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Reviewed: 08/01/02 | Updated: 08/01/02

Ys IV: The God of Ys

This game is great from what I have played so far! The only problem is, it's in Japanese. I have been using a walkthrough for that so far. Since there was only one review for this game, I thought I might give it a review as well since it's such a great game. I really loved I & II, and III was ok, but crappy sequal. This game is a bit better than I & II in ways. I will shut up now and give you a review.

Graphics 10+/10
I don't know how Falcom did it, but they definitly maxed it out for the Turbo Duo on Super CD. The sprites are a little bigger and more colorful. The towns, feilds, dungeons, etc... are also well done and colored. The magic spells have a nice effect to them as well. The anime sequences are also great! I love the one after Adol leaves the house in the begining. The faces when people are talking are also well done.

Gameplay 10/10
Just like I & II, you run into the enemies. But this time, it is a little different. You move in 8-Directions, and it has more smoother feel when fighting. It's more crisp than I & II. The bosses are pretty hard at first. The first boss took me some tries, and the second boss took me a lot of tries (About twenty times, seriously). The third boss was hard, until I figured out his trick. I haven't made it to the fourth boss yet, but will soon. Like I & II, the dungeons can put up a challenge in this game as well. I mean in the first dungeon, it's already dark with a small light supply! Much more smoother gameplay than the other Ys.

Sound 10+++++++/10!
The sound effects are improved a bit. The voices are excellent, (Even though they are in Japanese) and the music...oh god, once again...the music... it's incrediable! Most of the tracks are better than I & II! I & II had music awesome enough as it is, but it improved over it. Now, you are wondering about this music compaired to the godly Ys III? Well, it has more variety than Ys III. Like I mentioned in my Ys I & II review, Ys III had really great music, but only used electric guitar mainly in it. Ys IV has more variety than Ys III. Great music. Ryo Yonemitsu did it again.

Story 10/10
Adol Christian and Dogi once again goes to Estaria and meets Goban there and they walk around and get a few drinks. Of course, it being a Japanese game, they get drunk. The then go into Goban's house and have a good night's rest. Later, Lillia knocks on the door to see Adol and how he is doing. Goban goes to get Adol, but the little red-head isn't there. Goban yells Adol's name. Adol is gone on his own little adventure and the story goes on.

This game definitely deserves a 10. As you noticed in all of my deferent aspects of my review, everything got a 10. This game is that great, and I recomend you get this game! Either buy it, download it, or steal it from someone, it's worth it. Before I end this review, I have something to say...

New games suck! These use polygons, which suck! 2-D sprites forever! Why can't these new crappy compainies make excellent 2-D games like SNK (The god of 2-D) and NEC can!? Anyone who is reading this review and owns either a PS2 or X-Box (Dreamcast is acceptable since it had good games. Gamecube is also acceptable since I see it's like their older games) should throw it on the ground, burn it, and buy a Neo Geo and Turbo Duo!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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