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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Seth0708

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/24/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         Valis 2             M0iXXi0rB7iM0BWMM  aiW.   ZiM
     FAQ/Walkthrough         MMrrXSM B7;MBMMr7 .Z:MBMMMrrM
       Version 1.0           i0M;;MM;Z0 MM0M    :ZB@WB@@@M
       by Seth0708             MZ2ZMWWMiaM  i222i 7M@2W08M
                                BMMMM iWS7ii2M7MMB Z7iXB0M
                                    aMS:Ma,    ;Z:.W.:ZB0M
                                     .2 ,iB,:;i, :i,aWM08M
                                      02. 7X7:;i.ir;W7W80M
                                       @0  ;Z:, ,BiX@7M0BM
                                         M    ,8W;,SMiM00M
                                        ,MMMMMi.   ,r;BB0M
                                       @MMB    aM0WW0@Z88M
                                      MMM0   ,   M7B888@8Ma
                                    SMM22M  .,,, ZM;B088WWM
                                  2@MB28M0  iBX:. MrB08ZBBM
                             iZ0MMMMMMM@M 2@Z..:: BMr08Z8BM.
                        0M@@0WB@MBW  ;r;WX7   :::  MrW888MMM
                ,ZWMMMMM7:X0@WWBM       r  .,:i::i MXMMMMMMM   .. rX
             2MMr.SX2a.,ZMMBBB@W@MM S  X:.,:::ir7X.MB;     M7 .SX80  .2MX
           @M;  aZ.0X:SMW00B@2Z2ZaM r; B ,::,::,rrr0S X::2 2M .7XZ SXS82   ,S28@W
         WMr   M: B7:B@080WM:7@XS2M: Z 0 ::,:i::i;:,.:X ,8iMM 2XZ  7;X2 7SZaSXSB
       rM7    M :B7rMW080@M X@W278B;, XS ::.,rrSa; ii.ZWMMMMMXXSB rXr8 :28Z.:70
      BM     M: W;rMB888M0 r@08ZZM@r, MS.:. X2SXS :7:aMMMMM8M,rX  S7SX @2   ZSa
     B8     :@ MX;@B880M8 iMB88WWWM8 2X .:.2S: S  X;:M      :0   SXX0 ..   ,27i
    .7      M 2a,WW000@W.,WBZZWB80BMi: .:,.:, .: 7S ZM .r;: MM  aaS88    .20ZZZ:
            M M;r@08ZBM,:XM8ZWBZB0WM8 ,::iii, MZXr. MMMi; ;WMM:8W8a;    0MMZ i@WW;
            M @aZW88ZM2:,BBZBWa00BMM  ::,ii. ;a..SMMMMB  MMMM2S8X.    @MBi     W8WM.
            M M;WB088M,;iM88W080B@M  :::.. 70;;ZMW@WW  iMMWi r     .MMr        ,MW2
            a,M,B0880BiraW8B0Z0B8M. .:::,7Z;;MMW08Z8@WMM8..8a0
    O--|__________________/ The Valis Series
    Valis 2 for the Turbo CD is a port of the second title in the Valis series that
    originally appeared on the MSX. Although it is the second game in the series,
    it is the first released on the Turbo CD. Valis 2, sadly, is probably the
    weakest entry in the series. The level designs are among the most barebones I
    have seen in a sidescroller, particularly for either the Turbo CD or Sega CD.
    The enemy designs are limited and they all act very similarly. The bosses, for
    the most part, are mostly regular enemies with unique sprites. There is next to
    no difficulty as well; most players will probably make it to act four before
    they need to continue even once.
    The story offered in the American manual for Valis 2 makes very little sense.
    According to it, Rogles, the villain from the first game, was a "kind and
    generous king" who was defeated, not by the heroine Yuko Ansho, but by a new
    villain named Megas. The dialogue in the game, however, indicates contradictory
    things about who you are fighting and why.
    This guide functions as a short walkthrough. There is not a lot to explain, but
    the guide currently available is not very applicable as it relates to the MSX
    version of the game, which has a number of major differences. If you are more
    interested in the quality of this game, check out the reviews page as this is
    a very barebones walkthrough.
    O--|__________________/ Walkthrough
    () Act 1 (City)
       The first stage is really simple and requires no explanation, but we will
       run through it quickly. Run to the right, shooting or dodging the soldiers
       of Megas. You will come to a sub-boss. Shoot it three or four times to move
       on. Drop into the subway and run left until the sub-boss reappears. Kill it
       again to drop down another floor and run back to the left. A third sub-boss
       will appear. This one will fly a few paces, land and fire a shot, then
       repeat. Just keep shooting it. Beyond is the boss.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Red Salamander Zaruga
          Zaruga has two attacks. He can spit a fireball from his mouth or throw
          a fire wave at you with his arms. Both attacks, however, can and should
          be jumped over. No matter what you do, keep firing. Just fire endlessly
          and dodge his slow moving attacks to defeat the Red Salamander.
    () Act 2 (Swamp)
       The second stage offers a little more variety. There are some jumps through
       this weird purple swamp, all of which are really easy. Even if the floating
       enemies hit you, you won't be knocked very far back, certainly not as far
       as in say Ninja Gaiden or even other titles in the Valis series. You can
       waste time fighting the enemies, but really it is more effective to just
       run past most of them. The path diverts a little from the previous stage,
       but there still is only one way to go all the way to the boss.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Shadow Panther Gillan
          Move back to the left side of the screen and duck down. Fire repeatedly
          as Gillan first leaps towards you, stops, and swings over your head. Some
          debris will fall around you, but at most it will hit you once before the
          Shadow Panther falls.
    () Act 3 (Futuristic Ruins)
       The third stage has some things worth mentioning. The spiked balls that
       float around in certain tight spots in the level can be stunned with shots
       from your sword, but they cannot be destroyed. Instead stun them and run by
       them. The low running panthers can be ignored by jumping over them for the
       most part. The female satyrs you need to fight, but the large ogres can
       be dashed by everywhere until near the midway through stage where they are
       accompanied by the moving spiked balls. Here you need to duck down and shoot
       until the ogres die, then move past the spiked balls once they pass you.
       After this you just come to a series of areas where you need to spam the
       attack button as you approach both ogres and satyrs. Follow the way open to
       you to come to the third boss.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Blue Rhino Gaias
          Just start firing at Gaias (notice a pattern with these bosses?). He will
          release a small dragon that will fly at you. This thing can be killed,
          but do not worry too much about it. Every so often Gaias will launch some
          missiles that will fly at you in an x-pattern. If you have half your life
          left you can fire and not even bother dodging. If not, make a halfway
          attempt to avoid the missiles more than the dragon, but keep firing until
          the Blue Rhino is defeated.
    () Act 4 (Volcano)
       The fourth stage introduces some slightly more challenging enemies. The
       running fire men leave behind a fire when killed that will hurt you if you
       touch it. It will burn out after a while, however. There are also these
       dracolich sub-bosses that, although simple in behavior, take more hits than
       the bosses thus far. They will die eventually, you just have to keep hitting
       them. This level will run you in multiple directions, but still essentially
       only offers one path and tests more your ability to move through waves of
       enemies than anything else.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Haizen the Ruthless
          Haizen the Ruthless sounds intimidating, but like the other minions of
          Megas he is far from it. Haizen spins in a circle, rising and lowering
          into the ground. In general you want to stay close to him and shoot as
          he is above the ground. He will try to rise near you, then dive back
          down after following you for a bit. You want to be on the side of him
          furthest from a wall each time he rises to maximize the distance you have
          to fall back to as he follows you. He takes a lot of hits, so you will be
          doing this little dance for a while.
    () Act 5 (Futuristic Fortress)
       The fifth stage finally offers some actual platforming challenges. The
       lasers at the beginning require you to time moving between them; obviously
       you move when they disappear and wait for the next one to follow suit. Past
       this you come to a series of platforms floating over a spiked pit. Jump
       from one to the next to continue. This is followed by a series of tight
       spaces that have spiked balls in them like in stage three. Make your way
       through them as you did there. The first sub-boss is after this and he will
       roll into a ball and roll around at you. He alternates rolling and jumping,
       which can be a little tricky to deal with. You can run under him when he is
       in the air and jump over him when he jumps. Stay as far away from him as
       you can so you can get a feel for which manuever he is going to do and can
       respond appropriately. The next area is filled with enemies low to the
       ground. You can hit them if you have the homing attack, but if not wait for
       them to fire and then jump over them. These are followed by hopping spiders
       that can be fought like most of the enemies in the game. After three or so
       of these you come to another spiked ball corridor that is similar to the
       first. Afterwards you go another round with the sub-boss. Run left from here
       and grab the health, then ride the platform up. On the left at the top is a
       room with every power-up you could want, so grab which ones you need. The
       clock is useful because the next section has a moving conveyor belt floor
       with spiked balls. This is probably the hardest section of the game, but
       there is no real good way to describe how to do it. You can freeze the
       spiked balls and make your way through, but you will also need to shoot them
       and try to jump past because it will not last through the entire gauntlet.
       At the end is a third sub-boss. This one moves back and forth and swings a
       sword... and nothing else. He should not be a problem. This is followed by
       a series of electircal anodes that alternate back and forth what they are
       electrifying. Move through the first area to come to another one with both
       the electric fields and spiked balls, although it is not as difficult as
       the conveyor belt area. Trudge onwards to go through another enemy laden
       area. Next is a series of ledges above a conveyor belt. You need to jump
       across these ledges to move on. Wait for the spiked balls to move down and
       jump to the next. The third sub-boss returns at the end, this time with a
       moving spike ball along the ground. Focus more on dodging the spiked ball
       as it is the bigger threat here. Once he is dead, ride the platform up to
       the roof. Kill the spiders as you cross the roof and approach the boss.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Scarlet Fire Toe
          Toe splits in two at the beginning of the fight. Toe will send one body
          to each side of the screen and slash at you. Move to the middle and fire
          at either Toe. Jump when they fire their purple blasts along the ground
          and duck when they leap to opposite sides of the screen. The Scarlet Fire
          is much easier than the last two bosses and can be dodged in this manner
          very effectively.
    () Act 6 (Bone Corridor)
       Ride the jaw bone platform and shoot the enemy probe things as they approach
       you. There are some new-looking weird enemies here, but just keep firing at
       them and don't worry about where they came from or why they are here. You
       will ride straight to the final boss in short order.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Phantom Emperor Megas (1)
          Megas sits on his biological throne and fires red and blue fireballs at
          you. The red ones move out in a half-circle spray, while the blue ones
          will curve around and up towards the left. If you have the homing attack
          you can crouch down about four Yuko-lengths to the right and just fire
          away and never be hit. If not, stay towards the back, duck down, and wait
          for him to fire his red fireballs. Jump the one that comes towards you
          and shoot Megas as you do. This takes a while, but it is the surest way
          to defeat his first form without being hit.
       () BOSS BATTLE: Phantom Emperor Megas (2)
          Megas now will move back and forth, firing a blue fireball at you from
          each side of the screen. He will also summon a dragon to fly about like
          Gaias did. Follow Megas and stay behind him on each side of the screen,
          jumping up and firing into his back. He will never be able to hit you
          with a fireball and the dragon will often be too slow to reach you before
          it is time to switch sides. When he summons a second dragon, stay behind
          Megas but focus on killing both dragons. When they are gone, return to
          just attacking Megas until he summons a second dragon again. Kill them
          again and then repeat your attacks on Megas.
    O--|__________________/ Copyrights
    Valis 2 is (c) Telenet Japan

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