like a long cat's claw rather than 
    a black version of Vega's claw.  He kind of slowly sneaks forward with the claw 
    raised when hes walk, and somersaults when he leaps forwards or backwards.  He 
    disappears in a puff of smoke, then reappears next to his opponent with an evil, 
    raspy laugh when he wins by knocking out the opponent.  If he wins by time out, he 
    removes his mask ( it shows a palette swap sprite of Ryu for this ), puts it back on, 
    does a high kick, a short jump kick and claw attack, then teleports over to his 
    opponent like the original win.  I've never seen Geki do any kind of block, standing or 
    crouching, and it's possible he doesn't have any;  His game relies on playing 
    keep-away techniques and hit-and-run attacks, much like a certain SFA2 
    ex-commando character, and should he be cornered, he will often teleport away.  
    His moves are:
    High Claw Attack : Geki lashes at your face with his claw.  This move has 
    shorter range than, say, a Vega standing Fierce or Strong and, like most Geki 
    attacks, are designed more for quick hit-and-run attacks rather than combo 
    Low Claw Attack : Geki crouches and attacks with a low claw punch.   He often 
    uses this after a teleport to score a few free hits against an unprepared 
    High kick : Geki does a high kick hitting at about chin level.  He uses this one 
    if you close in to evade a shuriken attack.
    Jump Kick : Geki screams as he attacks with a flying kick.  This one doesn't 
    come out until he's almost reached his opponent, and thus is much easier to 
    counter than, say, Retsu or Joe's aerial kicks.  This is often used against an 
    opponent pinned down by shuriken attacks to close in while they're still in a 
    defensive position.  This, along with his high kick, high claw attack and 
    multiple shuriken throw, is one of Geki's most powerful attacks.  The Jump Kick 
    can be done jumping towards, backwards, or straight up.
    Shuriken Throw ( Special ) : Geki crouches and throws a shuriken.  Due to the 
    fact it is a crouching attack, it can hit low, and the crouching position of it 
    makes it difficult to hit him out of with jump attacks.  This is often done in 
    combination with aerial shuriken throws to keep the opponent pinned.  The 
    shurikens *can* however be knocked back by normal attacks.  This attack and the 
    aerial shuriken throw do pitiful damage ( 5% ) but their usefulness in keeping 
    back enemies closing in makes them well worth their time, and the damage will 
    add up pretty quickly if one is not careful in blocking an outslaught of these 
    Aerial Shuriken Throw ( Special ) : Geki leaps straight up in the air and throws 
    a shuriken at a downwards 45 degree angle.  This will knock out most jumpers-in, 
    and can be followed with a normal Shuriken Throw to push the opponent back 
    further.  He then repeats the combination a few times until you get out of the 
    range or close in, or until he randomly changes tactic.
    Multiple Shuriken Throw ( Special ) : Geki crouches and throws three shurikens 
    at the opponent.  Two are angled at high and stomach level, but the last is 
    angled at the feet;  Thus, one must block low to avoid the last shuriken.  If 
    all three hit they do incredible damage ( 40%, I think ), but one can generally 
    block one or two of them so this generally doesn't happen.  The greatest 
    strength of this attack besides it's multiple-hitting zones and high damage is 
    the fact that it is near-unavoidable.  Geki usually uses this after 1 or 2 assaults with 
    shuriken throws and aerial shuriken throws.
    Aerial Multiple Shuriken Throw ( Special ) : Geki leaps straight up into the air 
    and throws 3 shurikens downwards at his opponent.  The last one will often hit 
    low, thus one must watch their block.  He combines this with a Shuriken Throw or 
    Multiple Shuriken Throw to catch the opponent when they try to counter, and as 
    both Multiple Shuriken attacks are quite powerful, have range,  hit at unguarded 
    locations, and can't be stopped by jabbing away one or two shurikens, these are 
    Geki's most powerful assaults.  
    Teleport ( Special ) : Geki disappears in a cloud of smoke and reappears, in a 
    cloud again at another location.  Geki uses this to escape from the opponent or 
    to reappear directly behind the opponent for a surprise attack.  
    Geki's greatest strengths are his teleport and shuriken attacks.  He often will 
    pin an opponent with shurikens then jump in with a kick attack.  He often 
    teleports when the opponent gets too close to reappear at a further opponent, 
    then he assaults again with normal attacks or shuriken patterns.  Fortunately, 
    Geki's shuriken *can* be knocked away with normal attacks, but as Geki will vary 
    normal attacks with multiple shuriken attacks, one must constantly be watching 
    the attack mode Geki is using ( and watch one's block! ).  Geki is considered by 
    many one of the most difficult opponents, but he can be defeated by a few 
    tactics : #1  When Geki uses shuriken patterns, jump backwards until out of 
    range or, if you are close enough to him to not be hit by aerial shurikens, 
    close in when he throws one of these, then attack him when he lands.  If you 
    jump backwards out of range, throw fireballs from a distance.  #2 If he attempts 
    teleportation tactics, throw rabid jabs;  You'll hit him if he teleports next to 
    you.  Follow up with a special move for easy damage.  #3 If he jumps in with a 
    kick, or uses rapid normal attacks, block and counter between attacks; Low 
    punches and kicks other than Fierces and Roundhouses work the best here.  These 
    three tactics should allow you to defeat Geki;  I use these all the time and I 
    haven't lost to Geki in weeks, except when losing voluntarily.
    3.7  Birdie
    Stage : In front of an English bar, surrounded by other buildings off to the 
    side.  There are punk-rock posters on the right side, and on top of a garage 
    opening to the bar there is a graffited picture of a bearded bald guy wearing 
    glasses with his name "Bill Cravens" spraypainted next to him.
    Birdie is a big English punk with a red mohawk.  He wears worn pants and a short 
    jacket.  Birdie's block consists of both arms held parallel to each other across 
    his chest;  Basically, a horizontal version of Mike's block except done across 
    chest level.  Birdie attacks with a couple of double-fisted attacks and a 
    lunging headbutt, with a few assorted kicks and punches thrown in.  Birdie does 
    not walk in this game but rather lunges forward or backwards, with his hands in 
    a position to throw a hard punch.  When Birdie wins he raises one arm above his 
    hand and stretches the other one out towards his opponent and says, "I'm number 
    one!!!";  This looks the same as his victory pose in SFA2 in which he pulls out 
    a fake switchblade.  Birdie, like many other opponents, does not have a low 
    block, but with his DF Hammer, kick and lunging headbutts he doesn't really need 
    one.  His moves are :
    Double-Fisted Hammer :  Birdie hits his opponent with a double-hitting double-
    fisted hammer.  This hammer out-prioritizes almost all ground attacks, knocks 
    opponents out of the air, and goes through blocks.  This attack can also hit 
    twice, and deals high damage ( 30%, or 60% if both hits connect ), and thus is 
    one of Birdie's best attacks.
    Jumping Double-Fisted Hammer : Birdie does a double-fisted hammer in the air.  
    Hits twice, and does 30% or 60% ( depending on whether one hit connects or both 
    ) and has high priority, making it one of Birdie's more brutal moves.  He uses 
    this often, which can lead to a very quick victory by him if you're not careful.
    Birdie Jab : Birdie does a standing jab.  Quick, but weak attack.
    Birdie Straight : Birdie does a straight punch like his Strong from SFA2.
    Birdie Kick :  Birdie does a standing kick at groin level.  Looks brutal, and 
    stuffs low attacks, preventing you from taking advantage of his lack of a crouching 
    block.  Birdie can follow this with a Lunging Headbutt.
    Lunging Headbutt ( Special ) : This is Birdie's special move.  In SF1 Birdie can 
    only do the jab version of this move.  Birdie lunges forward with a headbutt, 
    taking away 1/3 life if it connects.  As Birdie can chain 2 or 3 of these 
    together, he can end a match if even one of these connects.  Thus, it is his 
    most deadly move;  However, it is hampered by the fact that it can be blocked 
    high or low, but it can stuff many moves, and knock aerial opponents out of the 
    Birdie is a brutal character who can defeat you in four hits, and as some of his
    moves hit twice, this can happen effectively in two landed blows.  Plus, he can string 
    together certain moves in a combo ( i.e. headbutts ) for a quick victory against 
    his opponent.  This made him one of the most dangerous characters outside of the 
    two bosses;  He even surpasses Eagle in power as Birdie is not susceptible to 
    any one pattern.  His powerful attacks can defeat most counter-attacks from his 
    opponent, so the best way to deal with Birdie is to keep your distance and throw 
    fireballs, or use a Dragon Punch when he's right next to you.  Another 
    option is to jump back when he follows you, then jump in with an attack if he 
    does not jump in return.  He's unpredictable and his moves *will* out-prioritize 
    yours 90% of the time, save the lesser ones like the jab and straight punch, 
    which Birdie does not use nearly as often as DF Hammers and Headbutts.  The 
    combination of power, priority and unpredictability make Birdie one of the most 
    dangerous characters in the game, outranked by only Adon and Sagat.  Against Birdie,
    no means works against absolutely against him to achieve victory.  Use your skills 
    and keep your distance, and concentrate on hit and runs.
    3.8  Eagle
    Stage : Eagle fights on top of a bridge over a British loch.  In the background 
    one can see another bridge connected to a hill holding an old British castle.  
    Very beautiful scenery.
    Eagle had three normal moves and one special move in his first and ( thus far ) 
    only appearance in the Street Fighter world, and he didn't even need one of the 
    normals.  He is a blonde Englishman with a bushy moustache, wearing a tuxedo 
    without the jacket.  He wields two tonfu sticks as his attack mode, which he 
    uses with skill and finesse.  He walks towards his opponent in a rather classy 
    style, but with his sticks raised for ready defense or attack.  When he wins, he 
    crosses his sticks in front of his stomach and states, "I'm very glad!!" followed by 
    laughter, which also sounds like "And that's *life*!!!"or "What bad *luck*!!" 
    followed by laughter.  Eagle's high block is him crossing the sticks in front of 
    his chest;  In his low block he holds one stick beside his leg to block attacks while
    lifting his other leg in defense.  His moves all have an artistic feel to them, the 
    probable result of being trained by the upper-class variety of a stick-using martial 
    art form.  His moves are :
    High Stick :  Eagle raises one stick and attacks at the top of the head level of 
    a Ryu-size opponent.  It looks like it might be intended as an anti-air attack, 
    but I've never seen it succeed at this.  He uses this attack only rarely, generally 
    using the other three attacks for his main moves.
    Jumping Sticks Attack : Eagle jumps with both sticks crossed, when attacks with 
    both simultaneously.  This is not like Sodom's Jumping Fierce;  He hits with 
    both sticks pointed downwards at a 45 degree angle.  It is a damaging move and 
    has great priority against jumping opponents and ground attacks, and does about 
    30% damage.  One of Eagle's most often used attacks.
    Low Sticks Attack : Eagle pulls back both sticks, then slams both into the knee-
    cap of his opponent's legs, holding the two parallel to eachother.  This is a 
    very effective attack as it is unblockable and a couple can connect in unison, 
    plus good range.  The threat of this attack keeps opponents from turtling once 
    Eagle closes in.  Five of these will defeat an opponent.
    Spinning Sticks ( Special ) : Eagle spins around, holding out both sticks as he 
    rotates.  This does damage even if high blocked, and can stop jump attempts from 
    far away.  It has priority over standing attacks and does 35% damage per hit.  
    It can be beaten by low sweeps, but only if Eagle is in range, of course.
    Eagle is a fighter of few moves, and he needs very few to boot;  His jump 
    attack, Low Sticks Attack and Special move are more than enough to deal with any 
    enemy attack, plus his ability to both high block and low block make him more 
    difficult to knock back with simple low sweeps.  His Jumping Sticks beat just 
    about any standing or jumping attack, but one can crouch under it and 
    sweep/punch him as he lands.  His Spinning Sticks will heavily damage any 
    standing opponent, including blocking standing opponents, and will defeat all 
    counters save Dragon Punches;  Only crouching sweeps will knock him out of it.  
    His Low Sticks attack beats all blocks, has decent priority and has range, which 
    means if Eagle is pushed back with low sweeps, he can use this move.  In short, 
    one must be attentive when fighting Eagle, else he can stick you to death from 
    any position, plus he has the low block to allow him to avoid sweeps.  Fireballs 
    and Dragon Punches are quite effective against him, but one must always be wary 
    of the Spinning Sticks attack which, if not watched out for, can reduce one's 
    life to nothing in 3 hits.  When combined with the 2 other powerful attacks of 
    Eagle ( Jump Sticks, Low Sticks ), Eagle can beat any opponent.  Fireballs, 
    Dragon Punches and sweeps against Spinning Sticks and Jump Sticks attacks 
    remains Eagle's biggest weakness.
    3.9  Adon
    Stage : Adon fights in front of a small lake broken by a peninsula, on which 
    rests a statue of Buddha.
    Adon is a red-haired kickboxer who wears black shorts with yellow streaks around 
    the croutch area and lining.  He wears tape around his leg like regular 
    kickboxer, and also the Muay Thai ring worn around the head, and a piece of 
    cloth wrapped around the right arm.  He wears no tape on his arms.  He kind of 
    "glides" forward or backwards, as if more pushing himself forward with his foot 
    more than walking.  He uses the typical Muay Thai standing block, which blocks both 
    high and low.  When he wins, he gives his opponent a thumbs-down and says, 
    "You.. are no match.. for me", according to Eric Smevold.  Adon has a combo move he  
    lost in the Alpha series, and his Jaguar Kick is drawn differently.  His moves 
    are :
    High Punch : Adon does a straight punch to the top of the head.  He immediately
    follows this with a low punch.
    Low Punch : Adon does a straight punch aimed at the base of the rib cage.  He 
    throws these punches quickly ( think faster than a jab ), and are often used by 
    Adon to trick the opponent into attacking, which he then counters with a Jaguar 
    Kick or Double Roundhouse.
    Stomach Punch : Adon does a punch part hook, part stomach punch;  Kind of like a 
    hook done with the shape of a stomach punch.  This penetrates blocks and thus is 
    one of Adon's better close-up attacks.
    Shin Kick : Adon does a kick to the shins.  Like the stomach punch, it goes 
    through blocks, and thus is one of Adon's best attacks when he's right in your 
    Double Roundhouse : Adon does a roundhouse kick, moving forward as he does it, 
    then spins around into another roundkick kick - basically think of a Double 
    Dread Kick done with Roundhouses.  These have great anti-air priority and combo 
    together.  They have great anti-air priority but can be countered with low 
    Jaguar Kick ( Special ) : Adon leaps up or forward into the air, delivers a 
    downwards-hitting punch at the apex, then spins around into a kick.  The punch 
    prevents jump attacks from countering it, and the kick hits opponents on the 
    ground.  It also does terrible damage ( 35% ), which combined with it's 
    effectiveness makes it one of the most deadly specials in the game.  It goes 
    over fireballs and can be used to corner an opponent.  Then Adon can attack the 
    opponent with a stomach punch or shin kick, the start the pattern over again.
    Adon is the most difficult character outside of Sagat.  His Jaguar Kick defeats 
    both jump-ins and avoids fireballs, plus it allows him to get close to his 
    opponent unopposed;  Any counter-attack short of a Dragon Punch will miss and be 
    countered by the Jaguar Kick.  The only way to effectively counter a Jaguar Kick 
    is to wait for Adon to whiff one from far away and jump in against him *while 
    he's still starting the Jaguar Kick*;  Needless to say, one must be careful when 
    attacking in this manner.  Not only this, Adon can trap an opponent in the 
    corner using the Jaguar Kick then use a shin kick or stomach punch to pass the 
    opponent's block;  Then he can start the pattern again.  His Double Roundhouse 
    combo takes out jumpers as well as hitting twice and intimidates opponents from 
    attacking.  It is near impossible to beat Adon without special moves, but 
    sometimes he can be beaten by jumping back, then jumping in when he jumps 
    forward ( *not* when he does the Jaguar Kick, unless exceptionally timed;  
    Usually only against normal jumps ) or throws out a normal move.  Still, the 
    best way to beat him seems to be Dragon Punches when he's close, or fireballs 
    when he's far away, although you must be careful with the fireballs as Adon can 
    easily counter.  
    3.10  Sagat
    Stage : In the courtyard in front of a temple.  The temple is ordaned with 
    beautiful statues and an ivory staircase.  Very beautiful scene like Eagle's and 
    Sagat is the end boss, and towers at over 7 feet tall.  Sagat is a huge bald man 
    wearing a patch on one eye, wearing blue shorts and the typical bandaging of the 
    hands and feets of Muay Thai fighters.  He does not have the scar he has in 
    later Street Fighters, of course.  Sagat walks towards his opponent with his 
    hands held in a ready Muay Thai attack position.  His winning stance is the 
    well-known one in SF2 and SF Alpha;  He faces the screen, crosses his arms and 
    laughs.  Sagat does not rely on his Tiger Shots as much in this version, tending 
    to use more hopping knee and up close attacks than his Tiger Shot.  Unlike in 
    later games, Sagat has no Low Tiger Shot, no Tiger Uppercut, no Tiger Knee.  His 
    moves are :
    Roundhouse Kick : This is identical to Sagat's Standing Roundhouse from SF2 on.  
    Sagat does a high kick to the head.  This hits only once but knocks out jumpers.
    Shin Kick : This is Sagat's Standing Short from the SF2 series on.  In this 
    version, it is unblockable and thus is often used in combination with his 
    Lunging Knee attack to hit an opponent still blocking.
    Jab : Sagat does a standing jab punch.  Not incredibly useful.
    Lunge Knee ( Possible Special ) : Sagat does a hopping attack where he lunges 
    his knee into your face.  He does this in a moving forward version and an 
    upwards version.  It's possible it may be his jump attack, as he does not 
    otherwise move into the air other than when using this attack.  It has great 
    priority against most attacks, including jump-ins, and it hits overhead.  There 
    is no recovery time after he uses it so Sagat can do one of these then 
    immediately follow up with a Shin Kick.  It snuffs fireballs, to boot so one 
    can't fireball him out of it.  It does seem somewhat vunerable to early low 
    Strongs and low Fierces.  This is, nonetheless Sagat's most used move, and in 
    addition his most effective.  Damage is 30%
    High Tiger Shot ( Special ) : Sagat does his High Tiger Shot we all know from 
    SF2 onwards.  For those of you who haven't seen it, it's basically doing a 
    straight punch with both hands simultaneously, followed by a wave of energy 
    coming out of the hands.  He screams, "Tiger!!" as he does it.  While duckable, 
    this move is nonetheless *extremely* effective as it takes off 60% of your life;  
    If you get hit with two of these, the round is over.  Even if you block it takes off 30%.  
    Sagat sometimes backs off, then throws one of these, and other times he uses one at 
    close range.  A *VERY* powerful move.
    Sagat is an extremely brutal fighter in this game, possessing a powerful and 
    damaging Knee attack and a Tiger Shot taking off over half your life, plus an 
    unblockable move once he closes in ( which he can do easily, possessing the 
    Lunge Knee which knocks out fireballs and all normal attacks unless done early.  
    Sagat can easily close in and put you away unless you use intimidation tactics, 
    and even then he only needs to get through the pattern once to beat you with 
    repeated Lunge Knees.  The High Tiger Shot must always be looked out else one 
    find 60% of their life gone in one hit.  The most effective pattern I've learned 
    to use against him is to repeat crouching strongs - which will snuff Lunge Knee 
    attacks if done when the move's just beginning ), then attempting to vary them 
    with fireballs and Dragon Punches ( *especially* Dragon Punches ) once he gets 
    close.  The Dragon Punch is an essential move to use against Sagat if you want 
    to beat him;  The crouching Strongs will keep him back but he'll break through 
    them after a little while, and thus it's not wise to depend on this move.  In 
    general, don't use jump attacks unless you *know* he won't use a Lunge Knee or 
    roundhouse, don't use sweep attacks or Sagat will Lunge Knee through them and 
    inflict major damage, don't fireball from a distance else Sagat will Lunge Knee 
    through them ( which you can't counter ) or throw a Tiger Shot, going through 
    your fireball and inflicting *HUGE* damage.  The crouching Strongs, combined 
    with fireballs and Dragon Punches is the best pattern to beat Sagat with;  
    It's not 100% effective, and you might even lose 3-4 rounds before you 
    beat him, but this nonetheless seems the best way of beating him;  All others 
    result in almost assured failure.
    4. Winning Quotes
    When you beat an enemy, it shows you a picture of them beaten, with the quote 
    "What Strength!!  But don't forget there are many guys like you all over the world." 
    in a poor voice.  If the enemy wins, the quote is "You've got a lot to learn 
    before you beat me.  Try again, kiddo!!" followed by muffled laughter.  
    If you beat Ken with Ryu, or vice versa, it shows your opponent's bruised face 
    with his words of encouragement, "I wish you good luck!"
    5. Bonus Stages
    There are four bonus stages in the game, one after each country you beat.  The four 
    bonus stages are :
    #1  Ryu crouches beside a number of icebricks charging up his strength.  A crowd 
    eagerly watches from behind.  A power meter at the left side of the screen tells 
    how much power Ryu has built up.  When you press the Fierce button, Ryu strikes, 
    and you break anywhere from one to all bricks.  The only time I've seen when you do
    not break at least one brick is if you do not press the buttons and let time run out.
    If you break at least one of the bricks, the crowd cheers and Ryu does a thumbs up 
    symbol, say, "Oh. ..YES!" in a squeaky voice.  If you break no bricks, the crowd boos 
    and Ryu holds his hand screaming, "Ohhh. . .NO!".
    #2 Ryu is in a room complimented with a beautiful picture of two tigers on the wall. 
    On each side of the room there are one or more guys in white shirts and yellow pants 
    holding boards to break.  On the right side there is one guy standing.  On the left
    side there is one guy crouching and another guy standing on his shoulders.  Attack 
    accordingly to their positions.
    #3 Same as #1, except this time you must smash 3 bricks stacked on top of eachother 
    rather than icebricks.
    #4 Same as #2, except this time there is no standing person.  On both sides there is 
    one guy crouching, one guy standing on his shoulders.
    When you lose a game, it shows a time bomb counting down - strange for a game supposed 
    to be about a simple martial arts tournament.  When you sign your initials in, it shows 
    a tiger at each end of the signing-in board in which you choose the letters/numbers to
    make up your initials.
    6. Ending Sequence
    When you beat Sagat, the quote is "You've outlasted the best.  You are now the 
    strongest street fighter in the world." underneath Sagat's bruised face.  After 
    this the end music starts playing, and, one by one, it shows the pictures of 
    your defeated enemies, ending with Adon and Sagat.  Then it shows Ryu's picture 
    and prints, "You have earned the distinction of 'king of the hill.' But 
    remember, there is always someone waiting to knock you off the top....Prepare to 
    be challenged.".  This is a harbinger of the battles to come in SF Alpha, then 
    in SF2.  After this the music changes and the credits roll.
    7.  Street Fighter related sites and info
    Most sites and info are on the periods after Street Fighter 1, be they of the 
    Alpha series, 2nd Street Fighter series or 3rd Street Fighter series - not to 
    mention Street Fighter EX.  There are a few sites that offer info on SF1 and 
    it's characters, although not all the info follows the official Capcom story and 
    thus is generally the speculative story of another.  Still, they are good 
    storylines and Capcom as yet has not provided stories of it's SF1 characters, 
    save those who reappeared in SF2 and the Alpha series, and a lot of these 
    storylines *do* sound pretty good.  Some sites with SF1 info and pictures are :
    Contains info about characters from SF1 and other SF games 
    Contains information about the mechanics of SF1.
    http://www.geocities.com/ilfordboy/     Has SF1 info and pictures, and updated 
    biographies of certain characters
    http://www.fighters.net         Has some stuff on SF1, some info on characters, 
    though the accuracy of a few biographies ( Joe's, Mike's ) is debatable. 
    http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Cave/5768/select.html    Has stuff on SF1 
    and other Capcom video games.
    http://www.gpow.com/info/SF1/        Gouki's Page of Whatever has many pictures 
    and some information about this game.  The picture selection is especially good.
    If there are any I forgot, email me at sorcer-E@mailcity.com.  I happen to have 
    some pictures of this game, so if you need a few pics ( Keep it around 3 or 4 
    pics at a time, please ) email me and I might be able to send them to you.  
    Specifically the pics of which moves, walking sprites, victory poses, lose poses 
    or whatever you want in your email.
    *END FAQ*

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