The object of Protector is first to transport all people from the city under attack by the Fraxullan Slimehordes to the City of New Hope on the other side of the volcano and then to the safety of the Verdann Fortress.
In order to transport people from one city to another, you must "hook" each person, one at a time, by passing immediately above the person that you wish to lift. You can then proceed to carry them to their destination.
All of the people must be registered in the City of New Hope before the barrier to the Verdann Fortress will be lowered. It is possible (in some of the easier levels) to catch people as they are dropped into the volcano. This requires great skill and timing, and should only be attempted after you gain the necessary Needlefighter experience.
People may not be dropped onto each other as you will crush one of the people if you attempt to do this. After all of the surviving inhabitants have been transported from one city to the other, the volcano will erupt, starting the lava flow that inevitably destroys the City of New Hope.

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