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""Time to fight evil, might as well put on my Bikini and go to it!""

Ahhh Japanimation! There is something wonderful about girls who battle evil hoards wearing nothing but Bikinis! (eventually they would evolve into other underwear including high heels and stockings.) I bought Valis 2 for two reasons: 1-It had foxxy girls on the box and 2-This instinct over rode my logic and MADE me buy it! Hey I was 14 and this stuff sells!!
Valis is a very confusing game; not in how you play but the story that goes along with it. The cinema scenes are very well done with decent voice acting and hot Japanime girls EVERYWHERE. It does, however, neglect any sort of a PLOT! I assume that there was a good Valis following with all kinds of stories and characters(in Japan). Anytime the first game you get in America is titled ''2'' you know you missed out on something. From what I can piece together,you have to defeat supreme evil by running around and ending up in space. It doesn't matter really, your main character is a hottie.
The actual game is nothing to brag about. It has the same stiff, uninspired control that hindered games such as Astyanax for the NES and Mystic Defender for the Genesis. Well, here-- let's just look at the ratings:

Graphics=7.4 The cut scenes are great for the time. The TG-CD had some great animations in cut scenes and though short, they look cool. The actual action is bland for a CD game. The heroine looks less detailed than in HU-Card games and the backgrounds are repetitive and uninspired. Even the bosses could have been made to look a little more detailed. Come on guys, this is a CD game!!

Sound=7.5 There are some good stage themes and even though I have no idea what is going on, the voice acting is pretty good. Most TG games in general had good music and sounds and Valis is right in accordance with that idea; the only reason it loses a little bit is because this IS a CD game.

Gameplay=5.1 Very stiff and uninspired. The main heroine lacks any kind of sophisticated animation and moves about slowly and awkwardly. On the auto-scroll stages, she is particularly fussy about moving. You have the option of a few different weapon power ups that add a little sumthin'sumthin' but the gameplay brings down a potentially good side scrolling action game.

Storyline=? hehe I have NO idea to be honest. There is some sleeping girl, then a bunch of other girls, then you are in space and then you fight some big mean guys. That is as much of the plot that makes sense. I'm sure if you had played Valis 1 in Japan, this might make sense. As far as plot is concerned I did not care; this was the only CD console system out so I was happy to see foxxy Japanime girls at all!

Challenge=6.5 Not a super challenge, though the stiff play controls can make things tough. The bosses have easy patterns and the stages go by quickly. Kind of short for a CD game.

Overall=6.4 Unfortunately, cool cinemas that do not follow much of a plot line cannot save the sloppy play control. It is a good visual game with some nice songs, but I can only assume the Valis system was much better in Japan than here ( as Valis games came out for a few different systems!)

*BRU'S MUST GET OMETER*=5 If you can find it and collect TG CD games, it is neat to check out; in this day and age it will seem very dated--

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 02/21/00

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