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    FAQ by MFredericks

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 01/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    World Cup and Nekketsu Koukou Soccer FAQ v1.10
    by Mike Fredericks
    email: gokuma@bigfoot.com
    site: pit.condemned.com
    This FAQ covers:
    US/Euro 8-bit NES World Cup Soccer
       (actually titled Nintendo World Cup but Nintendo's taking too much credit)
    JPN Famicom (JPN NES) Nekketsu Koukou Soccer (Hot Blooded High School Soccer)
    JPN PC-Engine (JPN TurboGrafX16) Duo SCD Nekketsu Koukou Soccer
       (The info concerning the SCD version should apply to PC-Engine Hucard
       version but I don't have the Hucard to see for myself).
    NKS's full name is Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer-hen.  It is sometimes
    called Hot Blooded High School Soccer or Kunio's Soccer.
    This FAQ while loaded with information and tricks, may be short on strategy.
    Dimetric Houston's World Cup Soccer FAQ is a good source for strategy but
    keep in mind he uses a different scale of numbers to rate player speed and
    uses different names for super shots.
    --==FAQ history==--
    v1.10 1/15/03 Added save stating hacking info for PC-Engine and speed stats
                  for its additional teams.  Determined Samurai's and World Cup
                  Argentina's speed more accurately.
    v1.00 1/14/03 first release
    Section 1 - World Cup Player Stats
    Section 2 - World Cup Super Shots
    Section 3 - Tournament match info and passwords for both games
    Section 4 - Game Plan for both games
    Section 5 - Differences in Nekketsu Koukou Soccer
    Section 6 - Nekketsu Koukou Soccer Player Stats
    Section 7 - Nekketsu Koukou Soccer Super Shots
    Section 8 - Super Shots missing from games and their vs modes
    Section 9 - Game Genie Codes and Hacked Save States
    Section 10 - Nekketsu Soccer League name translations
                (This is the sequal to Nekketsu Koukou Soccer)
    Section 11 - Other Name Translations (mainly concerning
                 Nekketsu Kunio games that made it to the US)
    Section 12 - Credits, etc.
    --==Section 1 - World Cup Player Stats==--
    In tournament mode (1 or 2 players VS CPU), when you pick a team other than
    USA, your team will still look like USA, have their speed, their hit points,
    and their Goal Keeper%, but they will have the super shot, shot steps,
    colors, and names of whatever team you pick.
    At the team set up screen the players players are arranged like this:
    A (Tony)   E (Mark)
    B (Dayv)   F (Don)
    C (Brian)  G (Phil)
    D (Terry)  H (Fred)
    (USA names shown)
    In vs mode when you pick a team other than USA they are exactly what they are
    like when controlled by the computer in tournament mode.
    To play on a special type of field in tournament mode, play a vs game on the
    type of field you want and then play tournament mode.  To make the vs
    game only 1 minute long use the Game Genie code AAKTXXPA.
    On the USA team each player has a different super shot while everyone shares
    the same super shot on other teams.
    When a player tries to shoulder bash another, he will succeed if the opposing
    player has less HP.  If they have the same HP, they will both fall to the
    ground.  If a player tries to shoulder bash someone with more HP, only they
    fall and the opponent is completely unphased.
    Goal Keeping Defense is the player's chance of stopping a super shot rather
    than being smashed by it without changing its course.
    | Player       | Speed | HP | Shot Steps | G.K Defense | Super Shot |
    |  A (Tony)    |   6   | 50 |    (7)     |     50%     | (Blaster)  |
    |  B (Dayv)    |   2   | 40 |    (3)     |     40%     | (Breaker)  |
    |  C (Brian)   |   2   | 38 |    (3)     |     40%     | (Bouncer)  |
    |  D (Terry)   |   8   | 40 |    (7)     |     30%     | (Stinger)  |
    |  E (Mark)    |   4   | 40 |    (7)     |     30%     | (Psycho)   |
    |  F (Don)     |   2   | 40 |    (3)     |     60%     | (Levitator)|
    |  G (Phil)    |   4   |  ? |    (7)     |      ?      | (ZigZag)   |
    |  H (Fred)    |   8   |  ? |    (7)     |      ?      | (Pulse)    |
    |  Cameroon    |   1   |  ? |     6      |      ?      | Pulse      |
    |  Japan       |   1   |  ? |     3      |      ?      | Blaster    |
    |  France      |   2   | 32 |     3      |     20%     | Waffle     |
    |  Russia      |   1   |  ? |     6      |      ?      | Spinner    |
    |  Spain       |   3   |  ? |     7      |      ?      | Pulse      |
    |  England     |   5   | 38 |     5      |     33%     | Stinger    |
    |  Mexico      |   4   |  ? |     8      |      ?      | Boomerang  |
    |  Holland     |   4   |  ? |     8      |      ?      | Waffle     |
    |  Brazil      |   6   |  ? |     7      |      ?      | Psycho     |
    |  Italy       |  10   | 50 |     9      |     47%     | Levitator  |
    |  Argentina   |  12   |  ? |    10      |      ?      | Boomerang  |
    |  W. Germany  |  10   | 70 |     5      |     60%     | ZigZag     |
    Argentina jumps over rocks on the bumpy field instead of tripping over them.
    They even take the ball with them in the air.  However, a slower player can
    easily walk around the rock and smack them out of the air since jumping over
    a rock still slows a player down.  A slide tackle will completely knock
    someone down instead of just stunning them since they're already in the air.
    Play tournament mode on the bumpy field and either use Argentina or use the
    password 22300 to play against them and see for yourself.
    Super Shots not in VS mode
    Pulse, Spinner, Boomerang
    Players not in VS mode
    G (Phil), H (Fred), Cameroon, Japan, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Holland, Brazil,
    Speed is how fast the player moves around.  When a computer player's HP is
    down to zero he won't get up except to do a throw in or corner kick or after
    a goal is scored or the half ends.  Hit points are restored to max after a
    half.  Shot steps is the certain number of shots you have to walk and kick
    the ball for a super or turbo shot.  You do not have to be dribbling the ball
    in your possession.  G.K. Defense is the chance a goalie has of catching or
    blocking a super shot or a strong turbo shot when they can get to it.  If
    they don't catch or block it, they get sent into orbit or smacked down hard
    while the ball keeps going.
    --==Section 2 - World Cup Super Shots==--
    There are three ways to do a super shot.
    1.  Press A + B to bicycle kick the ball out of the air.  Immediately start
    holding up or down after you press A + B to aim the shot accordingly.
    2.  Press left or right + A + B to hit the ball out of the air with a diving
    headbutt and aim accordling with up/down.  You have to hit the ball out of
    air before it bounces on the ground or touches another player.
    3.  Stop, then walk a certain number of shot steps for your player and shoot
    and ball.  You do not have to be dribbling the ball in your possession.  You
    can walk up to the ball and super kick it as it sits on ground or another
    player is stopping it with their chest.
    Slow players can actually get across the field faster by doing
    diving headbutts instead of just walking.  You can also jump over a rock with
    a diving headbutt.
    A computer opponent in tournament mode will sometimes do a super shot with a
    standing headbutt.  It may be possible for a human player to do a super shot
    like this.  The player closest to the goal can do such a headbutt shot with
    A when the ball comes to them in the air or if he stops it with his chest
    after it bounces off the goalie.  If you were to walk your shots steps and
    press A at end of them with the ball coming to you right at that time, then
    maybe you could do a super shot like this.
    Human players can do five super shots in a half or in a whole VS game.
    Method 3 will do turbo shots after super shots are expended.  The other two
    methods will do normal shots.  With most super shots Method 1 is hardest to
    defend against since the ball is higher in the air.  Computer players on a
    human controlled team never do super or turbo shots and computer players
    never do a turbo shot or bicycle kick as far as I know.
    There two kinds of a turbo shots of which you randomly do one or the other.
    A weak one is just like a normal shot except a lot faster while a strong one
    smashes people (including a goalie) into orbit like a super shot.
    Types of super shots:
    The Blaster (Tony, Japan)
    The ball just takes on a horizontally compressed shape.
    The Pulse (Fred, Cameroon, Spain)
    The ball flies like the blaster, stops and decompresses, flies like the
    blaster, and so on.  This is the worst super shot since its pauses can give
    the goalie more time to get to it.
    The Waffle (France, Holland)
    Same as the blaster except compressed diagonally.  Same effect.
    The Spinner (Russia)
    The ball looks like a bubble while it hovers in the air for a moment.  Then
    it flies like a turbo blaster.  This is one of the better super shots.  It's
    completely unstoppable when done with the bicycle kick.
    The Stinger (Terry, England)
    Same as the blaster except the ball tumbles in its compressed shape.  Same
    The Boomerang (Mexico, Argentina)
    The ball flies to a spot straight up or down from the kicker in an arc then
    flies at turbo speed towards the goal.  This is one of the better super
    shots.  It doesn't need to be aimed and aiming will have no effect.  It's
    completely unstoppable when done with the bicycle kick.
    The Psycho (Mark, Brazil)
    Two images of the ball float up and down for moment and then the ball flies
    like a turbo blaster.  Same effect as the spinner.
    The Levitator (Don, CPU controlled USA, Italy)
    The ball floats high into the air in the shape of the stinger and then flies
    like a turbo blaster.  This is the best super shot in the game.  It's
    completely unstoppable except if you do it with methods 1 or 3 when in the
    goalie's box.
    The Zigzag (Phil, W. Germany)
    In the shape of the waffle the ball flies up and down diagonally towards the
    goal.  In someways this super shot is one of the better ones and some ways
    it's the worst.  It can get by the goalie in some really funky ways but it's
    the only super shot that can miss the goal when aimed.  It will rarely miss
    the goal when done with methods 1 or 3.  With a bicycle kick it will miss
    about half the time unless you do it from certain distances.
    The Breaker (Dayv)
    The ball flies straight forward then suddenly flies towards the goal at turbo
    speed.  It doesn't need to be aimed and aiming has no effect.  It's
    completely unstoppable when done with a bicycle kick.  (This super shot only
    goes turbo speed in US NES World Cup.  It stays normal speed in the Japanese
    The Bouncer (Brian)
    The ball hops on the ground towards the goal.  It's not a good super shot
    since it goes down to the ground when done with the bicycle kick and it
    pauses between hops.  It's easiest for a goalie to get.  However, when shot
    from the ground at the right distance at an angle, it may hop right over a
    diving goalie and into the goal.
    --==Section 3 - Tournament match info and passwords for both games==--
    # = match number
    P PW = PC-Engine versions password
    F PW = Famicom version password
    N PW = NES version password
    NKS Team = Team in Japanese versions
    WCS Team = Team in US version
    V = Playable in versus mode?
    Super Shot = Type of Super Shot (I used names from Super Dodgeball's manual
      and made up the rest)
    Field = what NKS Team plays on if not normal grass
    | #|P PW|F PW|NKS Team  |V|Super Shot|Field   |N PW |WCS Team  |V|Super Shot|
    |  |    |    |Nekketsu  |Y|Varied    |        |     |USA       |Y|Varied    |
    | 1|    |    |Students  | |Square    |        |     |Cameroon  | |Pulse     |
    | 2|3894|0103|Monks     |Y|Bubble    |Soil    |10300|Japan     | |Blaster   |
    | 3|4319|0307|Bikers    |Y|Waffle    |Concrete|30700|France    |Y|Waffle    |
    | 4|1005|1015|Hunters   | |Spinner   |Bumpy   |01500|Russia    | |Spinner   |
    | 5|7931|1220|Announcers| |Spikes    |        |22000|Spain     | |Pulse     |
    | 6|6512|0721|Firemen   | |Coin      |        |72100|England   |Y|Stinger   |
    | 7|8918|1115|Fishermen |Y|Fish      |Sand    |11500|Mexico    | |Boomerang |
    | 8|3161|0424|Psychics  | |Ghost     |Ice     |42400|Holland   | |Waffle    |
    | 9|6464|0626|Mob       | |Diamond   |Concrete|62600|Brazil    | |Psycho    |
    |10|0920|0602|Miners    | |Digger    |Soil    |60200|Italy     |Y|Levitator |
    |11|0335|0223|Samurai   |Y|Boomerang |Bumpy   |22300|Argentina | |Boomerang |
    |12|5321|1128|Fighters  | |Banana    |        |12800|W. Germany|Y|Zigzag    |
    |13|6216|    |France    | |CloseUp   |        |     |          | |          |
    |14|5872|    |Brazil    | |BumbleBee |        |     |          | |          |
    |15|3479|    |Argentina | |Uppercut  |        |     |          | |          |
    |16|9283|    |Italy     | |Arch      |        |     |          | |          |
    |17|5050|    |Germany   | |Sidewinder|        |     |          | |          |
    The computer controlled USA team's super shot is the levitator.
    If you're the team that you're supposed to go against, you will go against
    USA instead except...
    If you pick Argentina, USA will replace Holland in 8th match, Holland will be
    moved to 10th match, and Italy will be the semifinal match.
    You pick W. Germany, the same changes will be made except Argentina is the
    final match.
    The additional teams 13-17 on PC-Engine aren't neccessarily like the teams of
    the same nationality in NES World Cup.
    --==Section 4 - Game Plan for both games==--
    This is how it's laid out in both games with my settings so you don't need to
    know Japanese.
    +-----------------+ +------------------+
    |Your Offensive   | |Should The G.K    |
    |      Strategy ? | |         join in ?|
    |                 | |                  |
    ||>Pass the ball  | |    Yes           |
    |                 | |                  |
    |  Use dribble    | |  |>No            |
    +-----------------+ +------------------+
    +-----------------+ +------------------+
    |Should your team-| |Your Defensive    |
    |    mates shoot? | |      strategy ?  |
    |                 | |                  |
    ||>Yes,frequently | |    Try to Tackle |
    |  Sometimes      | |                  |
    |  No, not at all | |  |>Mark the      |
    |                 | |       Opponent   |
    +-----------------+ +------------------+
    With these choices you can tell teammates to pass and shoot.  And they'll
    also do so on their own instead of just walking forward with the ball until
    even the weakest opponent slide tackles them.  You can also tell teammates to
    slide tackle or shoulder bash. This is more preferable than having no control
    over a weak teammate trying to bash someone too strong for them or teammates
    slide tackling when they could just bash opponents.
    You can risk leaving an open net by having a goal keeper join in, but I don't
    recommend it.  They need to be fast to get back in position in time and they
    hang back too much to be much of a help scoring anyway.  Also when out of the
    goalie box they are like normal players with possibly none of the advantages
    of a goalie such as infinite HP or supreme priority.  If the team you are
    playing against isn't enough of a challenge, go ahead and send out your G.K.
    Have fun or experiment.  Goal keepers might be effective defensive players by
    taking the ball off players before they shoot and having to stop balls less
    --==Section 5 - Differences in Nekketsu Koukou Soccer==--
    - Cut scenes and ending
    - Passwords are 4 digits instead of 5 and are shown when you quit after
      losing a game
    - 22 (26 on PC-Engine) super shots of which 14 are usable (opposed to 11 in
      WCS of which all are usable)
    - Super shots are unlimited and there's no turbo shots (except super shots
      that fly at turbo speed and some normal shots occasionally flying faster)
    - The Breaker super shot doesn't become turbo speed
    - The ball doesn't have to be in the air to do a SS with a diving headbutt
    - 1:30 time limit in a tournament game half (opposed to 4 minutes)
    - 2:30 time limit in a vs match (opposed to 10 minutes)
    - A ball kicked by a goalie doesn't smash people on the way up.
    - A ball can be hit with a diving headbutt when it bounces off a goalie
      instead of the player just being smashed by the ball.
    - When a Boomerang (when it's arcing) or a Breaker super shot hits a player
      other than a goalie, it will sometimes go in the opposite direction.  If it
      then hits a teammate it will probably go back in the right direction.
    - You can only play as the Nekketsu team in tournament mode.
    - You start with 6 players in tournament mode.
    - Susumu (equivalent to Phil) joins after the 2nd match.
    - Atsushi (equivalent to Fred) joins after the 4th match.
    - Masa joins after the 7th match.
    - Genei joins after the 11th match.
    - You play against teams in tournament mode on all different types of fields.
    - On Famicom VS mode is only 2 players (but is up to 4 on PC-Engine)
    - On PC-Engine the timer is stopped when the ball goes out of bounds.
    - On PC-Engine you have cut scenes similar to the normal ending after winning
      the 12th match but then you go on to play five more teams of different
      nationalities.  You get another ending after beating final team.
    - Also on PC-Engine, computer AI is meaner, sound and graphics are upgraded,
      and some cut scenes are more like standard Japanese anime.
    - In the PC-Engine SCD version, music is CD Audio and there's voices.
    There is also a JPN Gameboy Nekketsu Koukou Soccer.  It's a strange hybrid of
    World Cup and Nekketsu Koukou Soccer where you play as the Nekketsu team with
    messed up names.  This version is atrocious.  The control, physics, and hit
    detection are terrible. I don't think the diving headbutt can even hit the
    ball.  The behavior of goalies and other computer players will baffle you.
    The ones you can tell what to do will often play monkey in the middle instead
    of passing you the ball as you jam on the pass button to order them.  Like
    the other Japanese games you have to lose to get a password.  22431 will take
    you to the 2nd match.  This FAQ will not cover this Gameboy version any
    --==Section 6 - Nekketsu Koukou Soccer Player Stats==--
    Nekketsu Koukou Soccer is the original game by Technos of Japan.  Nintendo
    changed the game so much when they translated the it, that it's like a
    completely different game in the same great series.  Speaking of which, there
    is a sequal to Nekketsu Koukou Soccer called Nekketsu Soccer League and it's
    | Player       | Speed | HP | Shot Steps | G.K Defense | Super Shot |
    |  Kunio       |   6   | 50 |     7      |     50%     | Blaster    |
    |  Kouji       |   2   | 40 |     3      |     40%     | Breaker    |
    |  Hiroshi     |   2   | 38 |     3      |     40%     | Bouncer    |
    |  Mitsuhiro   |   8   | 40 |     7      |     30%     | Stinger    |
    |  Shinichi    |   4   | 40 |     7      |     30%     | Psycho     |
    |  Takashi     |   2   | 40 |     3      |     60%     | Flasher    |
    |  Susumu      |   4   |  ? |     7      |      ?      | ZigZag     |
    |  Atsushi     |   8   |  ? |     7      |      ?      | Pulse      |
    |  Masa        |   6   |  ? |     7      |      ?      | Sidewinder |
    |  Genei       |   8   |  ? |     3      |      ?      | Levitator  |
    |  Students    |   1   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Square     |
    |  Monks       |   1   |  ? |     3      |      ?      | Bubble     |
    |  Bikers      |   2   | 32 |     3      |     20%     | Waffle     |
    |  Hunters     |   1   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Spinner    |
    |  Announcers  |   5   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Spikes     |
    |  Firemen     |   3   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Coin       |
    |  Fishermen   |   3   |  ? |     7      |      ?      | Fish       |
    |  Psychics    |   3   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Ghost      |
    |  Mob         |   3   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Diamond    |
    |  Miners      |   2   |  ? |     8      |      ?      | Digger     |
    |  Samurai     |  12   |  ? |    10      |      ?      | Boomerang  |
    |  Fighters    |   8   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Banana     |
    |  France      |   6   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | CloseUp    |
    |  Brazil      |   8   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | BumbleBee  |
    |  Argentina   |   9   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Uppercut   |
    |  Italy       |  11   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Arch       |
    |  Germany     |  10   |  ? |     ?      |      ?      | Sidewinder |
    The players are arranged like this on the team set up screen.
    A Kunio      F Takashi
    B Kouji      G Susumu
    C Hiroshi    H Atsushi
    D Mitsuhiro  I Masa
    E Shinichi   J Genei
    Here are the players on the Nekketsu team matched with their messed up names
    in World Cup (although my translations may be rough) and their equivalents on
    the USA team.
    | Nekketsu  | Japan  | USA   |
    | Kunio     | Kunio  | Tony  |
    | Kouji     | Riki   | Dayv  |
    | Hiroshi   | Koji   | Brian |
    | Mitsuhiro | Susumu | Terry |
    | Shinichi  | Masao  | Mark  |
    | Takashi   | Hiro   | Don   |
    | Susumu    | Makoto | Phil  |
    | Atsushi   | Kenji  | Fred  |
    | Masa      |        |       |
    | Genei     |        |       |
    It's odd that they used the name Riki for someone other than the sometimes
    rival, sometimes sidekick major character of the Nekketsu games, especially
    considering that he's not in Nekketsu Koukou Soccer (at least I don't think).
    Also the girl who the Nekketsu team bows before is Misako.
    The Bikers and/or Mob team might be Yakuza.
    --==Section 7 - Nekketsu Koukou Soccer Super Shots==--
    The Sidewinder (Masa, Germany)
    The ball goes from side to side while flying towards the goal.
    The Flasher (Takashi)
    Same as Blaster but graphics blink between normal ball and bubble.
    The Square (Students)
    Same as Blaster but with different graphics.
    The Diamond (Mob)
    Same as Square but spinning.
    The Bubble (Monks)
    The ball turns into a slow moving bubble.
    The Spikes (Announcers)
    Same as Blaster but with different graphics.
    The Coin (Firemen)
    Ball turns into a spinning coin and moves slowly forward while going from
    going back and forth sideways.  Tends to hit a lot of players, even the same
    ones again after they get up after flying through the air, but easy for a
    goalie to get to.
    The Fish (Fishermen)
    Same as Bouncer but the ball turns into fish graphics.
    The Ghost (Psychics)
    Flies slowly at strange angle with different graphics.
    The Digger (Miners)
    The ball goes down into the ground and towards the goal.  When done with a
    bicycle kick the graphics don't go low enough.  But the only time you could
    see this shot done with a bicycle kick is by loading a hack save state to
    play as the Miners team.
    The Banana (Fighters)
    Like the Pulse with different graphics.
    The CloseUp (France)
    Same as blaster but normal ball graphics that blink between normal and large
    The BumbleBee (Brazil)
    The ball flies around in a circular motion making its way towards the goal.
    The Uppercut (Argentina)
    The ball flies straight for a while, then upwards into the goal.  It only
    works like it's supposed to when shot at left goal.  When shot at right goal
    it won't fly up unless it was shot from near the left goal in which case it
    will fly upwards immediately there and level off at a certain height.  But
    you only get the defects if loading a hacked save state to make player 1's
    team Argentina.
    The Arch (Italy)
    The ball flies like the Stinger towards the goal but when it gets close, it
    flies up and back, then down diagonally into the goal.  It only works like
    it's supposed to when shot at the left goal.  It will be just like the
    Stinger when shot at the right goal unless shot from near the left goal in
    which case it will behave strangely and go out of bounds.  But you only get
    the defects if loading a hacked save state to make player 1's team Italy.
    Super shots already described in section 2 for World Cup:
    Blaster (Kunio)
    Breaker (Kouji)
    Bouncer (Hiroshi)
    Stinger (Mitsuhiro)
    Psycho (Shiniehi)
    ZigZag (Susumu)
    Pulse (Atsushi)
    Levitator (Genei)
    Waffle (Bikers)
    Spinner (Hunters)
    Boomerang (Samurai)
    --==Section 8 - Super Shots missing from games and their modes==--
    (C) = Can not ever use in any of these versions of the games.  Only the
    computer can use it.
    World Cup Super Shots not in its VS mode:
    Pulse, Spinner, Boomerang
    Supershots missing from World Cup:
    Flasher, Sidewinder, Bubble, Spikes, Coin, Fish, Ghost, Square, Diamond,
    Digger, Banana, PC-Engine exclusive ones 
    Nekketsu Koukou Super Shots not in its VS mode:
    Zigzag, Pulse, Sidewinder, Levitator, Spinner, Spikes (C), Coin (C),
    Ghost (C), Square (C), Diamond (C), Digger (C), Banana (C),
    PC-Engine exlusive ones (C)
    SuperShots only possessed by the PC-Engine versions' extra teams in
    tournament mode:
    CloseUp (C), Bumble Bee (C), Uppercut (C), Arch (C)
    --==Section 9 - Game Genie Codes for World Cup Soccer==--
    US World Cup (either version, single cart or combo cart w/ V'Ball):
    Enter the eight letter codes in an actual Game Genie.
    This list is actually in .pat file format for emulation.
     6A3C?03:00  AAUVKZLA 1 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:01  PAUVKZLA 2 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:02  ZAUVKZLA 3 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:0C  GAUVKZLE 5 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:05  IAUVKZLA 6 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:06  TAUVKZLA 7 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:07  YAUVKZLA 8 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:08  AAUVKZLE 9 min tourn half
     6A3C?03:09  PAUVKZLE 10 min tourn half
     6A42?09:00  AAKTXXPA 1 minute vs
     6A42?09:01  PAKTXXPA 2 minute vs
     6A42?09:02  ZAKTXXPA 3 minute vs
     6A42?09:03  LAKTXXPA 4 minute vs
     6A42?09:04  GAKTXXPA 5 minute vs
     6A42?09:05  IAKTXXPA 6 minute vs
     6A42?09:06  TAKTXXPA 7 minute vs
     6A42?09:07  YAKTXXPA 8 minute vs
     2A2F?38:70  AYXXNXAL Turbo shots
     3DA3?00:01  PEXLUIAA Faster players
     22A2:E5     SVXZZZ Super jumps (X)
     0828:9C     KPZEEE Messed up graphics (X)
     0898:99     OOOEEE Funny players (X)
     5C24:E5     STZIKG invisible players (X)
     5C47:51     PIKING some invis players (X)
    I do not recommend the codes marked (X).  They came from
    I have only included them here in order to have a complete list, but I do not
    mean to completely discount the possibility that some useful codes could be
    made by modifying them.
    Euro World Cup:
     6A41?03:00  AAKTOZLA 1 min tourn half
     6A41?03:01  PAKTOZLA 2 min tourn half
     6A41?03:02  ZAKTOZLA 3 min tourn half
     6A41?03:0C  GAKTOZLE 5 min tourn half
     6A41?03:05  IAKTOZLA 6 min tourn half
     6A41?03:06  TAKTOZLA 7 min tourn half
     6A41?03:07  YAKTOZLA 8 min tourn half
     6A41?03:08  AAKTOZLE 9 min tourn half
     6A41?03:09  PAKTOZLE 10 min tourn half
     6A47?09:00  AAKTNXPA 1 minute vs
     6A47?09:01  PAKTNXPA 2 minute vs
     6A47?09:02  ZAKTNXPA 3 minute vs
     6A47?09:03  LAKTNXPA 4 minute vs
     6A47?09:04  GAKTNXPA 5 minute vs
     6A47?09:05  IAKTNXPA 6 minute vs
     6A47?09:06  TAKTNXPA 7 minute vs
     6A47?09:07  YAKTNXPA 8 minute vs
     2A2F?38:70  AYXXNXAL Turbo shots
     3DA3?00:01  PEXLUIAA Faster players
    You can get some already hacked save states to play as other teams at my site
    at pit.condemned.com on the front page or on a Technos or miscellaneous page
    when I get one up.
    Save State Hacking:
    With NESticle, choose 2 player vs match, pick the teams, and save state on
    the field select screen.  Open the .st* file in a hex editor such as
    In a US World Cup save state go to the hex address 2514.  Make sure the hex
    value is 00 for USA.  Player one has to be USA or else you will have terrible
    graphic glitches.  Make the next value at 2515 that of the
    team you want player 2 to be:
    01 = Holland
    02 = Japan
    04 = Kenya/Cameroon
    05 = Russia
    06 = Mexico
    08 = Spain
    09 = Brazil
    0B = Argentina
    For JPN NKS save state go to 2508.  Of that and the next value at 2509 one
    has to be 00 for Nekketsu or else you will have graphic glitches.  Make one
    value 00 and make the other that of the team you want:
    01 = Miners
    04 = Students
    05 = Hunters
    07 = Firemen
    08 = Announcers
    09 = Mob
    0A = Psychics
    0C = Fighters
    0D = some hyper team (sprites of World Cup Argentina) - Must be player 2 and
    player 1 must be Nekketsu to avoid graphic glitches.  Their super shot is
    just a normal shot with the super sound effects.
    For the purpose of trying to determine stats such as shot steps here are how
    the teams are matched up by their hex value used in save states:
    | #|NKS Team  |V|Super Shot|WCS Team      |V|Super Shot|
    |00|Nekketsu  |Y|Varied    |USA           |Y|Varied    |
    |01|Miners    | |Digger    |Holland       | |Waffle    |
    |02|Monks     |Y|Bubble    |Japan         | |Blaster   |
    |03|Bikers    |Y|Waffle    |France        |Y|Waffle    |
    |04|Students  | |Square    |Cameroon/Kenya| |Pulse     |
    |05|Hunters   | |Spinner   |Russia        | |Spinner   |
    |06|Fishermen |Y|Fish      |Mexico        | |Boomerang |
    |07|Firemen   | |Coin      |England       |Y|Stinger   |
    |08|Announcers| |Spikes    |Spain         | |Pulse     |
    |09|Mob       | |Diamond   |Brazil        | |Psycho    |
    |0A|Psychics  | |Ghost     |W. Germany    |Y|Zigzag    |
    |0B|Samurai   |Y|Boomerang |Argentina     | |Boomerang |
    |0C|Fighters  | |Banana    |Italy         |Y|Levitator |
    PCE-Engine save state hacking:
    I used Magic Engine v0.99 beta2 with an authentic SCD of the game.
    So far I've had the hex addresses of chosen team values fluctuate between
    43E7E & 43E7F, 439A6 & 439A7, 44C8A & 44C8B, and 45162 & 45163.  Those are
    only some possibilities.
    When hacking save states for different versions of the games, the easiest
    way to locate the hex addresses is to first save the state on field select
    screen after both players pick the Bikers (or the equivalent France in World
    Cup).  Then open the save state in a hex editor such as Hexposure and search
    for the hex sequence 00030300.  This may be found in a few different places
    of the file but the instance with a LOT of zeros around it is the one.
    Or you could get some already hacked save states from my site and modify
    them.  The text file packaged with PCE ones tells what hex addresses
    their chosen teams are at.
    At the hex addresses, the first hex value there is the 1st team and the
    value at the next address is 2nd team.  Change the values to those of
    the teams you want.  Unlike 8-bit versions neither team has to be the main
    Nekketsu/USA team.  You can have whatever match you want.  On the position
    setup screen, the names are blank or invisible for any team not normally
    selectable, but it doesn't matter since their stats should all be the same.
    The Nekketsu team is the only one position setup means anything for.
    Here are the values for the different teams:
    00 = Nekketsu
    01 = Miners
    02 = Monks
    03 = Bikers
    04 = Students
    05 = Hunters
    06 = Fishermen
    07 = Firemen
    08 = Announcers
    09 = Mob
    0A = Psychics
    0B = Samurai
    0C = Fighters
    0D = France
    0E = Brazil
    0F = Argentina
    10 = Italy
    11 = Germany
    Emulation may not be always be so good compared to the real thing but as you
    can see it has its uses even though I have the actual carts/SCD of these
    games.  Now if only I could figure out or get some Game Genie codes to do
    what my hacked save states do.
    --==Section 10 - Nekketsu Soccer League name translations==--
    Nekketsu Soccer League is a sequal to Nekketsu Koukou Soccer only on JPN
    8-bit Famicom.  Keep in mind that my translations may be a bit rough.
    Nekketsu Team
    0 Kunio  11 Yoritsune 3 Saji  10 Horibata  4 Iwakabe 0 Genei
    8 Ugajin  9 Onitake   1 Kumon  7 Kaizuki  12 Tsune_?   Karurosu
    Name - NKS Team they're from
    Yorisune - Samurai
    Saji - Biker
    Horibata - Miner
    Iwakabe - Hunter
    Ugajin - Psychic
    Onitake - Mobster
    Kumon - Student
    Kaizuki - Fishermen
    Tsune_? - Fighter
    I have no idea idea what that last character of Tsune's name is.  The number
    next to a player is the team of Nekketsu Koukou Soccer they're from (See
    chart in Section 3).
    --==Section 11 - Other Name Translations==--
    JPN = original Japanese name of character
    RCR = River City Ransom
    SC = Crash 'N' the Boys: Street Challenge
    WC = World Cup Soccer
    SDB = Super Dodgeball
    RG = Renegade
    This is based very much on the specific character sprites (For example, while
    Gouda appears in WC with a different name, he wasn't in the JPN NKS).
    JPN        RCR          SC            WC     SDB         RG
    Kunio      Alex         Crash Cooney  Kunio  Sam Powers  Mr. K
    Riki       Ryan         Crush                Jack
    Mami       Cyndi
    Hasebe     Roxy
    Sareguchi  Moose
    Kamijyou   Benny
    Yamamoto   Clyde
    Nishimura  Rocko        Baldy
    Kinoshita  Blade
    Mochidsuki Turk         Wheels
    Taira      Mojo
    Kobayashi  Thor         Monty
    Gouda      Ivan         Spreck        Don
    Onidsuka   Otis
    Godai      Tex          Clint
    Ryuuichi   Randy
    Ryuuji     Andy
    Yamada     Simon/Slick  Skip
    Kounosuke               Thornley
    Toudou                  Todd
    Saotome                 Nate
    Yoshino                 Dove
    Shimizu                 Zack
    Washio                  Spoon
    Hayasaka                Knors/Knots
    Kumada                  Barns
    Hayami                  Milo
    Jyoni/Jimi              Rocky
    Suteli-bu               Bubu
    Kouji                                 Riki   Mike
    Hiroshi                               Koji   John
    Mitsuhiro                             Susumu Steve
    Shinichi                              Masao  Bill
    Takashi                               Hiro
    Saji                                  Manuel
    Yukizaki                              Andre
    Hoshina                               Joel
    Yusa                                  Pierru
    Souma                                 Rone`
    Kazato                                Jan
    Iwakabe                               Chico
    Tsune_?                               Emilio
    Horibata                              Diego
    Ichirou                                      Randy
    Tooru                                        Tom
    Akira                                        Fred
    Masahiko                                     Ben
    Naritaka                                     Paul
    Shintarou                                    David
    Misuzu                                                   Kim
    Sabu                                                     Sabu
    Riki is replaced with Jack and Shinji is replaced with Joel in Renegade.
    Sugata, Morimoto, Nanase, and Ichijou are replaced with Cheese, Dragon,
    Sting, and Noise respectively in Street Challenge.
    River City Ransom and Chaddy Shack crossover?...
    In River City Ransom there's two successive bosses named Moose and Rocko
    (of course their names were different in the original Japanese version).  At
    the end of Caddy Shack, Rodney Dangerfield says "Moose, Rocko, help the
    judge find his checkbook" as he sends the two thugs after the judge. Seems
    to me like the guys who translated the game grabbed those names from the
    movie, Caddy Shack.
    Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu names (Nekketsu Fighting Legend A.K.A. Riki Kunio)
    This is how the characters are arranged on the select screen:
    Kunio     Shibata   Ishidsuki  Yamaishi
    Riki      Ebihara   Mashiba    Jinnai
    Himeyama  Raidou    Aoi        Anzawa
    Midou     Fujikura  Suga       Ookuma
    --==Section 12 - Credits, etc.==--
    Copyright / Permissions:
    You MAY distribute this file, provided it remains unmodified.  You may
    distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as
    long as you keep this file intact and do not charge money for it (unless
    you're sending some $ my way).  Ask me before putting this file on any site
    or public media.
    Where to get this file:
    I'd like to thank:
    Anyone that appreciates these great Technos games opposed to the usual
      generic sports games.  If you want realism, play the real thing.
    Brian and Steve R. for having the first World Cup cart I played.
    Naxat Soft for the great PC-Engine SCD version of NKS (My only complaints are
      that you can still only select from the same five teams in VS mode and
      players 3 and 4 have the same aiming problem as in Nintendo World Cup)
    Technos Japan for their supreme games
    Sources of info:
    Nintendo Power volume 19 4-Player Extra Strategy Guide for many stats and the
      basis for stat scales (Beware of the guide's grossly inaccurate strategies)
    Super Dodgeball manual for super shot names
    http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Spade/8838/KUNIO.html for zips of
      animated gifs and icons whose filenames cleared up a couple names in
      section 11
    Godai-Kun's PCE-Engine CD review of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari on GameFAQs
      for PC-Engine Technos game info
    Game Genie Codebook but I did find more variations of codes myself
    http://www.angelfire.com/games2/codehut/ and
    http://www.gscentral.com/menu.pl?Hacking for Game Genie code hacking info and
      the code converting program which helped me figure out the Euro codes.
    Other sites of interest:
    http://somethingawful.com/rchs/ (River City Hacky Sack game!)
    http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/5617/english.htm (Some Technos info)
    http://www20.tok2.com/home/mogra/top.htm (Screenshots of possibly every
      version of every Technos game, but the site is in Japanese)
    http://atarihq.com/tsr (Import Famicom scans)
    Other FAQs by me:
    Grade Match/Ism Plus FAQ for Dreamcast Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 located at
      GameFAQs under SFA3 In-Depth FAQs and the SFA3 page of
    Tuesday, January 15th, 2003
    Mike Fredericks

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