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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VmprHntrD

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            * W A N D E R E R S    F R O M *
                                            ________   [ Wanderers From Ys III ]
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    Original Version (C) Nihon Falcom 1989
    Super NES Version (C) Tonkin House and American Sammy 1991
    Welcome to the Wanderers From Ys III FAQ and Walkthrough.  In this guide you
    will find all the hints and information you need in order to finish Wanderers
    From Ys III found on many consoles from Japan and America such as the Super
    Nintendo, NEC Turbo Duo(PC Engine), NES(Famicom) and many more as it was the
    most widely ported version of Ys.  For those who already have the manual for
    your game some parts will be a mild review unless you never read the manuals,
    and in that case, enjoy because this game has an awesome plot and storyline.
    Please be aware I used the names, descriptions, and the rest from the Super
    Nintendo game, therefore some names of items and places may be different, but
    the game itself is in its entirity the same thing on all ports of the game.
    Please also do NOT alter this file in the slightest bit without my prior
    permission.  If you care to assist me, just email me and I'll most likely
    accept what you would like to contribute within reason.  Thank you.
    (Editors Note: Ys is pronounced like the letter "e" follwed by a hissing "sss"
    sound and not a "z.")
    [Table of Contents]-----------------------------------------------------------
    I.    Story... (Complete)
    II.   Major Characters From the Game...(Complete)
    III.  Swords, Armors, Shields, and Rings...(Complete)
    IV.   Items From the Land of Felgana...(Complete)
    V.    Fighting Techniques and Helpful Hints...(Complete)
    VI.   Wanderers From Ys III Walkthrough...(Complete)
    VII.  Last section...History, Thanks, and Credits...(Complete)
    [I. Story]--------------------------------------------------------------------
    Our tale takes place after Adol and his friend Dogi, have completed a
    harrowing adventure in which they conquered an evil force and saved the land
    of Ys from doom.
    As the pair continues to journey about the land of Ys, they coe upon a town
    being visited by a gypsy caravan.  While talking to the townspeople, the two
    friends hear about Felgana.  Evidently, mysterious weather, bad crops, and
    rising prices have made it a bad place for merchants to do business.
    Dogi was worried.  His hometown, Redmont, was in the heart of Felgana.  His
    uneasiness is heightened when he has his fortune told by a beautiful fortune-
    teller.  The fortune-teller gazes into her crystal ball, but as Dogi's future
    is being reveal, the crystal ball explodes!!  The explosion leaves the fortune
    teller unconscious.  Something mysterious was happening!
    Adol had a nagging premonition, "Let's go to Redmont, Dogi.", he said.  Thus
    Adol begins a new adventure in the land of Ys...
    [II. Major Characters from the Game]------------------------------------------
    Adol Christin
    As a yooouth, Adol wanders about in search of adventure.  He has travelled
    throughout the lands of Ys helping those in need.
    A friend from Dogi's childhood.  Ellena is kind-hearted and naive.  She is
    distressed about the activities of her brother Chester.
    He was once a close friend of Dogi's.  He has a haunted past and is now
    serving the wicked Lord McGaya.
    Lord McGaya
    The ruler of Ballacetine Castle.  He is hatching an evil plot to serve his
    sinister ambitions.
    A travelling companion of Adol's.  Dogi now returns to Felgana after a 10-year
    A very helpful soul from Redmont.  He will guide Adol on his way through his
    quest and offer him advice and items along the way, a vital character indeed.
    [III. Swords, Armors, Shields, and Rings]-------------------------------------
    The Tool Store in Redmont will provide many of the items you will need for
    battle.  However, the following is not all the things you can find inside the
    store as other items may be found during your adventure.
    Short Sword:                    Price: 400 Gold         Strength Boost: +10
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    This sword is light and easy to handle, however it lacks in power
    Long Sword:                     Price: (Found)          Strength Boost: +30
    Location: Tigray Quarry, defeat Dulan for it.
    A meter longer than the Short Sword, this weapon is harder to wield.
    Broad Sword:                    Price: 8000 Gold        Strength Boost: +60
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    Made of pure iron, it has tremendous destructive potential.
    Banded Sword:                   Price: (Found)          Strength Boost: +90
    Location: Eldam Mountains, Dogi's Master's home, he gives you it.
    It was the favorite sword of Dogi's Master for many years. It is easy to use
    and very powerful.
    Flame Sword:                    Price: (Found)          Strength Boost: +135
    Location: Ballacetine Castle, Clock Tower, second section.
    The most powerful sword in the region. This flame wielding sword has no enemy
    if it is used by an expert swordsman.
    Leather Armor:                  Price: 300 Gold         Defense Boost: +10
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    This is a lightweight armor, providing slightly more protection than regular
    Chain Mail:                     Price: 1500 Gold        Defense Boost: +30
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    Constructed of iron, it is well worth the money.
    Plate Mail:                     Price: (Found)          Defense Boost: +50
    Location: Tigray Quarry, found in crawl space beyond the warehouse.
    Tough and heavy, this armor offers solid protection.
    Banded Armor:                   Price: 12000 Gold       Defense Boost: +70
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    It is easy to get and is good protective gear.
    Battle Armor:                   Price: (Found)          Defense Boost: +95
    Location: Ballacetine Castle, first stairs down after Blue Knight.
    This is the best armor along with a Battle Shield. You will be surprised by
    the effectiveness of this armor.
    Wood Shield:                    Price: 200 Gold         Defense Boost: +5
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    It's cheap and light, making it just a little better than using your hands to
    Small Shield:                   Price: (Found)          Defense Boost: +10
    Location: Ilvern Ruins, down the second set of stairs.
    Made of a metal alloy, this shield makes for a moderate defense.
    Large Shield:                   Price: 6000 Gold        Defense Boost: +15
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    Heavy and expensive, the iron of this shield will provide excellent defense.
    Banded Shield:                  Price: 10000 Gold       Defense Boost: +25
    Location: Redmont's Weapon's and Armor Shop
    This shield is sufficiant to protect a fighter; therefor one who dons the
    shield will have no worries during the fight.
    Battle Shield:                  Price: (Found)          Defense Boost: +40
    Location: Ballacetine Castle, upstairs towards the Mace Man.
    This is the best shield along with the Battle Armor.
    Wearing one of these rings will for a time give you some special ability.  It
    works off your ring magic meter which starts at 255, when it reaches 0 the
    ring is worthless to you until you can recharge its magic.
    Power Ring:
    Location: Tigray Quarry, inside the warehouse.
    Use: This ring doubles Adol's attack power.
    Shield Ring:
    Location: Return Robert's Pendant to Grandma Aida to receive it.
    Use: Protection power is raised so that Adol's damage is reduced by half.
    Time Ring:
    Location: Show Edgar the Star Statue to receive it.
    Use: When worn, time slows to half it's normal speed.  Everything in the area
         is affected except for Adol.
    Heal Ring:
    Location: Redmont, get it before going to Ballacetine Castle.
    Use: Recovers hit points.
    Protect Ring:
    Location: Ballacetine Castle, Clock Tower, first section.
    Use: Adol will not receive damage, but the power of the ring is consumed
    [IV. Items From the Land of Felgana]------------------------------------------
    * Rings: Though not an item, in the item shop it can be recharged for a cost
             of 100 Gold.
    Herb:                           Price: 100 Gold
    Location: Item Shop, Lava Pit, Assorted Treasure Chests.
    Use: Recovers all hit points.  It can only be used once.
    Amulet:                         Price: 1000 Gold
    Location: Item Shop and Assorted Treasure Chests.
    Use: Capable of inflicting great damage, this item can only be used three
         times before disintegrating.
    Brocia's Secret Medicene:       Price: 1000 Gold
    Location: Item Shop, Lava Pit, Assorted Treasure Chests.
    Use; An unusual elixir, when poured on rings, can recover some of the rings
    Fairy Necklace:                 Price: 50000 Gold
    Location: Item Shop, Lava Pit, Assorted Treasure Chests.
    Use: A necklace of unusual, mysterious power.
    Illusion Mirror:                Price: 500 Gold
    Location: Item Shop, Lava Pit, Assorted Treasure Chests.
    Use: It's reflection freezes the movement of any enemy for a short time.
    Robert's Pendant:
    Location: Tigray Quarry in a treasure chest.
    Use: Return to Grandma Aida to receive the Shield Ring.
    Warehouse Key:
    Location: Tigray Quarry, talk to Duey the Miner for it.
    Use: To unlock the warehouse which holds the Power Ring.
    Sun Statue:
    Location: Tigray Quarry, defeat Elefier to receive it.
    Use: Return to Redmont with it and Ellena will direct you to Ilvyrn Ruins.
    Fire Dragons Amulet:
    Location: Ilvern Ruins, defeat Gilan to receive it.
    Use: Dry up the lava river so you can escape the lava pit.
    Star Statue:
    Location: Ilvern Ruins, defeat Gyalva to receive it.
    Use: Show it to Edgar in Redmont for Time Ring.
    The Shining Crystal:
    Location: Tigray Quarry, found in the warehouse.
    Use: Return to Cinthea (Item Shop Owner) in Redmont, you now have access to
         Brocia's Secret Medicene.
    The Mission's Tablet:
    Location: Tigray Quarry, found in crawl space beyond the warehouse.
    Use: Under a crawl space just east of the Shining Crystal.
    Flash Statue:
    Location: Tigray Quarry, defeat Istarjibar to receive it.
    Use: Show to Edgar to get Edgar's Letter.
    Edgar's Letter:
    Location: Redmont, see Edgar after you get the Flash Statue.
    Use: Show to Dogi's Master up in the Eldam Mountains.
    Judgement Staff:
    Location: Eldam Mountains, defeat Ligaety to receive it.
    Use: Use on a statue you passed in Eldam Mountains to open the way.
    Dark Statue:
    Location: Eldam Mountains, defeat Gildas to receive it.
    Use: Allows entrance into Ballacetine Castle.
    Garnet Bracelet:
    Location: Ballacetine Castle, defeat Mace Man for it.
    Use: Allows you to get passed the statue of the blue knight.
    Prison Key:
    Location: Ballacetine Castle, defeat the Blue Knight, Jilduros for it.
    Use: To open the Prison Cell beyond the Blue Knight.
    Blue Bracelet:
    Location: Prison Cell beyond the Blue Knight.
    Use: Allows you to gain access to the Clock Tower.
    Ball of Fire:
    Location: Redmont, Edgar gives it to you once you return from the castle.
    Use: Used in the dark passages of Gabalan's maze to find your way.
    [V. Fighting Techniques and Helpful Hints]------------------------------------
    While playing this game it is vital tthat early on you master several sword
    fighting techniques to survive in the world of Ys.  You must determine which
    technique is best to use against a particular foes.
    *Fighting Techniques*
    Basic Attack: (Attack Button)
    The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you will cause.
    Charging Attack: (Control Pad Left/Right + Attack Button)
    An attack may be more effective if you can charge while swining your sword.
    Jumping Attack: (Attack + Jump Buttons)
    A tactic against flying enemies, but it requires good timing.
    Down and Slice: (Control Pad Down + Attack Button)
    This is an optimum way of reaching enemies that are close to the ground.
    Crawling: (Control Pad Down Diagonally Left/Right + Attack Button)
    An excellent way to get through tight passages.
    Up Thrust: (Control Pad Up + Attack Button)
    An effective attack enemies attacking from above.
    Down Thrust: (Control Pad Down + Attack and Jump Buttons)
    An attack with tremendous destructive power when executed properly.
    *Helpful Hints*
    * When playing, you should take notes on what certain characters say.
      Otherwise, you might get stuck later on.
    * Combat is not as simple as just running up to an enemy or boss and jamming
      your sword into them.  Step back, take a look for a second and check for a
      pattern.  You'll find that just about anything has some place where it's
      defense isn't worth crap, then exploit it like hell. =)
    * You never know when some items will be useful, so test them regularly.
      Remember, every item has a special purpose!  Keep your eyes open too because
      sometimes items found in the stores will appear around the world of Ys for
      free.  Herbs are a good example, if you find one wild, use yours and pick it
      up, you can come back later if needed.
    * Make sure you talk to all of the townspeople.  Some may even require more
      than one visit you can get new information and items this way.
    * Try to fill the requests of people when you are presented with one.  You
      will be at least rewarded with items you find along the way, but when you
      return it at the least you'll get a thanks.  At the most you will get some
      experience points and possibly also a place to recharge your "HP" for free
      when you come back,
    * Instead of buying cheap weapons right away, save your money to buy the more
      expensive ones.  You will save money and will be more powerful early in the
    * Make a map of the complex areas (such as the caves).  Otherwise, you might
      get lost!
    * Having trouble building experience?  Well here's a nice little solution
      which is common to many video games of this style, and in the style of its
      predecessor Ys Book I and II.  Often you can move the screen over to a
      certain point and you'll notice that's where enemies will tend to keep
      reappearing from when you kill them.  In this game an excellent place is in
      the ruins where a large wizard enemy that spits out fire at you is a great
      place.  Here make Adol duck, and repeatedly swipe with his sword.  You'll
      not get hit, and take out the wizard when it pauses to fire at you before it
      can touch you and cause damage.  Now get some tape and stick down the attack
      button and down on your pad.  Come back like an hour or two later and have
      your levels built up insanely high.  Early in the game a great place to do
      this is just inside Tigray Quarry at the foot of the steps.  Just have Adol
      attack overhead and keep chopping the endless supply of monster bees.
    [VI. Wanderers From Ys III Walkthrough]---------------------------------------
    Our tale takes place after Adol and his friend Dogi, have completed a great
    adventure in the land of Ys in which they destroyed a terrible evil and have
    saved the land from doom.  As the pair continued their journey about the land
    of Ys they came upon a town being visited by a gypsy caravan.  While talking
    to the townspeople, the two friends hear about Felgana.  Evidently, mysterious
    weather, bad crops, and rising prices have made it a bad place for merchants
    to do business.  Dogi was worried.  His hometown, Redmont, was in the heart of
    Felgana.  His uneasiness is heightened when he has his fortune told by a
    beautiful fortune-teller.  The fortune-teller gazes into her crystal ball, but
    as Dogi's future is being reveal, the crystal ball explodes!!  The explosion
    leaves the fortune teller unconscious.  Something mysterious was happening!
    Adol had a nagging premonition, "Let's go to Redmont, Dogi.", he said.  Thus
    Adol begins a new adventure in the land of Ys.
    Adol and Dogi after journeying a bit made it to the bridge leading over the
    water to the gates of Redmont, Dogi's home town.  Outside town at the gates
    they came upon a man who after a moment recognized Dogi and welcomed him and
    Adol.  Dogi introduced the man to Adol, and his name is Mr. Gardner.  Once
    inside town Dogi headed off to an old inn he worked at and Adol explored the
    area.  Adol came upon the first open door which was the Weapons and Armor Shop
    which caught his interest.  With as much money as he had he bought the best
    gear he could, which were the Wood Shield, the Short Sword, and Leather Armor.
    Departing with little cash left he headed west to the next door and found the
    item shop, here he saw some of the items and services for sale and noticed he
    could afford an Herb, therefore he bought it and departed.  Adol continued
    west to find two more places, the first the home of an old recluse Grandma
    named Aida, and beyond that an empty home.  One more door down though Adol
    found in the back of down Dogi's place which was the old inn and they talked,
    Adol learned about his life in the past in town.  He learned about a close
    friend Ellena which Adol would come to know well too.  Departing he headed for
    the exit to town and stumbled upon a group of people around an injured miner.
    He barely escaped the Tigray Quarry to the east which has been overrun my
    monsters.  The quarry is vital to the town as it where much of the wealth for
    the town came from, in the form of a crystalline formation.  Knowing what he
    must do, Adol equipped his newly bought gear and herb and headed to the Tigray
    (Editors Note:  Once inside the mine stay right inside the entrance at the
    bottom of the steps to gain experience until you are Level 5 or this place
    will be a nightmare to do, see the Helpful Hints area to the point in question
    I have mentioned.)
    As Adol approached the Tigray Quarry his was presented with a mine filled with
    dark dank tunnels that went farther than the eye could see.  Adol proceeded
    eastward down some steps and over much rock fighting his way forward until he
    came upon a large open room.  This room was multileveled with strong beasts
    roaming its many levels which Adol plowed through until he was at the bottom.
    To the west he found a locked warehouse, but to the east he found he could
    proceed further and did.  Adol first came upon a chest, which had inside it
    Robert's Pendant which reminded of him of Aida back in town and left to return
    it to her.  When Adol did this great deed she rewarded him with the Shield
    Ring.  Adol then headed back through the mine back to the point he found the
    pendant and continued on.  Adol then stumbled upon the miner Duey who gave him
    a key to the warehouse, which Adol headed right back to and inside to his
    surprise a chest, which inside he received the Power Ring.  Adol then headed
    out and northeastward back up the large corridor and located a passage which
    he took that lead him straight into danger.
    Adol to his surprise was now locked into combat with the evil wizard Dulan.
    Dulan quickly began to attack with floating swords and a timed blast of a fire
    ball.  Adol found that if he stayed crouched only jumping to avoid the fire he
    could move in to attack the wizard, and given a little time and the help of
    the Power Ring he destroyed the wizard.  After the battle to Adol's surprise
    he was rewarded with a new weapon, the Long Sword.  Happy with his work Adol
    headed back out and continued down to the location of where he got the
    warehouse key, and proceeded down the stairs.  Beyond this was many slightly
    more difficult monsters than before, and a long drop down a rocky formation.
    At the bottom he could only head east, and did, until he came upon another
    chamber.  Adol found again himself locked in combat with another strong enemy.
    The enemy this time was Elefeir, which was like a living wall statue who shot
    bolts of lightning at Adol.  After stepping back to take a look it didn't
    look too good to Adol.  From his observations there was no real pattern it
    seemed to the enemies shots.  The blasts of lightning seemed to just be aimed
    toward where Adol was currently located.  Adol decided there was no easy way
    to do this, and he knew it was going to hurt so he equipped the Shield Ring to
    half the damage, and then jumped repeatly at the beast jamming his sword into
    it.  Eventually it fell, and Adol's reward was the Sun Statue.  He then had
    the misfortune to meet Mayor Brady and Chester who threatened him, and then
    left.  Beaten and tired Adol backtracked out of quarry and went to Redmont.
    When Adol returned to town with the Sun Statue he quickly came upon Ellena.
    It seems that she was worried about her brother Chester who has turned against
    the town and sided with the evil Lord McGaya.  She then begs Adol to track
    down Chester and save him only knowing that he headed towards the direction of
    the Ilvern Ruins.  Adol departed then for the ruins, and once there found that
    outside a volcano erupting and terrible monsters inside he couldn't beat or
    defend against easily.  In the opening corridor Adol came across living fire
    and large wizards who belt out fireballs.
    (Editors Note:  Once here, as mentioned in the Helpful Hints area of the guide
    attack the wizards by cutting at their feet.  While crouched the fire will
    pass right over you.  As I mentioned tape down the down button and attack
    button for like an hour or so and build many levels and much Gold.  Return to
    town and spend the money on the best sword, shield, and armor you can.  Also
    try and get some of the other items from inside the Item Shop.)
    Adol continued to the east along the insides of the old Alcino Ruins.  Soon he
    came across a stairway that headed down.  As Adol made it to the bottom he
    noticed a few steps away was a chest, and upon opening it he obtained the
    Small Shield which he equipped.  Having equipped the shield he headed back out
    the way he came and then continued again to the east coming upon a large room
    where he heard voices.  Listening in on these voices he found were to be
    Ellena's brother Chester and a few others.  Shortly they noticed Adol spying
    on their conversation and captured him.  As a punishment they took him east
    and threw him down into the lava pit which they were sure Adol would never be
    able to escape from.
    Down in the lava pit Adol came across many various fire creatures which were
    quite powerful.  Seeing he had a choice to go west or east, Adol headed to the
    west hoping to find a way back out.  Eventually Adol after fighting through
    various fire creatures came upon an opening that went down, and a medicinal
    herb that was growing in the side of the embankment.  Adol fealing a little
    weary grabbed the herb and consumed it refreshing himself, and then he moved
    on down and to the east.  This was a tough stretch of cave for Adol as snaking
    fire balls popped up from the ground almost incinerating him.  Only by his
    jumping out of the way at the last second saved him from a toasty death.  At
    the end of the cave Adol came across a new boss to contend with.
    This new boss called Gilan was a giant fire dragon which was highly difficult
    boss to deal with.  As Adol stopped to take notice before formulating a plan
    for the boss he found that it would not be an easy battle.  Adol found though
    by hitting it in its head was the only way to inflict damage to Gilan and so
    he did.  Adol would only strike though when he could jab at it from below, or
    if it came out of the ground ahead of him.  Eventually though Adol was able to
    defeat the beast and was rewarded with the Firedragon Amulet.  Adol with his
    reward in hand backtracked his way back to the medicinal herb patch again and
    refreshed himself.
    Once revitalized Adol headed back to the point which he fell in and then went
    on to the east coming across a river of lava.  Adol then noticed his new prize
    begin the shimmer and it began to cool the lava river and harden it so that
    Adol could pass and he continued on battling more enemies along the way.
    Eventually though Adol was able to head northward at the end of the passage
    way and came across an opening which let to a piece of ruins.  Inside Adol met
    up again with Ellena and talked to her.  After talking with her Adol went in
    the door in the ruins which headed to the final boss of the ruins, Gyalva.
    Passing though the door Adol headed east through sets of crumbling ruins.
    Soon Adol came upon the next boss, Gyalva, a flying fire dragon.  Adol found
    that this boss was quite challenge compared to the last one in that its attack
    line up included fireballs and a fiery bite.  Adol at first wasn't sure how to
    strike at this boss as it stayed too far above him most the time.  Adol then
    noticed that at one point in the area the floor came up high enough that when
    the dragon came near it he could easily strike a few blows to the beast.  This
    is what Adol did, and shortly there after he conquered the monster.  As a
    reward for his work with Gyalva, Adol attained the Star Statue and then headed
    out of the Ilvern Ruins from their.
    Exiting the Ruins Adol returned to the town of Redmont in order to recover
    from battle.  Inside the town Adol then headed to see Edgar at his home for
    further advise.  Inside Edgar gave Adol the Time Ring which would allow him to
    slow enemy attacks down greatly.  Finishing their conversation Edgar told Adol
    to return to the Tigray Quarry and go through the locked door he found during
    his travels in their last time.  Adol then headed off to the Tigray Quarry
    once again after stocking up on any needed supplies.
    Adol was now back at the locked door and this time he entered into the new
    depths of the quarry.  Heading to the west Adol came across a choice to head
    a little more to the west or to the south, Adol chose to check out the area to
    the west first to be see what he could find.  Inside a chest here he located
    the Shining Crystal inside and then headed back out to the crawl space that
    headed south.  Inside the crawl space Adol located a passageway that would
    allow him to progress farther downward into the quarry.  Down aways Adol came
    across some enemy resistance which wasn't too bad and for his trouble located
    two treasure chest between there and the bottom.  Inside the first chest he
    located the Mission Tablet, and in the second the Plate Mail which Adol
    equipped himself with raising his defensive power.
    At the bottom of this area Adol discovered a new boss which seemed to be part
    of the rock cave itself.  This boss Istarjibar, was a non-moving enemy but the
    most deadly yet due to its various attacks.  This flying crystals that this
    boss fires are deadly to the touch which makes attacking this boss difficult
    since its weakspot was its head right above that.  Adol though thought it out
    and found that by using the Time Ring conservatively he could slow the beast
    down and do a fair amount of damage before it could launch a new crystal.
    Doing just that the boss fell in no time and Adol was given as a reward for
    his work the mysterious Flash Statue.  With his work done Adol headed out of
    the Tigray Quarry and back to Redmont again.
    Again in Redmont Adol went back to see Edgar again for further instructions.
    Inside his home Edgar gave Adol a letter and directed him to a man living at
    the Eldam Mountains.  At the mountains to Adol's dismay he discovered that
    even the smallest enemy was quite deadly with its powerful attacks.  Finding
    no easy way though Adol took it very slowly watching for hidden enemies ready
    to spring upon him and continued east.  Eventually Adol came across the hut in
    the Mountains that he was sent to.  Inside to his surprise he learned that it
    was Dogi's Masters hut and that both of them were inside.  Giving the man the
    letter from Edgar and speaking with the Master, Adol then received the very
    powerful Banded Sword from him.
    Leaving the mountain hut Adol continued to the east and came upon a mysterious
    silent statue.  Seemingly at the time it had no relevance to Adol so he moved
    on to the east battling more powerful enemies in his path.  At the end of the
    journey to the east Adol came across a new boss, a harpy named Ligaety which
    seemingly came out of nowhere.  Attacking Adol immediately Ligaety unleashed
    with a flurry of lightning bolts, her only attack.  Angered Adol equipped the
    Power Ring and countered her attacks.  Adol waited for the time when she is
    just about to attack and would jump and attack the harpy.  Continuing this
    strategy she fell in no time at all, and as a reward Adol received a new item,
    the Judgement Staff.
    Backtracking to the west heading back to the hut Adol came upon the Silent
    Statue again.  This time though something different happened, the statue
    responded to the Judgement Staff breaking the seal on the statue and opening a
    new passageway downward to the east.  Catching Adol's curiousity he decided to
    press on to see where it led.  At the end of this new passage Adol found yet
    another boss which was sealed away in the mountain, Gildas, a large and highly
    deadly ice dragon.
    Gildas, was quite troublesome for Adol as it stayed stationary as it attacked
    him.  Gildas would attack with ice balls when Adol was at a distance which did
    considerable damage, but to make matters worse was his close attack.  At close
    range Gildas could crush Adol with his powerful tail.  Adol found the best
    strategy was to use the power left in the Power Ring and attack the beast in
    the head, only retreating to avoid the tail or to eat an herb to recharge his
    strength.  Once Gildas fell, Adol received as a reward the Dark Statue.
    With his new prizes in hand Adol returned yet again to the town of Redmont,
    but something was wrong.  Inside the town a majority of the townspeople have
    been captured by Lord McGaya and is holding them as prisoners in Ballacetine
    Castle.  Adol though in town did receive a little help in the form of yet
    another item, the Healing Ring which could revitalize him in battle.  Angered
    by current events Adol pressed on the Ballacetine Castle.
    (Editors Note:  For your own information, at this time I don't advise that you
    progress into the castle unless your health bar is maxed out *255HP* otherwise
    you will not last long, bosses inside are beyond vicious in terms of damage.
    I also recommend you buy a Fairy Necklace before going inside, but you WILL
    need it once you progress into the last areas of the game beyond.)
    As it was not possible to crash the front gates so he decided to take the back
    door into the castle, a cave which was a small distance from his destination.
    Upon entering the cave slightly to the east there was a stairway leading down
    in what so far seemed to be an uninhabited area.  To Adol's surprise though it
    was from this point on.  Moving to the east he had to battle some slug like
    creatures and other nasties as well along a stone passage over water.  At the
    end of this hall he found another stairway that leads upwards, upwards into
    the castle.
    Inside the castle matters were quite worse, these were the worst of the enemy
    that Adol has seen before.  Before him were two types of powerful castle guard
    and statues that tried to gore him with long pikes as well.  Worming his way
    quickly east avoiding enemy contact at all cost Adol came to a Blue Knight
    statue which he couldn't pass.  Remembering a stairway that led upwards he had
    just passed he backtracked and worked his way northward.  Along the way up he
    claimed from within a chest the Battle Shield which he equipped making himself
    much more powerful.  At the top Adol came upon a slow, but powerful enemy, the
    Mace Man.  Mace Man attacked simply by firing out his mace, and then as it
    fell to the ground he drags it in for another shot.  Adol noticed this pattern
    so he attacked when the mace came out, but got away before it fell so he would
    not be crushed.  Soon he defeated the Mace Man and gained the Garnet Bracelet
    for his efforts, now he could get passed that Blue Knight.
    Backtracking to where the Blue Knight was Adol found a stairway heading down
    just beyond that point.  Here Adol located the powerful Battle Armor, and he
    equipped it increasing his defensive capabilities by far.  Adol then went back
    up the stairs and headed towards the east, eventually ending up in an outside
    area.  Here he was attacked by the next mini boss of the castle, the Mad Dog,
    made of fire its bite is worse than its bark.  This dog is incredibly fast in
    its movements so to be able to hit is equip the Time Ring while its doing its
    springing around the area until it is dead, then carry on.  Right beyond the
    Mad Dog Adol found a secret entrance that would tie where he entered the area
    to the rest of the castle.
    Adol then carried on farther to the east down some stairs and found a prison
    cell.  Sadly for the imprisoned he could not free them until he could find a
    key so he carried on, and eventually found Jilduros, the Blue Knight from
    earlier on in the castle.  This time this mini boss was alive and upset as
    Adol came onto his stone platform over water.  He would shuffle along trying
    to cut Adol in half with his giant axe.  Adol found there was no good way to
    attack the knight so he just avoided the axe and landed cheap shots whenever
    he could until the Blue Knight fell.  Adol's gift for his trouble was the key
    to the prison cell he had passed moments before.
    Adol then returned to the prison cell and used the key that he recovered from
    the Blue Knight.  Upon releasing the prisoners Adol would find they had the
    Blue Bracelet and an herb to thank him for for freeing them from prison.  Adol
    then backtracked to the point he obtained the key and continued on his journey
    through the castle.  Passing the point he had been to before Adol proceeded on
    and entered into a complex Clock Tower.  In this area Adol had to carefully
    ride and walk his way through many large gears to get to the top right of the
    section of the tower.  Before doing this though he headed to the extreme north
    west of the tower where he located a chest and inside was the Protection Ring
    which will be quite helpful in the future.  Proceeding to the east and all the
    way across the next section he went to the extreme east first to pick up the
    Flame Sword, the most powerful sword in the game.  After obtaining this weapon
    headed into the third and last part of the clock tower area passing through
    like the first exiting in the top right area.
    Now out of the clock tower Adol headed northward which took him to a covered
    exterior area of the castle.  Here Adol headed in the only way possible, to
    the east.  Eventually Adol came across the evil master of this castle, an evil
    knight that can use magic, Garland.  Adol found quickly his blows were near
    fatal and that he tends to attack, disappear, and reappear in a new random
    area.  Adol found the best way to attack him was to equip the Protection Ring
    only when Garland was attacking him, then removing it and attacking until he
    vanished.  Repeating this pattern he eventually was able to drive off Garland
    out of Ballacetine Castle.  As a reward Lord McGaya after the battle gave Adol
    the Evil Night spell, and then as Adol left the castle Ellena was kidnapped.
    Being weary from battle and needing assistance Adol returned to Redmont.
    Entering Redmont for the last time Adol first stocked up no any supplies he
    might need and then headed to see Edgar once more.  Upon entering Edgar gave
    him guidance telling him that his goal was to head to the dark Galaban's
    Island.  Edgar though also knew that since it was dark inside the island
    compound he would need assistance and gave him the Ball of Fire, which would
    light the way.
    Properly equipped for the final confrontation Adol departed for Gabalan's
    Island.  Before him Adol found a dark maze of tons of stone, here is where
    Adol would use his Ball of Fire to light the way.  Adol carried on and then
    located a moving platform and hopped on for a ride.  At the first stop it did
    not feel right so he proceeded down a level lower, here he hopped off to the
    left.  Continuing left he began to fall a distance in the meantime trying to
    guide himself farther to the left and found himself in a new passage way.
    Adol continued to head to the east and eventually came upon Garland again who
    fled from the battle in Ballacetine Castle.  Here Adol employed the same plan
    of attack he used last time, though this time he used the Fairy Necklace in
    battle as well.  Adol finally defeated Garland as he had no intent of making
    an escape from battle again.
    Beyond this point led to the final battle, the battle with Gabalan.  Adol
    would find this to be his most difficult battle yet, even more so than his
    previous battles in other lands.  Gabalan would many various techniques to try
    and kill Adol such as balls and rays of energy, tossing rock, and more.  The
    best strategy here is to use that Protection Ring very conservatively just
    enabling it when you know you'll take a hit.  Swap between that and the Power
    Ring when directly attacking Gabalan and eventually with a lot of luck you
    will defeat the evil and save the land of Felgana.
    Roll ending, credits, and so on.  I won't ruin this for you. ;)
    * The End *
    [VII. Last section...History, Thanks, and Credits]----------------------------
    Thanks so far go out to...
    - No one in particular that I know, well except maybe for those who got me
      started on the Ys Book I & II guide (animefx, Opoth, and skywarp) because
      if I hadn't started that I would have never done this.
    - Nihon Falcom, Nintendo Co., Ltd., Tonkin House, and American Sammy.  Falcom
      for making Ys a reality, and Nintendo for having an interest in placing the
      Ys story on the Super Famicom/Nintendo, Tonkin House for the original Super
      Famicom port, and American Sammy for gracing American shores with this game.
    Ys Book I & II are copyrighted by Nihon Falcom 1989, Tonkin House and American
    Sammy 1991.  All the underlying information in this guide was taken from
    copyrighted information originally published by them and was extracted from
    the Super NES game's manual.  Also information was taken from Nintendo Power
    Volume 33 p83-89 for the backbone of the walkthrough as well as personal
    miscellaneous notes.  Without Nintendo Power and the American Super NES manual
    for Wanderer's From Ys III this guide would not have probably seen the light
    of day, nor would their have been a storybook like walkthrough, and nor could
    all my information and names be as accurate as it is.  Thanks.
    [Version 1.0 - Well for all intent and purpose this is done.]
    - Well I added the last 8 paragraphs finishing the walkthrough for Wanderers
      From Ys III.  This guide is done up to my level of satisfaction, though I'm
      sure later I might need to make small fixes and changes here and there. ;)
    [Version 0.5 - Hmm...most the guide is done, but not for the public yet.]
    - Well I've added 19 paragraphs in a little over two hours.  This is the bulk
      of the guide, I'm pleased with my progress.
    - Completed the information in the Items From Felgana section.
    - Also I have added a few fixes here and there to the previous information.
    [Version 0.4 - The start of a journey in the land of Ys. -Still Private]
    - Started this long Wanderer's From Ys III Walkthrough, so far I have a total
      of nine paragraphs done.  It's up to the entrance of Ilvyrn Ruins.
    - Added more information into items list.
    - Fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes. (You'll see this comment a lot.)
    [Version 0.3 - All right, major progress, still private.]
    - Completed the story section.
    - Completed the swords, armors, shields, and rings section.
    - Completed almost all of the items but like 2 or 3 and a few descriptions.
    - Completed the fighting techniques and helpful hints section.
    - Guide is coming up next, a start at least.
    [Version 0.2 - Another private copy.]
    - Added in more complete information on the character list
    - Added the other 6 sections with sparse information much in a list format
      with little pieces of information.
    - Clipped in a pile of notes I had and added it to a file sent to me which
      listed very vaguely as a walkthrough...no name on it.
    [Version 0.1 - Just starting...3/10/99]
    - After getting ahold of the game finally, and enjoying it so much I was
      inspired to take my resources and notes (mental and what not) and start.
    - Added the backbone idea for sections based off the earlier Ys Book I & II
      guide and filled in a few like the opening with ASCII and characters.

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