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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      Ys III: Wanderers from Ys FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 For the NES/Famicom
                           Version 1.0 (Created 1/25/2004)
                                   By Devin Morgan
        This file is Copyright (c)2004-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Overview
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Enemies
    7. Bosses
    8. Weapons
    9. Armor
    10. Shields
    11. Rings
    12. Items
    13. Shops
    14. Credits
    15. Copyright Notice
    16. Contact Information
    -=  1. What's New -=
    Version 1.0 (1/25/04): The first, complete version of this FAQ.
    -=  2. Introduction -=
    The third imstallation of the popular Ys series in Japan was ported to 
    various systems, the Famicom being one of them. If anything, this game really 
    reminds me of Zelda II (also on the NES). The gameplay is just like it, the 
    way of fighting and such is the same, and that's great. Unfortunately, Ys III 
    is a horribly short game; it had so much more potential to be great if it 
    lasted more than a couple hours. Either way, if you're interested in a quick 
    and simple jaunt through an action/RPG, this may be the game for you. Be 
    warned though, it's all in Japanese!
    -=  3. Controls -=
    Control Pad: Move Adol, move cursor on menu screens
    Start: Use currently equipped item
    Select: Open/close menu screen
    A: Jump
    B: Attack
    -=  4. Overview -=
    Experience Chart
    LVL   HP    STR   DEF   EXP to Next
    ---   --    ---   ---   -----------
    1     20    10    10    300
    2     40    20    20    1000
    3     60    30    30    3000
    4     80    40    40    6000
    5     100   50    50    10000
    6     120   60    60    15000
    7     140   70    70    20000
    8     160   80    80    30000
    9     180   90    90    40000
    10    200   100   100   50000
    11    220   110   110   65535
    12    255   120   120   N/A
    Ring Power
    As you've noticed, there is a numerical meter on display with the heading of 
    "Ring". That is considered to be your Ring Power, naturally. When you have 
    any of the 5 rings equipped, it drains away slowly. The maximum you can have 
    is 255, but you can recharge it from the Item Shop woman in Redmont for a 
    small price. Also, whenever fighting enemies, you'll get 1 ring point per 
    enemy defeat. It might not be much, but it adds up when you're fighting 
    around for experience!
    -=  5. Walkthrough  -=
    The game starts off with a guy in blue named Dogi crossing a bridge, leading 
    into the town of Redmont. He will speak with Mr. Gardener at the other end, 
    then a smaller person (the game's hero) named Adol will show up. They will 
    talk for a bit, then Adol and Dogi will run through the town. You will both 
    head to the last house of town, then talk for a bit more. After Dogi goes 
    inside his house, you will have control of Adol for the first time. The 
    adventure begins at this point, so you'd best prepare yourself first. Go 
    right and visit the last 2 buildings before the town's exit (they are the 
    item and equipment shops).
    For now, you should probably stock up on equipment: Short Sword, Leather 
    Armor, and Wood Shield will suffice. Also, if you wish to buy an Herb just in 
    case, go for it. When you're done, head east towards the exit. You will come 
    across a man on the floor; talk to him, then leave town and visit the next 
    area on the world map.
    Tigray Quarry
    In the first area, simply move all the way right across a bridge, and into 
    the cave. There, continue right and fight some rudimentary creatures you come 
    across. It would be good if you walked back and forth in here, fighting to 
    gain at least 1 experience level (if you need to restore health, return to 
    the outside area). After you're done, go to the second cave area.
    There, head down several sets of stairs and jumping between ledges, while 
    fighting the bat enemies on the way. As for the walking enemies (Raddel), try 
    to avoid them if you're low on health. If you want to fight them, stand on 
    the stairs below them, but stand high enough so your head is below the ledge 
    Raddel is on, but your sword will reach. Kill it that way for some easy 
    experience. After you go down a little, go left into a side room where you 
    can open a chest containing the Power Ring. There is also a locked door, 
    which you can't do anything about just yet.
    Leave the room and head right some more to the following area. Follow the 
    path through this next passageway, fighting the weaker enemies again. Up 
    ahead, go up the steps and fight a couple of Raddels. Take the stairs all the 
    way up to the next room. In there, simply go all the way right until you 
    reach a chest. Open it to receive Robert's Pendant. Then, go downstairs to 
    the next room. Adol will automatically move down and right, meeting up with a 
    tall man. He apparently doesn't want you to pass now. A small boy will come 
    up from behind, but the man will kick him away before retreating downstairs 
    as well.
    Talk to the boy on the ground, and you will find he is one of the miners who 
    went to rescue the town's elder who is stuck below. He will give you the 
    Warehouse Key, and won't let you progress until you use it. So, backtrack a 
    few rooms to the vertical chamber with all the stairs. Go all the way left 
    and make your way back to the top area of the room, by going up steps and 
    jumping along the ledges. Jump to the top-right ledge and fight the Raddel 
    there, then jump along the rock formation on the wall to an upper area. Go 
    right into a new room from there. There is a door you can go through here, 
    leading to a boss battle. Before you go in, stay in the previous area and 
    train to at least Level 3 (or else you can't normally harm the boss).
    When you're ready, go into the room and meet Dulan. Read the Bosses section 
    for some quick help defeating him. After you win, you'll receive a Long Sword 
    so equip that one right away. Leave the room, and make your way back down and 
    right a couple rooms. When you approach the stairs that Duey was blocking 
    before, he'll be gone, so continue downstairs.
    Drop down through the next couple rooms, free-fall style, until you can move 
    to the right a bit. You'll encounter some blue slime creatures at this point, 
    so defeat them for good experience as well. If you wish, just stay here for a 
    while, fighting the enemies until you get to Level 4-5. Whenever you're 
    ready, go down the steps into the room below. At the bottom, you may want to 
    save your game first, since a boss is ahead. Then, open the door and meet 
    Elfeilu. Read the Bosses section for help beating him. Upon winning, you will 
    receive the Sun Statue, which you won't need until later on.
    Now, go right into the next room. You'll meet the swordsman from earlier, as 
    well as the town's elder, Edgar. After he leaves, Adol will go up and talk to 
    Edgar for a moment. You will both then go outside to the area before the cave 
    entrance. Duey will also be there, and he will thank you for saving Edgar. 
    After that, Adol will head back to Redmont.
    Upon arriving in town, the guard at the bridge will mention that you should 
    go visit Dogi. So, head into the town itself. Go left and enter the third 
    house, which is an old lady's home. Give her Robert's Pendant, and she will 
    reward you with a Shield Ring as thanks. Leave, and continue over into Dogi's 
    house (it's the last one to the left). Talk to Dogi and Elena inside; after 
    they're done, leave the house. If you wish, and you should, check out the 
    Equipment Shop and buy the Chain Mail. Don't forget to equip it! Also, stop 
    by the Item Shop and pick up another Herb should you need one. When you're 
    done, exit Redmont and head up to the Ilvern Ruins.
    Ilvern Ruins
    Starting in this area, head to the right a bit. Walk through the opening in 
    the wall and into the next room. There, go right and fight the Seeans and 
    Eargers you encounter. The best way to deal with Seeans, is to jump behind 
    them, and attack quickly after they shoot their fireballs. They're tough, but 
    it's a good spot to gain experience, I think. There are stairs in the ground 
    to the right, so go down them when you're ready (after reaching Level 5 would 
    be a good time). Down there, continue right while fighting some more enemies. 
    In the outside area ahead, you'll be faced with a couple new creatures to 
    deal with: Fazul (owl), and Shiguld (walking dog creature).
    Fight your new enemies at this point for some experience, but be careful. 
    Continue to the right and you'll eventually meet a couple of spiders on the 
    ground, so defeat them as well. Go into the room ahead, and watch out for the 
    Eargers that will whip through the air at you. There are also some Seeans and 
    slower Eargers to fend off as well. There are stairs leading below halfway 
    through; go down them and open a chest to find a Small Shield. Head back up 
    again and continue moving right toward the next room, while fighting enemies 
    for experience (feel free to train here if you want; I chose not to because 
    of the fast-moving fireballs).
    Inside the following room, Adol will duck down, and the screen will scroll 
    down to the area below. It seems that the swordsman Chester from earlier, is 
    talking with a man named Pierre below. The scene will then revert back to 
    Adol, who is then surrounded by 2 guards. Chester will come up and talk to 
    you, then throw you off a cliff into the Lava Pit.
    Lava Pit
    When you land, head to the left, since that's the only way you can really go 
    (the game prevents you from going right). Fight off a Kelzuarl while avoiding 
    the fireballs coming from the background, as well as the Almengar you see to 
    gain some well-earned experience points and gold. In the area to the far 
    left, go down the hill, and continue into the room to the right. Go right 
    through there, fighting more of the same enemies from before. I highly 
    recommend you stay in this area, going back and forth, until you gain a level 
    (Level 6 by this point). Whenever you're ready, go into the next area.
    There, you will see the enemy meter fill all the way. Moving forward, you'll 
    see lava splashing out of the ground, then a dragon will emerge and fly 
    around the room. This is Gilan, another boss; visit the Bosses section for 
    help defeating it. After the fight, you will receive the Firedragon's Amulet. 
    Now, backtrack to the first area of the Lava Pit, and enter the right area 
    this time around. The amulet you just received will solidify the lava stream, 
    allowing you to pass over it. So, cross the lava and go into the new area.
    Make your way through the next several areas, fighting more of the same 
    enemies from earlier (another good place to hang around and train for a bit). 
    When you reach the area with a staircase, jump onto it and walk up to the 
    room above. You will meet up with Elena once again here, who will speak to 
    you briefly before you both rush into the locked door there. Chester the 
    swordsman will appear and speak, along with Pierre and Garland (you'll see 
    more of him later on). After they all leave, Adol and Elena will talk inside 
    the room. Adol will run over and check out a statue in the far end of the 
    chamber, which will open up a hidden room.
    Go into that new room, and move all the way right to the following room. 
    There is another dragon boss for you to face here, so check the Bosses 
    section for help with this one as well. As a reward for victory, you'll 
    receive the Star Statue. Now, head back left a couple rooms, to the room 
    where Elena was. This time, Chester will be there waiting. After some 
    talking, Elena will run up and get Chester to leave. She will talk to you, 
    and you'll then end up back in Redmont.
    Upon arriving, go left into the town itself. Go forward and Dogi will come up 
    and speak to you briefly. After he goes, continue to the second to last 
    building from the left. Go inside and talk to Edgar inside; he will give you 
    a Time Ring. After that, exit the house and pay a visit to the shops. Restock 
    an Herb if you used the one you had. Also, upgrading your equipment would be 
    great if you can afford it (at this point, I simply bought the Broad Sword). 
    Whenever you're done here, exit town and head back to the Tigray Quarry.
    Tigray Quarry
    Back in this area, make your way through a couple areas, to the room where 
    you found the Power Ring. There should also be that door you couldn't open 
    earlier. Talk to the miner there, then go into that now-open area. In the 
    next room, move left into the following area. As you continue onward, you'll 
    face some tough plant creatures (Rowbals); be careful not to walk into their 
    vines or you'll die rather quickly! Fight them for experience if you like 
    (and you should, since chances are you'll gain another level at this point). 
    Up ahead there is a Geld, so be careful of his whip attack. Towards the end 
    of this first enemy-filled area, there is a flat area with 3 Rowbals; I 
    recommend going back and forth there to quickly gain experience. You should 
    be at least up to Level 7-8 before you continue.
    In the next area, go left across some platforms and fight the Gelds in your 
    way. Continuing onward, you'll find a chest; open it to get a Shining 
    Crystal. You can't go any further at this point, so head back to the previous 
    room. Go right, then when you reach a gap you can jump over between 
    platforms, drop down to the ground below. Go right and down into a deep pit. 
    Fight the Rowbals along the way as you navigate the cave passage. In the room 
    ahead, go left and defeat a Geld, then head down the steps to the room below.
    Here, you will meet up with a few miners, standing around a chest. They can't 
    seem to open it themselves, so Adol will go up and open it for them, using 
    the Shining Crystal. You'll get the Mission's Tablet from it. The room will 
    then shake due to what you'll find out as being Galbalan's curse, and two of 
    the miners will run back upstairs. The one who remains will explain to you 
    the legend inscribed on that tablet. After he's done and you can move again, 
    go left a bit. Head down the steps into the room below. There, go all the way 
    left to a chest containing a Plate Mail.
    After that, go back right a little, and head down the steps you just passed. 
    There are Gelds and a Rowbal below to fight. It may appear as a dead end, but 
    in reality there is a place you can move to. Go up the steps to the top 
    platform, then run/jump to the left. You should land on a ledge to the left. 
    Jump up and go left into that room. Head left and down the steps, and you'll 
    be in a boss chamber. Move to the right and you'll meet Istersiva hanging on 
    the wall. Read the Bosses section for help defeating it.
    Upon defeating this creature, you will receive the Flash Statue. Now, 
    backtrack all the way to the surface of the quarry. When you make it back 
    outside, talk to the miner and you'll end up back at Redmont.
    Back in town, you may want to pay a visit to the elder Edgar. At Edgar's 
    home, you'll find King McGaya talking to him inside. They will leave as you 
    walk in, though. Talk to Edgar yourself, and he will give you Edgar's Letter. 
    Leave the house, and stop by the item shop. Buy another Herb if you need it; 
    the shop now sells Brocia's Secret Medicine, should you wish to buy it. Also, 
    stop by the equipment shop and perhaps upgrade your shield to a Large Shield. 
    When you're ready, head out of town and go to the Eldan Mountains.
    Eldan Mountains
    Out on the snowy mountains, head right through a few short areas. In the last 
    outside area, you'll find some Halics jumping out of rocks, which you can 
    easily defeat. Continue onward into the cave ahead. There, go right and fight 
    the Iruvas and Jigels found inside for some great experience. I highly 
    recommend going back and forth in this long area to gather lots of well 
    needed experience, and perhaps gain a level or two (I HIGHLY recommend you're 
    at least up to Level 10 before continuing from here).
    When you end up outside again, continue right to a cabin. Dogi, as well as 
    his master, will come out and talk to you. Everyone will end up inside the 
    cabin, where the statues you've been collecting will be talked about. When he 
    stops, he will give you the Banded Slayer, which is an excellent weapon for 
    you to have! Now, leave the cabin and continue eastward to the next area. 
    Just keep moving through the next several areas, fighting the Halics that 
    jump out to fight with you. When you make it to the final area, approach the 
    man/bird mix known as the Wing Bird, and you'll do battle; visit the Bosses 
    section for help winning.
    Once you win, you will receive the Judgement Staff as a reward. Now, head 
    back left a couple areas. When you reach the area with the dragon statue in 
    the background, the statue will disappear, opening up a pit. Drop down and go 
    right into a new cavern. Move right a few areas, fighting the enemies in the 
    first area. You'll eventually reach a room where the Enemy meter fills, and 
    you'll fight a boss. Read the Bosses section again for help defeating Gildias 
    the ice dragon.
    For your reward from this battle, you will get the Dark Statue. You now have 
    all 4 statues, so congrats for now! Head back to the previous room, where 
    you'll meet up with Chester once again. However, the curse of Galbalan will 
    shake the cave, blocking the way out. After some more conversation, Dogi will 
    clear a way for you to escape, and he will speak with Chester as well. He 
    will then leave, and Adol/Dogi will go to the cabin outside. Back there, Dogi 
    says goodbye to his master, then you both return to Redmont.
    Upon returning, Dogi will take you along, as he talks to the Gardener. You 
    will learn that the residents of Redmont have been kidnapped, and you must 
    rescue them! He will give you the Healing Ring to help you out. Now that you 
    can move by yourself, head to the Equipment Shop and upgrade your stuff once 
    again (you should have enough money for that by now). Before you leave, you 
    should be equipped with the Banded Slayer, Armor, and Shield set. Go visit 
    Edgar at his house, then leave Redmont for Ballacetine Castle.
    Ballacetine Castle
    Upon entering this area, head right and you will meet up with Elena. When she 
    stops talking to you, go into the castle ahead. Inside, head right and down 
    the steps to the next room. Fight the Insects down here to gain some 
    experience; just be cautious of their speed. At the far side, go upstairs to 
    another area. Go right and face the Ishguests patrolling the hall. Be careful 
    of the statue in the background that stabs downward with its lance; move past 
    when it pulls the lance up out of the way. At the right side of the room, 
    pass another lance statue, then run up the stairs when the spikes are 
    retracting from below.
    In the next room, simply go right past a lance statue, fight an Ishguest, 
    then go down the steps at the other side. Continue through the next couple 
    rooms, dealing with alot of the same thing over and over. You'll soon reach a 
    room with stairs leading up, but a path to the right past some spikes, into 
    another room. You can't do anything in there yet, so just go upstairs again. 
    Go onward through several more rooms, fighting the enemies and avoiding the 
    traps on the way. In the room where you move to the left, go all the way 
    left, past the steps for a moment. You'll come to a chest containing a Battle 
    Shield, the best shield in the game. Equip it right away! Going upstairs, 
    make your way through the last trap-filled room, and you'll end up in a boss 
    chamber in the following area. Visit the Bosses section, as usual, for help 
    winning this fight.
    After you win, you'll receive the Garnet Bracelet. Now, go back downstairs 
    through several chambers, until you reach that room where you can continue to 
    the right. Go that way this time, and you'll find the barrier blocking your 
    progress. The Garnet Bracelet will clear the way so you can continue, though. 
    In the new area, go down the steps directly in front of you, and open the 
    chest there to get the Battle Armor. Be sure to equip that right away, of 
    course. Go back up and continue to the right, getting past the traps and 
    Ishguests. Outside in the area ahead, you'll face the Fire Wolf, so head down 
    to the Bosses section once again.
    Following the fight, go right into a chapel-esque room. You will be met by 
    Elena and another man. He will open a secret doorway under the altar, then go 
    through it. After Elena talks to you again, follow the man into that room. Go 
    down the steps into the following room, where you'll face Jumping Demons and 
    Ballacetine Insects. In the room ahead, go all the way right. You'll pass by 
    a gated room; ignore it for now and go to the following area. There, go 
    forward and the Blue Knight will jump out of the barrier to attack. Use the 
    Bosses section for help quickly beating it.
    Once you win, you'll get the Prison Key. Go back downstairs and open the 
    gated doorway, which is the prison apparently. You will find all the people 
    from Redmont inside. Talk to everyone, and you'll get a Blue Bracelet as a 
    reward, too. Head all the way upstairs and through the east doorway to reach 
    the new area, full of gears and such. Make your way across the top half of 
    this room, fighting the Deto, Garlium, and Estarion enemies wandering around. 
    On a top-right ledge, open a chest to get the Protect Ring. Now, get to the 
    bottom area of the room and head all the way right to the next area.
    Here, go all the way right and up the steps, defeating the Estarion at the 
    top. Head left and jump across the gears while fighting some more enemies. 
    While on the left side of the room, jump all the way to a ledge where you can 
    find a Flame Sword in the chest. Continue right into the next room, then head 
    right through a series of empty rooms. At the end of the line, you'll meet up 
    with Garland. For help winning this battle, check the Bosses section of this 
    Following battle, you will meet up with King McGaya (remember earlier at 
    Edgar's place). After some talking, he will give you the Evil Night. You will 
    then be outside. Go left and talk to Elena, and it will seem like a happy 
    ending, but the bridge collapses and Elena disappears! You will then return 
    to Redmont alone.
    Back in town, go left and meet with Dogi again. After that, go visit Edgar at 
    his house again. As thanks, he will give you the Ogre's Ball of Fire, which 
    will definitely help you in the final area. Then, leave the house and head to 
    the Item Shop. Recharge your ring power, and buy another Herb if you need 
    one. Whenever you're ready, leave Redmont once more and head to Galbalan's 
    Galbalan's Island
    After a quick scene showing Adol on a boat, you will arrive on this island. 
    Go right and up, and you'll reach an apparent block in your path. The jagged 
    rocks above will clear so you can pass; continue into the next area. It will 
    be dark here, so use the Ogre's Ball of Fire to light up the whole area. 
    Anyway, head to the right and fight the Skeleton (there are plenty of these 
    in this final area, so beware). Drop down the pit, and you'll fall into 
    another room. Land on the left ledge on the way down, and go into that room.
    Here, go left and defeat another Skeleton. Before you reach the next pit, you 
    will see a warp panel on the wall (there was one by the start of this place, 
    but I didn't tell you to touch it). Anyway, press Up here to warp to a new 
    section. Head right and fight the enemies until you find another panel; use 
    that one. Go left to a pit, then stay against the left wall as you drop. You 
    should land on a ledge on the left side in the following area. That's where 
    you need to be. Now, simply continue left, down, and right all the way to the 
    boss chamber.
    You will meet up with Garland a second time in this room. Head right, but 
    jump to avoid the energy balls as you approach him. The strategy is exactly 
    the same as last time, so check his entry in the Bosses section if you need 
    help again. After the fight, simply continue right. Follow the path up 
    through the stars, and you'll be confronted by Chester once more. He'll speak 
    to you before moving on, so follow him. Elena will be spotted on a bridge at 
    the far end of the area, being held captive by Galbalan. Chester will fly 
    over to Elena, leaving Adol behind. A special platform appears before Adol, 
    but before you step on it, make sure you have full HP. When you're ready to 
    go, step on the platform and you'll go up to Galbalan. Read the Bosses 
    section one last time for help beating this final boss.
    After the final battle, Adol will meet up with Elena, and you will escape the 
    island. Upon returning to Redmont, talk to everyone, then watch the ending 
    commence from here. Congratulations on clearing Ys III!
    -=  6. Enemies  -=
        Found: Lava Pit
        Experience Points: 40
        Gold: 45
    Ballacetine Insect
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 110
        Gold: 150
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 5
        Gold: 2
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 100
        Gold: 100
        Found: Ilvern Ruins
        Experience Points: 26
        Gold: 20
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: ???
        Gold: 180
        Found: Ilvern Ruins
        Experience Points: 25
        Gold: 17
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: ???
        Gold: 160
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 52
        Gold: 30
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 8
        Gold: 4
        Found: Eldan Mountains
        Experience Points: 80
        Gold: 80
        Found: Eldan Mountains
        Experience Points: 100
        Gold: 110
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 160
        Gold: 200
        Found: Eldan Mountains
        Experience Points: 90
        Gold: 110
    Jigel Jr.
        Found: Eldan Mountains
        Experience Points: 60
        Gold: 40
    Jumping Demon
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 100
        Gold: 124
        Found: Lava Pit
        Experience Points: 32
        Gold: 33
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 11
        Gold: 8
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 15
        Gold: 12
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 67
        Gold: 54
        Found: Ilvern Ruins
        Experience Points: 34
        Gold: 25
        Found: Ilvern Ruins
        Experience Points: 34
        Gold: 30
        Found: Galbalan's Island
        Experience Points: ???
        Gold: 200
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 22
        Gold: 50
    -=  7. Bosses -=
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 300
        Gold: 300
        Strategy: The very first boss may seem to be a bit tough, but with some
                  patience, you can pull through easily. Dulan is known for
                  teleporting back and forth across the room quickly, but he only
                  does so after extending his claw, as a warning. That's when you
                  should jump to avoid massive damage. As for the swords in the
                  air, try your best to jump over them when they come to ground
                  level. When they reach the middle area above, they'll fall, so
                  watch out for that as well. The best time for you to attack is
                  right after Dulan stops moving, so run in and duck down, then
                  start chopping away as much as you can. If you can't do him in
                  there, jump when he teleports and repeat to win.
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 700
        Gold: 700
        Strategy: This battle is a classic test of patience, quite frankly. You
                  can easily jump up and down, attacking it from the get-go, but
                  that will only kill you early on. If you're a distance away
                  from its perch, Elfielu will send out a sonic wave at you,
                  which you can jump/duck to avoid. If you get close, a ball will
                  flash above it and lightning will strike all around the area
                  below the perch. The trick to fighting is to wait until
                  immediately after he shoots out a wave to attack. Then, run in,
                  jump and attack quickly once, then retreat and repeat the same
                  tactic. If you're patient like this, you will easily pull
                  through this battle.
        Found: Lava Pit
        Experience Points: 1200
        Gold: 1200
        Strategy: Lucky for you, this fire dragon is a VERY simple boss to win
                  against here. It comes out of the ground at a specific spot,
                  flying straight into the air before descending. When it becomes
                  level with Adol, it'll move horizontally offscreen, then come
                  out of the ground at the same spot once again. Here's a good
                  way of beating it: to the right of where Gilan always comes
                  out, there is a slightly elevated mound to stand on. Wait there
                  when Gilan comes up, then when it starts to descend, wait a
                  little bit longer. When it gets a bit low, but not level to
                  your standing position, jump slightly so it starts moving your
                  way. Then, if you timed it right, you should be able to stand
                  on that hill and stab upward at its head to cause damage as it
                  passes. Then, simply repeat this pattern until you win.
        Found: Lava Pit
        Experience Points: 1800
        Gold: 1800
        Strategy: At first, you may wonder just how you'll be able to hit this
                  seemingly out-of-reach creature. There is a good plan I have to
                  allow you to attack, and hardly ever take damage. When you
                  enter the room, go right and jump onto the high ledge (you
                  should see Wyvern for the first time flying to the right).
                  Stand on that ledge and jump when it gets close; that will
                  cause it to stop in air. Wyvern will then spit out 3 fireballs
                  below, twice, which you can easily walk around or jump over.
                  Because Wyvern pauses for doing this, from your perch, jump and
                  attack a couple times before it attacks/flies away. Stand still
                  on the ledge and Wyvern will return, thus repeating the cycle
                  until you win.
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Experience Points: 2400
        Gold: 2400
        Strategy: This non-moving creature sticks to the east wall, which makes
                  it an easy target to attack. There is an energy ball that
                  constantly moves in the air from left to right, and does not
                  stop. Every now and then, another projectile is shot out from
                  its blue claw. You might not think it can be avoided, but it's
                  easy to do so. Simply go as far right as you can, so you're
                  underneath the boss, then duck down to avoid it. The battle
                  plan for winning is to wait until it shoots that attack, then
                  go left a little and jump up when the other ball is moving to
                  the left, and attack. You can only do this a couple times, then
                  you should retreat before the next blast is shot out. However,
                  if you keep this up, the battle shouldn't be too hard on you.
    Wing Bird
        Found: Eldan Mountains
        Experience Points: 3000
        Gold: 3000
        Strategy: This flying man-bird is another rather simple boss, assuming
                  you can even attack it. That is why your level at this point is
                  important; you should be up to at least Level 10 before
                  attempting this battle. Anyway, the Wing Bird flies back and
                  forth from left to right, stopping every now and then to shoot
                  beams in 3 directions below itself. There is a high section of
                  land you can stand on, almost like a point, so stay there. When
                  the Wing Bird passes overhead, stab upward to attack it several
                  times. Also, it would help if you jumped at the boss and
                  attacked it that way. Just be careful not to touch it, or get
                  hit by its beams, and you should be fine.
        Found: Eldan Mountains
        Experience Points: 3500
        Gold: 3500
        Strategy: This giant dragon requires more timing to defeat it, rather
                  than actual skill. It stays in one spot, occasionally spitting
                  out fireballs in 3 directions, towards you. It will then stop
                  for a couple moments before repeating, and that's the entire
                  attack pattern. So, avoid the fireballs, then jump and hit the
                  head a few times, move left and jump over the fireballs, then
                  repeat. If you can do that without getting damaged more than a
                  few hits worth yourself, you'll be able to win.
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 4000
        Gold: 4000
        Strategy: This giant mace-wielding boss isn't that tough; it's just an
                  issue of avoiding its attack while you try and do the same.
                  If you get close to it front-on, it'll duck down and attack
                  with the mace, giving you a quick second to jump/run away from
                  it. This happens each time, but if you can quickly get in an
                  attack, then retreat, this shouldn't be too much of an issue.
                  Also, if you can jump at it, making it behind the boss, then
                  pummeling at its backside with the Power Ring equipped (you
                  have to be moving too since it'll try and run you into the east
                  wall in the process), that will help. With the Power Ring, this
                  battle will quickly be over with you as the victor.
    Fire Wolf
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 4500
        Gold: 4500
        Strategy: This fiery wolf is a very speedy one, who moves back and forth
                  quickly when moving. When you first engage it, head all the way
                  to the right side of the room, jumping over the boss when it
                  dashes past. When you get to the right side, leave just a
                  little bit of room between you and the wall, and face right.
                  When Fire Wolf dashes into that corner, jump over it, then
                  quickly get down and slash at it. Don't attack too much; just a
                  couple attacks, then jumping to avoid it running away will do.
                  Basically, follow this simple pattern and you'll have a
                  quick/easy win.
    Blue Knight
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Experience Points: 5000
        Gold: 5000
        Strategy: This small boss shouldn't really be called a boss, but it is.
                  It simply walks forward, swinging down its axe when you get
                  close to it. A good plan would be to go forward, attack it
                  quickly when it's about to swing, then back off and repeat
                  after the attack. If you can do that and not get damaged by its
                  attack, you can quickly beat this creature.
        Found: Ballacetine Castle, Galbalan's Island
        Experience Points: 5500
        Gold: 5500
        Strategy: This tall guy is capable of teleporting from place to place,
                  while 2 spinning blades float around overhead. When he stops at
                  a certain spot, a blue energy charge will appear over his head,
                  and one of two things can happen. If you're close, he'll
                  unleash a lightning attack directly in front of him. But if
                  you're a distance away, an energy ball will be shot your way,
                  which you can easily jump over. As for you attacking Garland,
                  your best shot would be to get him as soon as he appears, stab
                  away a few times, then quickly move away to avoid the lightning
                  attack. The Power Ring could also come in handy, to make things
                  go much quicker.
        Found: Galbalan's Island
        Experience Points: N/A
        Gold: N/A
        Strategy: This is going to REALLY be a pain in the ass battle, right from
                  the start! Galbalan will move around above, then when he's
                  directly above, he'll drop onto you with an electrical charge,
                  so be quick to move. The two hands are the targets for now, so
                  jump/hit them every chance you get, being careful not to get
                  hit by Galbalan. I've found a good trick to avoid the electric
                  attack, however. Stay all the way on the left/right side of the
                  screen, and he'll simply move back and forth, occasionally
                  launching an energy ball to bounce around. When he comes to the
                  side you're on, jump and hit the hand. After you destroy that
                  hand, go to the opposite side and repeat. With both hands gone,
                  you can now damage Galbalan for real. He'll still move back and
                  forth, but this time he'll drop energy balls on the ground that
                  will alternate between disappearing when landing, and moving
                  towards you on ground level. When that happens, stay to the
                  side and jump over them. The center/heart is your target now,
                  but be careful when you attack, as the electrical attack from
                  earlier can still be done, as well as this new energy ball
                  attack. When Galbalan comes to the side you're on, use the
                  Power Ring and quickly jump/attack, then turn off the ring and
                  wait again. If you can keep up with this attack pattern (make
                  sure you use the Herb if you get below 50HP, you'll need it),
                  you should be able to stay around to beat this guy.
    -=  8. Weapons  -=
    Banded Slayer
        Price: N/A (get from Dogi's master in Eldan Mountains)
        Attack: +90
    Broad Sword
        Price: 8000
        Attack: +60
    Flame Sword
        Price: N/A (get in Ballacetine Castle)
        Attack: +135
    Long Sword
        Price: N/A (get in Tigray Quarry after defeating Dulan)
        Attack: +30
    Short Sword
        Price: 400
        Attack: +10
    -=  9. Armor  -=
    Banded Armor
        Price: 12000
        Defense: +70
    Battle Armor
        Price: N/A (get in Ballacetine Castle)
        Defense: +95
    Chain Mail
        Price: 1500
        Defense: +30
    Leather Armor
        Price: 300
        Defense: +10
    Plate Mail
        Price: N/A (get in Tigray Quarry)
        Defense: +50
    -=  10. Shields -=
    Banded Shield
        Price: 10000
        Defense: +25
    Battle Shield
        Price: N/A (get in Ballacetine Castle)
        Defense: +40
    Large Shield
        Price: 6000
        Defense: +15
    Small Shield
        Price: N/A (get in Ilvern Ruins)
        Defense: +10
    Wood Shield
        Price: 200
        Defense: +5
    -=  11. Rings -=
    Healing Ring
        Found: Redmont (get from Dogi after clearing Eldan Mountains)
        Use: Recovers your HP, but ring power drains 2x as fast.
    Power Ring
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Use: Doubles your attacking power when equipped.
    Protection Ring
        Found: Ballacetine Castle
        Use: Protects you from damage, at the expense of your Ring Power.
    Shield Ring
        Found: Redmont (give the old lady Robert's Pendant)
        Use: Doubles your defensive power when equipped.
    Time Ring
        Found: Redmont (from Edgar after getting Star Statue)
        Use: Slow down all the enemies onscreen.
    -=  12. Items -=
    Regular Items
        Price: 1000
        Use: Defeats all the enemies onscreen.
    Brocia's Secret Medicine
        Price: 1000 (buy after finding the Shining Crystal)
        Use: Recovers all your ring points to maximum (255).
        Price: 100
        Use: Recovers all your HP.
    Mirror of Illusion
        Price: 500
        Use: Freeze all enemies onscreen in place.
    Ogre's Ball of Fire
        Price: N/A (get from Edgar before Galbalan's Island)
        Use: Allows you to see when exploring Galbalan's Island.
    Inventory Items
    Blue Bracelet
        Found: Ballacetine Castle (get after opening the prison)
        Use: Blue bracelet that clears the second barrier in the castle.
    Edgar's Letter
        Found: Redmont (from Edgar after getting Flash Statue)
        Use: Give it to Dogi's master in the Eldan Mountains.
    Evil Night
        Found: Ballacetine Castle (from King McGaya after beating Garland)
        Use: Allows you to reach Galbalan's Island.
    Fairy Bracelet
        Found: Redmont Item Shop
        Use: Doubles experience gained when defeating enemies.
    Firedragon's Amulet
        Found: Lava Pit (get from defeating Gilan)
        Use: Allows you to pass through the lava streams.
    Flash Statue
        Found: Tigray Quarry (get from defeating Istersiva)
        Use: Helps with the other statues to seal Galbalan into the past.
    Garnet Bracelet
        Found: Ballacetine Castle (get from defeating Halvager)
        Use: Red bracelet that clears the first barrier in the castle.
    Judgement Staff
        Found: Eldan Mountains (get from defeating Wing Bird)
        Use: Opens the ground below the statue in the mountains.
    Mission's Tablet
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Use: It has the legend of Galbalan inscribed on it.
    Robert's Pendant
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Use: Give to the old lady in Redmont for a Shield Ring.
    Shining Crystal
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Use: Allows you to buy Brocia's Secret Medicine in Redmont.
    Star Statue
        Found: Lava Pit (get from defeating Wyvern)
        Use: Helps with the other statues to seal Galbalan into the past.
    Sun Statue
        Found: Tigray Quarry (get from defeating Elfielu)
        Use: Helps with the other statues to seal Galbalan into the past.
    Warehouse Key
        Found: Tigray Quarry
        Use: Opens the locked door in the Tigray Quarry.
    -=  13. Shops -=
    Item Shop
    Name                      Price
    ----                      -----
    Ring Recovery             100
    Herb                      100
    Brocia's Secret Medicine  1000 (must have Shining Crystal)
    Mirror of Illusion        500
    Amulet                    1000
    Fairy Bracelet            50000
    Equipment Shop
    Name                 Price
    ----                 -----
    Short Sword          400
    Broad Sword          8000
    Leather Armor        300
    Chain Mail           1500
    Banded Armor         12000
    Wood Shield          200
    Large Shield         6000
    Banded Shield        10000
    -=  14. Credits -=
    RPGClassics.com: For enemy names and other translations.
    -=  15. Copyright Notice  -=
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