What would 3G do?

  1. What would the 3g allow for on the 3g model? All I can see is data sharing and messaging people on the friends list. What about gaming off of the 3g signal?

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    Regulus27 - 6 years ago
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    @ TheStickMafia
    Umm.... I already know that there is a payment plan for the 3g model. Why are you talking about Wifi, you can obviously game online with wifi for games. I want to know if the 3g signal is fast enough to allow for online gaming. ( no duh wifi is different from 3g, I am asking about 3g not wifi.)

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    Regulus27 - 6 years ago
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    3g isn't as powerful as wifi. Wifi is connected directly through to the internet while 3g is though telephone signals and then to the internet. What I want to know is AT&T's 3g signal strong enough to handle online gaming for the vita.

    User Info: Regulus27

    Regulus27 - 6 years ago

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  1. I see people haven't been giving you all the facts so I'll try to clear it up for you:

    3G will work like a tablet, internet wherever there is a 3G signal. You can download small downloads (20MB maximum), surf the web, send messages to your PSN friends, receive PSN updates (for games and Vita), and you CAN play some games multiplayer online over 3G. You can play games like Hot Shots Golf over 3G because it's a take turn type of game. The 3G isn't on a constant on status, it turns on when you turn it on. If you go online to surf the web it turns on (obvious) and if there is a system update that's available Sony sends a message through AT&T to you to see if you want to download it (The message is free, that's why it goes through AT&T). I'll be playing Hot shots almost everywhere so it will be useful to me.

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  1. It basically is getting internet always but you have to pay AT&T payments per month probably. WIFI is 100% free. Places like Starbucks and Mc'Donalds have WIFI for a limited time. If you ride buses they usally have WIFI too.
    WIFI is only found in certain places for a limit of time usally.
    WIFI and 3G are two seperate things...

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  2. For your question, no the 3G signal is weak like your mobile phone.

    Though it can handle online gaming however, there are numerous reports from vita users complaining that some online games are laggy and hard to play. And this is in JAPAN, a nation with superior connectivity comapared to the world.

    I can`t imagine how bad it would be for other countries though...

    Anyway its your money. If you play online gaming a lot with your vita and you don`t mind spending extra money + monthly fees, than get it. Otherwise, just get the wifi only version. Beside, a lot of public places have free wifi services available so you can get internet pretty muc everywhere you go.

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  3. You are not going to be gaming online with 3G. I own a Vita with 3G and can report that if there is no wifi signal and 3G is in use, in Ultimate MVC3 anyway, I am taken to a different online screen where I can view player rankings and leaderboards but no online gameplay option. When connected through Wifi however, the usual online gameplay modes are available.

    I think most developers with any sense will stop online connections being made for gameplaying online through 3G since the ping is going to be awful and will change drastically as you move.

    I don't think you'll get a definite answer to this question though since we really don't know how developers could use the hardware. For now, at least for the launch line-up, the answer is:


    I imagine in the future though games will be available from the IOS platform or Android marketplace that will use 3G to play the game online such as Farmville and the likes.

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  4. My mate has it over here in Melbourne, Australia, when he came back from japan. He has it running through Vodafone 3g and it works fine, wifi is abit quicker though.

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  5. Aside from the standard messaging/social networking fare, 3G CAN be used to play ASYNCHRONOUS TURN BASED GAMES over mobile networks. Take the upcoming Pure Chess game for example; you make your move, wait for your opponent to make their move, then you get an alert that it's your turn over 3G. The beauty of it is that after you make, your move you can play another game, browse the internet, put it in sleep mode, or completely turn the Vita off, and when you get back to the game you can make your move. The same can be done on Hustle Kings and Hotshots Golf. With racing games you can download the ghosts of your friends and/or the the person at the top of the leaderboard over 3G, and beat them to have bragging rights and/or be at the top of the leader board yourself respectively. The best thing that you can do with 3G is stream games from your internet-connected PS3 on your Vita anywhere in the world via Remote Play. You can also make use the Google Maps app usable, and watch videos on Netflix and make calls on Skype.

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  6. Also, with games that allow cross platform play (i.e. MLB The Show) you can start a game on your PS3, pause it, then finish it on your Vita.

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