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"Seizures, blindness, did people deserve this?"

I bet that people have been wondering for years on what the worst system is. I'm not. For one reason. I FOUND IT! It is one system that put Nintendo in a lot of danger. That system is VirtualBoy (called VB from now on)! I don't think anyone deserved to have the seizures, the blindness and the other horrible features that this little system could provide! I'm not sure how much this thing costed, but it was probably expensive. This is what I have to say about this pair of virtual glasses:

Portability 1/10: Most of the time you'd think that a virtual pair of glasses would be portable. At least I would. I and possibly you were completely wrong. This little thing is NOT PORTABLE! It has a controller for goodness sakes! It's only saving grace is that it doesn't have an adapter, but it's pretty hard to play a game by looking into virtual glasses and using a controller at the same time. It deserves a least a 1 in portability because it doesn't have an adapter.

Color 1/10: Come on Nintendo! You can do better than that! This is what gave people the seizures and the blindness. What's your problem? You could've put at least more than one color in. You also could've made it so that it doesn't blind people and give them seizures. I really don't see why the only color was red.

Popularity 0.5/10: Have you ever asked a person what they think about this complete and utter failure of a system? If you have, they have probably thought it was a failure or they don't even know what in the world this system is. VB was extremely unpopular and it deserves that rating of 0.5. I personally think that a classic such as Mario didn't deserve this.

Audio 1/10: I'm not completely sure how all of the games sound, but I know that for one thing, if the entire system was this bad, it's still not worth buying.

Exact Rating: 0.875/10

Overall 1/10: I don't like to talk bad about any systems, but sorry Nintendo, this is pretty bad. The major things in this system do not have good ratings if it cannot get past 1/10.

Rent or Buy? Neither. If you had just read the review, you would know that there is no point of renting or buying this system, and besides, you can probably only buy it from a second-hand store or the internet.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 05/01/04

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