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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 1/2 by Dark_Fact

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                {(*            *SATAN666 PRESENTS*            *)}
                               /      ,/ __
                            ====\\   // 4 / 
                           //   //  //  //_   ___
                     ___  || \__/  //  //--, /<>/
             __    //---\  \\__ __//  //  ////--'/                         __
            /--\  / /    |  =======  ==  ===\==="          \===           / |\
           |     / /   ,/                                   //           /, \/
            \___/ /__,/                                    //        ___//__
               / /          ___  __  __ ___  _  __    ____//     ___  =//=
              /,/          /<>/ /--\// /<>/_/,\/ \\  //--//     // \\ //
         ____//__________///--'//  // //--'  //  // //__// ,/  //  ////
        <___='----\_____/ \==="\\_//  \===" ==  ==="\===/\//   \\_////
              ___                //    _____                       //   
        _____/__ \\__      />   //   _/---  \                />   //
       //  //   \  \ \_    \___/'  _//   /__/                \___/'
      /   | \    \  \  \_       _//                       \===
           \ \ __|   \   \_   _//                          //
            \___ /    \_   \_//                           //
                        \    /     ___,  __     ___, ____//__  ___
                         \   \   //-//,\/ \\  //-// //--// //  //
        __              _/\   \ //_// //  // //_// //__// //  //    /
       /__\            //  \_  \\===\==  ==="\===\'\===/\/\\=//\__// 
       \|           _//      \  \            ________________
        \_      __//          \_ \           \_   _____   __/   
          \\___//               \_\      ,/   /  /    /  /
                                   \____//   /  /    /  /
                                            /  /    /  /
                                           /  /    /  /
                                          /  /    /  /
                                      ___/  /____/  /____
                 {(*              *WALKTHROUGH*               *)}
                  \                  Part ONE                  /
                                  by Justin Cheer                        
    Ver 1.0
    Written by Justin Cheer
    e-mail- satan666.net@home.com
    Last Updated 8/28/2001
    Copyright Justin Cheer 2001
    {(*STRATEGY GUIDE:-----------------------------------------------------
    If you would like to know how to play the game, please refer to my
    Legend Of Xanadu II STRATEGY GUIDE. 
    It has everything you need to know and more including a QUICK GUIDE 
    Walkthrough which covers the entire game in 40 lines and a break down
    of the special PREMIUM SCENARIO which is accessible after completing 
    the game.
    *if you are stuck and this Walkthrough isn't helping, please feel free
    to e-mail me for further assistance.
    {(*                            *BEGINNING*                             *)}
    You begin the game on a Ship named the LORANDEIA out at sea. The main 
    character is named ARIOS. You and your companion DAIMOS are searching 
    for your friend RIKOS and the Ship he was on that was attacked by the 
    DRAGON RIDERS in the Prologue.
    Once you gain control of ARIOS after your conversation with DAIMOS, 
    you should change the Game Settings.
    Press SELECT to bring up the Menu Screen. Hit the ICON Tab and press
    the SPD and MESS Tabs. Your character will now walk fast and the 
    messages will go by quicker. Hold down the II button while walking 
    to Run.
    Walk Right and enter the second doorway you find. Go downstairs and
    open the 4 treasure Chests. You'll receive the Small Sword, Hard 
    Leather Armor, Round Shield and 100 GEM. Everything will Equip 
    Continue Right, go upstairs, talk to the WOMAN at the front of the 
    Ship and then return to where you started. Now enter the Map Room 
    through the next doorway to the Right.
    After a few events, DAIMOS will join your Party and the two of you 
    will row a Boat to the Province of KARON on the mainland. Once you've 
    landed, walk up to the Village of SERAN.
    Small Sword 100 GEM
    Middle Sword 190 GEM
    Hard Leather Armor 100 GEM
    Sprint Armor 180 GEM
    Round Shield 100 GEM
    Iron Shield 200 GEM
    PROTEA 100 GEM
    Enter the house at the Upper Right corner of the Village. Speak to 
    the MAYOR who will give you the MAYOR'S KEY. Go upstairs and open 
    the locked door. Inside the Chest you'll find a MAP of KARON.
    Exit the Village at the Upper Left corner and make your way around 
    the river and back up to the large Waterfall. Walk into it to enter 
    a secret Cave.
    Inside you'll find several Chests containg a Middle Sword, 5 PROTEA 
    and 50 GEM.
    Head West from the Waterfall and then all the way North(as it's 
    plotted on the MAP). At the end of the path you'll see the lost
    Ship, but can't reach it without a Boat. You decide to use the 
    Boat you arrived in.
    Return to your Boat on the beach. You'll find that the tide is too 
    far out to use it. Now go back to the ladder which lead into the 
    water near where you saw the lost Ship. Travel North along the dry 
    waterbed to reach the Ship(the REOMELD).
    Indside the REOMELD, take the Left passage, go downstairs and open 
    the Chests. You'll receive 4 PROTEA and 150 GEM. Now close the Upper 
    Right Chest. A secret staircase will open up.
    Close the Chest in the next room as well. In the room after that 
    you'll find two Chests containing the Captain's KEY and 200 GEM.
    Read the Captain's Journal and you'll receive the HUNGER SOUL.
    Return to the beginning of the Ship, follow the passage to the 
    Right and go downstairs. Unlock the door and use the switch inside 
    to reveal another secret staircase.
    In the next room DAIMOS will ask you 'who should fight the Boss?'
    -Fight along with another Party Member
    -Just ARIOS
    -Don't fight the Boss
    If you chose "Fight along with another Party Member", the next question 
    is "Who?". You can select which Member from a list(just DAIMOS right 
           STORM FRAIEL 400 HP
    The easiest way to beat the two demons is to jump and attack from 
    the corners of the screen, while dodging the fireballs from the 
    RAZ DEVIL. If you get caught between the two, you could lose an 
    entire bar of HP very quickly. Make sure you've equipped the PROTEA,
    or else you won't last for very long.
    After defeating the Boss, the Beginning Chapter Epilogue will begin.  
    {(*                            *CHAPTER 1*                             *)}
    Chapter 1 begins at night on the LORANDEIA which is caught in a harsh 
    storm. ARIOS will be knocked over the side and you awake the next 
    morning alone on a beach. A mysterious KNIGHT appears to inform you 
    that you've washed up at the City of RAZAN in the Province of RAZAFODE.
    Normal Sword 360 GEM
    Knight Sword 680 GEM
    Breast Plate 350 GEM
    Plate Mail 670 GEM
    Steel Shield 370 GEM
    Metal Shield 680 GEM
    PROTEA 200 GEM
    Speak to GROWL the Bartender in the BAR. Go upstairs and find RIKOS 
    with MELTEINA. RIKOS will join your Party.
    Leave the City through the North exit, head East then North to a 
    cliff where you'll spot the LORANDEIA approaching.
    Return to RAZAN and go to the Port on the West side of the City where
    you'll find DAIMOS. DAIMOS will rejoin your Party.
    Go to the BAR and speak to MELTEINA, then GROWL. You'll receive the
    Enter the Tunnel to the North of the City. Go through and continue 
    North to the Desert Ruins. Search the Statue Northwest of the Ruins
    to activate a staircases to the Ruins. 
    Use the staircase around the Midwest area of the Ruins to reach a 
    treasure room with 8 Chests containing a GOLD SWORD, 6 PROTEA and 
    512 GEM. 
    *the GOLD SWORD's Sell Price increases with each Chapter. On the Final
    Chapter it Sells for 900000 GEM!
    Around the Midnorth area is the entrance to the Dungeon. Go through
    and you'll emerge outside again. Skip the next entrance to the East
    and continue South to another treasure room with 4 Chests containing
    a Knight Sword, PENDANT, WRISTLET and 1 PROTEA.
    Now take the entrance you skipped. Activate the Statue inside to 
    reveal another passage in the Ruins.
    The passage is Southwest of the entrance to the Dungeon. Go across 
    to another room with a Statue and activate it. Head back to the new 
    staircase and go enter the next section of the Dungeon.
    Inside, search the Golem to activate it. After it's destroyed, the 
    door will open. Activate the next Statue, exit and head North to 
    where you found the first Statue. 
    Enter the newly raised Temple. Search each of the doors with flashing 
    blue lights to uncover more Golems. Destroy the Golems to find two
    doorways. One room has 4 Chests containing 1 MUSHROOM, 1 PROTEA and 
    1000 GEM.
    The other room has several Tombstones. Read each of the Tombstones 
    and go to the top of the main room to open the final door.
    This Boss is pretty easy. The only thing is that you need to have the
    Knight Sword leveled up pretty high or else you'll only take away 1 HP 
    with each attack(similar to the Ys games). Idealy, you should level it
    up to 86
    After dispatching the THUNDER PATRONAGE, you'll obtain the BATTLE SOUL
    and the Chapter 1 Epilogue commences.
    {(*                            *CHAPTER 2*                             *)}
    You start at KASHISU Village in the Province of KASTORA. 
    Spine Sword 1300 GEM
    Mixture Sword 2480 GEM
    Besent Armor 1280 GEM
    Mixture Armor 2410 GEM
    Kite Shield 1220 GEM
    Mixture Shield 2320 GEM
    PROTEA 300 GEM
    WING 1000
    Speak to the first GIRL that you encounter. Now talk to the LADY in 
    the Southeastern House to receive the KASTORA MAP.
    Leave the Village and head North through KASTORA until you meet up 
    with the mysterious KNIGHT again. Continue onward after your discussion
    until you reach the Cave of HOWER.
    You'll need to descend and ascend throughout the Cave using a series 
    of Ropes. Chest contents include: Mixture Armor, 4 PROTEA, 1 WING, 
    1210 GEM.
    Keep an eye out for passage ways in the walls. The Cave leads to an 
    underground Shrine. Once there, you'll see an OLD MAN who'll run 
    through the wall. Follow him to his Hideout. He tells you his name 
    is RUTGER and gives you some info about your quest. Speak to him again 
    to get RUTGER's KEY.
    Chests in the Shrine section include: WRISTLET, PENDANT, 5 PROTEA, 
    2 WING, 980 GEM.
    Go through to the Underwater area. You'll need to travel through hidden 
    paths in the sea weed to reach RUTGER's House. RUTGER's KEY will unlock
    the door. Inside you'll find a Chest containing the TEMPLE KEY. 
    Unlock the Temple door near the beginning of the Underwater area. Level
    up your equipment to MAX(armor will only go up to 137/98%) and go take
    on the Boss.
    Once the SEED SPIRAL has been destroyed, you'll receive the FLAME SOUL
    and rescue PIERA before the Chapter 2 Epilogue.
    {(*                            *CHAPTER 3*                             *)}
    Chapter 3 starts out the same as the Beginning. Go below and open the 
    4 Chests to obtain the Back Sword, Frupret Armor, Cardinal Shield and 
    2000 GEM.
    Walk into the room directly above and speak to PIERA. Then head to 
    the front of the Ship and speak to RIKOS. Go back down to the sleeping 
    quarters and speak to DAIMOS.
    The next day you, PIERA and RIKOS return to RAZAN. The RAZAN Shop has 
    new inventory for sale.
    Back Sword 4700 GEM
    Prachina Sword 8940 GEM
    Frupret Armor 4550 GEM
    Prachina Armor 8610 GEM
    Cardinal Shield 4390 GEM
    Prachina Shield 8350 GEM
    PROTEA 500 GEM
    WING 1000
    If you hold off on buying any of the Prachina equipment, you 
    can get it all for free shortly.
    Enter the BAR and you'll see a DRAGON RIDER speaking to AMARIE. 
    Talk to GROWL and then go upstairs and to speak to MELTEINA.
    Leave the City and head North. At the bridge you'll run into the 
    mysterious KNIGHT again, who finally reveals that his name is RANDIS
    and then joins your Party.
    Return to where the Temple Rose from the desert. There is a new 
    passage in the cliffside. Open the first flashing blue light door and 
    if you want to, destroy the Mecha Golem. This one alone will MAX out 
    your Back Sword before it's killed and you'll still only do 1 HP damage
    per hit. 
    Before entering the new doorway, there is a secret passage in the wall
    in the Upper Right corner. There are several different paths through 
    the wall, but only one leads to the hidden room.
              |                                                |
              | SECRET PASSAGE MAP                        ^    |
              |                                           ^    |
              |                                           #    |
              |                                           #    |
              |                                           #    |
              | D: Doorway                     _______  #####  |
              |                               |   D   | # # #  |
              | #: Invisible path             |       | # # #  |
              |                               |       | # # #  |
              | ^: Direction you come from    |___ ___| # #    |
              | ^                                |_|    # #    |
              |                                   #     # #    |
              |                                   #       #    |
              |                               #############    |
              |                                                |
    The doorway leads to two treasure rooms with Chests containing: 
    Prachina Armor, Prachina Sword, Prachina Shield, 1 PROTEA, and 3078 
    Before entering the doorway that was guarded by a Mecha Golem, you
    should MAX out your Prachina Sword on the rest of the Mecha Golems.
    The next room has Chests containing: WING, 2 PROTEA, POWER RING, 
    Return to RAZAN and speak to the OLD MAN in the Lower Right house.
    Now talk to the MAYOR upstairs in the Lower Left house. Exit and 
    walk up to the Drainage Grate to the Right. Select the first command
    to jump in. You'll get carried through the sewers to the Docks.
    There are 3 more Grates to jump down now. One is directly Up from
    the first one and the other two are at the Lowermost corners of the 
    Now spend the night at the INN and head to the beach the next morning.
    You'll find that the tide's waning has uncovered submerged Dungeon.
    Search the locked door, then go back and speak to the MAYOR again. 
    He'll give you the DUNGEON KEY.
    Return to the locked Dungeon door and you'll find that it's rusted 
    shut. RANDIS makes short work of it though(shouldn't he have just 
    done that in the first place?).
    The ladder to the second level of the Dungeon that you should take 
    is on Western side of the first floor. It's easy to distinguish from
    the other second floor sections because directly above the entrance 
    is the ladder to the third level.
    There are hidden passages in the walls of the second and third 
    floors, but they don't lead to anything on the second level and 
    there is only one hidden room with Chests on the third. 
    Chests on the third floor include: POWER RING, WRISTLET, PENDANT, 
    There is a staircase in one of the rooms of the third level which 
    leads to an old Sunken City.
    Chests in the Sunken City include: POWER RING, WRISTLET, PENDANT, 
    1 PROTEA, WING, 2356 GEM.
    There is a hidden passage in the Left wall of the Upper Right building.
    It leads to a switch and secret ladder which leads to an Subterranean 
    Shrine. The sections of the Shrine are connected through hidden passages 
    in the walls.
    Chests in the Subterranean Shrine include: ELIXER, 2 PROTEA. 
                       23520 HP
    After killing the MAD RADEPUT, you'll receive the SICKNESS SOUL and
    the Chapter 3 Epilogue begins.
    *This Walkthrough is for Gamers to use for themselves. 
    *Unauthorized reproduction srtickly prohibited.
    *If you would like to use all or portions of this walkthrough 
    for another site, or publication, please contact me and ask 
    for permission.
    Copyright: Justin Cheer 2001
    e-mail: satan666.net@home.com

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