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    FAQ/Walkthrough by alerith

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    Kaze no Densetsu XANADU
    PC-Engine / PC
    (c) Falcom 1993/2004
    FAQ (c) Alerith 2004
    FAQ History
    I kinda wanted to write this on a whim, and so here I am.
    10/30/04- Wrote gameplay basics, gameplay tips, and the prologue walkthrough.
    Boy, I'm on a roll.
    11/03/04- I'm really damn sick, but I'm bored, so I thought I'd update the FAQ.
    Chapter 1 done.
    Gameplay Basics
    -If you've ever played an Ys game before, then you already know what the combat
    system is like. The story and 'wander' aspect of the game is played out on an
    over-head, mini-SD style map quest, where you run into crap to kill it, talk to
    various NPCs, find super cool items, and build up your levels. The final part
    of each chapter consists of a side-scrolling (a-la Ys III) super-awesome stage
    with a final boss fight.
    -There are no levels in Kazeden, but 'proficiency' and HP. Each weapon and armor
    has a certain proficiency that you can gain with it, increasing its effectivenes
    to a certain degree. This is done by either getting hit, or hitting.
    -Hit points are gained by recovering taken damage. This means that every time
    you rest, you gain more HP. The ratio is +5% HP for every 100% of your total HP
    in damage that you take. This means if you have 1000 HP, if you take 500 damage
    and then go and rest, you will have 1025 HP when you wake up. HP is only
    increased after the lost HP is restored- in other words, the more you heal
    damage in effect is the more hit points you gain.
    -The rest of the game is pretty much wandering around talking to people and in
    general trying to figure out what to do. Somehow this is one of the best action
    RPGs I've ever played, however, so I've decided to write this here FAQ.
    Gameplay Tips
    -Don't be afraid to take time out to level. I think the game was designed so
    that as much wandering around that you have to do, you should be at a decent
    state to beat the boss reasonably by the time you get to him.
    -Always always always make sure your equipment skill is at MAX before attempting
    the Boss Stages, and that you have the best equipment for that chapter.
    -A quick way to build up HP and shield/armor proficiency is to only have either
    a shield or armor equipped at one time, neither both. This will build up your
    skill faster and allow you to take more damage (thus increasing your HP faster
    after you heal).
    -Protea's automatically restore your HP when you reach 0, so don't worry about
    dying as long as you have a stock. Try to buy as many as you can before going
    into boss stages.
    -It's always safe to assume that no matter how many HP you have, its not enough.
    (You'll have trouble at the final boss with 999999 HP).
    -Don't think killing one-hit no-gain enemies is worthless, they drop money,
    which is always a need.
    -If you're going to rest, just have an enemy knock you down to low HP right
    before so you gain as much HP as possible.
    -You might wanna turn AI off so that you can be in peace (ATT in the menu.)
    -Walk around without armor equipped if you've already build up your proficiency
    to MAX. Again, this will allow you to gain extra HP while wandering around.
    No-Nonsense Walkthrough
    1. After arriving in Iktea Port speak to the Sister in the church. She will
    inform you that at any time you may sleep in the beds by pressing (1) while
    standing over them. (This will take you to 5am the next day with full HP).
    2. Head north and be welcomed by the peoples of Bolda. They'll offer Arieos some
    wine, and if you take it he passes out for a little while.
    3. Go north again and have another party by the town of Kasta across the bridge.
    4. Go to the travellers lodge (this is to the screen NW of Iktea) and speak to
    Marty, the injured man in the side cabin. He will talk about how he was ambushed
    while having a picnic in the North Cave.
    5. Go to the North Cave (west of Kasta, on the town-side of the bridge- follow
    the path through the mountains and north of the wine shack) and inspect the wine
    barrels. While you're here, pick up all the treasure in the cave (you should
    find quite a bit of Gems, a Dagger, Short Sword, Protea, and Leather Armor).
    Leave, and a boy will bump into you... who could that be?
    6. Go and talk to Marty again.
    7. Now go back to Bolda, and witness Nikola being punished- he was the one at
    the cave, he was messing with Theo the winemaker's special wine. He'll be 
    brought to the wine cellar at the north side of town to be punished. After the
    scene, speak to the mayor.
    8. Head to Kasta, and speak with the mayor. He'll show you a letter from a man
    named Azak. Hm, Nikola seems to be in it deep. Speak to Nikola's mother in the
    house south of the mayor's, and she'll tell you to seek the help of Melina the
    city's winemaker. Go talk to her, she's in the east-most house. She'll tell you
    to meet with Theo, the winemaker in the mountains.
    9. After discussing with Theo about the situation with Nikola, he'll try to go
    and save him. However, Arieos comes up with a plan and says that it would be
    best if he didn't go back to town. Theo agrees and will give you a note, a
    recipie for a new kind of sake.
    10. Return to Bolda and talk to the mayor. After you tell him that you developed
    a new kind of sake, he'll set Nikola free.
    11. Head back to Kasta and speak with Nikola. He will tell you about his two
    friends Cid and Matt who are going to investigate the north cave.
    12. Head to the north cave and meet Cid and Matt at the entrance. They're trying
    to hide the fact that they were there to sample some of the wine. Go and examine
    the wine barrells, and you'll find they are empty! Theo will come down and you
    will contemplate what happened. Leave the cave, and you'll run into the
    travellers going on a hike.
    13. Go to Iktea Port and talk to Brenda, the lady who runs the ticket shop next
    door to the weapons shop. She'll inform you that the boat will be coming soon.
    14. Go to Kasta and talk to the mayor. During the conversation, the boat will
    15. Go back to Iktea and talk to the sailors. No sooner does Arieos tell
    them he's headed for Chrolos then everyone shows up to bid Arieos a farwell.
    But Theo shows up and says that Melina is in trouble and monsters have appeared
    in the north cave. 
    16. Talk to Marty at the Travellers Lodge again. He'll tell you about how he's
    worried about his companions at the cave.
    17. Talk to Theo at the North Cave, and round up the 4 travellers. Talk to them
    and then have them follow you back to the entrance of the cave.
    16. Go to Bolda and talk to Theo in the northmost house (where the old man is).
    He will inform you that there is a large monster in the North Cave called
    Vormitt. And to open the door to get to Vormitt, you need the Bolda Key and the 
    Cane of Kasta. Talk to the mayor of Bolda to get the key.
    17. Go to Kasta and talk to the mayor to get the Cane of Kasta.
    18. Head back to the North Cave and open the door, and prepare for the fight.
    1. Speak to Mayor Herman in the bar.
    2. Speak to his acquaintence, Fisher.
    3. Try and leave the town, and you will be mistaken for a man named Lucos. The
    sister will come and rescue you.
    4. Now go back to the bar and speak to the man named Volf.
    5. Head west to Mizel and speak to the mayor, and to Volf when he returns home
    (this will be after 8am).
    6. Go back to Doksa and speak with Volf at night, he will be by the side of the
    7. Now speak to Volf again at the entrance to Doksa, and you will be introduced
    to the man named "Lucos".
    8. Speak to Bikara, the "pirate captain." He'll allow you to use the boat to 
    travel to Chrolos.
    9. After riding the boat (it will be the only boat in Doksa), head towards the
    cave to the northeast of Chrolos.
    10. Head down to the second floor of the cave (trick the orbs into shooting the
    switch on the other side of the chasm) to meet Daimos.
    11. Head back to Doksa and seek some help. Speak to the people by the jail to
    find out that the person imprisoned isn't actually Lucos, which nobody believes.
    12. Go to Mizel and find the real Lucos in the mayor's house. Lucos will join
    your party.
    13. Go back to Chrolos and go in the church. Lucos will find a secret passegeway
    and you can speak to Sister Matia. She'll inform you of something special in the
    northern forest.
    14. You'll have to find a zig-zag path between the trees. Sister Matia will tell
    you that you'll have to defeat all of the enemies in order to purify the area.
    Defeat the enemies that appear during the day AND at night, then talk to her to
    have her summon the forest spirit. He will then give you passage through the
    water in the cave.
    15. Daimos will join your party. Make your way to the southeast, to another area
    where you must trick the orbs into shooting the switch. Note: Follow the arrows
    on the floor of the cave to find secret passages. Before the boss room, follow
    the secret passage of the 9 square tiles to a small room. It will say to go
    southwest, but head north and find a room with 3 switches. Hit them in 1-3-2
    order to unlock the door to the boss room.
    16. Make sure you are all maxed up and prepare for the boss fight Maydouble.
    Questions? Comments? E-mail: alerith@nc.rr.com
    Thanks to: Falcom, for continuing making such great games! Aron, for being a pal
    and a fellow Falcom fanboy, and Sugimo, for making a great Falcom website with
    walkthroughs and etc.

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